G Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 Campaign

7th October 2014

Source: G-Givenchy, ‘G Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 featuring Aaron Gatward.’

The Givenchy brand has been thriving with enormous success and expanding at a rapid pace since two years ago when the brand took leadership in the Rottweiler animal trend that was highly influential in the fashion universe. Worldwide sales quadruples even further throughout the incoming seasons as the designer’s brand identity were recognized as a trendsetter and often associated as the prime fashion preference for international renown celebrities.

Moving forward in mid-2013, it is learned that French designer unit under luxury goods giant LVMH has set to triple number of stores in China, with its planned expansion by increasing the number of boutiques to 30 from about 10 in major cities such as Shanghai and Tianjin. Coincide to the evolution of China’s consumer culture, the emergence of its middle class towards rapid growth of superpower status, the rise of consumer spending, the hunger for luxury goods, and lucrative market demand for the designer brand. The consistently exciting Givenchy brand sustains continuous immeasurable desirability and has brought a new 2nd line collection, named G Givenchy – focused on greater China and its neighbouring geographical regions. Learn more about LVMH’s Givenchy expansion across China – Reported in May 2013.

G Givenchy is Givenchy’s all-new 2nd line collection and is an extension of Givenchy’s main line design concept. The G Givenchy brand carries all of Givenchy’s mainline trademark, offering a complete ready-to-wear classic variation with accessories to match, delivering a lifestyle focused in everyday menswear wardrobe essentials series from an accessible price point. The new G Givenchy brand aims in luring young Chinese consumers with trendy yet competitively priced ready-to-wear products.

Models Jason Anthony and Aaron Gatward front the new G Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 campaign, photographed by Aj Numan. The first inception delivers 15 unique looks, featuring a selection of tailored focused suits, jackets, outwear, casual dressed shirts, graphic emphasised hybrid sweatshirts, entirely finished in dark chromatics and arctic shades of deep and bright sea blues, raspberry, burgundy and maroon purples hues to coordinate with the winter silhouette. The colour palette for the collection are further alternated into prints segments, creating an optical geometry of repetitive diamond patterns, the key role of print placement for this Fall Winter season genesis from the earlier traditional Asian armour designs. Explore the all new G Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 Lookbook collection.

G Givenchy menswear line builds season on season a collection of contemporary sartorial staples, with the aim of creating a consistent avant-garde development. The sub-label collection is tantamount to the China’s rapid rate of luxury acquisition demand and is currently available across 51 stores in the nation. G Givenchy has undisclosed plans to launch a womenswear series, including global expansion to neighbouring countries in particular, Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong. As for the rest of the world, we can only wait and observe its long term strategic planning.


About G Givenchy


Long feted for its avant-garde spirit, the house of Givenchy breaks new ground once more with the creation of G Givenchy, a new contemporary menswear brand of designed essentials.Building upon the codes that have come to define the house of Givenchy, G Givenchy’s style is more than classic with a twist; the signature aesthetic is one of beautifully constructed clothes for every day.The designs are modern and youthful with a strong emphasis on subtle detailing and use of eclectic custom made materials in staple men’s silhouette,Launching with a full collection of ready-to-wear and accessories, it is designed for the modern man with a global outlook. G Givenchy speaks to men who understand the essence of great design but still want their notions of contemporary menswear challenged.

G Givenchy can be found at exclusive retail outlets.



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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    1. ) Maurice, is there really a star studded version of the F/W 2014 rottweiler or is this a fake ?
    2. ) Are there such things as authentic 'outlet' items of Givenchy ? I've seen some people on instagram selling those so called outlet products at relatively lower price (not as low as the fake ones on ebay though)
    3. ) Another question, I have several cuban fit T-shirts in the same size from different seasons, why do they seem to have different sizes or is it just my feelings ? like for example my Bambi fits really tight, my Dobberman fits perfect, while the newer ones from F/W 14 are somewhat bigger

  • Anonymous

    looks very ordinary
    nothing cool

  • Anonymous

    This collection has no different with brands like Hugo Boss…

    Complete waste of resources!

  • Anonymous

    Is this an alternative to pre-collections?
    The recent collections are really weak specially FW, i rarely spot people wearing them in Melbourne.
    The brands needs re-invention at some point.
    Even the Spring summer is not what expected, looks perfect on the runway, but not to wear on the streets.
    Maybe they lost the street wear side in their offerings, even pre-collections are going too classic.
    Dunno why, but it is getting boring now.
    Even this G things is funny.

    • This is a separate division, it is totally new to the market. Following competitor brands like MCQ Alexander Mcqueen, Blackbarrett by Neil Barrett.. same thing.

      I agree, Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 menswear is weak. The collection doesn't strike much desirability, unless you're a fanatic of Givenchy and also basketball. The pre collection went well with Elmerinda, the new Rottweiler and some tiny bit and pieces. But even main print from pre collection, the African Abstract, didn't perform that well in terms of sales turnover.

      The future Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 menswear will be presumably quite popular, as there is a number of positive feedback received. However, be warned that this collection is going to be extremely expensive and limited. Beaded polo tops and shirts will sell from $1,800-$2,500 a piece, and in limited sizes per store, just like the old Fall Winter 2012 Stars & Beads collection.

      There is also rumours that Riccardo Tisci is planning to leave Givenchy to start up his own brand, ever since his collaboration with Nike was so successful.

  • Anonymous

    To add,
    The current collection will end up at 50 % even at 70% on SSENSE.
    And Givenchy is not about being current, till date people wear pieces from 2012 and they look relevant.
    Simply you can wait and do the needful when the sale hits the online stores.

    • theres no need to rush and buy now. I can already point out a few pieces everyone will likely eye and hunt during the sale, mainly the basketball groove stripes and zipper details will sell out in the first phase of sale.

      I've been buying a few past season collections this FW14, some dated as far back to Spring Summer 2010, Pre-Spring 2013 and Spring Summer 2013.. just to name a few.

      Havent talk about them yet, as im saving to write a story about it soon.

    • Anonymous

      Maurice, when should we expect F/W markdowns or even the new SS15 arrivals?

    • In November

  • Anonymous

    so , it looks like a collection of Hugo Boss.

  • Anonymous

    I can't imagine this collection bears the Givenchy brand..

  • Anonymous

    Not good enough to be Givenchy… hope the designer will improve over time

  • Anonymous

    Interesting! I cant wait to see more from G Givenchy…

  • Anonymous

    I think it looks great . finally something that looks clean , sophisticated , chic and seasonless in the crowded world of over designed fashion that we really don't need . simple can be hot .

    • Yes, it can :)

      There are some good pieces here that will withstand a few seasons. However I think this brand will remain exclusive in China for a long while. Just like Burberry Black Label.

  • Anonymous

    woo very nice article, full of information. Itmsounds like you work for Givenchy

  • Unfortunately, I don't. Although I would wish to work for Givenchy in Paris.

  • Jean

    Do you know, who is behind the design-team? And in which country it will be produced?
    Generally i'm not a friend of sublables. The traditional brands are selling name-licences and then
    someone else is producing some clone material as full-service-business.
    Another example is the sublabel "Pierre Balmain" from Balmain. The first try was a flop
    working together with "ittierre".
    My opinion is: sublables dilute the DNA of a brand..

    • It is designed in Paris, France but the operations and product development is headed by the Hong Kong team.