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G Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 Lookbook

22nd April 2015

This season marks the second collection of G Givenchy. The occasion prompted the team of designers to consider the core competence of the fairly new brand. Developed and produced at LVMH’s Asia Pacific office in Hong Kong, G Givenchy is led by a talented group of individuals who has roots back to the main Givenchy line in Paris. The G Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 “Crafted Tribe” collection was in some way a great hit, it is a complete ready-to-wear collection with aggrandize accessories montage from the main line’s signatures. This time out though, G Givenchy designers took a somewhat different approach: the latest collection was a reconsideration of the G Givenchy aesthetic, and it was discovered by deconstructing the designer’s vision, the better to create a new language with the brand vocabulary G Givenchy has established over the first collection. The key elements were in play — punchy takes on wardrobe staples, detailed-inspired tailoring with a structured silhouettes, a streetwise attitude.

A glitch digital motif in primary colours, which also served as a metonym for the entire collection features various patterned designs in intricate elements throughout, introducing a sense of movement and to underline the idea that these highly structural clothes can be distilled in an unbound fashion. That notion was echoed in the collection’s many unravelled layering techniques, diamond details accentuate in laser cut perforation, creating a fabric inspired by sportswear, while experimental pieces includes hybrid silhouettes dressed in contrast textured embroidery and beaded works infuses the collection with its key details. This creates a cohesive concept throughout with conflicting combinations along fuzzy digital prints that looked like it was in the process of disintegrating.

The strongest ensembles were the ones that seemed in dialogue with themselves, like the diamond embossed neoprene sweater in red layered over a short sleeve t-shirt with double layering and distinct beaded work on the side seam, or the black crew neck sweatshirt with the same contrast beaded works and herringbone cotton ribbed details, even the little effects were not spared with that black varsity jacket incorporating a gradient glitch embroidery on the black panel, that the designers paired with straightforward black essential slim fit denims, or those Lanvin-like sneakers made out of trio leather in blue and black patent cap-toe is an understated elegance piece. There were a lot of modern menswear references here — not a new thing for G Givenchy or a major contribution to the fashion universe that would influence trend setters, but for the first time it seemed that the designers knew where they were heading.

Complete 18 Looks with Detailed Imagery

G Givenchy Spring Summer 2015

G Givenchy Spring Summer 2015

G Givenchy Spring Summer 2015

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Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2015 “Psych Rock” Lookbook

5th January 2015

“Psych Rock” is the latest introduction of the appropriate named Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2015 menswear and womenswear ready-to-wear collection. Hedi Slimane himself as the photographer curated his black-and-white signature diary-style photography at Connecticut earlier in July 2014 by unveiling a 1970s lifestyle centric rock ‘n’ roll-inspired, bohemian, and psychedelic lean venture for the latest Parisian lookbook. Checkout and be inspired by Hedi Slimane’s official web-diary.

The 58 complete collection images below features American youths who were discovered through a street casting and female models Harleth Kuusik and Madison Louise Stubbington. Captured in dramatic approach, showcases the rebellions ways of life and youth culture movements in a selection of distinct silhouettes, emphasising on contrasting print layering, napoleonic embroidered jackets, vests and a special accessories take on the vintage handcrafted Tuareg jewellery collection, known for being highly collectible.

Majority may find it difficult to understand the proposition of Saint Laurent creations, and many would further argue that it is ludicrous to splurge over a collection at such exorbitant prices that are nowhere near enough to justify. Unfortunately in reality truth, Saint Laurent isn’t the type of beauty and craftsmanship you could see and appreciate from a distance. Nonetheless, when you buy a piece from one of Hedi Slimane’s collections, you are not just buying well-made fashion, but you are buying art and culture, and that makes it a true investment.

complete 58 images in high-res.

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G Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 Lookbook

12th October 2014

In mid September 2014, Givenchy launched a new diffusion line G Givenchy, exclusively distributed for the China market in Fall Winter 2014. The new line carries menswear only ready-to-wear and accessories. The contracted designer for G Givenchy is unknown, there are rumours that Riccardo Tisci, creative director for Givenchy was appointed to oversee the new line. Ayub Mohamed, the current managing director of the G Givenchy brand who is based in LVMH Hong Kong, is responsible in leading the aspects of brand development and management. The initial launch is focused on Greater China and its geographical ascendancy evaluated.

