Hello there, warmest greetings from Second Kulture! This blog was formerly known as DRBLOGSPOT since 2005-2015. My name is Maurice Lim, would just like to introduce a bit of a quick background about me — I grew up in Malaysia with full of passion and love for art, architecture, automotive design, graphic design, IPB programming, photography, and most recent interest in leading luxury fashion, that has landed me in different fields and time in my life.

Second Kulture mainly specializes in leading luxury menswear labels, notably Balmain, Givenchy, Saint Laurent and various coveted French, Italian, and American labels news, updates, emphasizing on detailed reviews of individual designer pieces, presentations, lookbooks and fashion shows.

The origin of DRBLOGSPOT was registered when I was in high school. Back in early 2005, the Blogger platform was a renowned cultural movement for Generation Y Malaysian sophomores to write about ones individual life, it was the very beginning of social media inception. Therefore the purpose of this blog was created.

The name DRBLOGSPOT derives from the title ‘Doctor’ and ‘Blogspot’, I wanted a blog domain that could be easily recalled by my associate classmates. After a year, DRBLOGSPOT was no longer relevant with my life as I was drawn into photography.

In April 2012, I was heavily inspired by various fashion bloggers. Their expression has captured my imagination and has since motivate me to start my very own blog. One of the main reasons was the challenges for me to find subjects that I truly wanted to read, the designers that I love most which were Balmain and Givenchy at that time. Therefore I have decided to create a blog and specialise in these labels, hence the reviving DRBLOGSPOT, a blog that is dedicate towards a few exclusive designers that I worship the most, bringing news to individuals alike who shares the same passion in these brands.

By the end of 2012, I have graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. In the three years between my enrolment and completion, I spent long hours studying my favorite subjects such as business finance, economics, prices and markets, consumer behaviour, market research, service quality, commercial law, business to business, advance marketing concepts and strategic marketing. As of 2013, I am currently working for a prominent shopping destination in Kuala Lumpur city.

Since March 2015, I have taken the decision to rebrand DRBLOGSPOT, changing the flagship name of the blog to Second Kulture. The new blog name is far more meaningful and distinguishes itself from the foregoing title. Second reflects the initial extravagant lifestyle notion as “secondary” which separates from the primary “first” hierarchy needs – such as essentials. While Kulture derives from a Malay word, translated as “Culture”, described as a complex attribute of an individual, to a degree which have cultivated a particular level of sophistication, herewith in the arts of high culture fashion.


For further inquires, you can reach me at secondkulture@gmail.com (Please do not email me inquiries to authenticate designer goods. For more information, kindly refer to the ‘How to Spot Fake Givenchy’ article by using the search bar or by Googling the subject. Thank you for your kind support and understanding.)