G Givenchy’s creation is promoted as a modern-classic variation for the everyday menswear. The focus of G Givenchy is not limited to the youthful spendthrift market, but also challenges the untapped consumers who are looking for a conservative approach but yet indulge in the brand, as opposed to the fashion-forward progressive main line, Givenchy. For the first campaign, the launched campaign and catalog lookbook was photographed by Aj Numan, models Jason Anthony and Aaron Gatward evoked the first G Givenchy attitude.

The new collection has a consistent style and colouring palette that is highly dedicated for the fall winter season, its core design emphasises in materials and detailing. For the new G Givenchy Fall Winter 2014, a touch of diamond patterns were roll out through the collection, focusing in an array of micro prints, embroidery, and embossed process on high quality materials. A few anticipated main line essence conveyed into the diffusion line, Bushido armour designed in diamond fragments is featured as the predominant print collection. Cross hybrid pieces including footwear were often reconstituted materials, such as the G Givenchy Merino Knit Zipped Teddy Varsity Leather Sleeve Jacket, G Givenchy Bushido Print Merino Knit Sleeve Sweater, G Givenchy Black Diamond Embossed Leather Panelled Merino Wool Sweater, and G Givenchy Pony Hair Snake Skin Sneakers, just to name a few.

Concluding at a quick glance of the all new G Givenchy, for those who were initially in love with the main line collection – Givenchy may not find that the new diffusion line is equally appealing. But a second closer look below might achieve some breakthrough in ones desirability. Some of the avant-garde styling in the collection were influenced from the main line, distinct characteristics from outerwear silhouettes like the G Givenchy Black Padded Down Varsity Bomber Jacket, G Givenchy Black Racoon Fur Hooded Parka and G Givenchy Padded Down Leather Hooded Jacket, has notably main line silhouettes which amass likeability,

The diffusion line has a certain touch of refined elegance uncharted from the zestful main line collection. One of my most favourable pieces in the collection includes the G Givenchy Shearling Collar Purple Suede Leather Zipped Jacket, and the similar G Givenchy Purple Teddy Varsity Wool Jacket. These are perpetual designer pieces to look out for and will seek relevance for many seasons to come. Learn more from the G Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 Campaign.


紫红色全扣式长袖菱形印花衬衫 ,棉斜纹面料,带有品牌标志的后领玫瑰金色饰钉和隐藏弹性罗纹 – REF 41080.55.604
RMB 2,990 / USD 500

藏青色轻煮美利奴羊毛V领套头衫,带有菱形图案和品牌标志的玫瑰金色后领饰钉 – REF 51057.LV.410
RMB 4,590 / USD 770

基本款5口袋修身工装裤,水洗蓝色,带品牌标志玫瑰金色铆钉,玫瑰金色工字纽钉和 以及内侧带品牌标志的带子滚边 – REF 23043.D6.410
RMB 1,990 / USD 330

紫红色菱形印花购物袋,带鞣革装饰,玫瑰金色硬件,带有品牌标志的玫瑰金色饰钉和肩带 – REF 91017.04.604
RMB 6,990 / USD 1,170

紫红色低帮运动鞋,混合小牛皮、蛇皮、翻毛皮和小马皮 – REF 96057.06.604
RMB 3,990 / USD 670

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Thom Browne Fall Winter 2014 Lookbook

6th September 2014

Menswear mastermind Thom Browne showcases his latest Fall Winter 2014 lookbook collection steady ahead of time since the early start of April 2014 on his Google Plus. Lately discovered by the press and overdue is a series of creative abstract style showcase from the forest glade inspired collection. Learn more about the Thom Browne Fall Winter 2014 menswear collection.

Tightly tailored in details and built from the fundamental basis of menswear, the oddity of its proportions reference into avant-garde solace. The trio hunting “sportsman” theme starts off with a distinctive quilted padded down jacket with anthers-adorn animal headgear that are a fashion formula curated taxidermy from inspirations drawn from the wild forest. Leaf motif patterned suits, duffle coats, cardigans and jackets in luxury cashmere are key collection pieces for the fall winter edition that resembles the premier fairytale setting. Followed by the a shadow stripe hound print received not only in casualwear sweatpants and sweatshirt, but also in the signature teddy varsity and wool blazer with unique contrast ribbed trimmed features.

Thom Browne’s clever use of seasonal fabrics reinvents classic business wear into a creative mixed variety approach swathed in shades of grey. Traditional winter patterns in prince of wales, houndstooth, herringbone and fraying tailored in monochromatic suiting manner, a velvet corduroy coat and signature pebble oxford footwear dressed in textured wool seeks amenity during the colder months. Experimental designs includes a two-tone contrast tweed raw edged series that desires a playful touch of austere mainstream legitimacy. The incoming collection is now ready available at various retail stores including this week’s latest Thom Browne arrivals in SSENSE and an array of retailers located at Farfetch. Direct buying links available and will be updated in this Fall Winter 2014 season accordingly.


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Balmain Fall Winter 2014 Menswear Lookbook

9th July 2014

British model Anders Hayward from agency Bananas Paris is the new face for Balmain’s Fall Winter 2014 Lookbook captured by the house’s appointed photographer Karim Sadli. The styling in the latest lookbook has been considerably rework by Clare Richardson which has raised the masculinity level as opposed to the initial endorsed ‘Glamazon Boys’ creative styling.

The Balmain Fall Winter 2014 menswear lookbook covers a comprehensive lifestyle featuring key seasonal merchandise in a conservative manner. At a quick glance across the complete lookbook collection below unveils a distinctive military notion reminiscing the earlier moods of warfare movement in the 1940s. The classical black and white imagery further enhance the military-inspired designs with an immersed impression.

Captured within the lens includes the prized Balmain Military Green Shearling Cotton Fleece Jacket paired with the Balmain Camouflage Military Cargo Trousers makes it an instant wardrobe staple classic that will be one of the most sought after camouflage prints in this season. Other noteworthy items from the vast collection are the Balmain Wool Cable Knit Zipped Cotton Sweatshirt which was featured twice in the lookbook and the Balmain Applique Camouflage Military Button Shirt that is a hybrid cross mix between a casual shirt and a military jacket yet pending to be released. Further delights includes my all-time favorite style look of Andres wearing the Balmain Khaki-Green Contrast Collar Cotton-Denim Shirt paired underneath the hughly sought after Balmain Khaki Green Double Breasted Wool Jacket with dark olive sweatpants tucked into ranger boots.

Speaking of the footwear collection, the ranger boots featured in the lookbook draws interest whether the brand will be producing these boots in the current sneaker and low-cut skewed footwear category, since it has been quite some time we had last seen high-cut ranger boots from Balmain. I’m looking forward for the designer to revive this style especially during the fall-winter period where it is most suited and well received, fingers crossed.


Balmain Fall Winter 2014 2015 lookbook mens

Balmain Fall Winter 2014 2015 lookbook mens

Balmain Fall Winter 2014 2015 lookbook mens

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Balmain Spring Summer 2014 Lookbook

18th December 2013
Balmain neglected their Fall Winter 2013 menswear lookbook earlier this season and we initially thought that the Parisian designer has since renounce the official lookbook. The Balmain Lookbook is a set of seasonal documentary photographs reference towards the daily lifestyle of a Balmain men and are usually released some time after the official presentation day. See the Balmain Fall Winter 2013 Menswear in high resolution.
Elliot Vulliod from Success Model, Paris – is the new face of the complete Balmain Homme Spring Summer 2014 Lookbook Collection. The Balmain Spring Summer 2014 menswear collection is due to be in-store worldwide by March till May 2014. However some earlier collections are currently available in the Paris store and the online boutique. You can also pre-order the latest Balmain Spring Summer 2014 at Luisa Via Roma now.

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