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Givenchy Baby’s Breath Gypsophila Pearl Embellished Polo Shirt

24th March 2015

Givenchy Floral Gypsophila Pearl Polo Shirt

Source: Neiman Marcus, Givenchy Baby’s Breath-Print Polo with Swarovski® Glass

This of course is the ultimate Givenchy Baby’s Breath Pearl Embellished Polo Shirt, a very special top garment emerged from the runway, is a central piece with a luxury touch of extravagance derived from the dark and sensual romanticism codes. Printed over is an abstract symmetrical gypsophila flower artwork also known as ‘Baby’s Breath’ in label’s term. Dexterity in painterly details and much loved across this season, the pearl embroidered series dominates the leading designers’ era and welcomes in the reclamation beginning of the house spirit.

Riccardo Tisci has definitely taken it to a new and more exciting direction, away from the customary vividness of spring summer printed overlords. A collection disseminated from the starting point of the Tisci’s career in Givenchy, reintroducing monochromatic elements rooted from his very first collections somehow reflects a strong fall winter notion. There are several pearl embroidered polo shirt variants, in which two were earlier featured in the show collection. Read more about the Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 Menswear Collection.

Givenchy Floral Gypsophila Pearl Polo Shirt

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Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 Footwear and Accessories

9th February 2015

Source: Givenchy, Mens Accessories Collection, Spring Summer 2015

In the prevalent Spring Summer 2015, Riccardo Tisci reveals a dark and romantic side of the Givenchy man. A strong, masculine and military-inspired look is counterbalanced by tender touches evoking a celebration of love and religion.

The Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 menswear collection had an early start this season and commenced since late January 2015. While it is not only limited to the sophisticated sartorial ready-to-wear, the collection extends profoundly with an abundance of elegant streetwear accessories and footwear assortments, mainly attributed from the prevailing floral icon of the season.

Tiny delicate white flowers of Gypsophila, or Baby’s Breath is what maison Givenchy would prefer to define as – is a small group of dainty floral doses composed into an artistic abstract forms which shapes the forefront collection. The Gypsophila derives from the meaning of pure of heart or innocence, perhaps that is why they are often found as vital parts at traditional weddings celebrations. When set against a pitch black background, it constructs a high visual contrast that creates a significant impact in appearance and ambiguity, hence the unique iteration codes of the dark romance.

It is not surprise for any fashion capitalist to find desirability just by observing the current Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 footwear and accessories, as the extensive collection enjoys a wealthy Gypsophila graphic diversification offered across various print sizes and contrast colours to choose from that will evidently appeal to numerous taste buds. Perhaps one of the most eminent accessories across the range is the highly recognizable Givenchy’s Coated Canvas Zipped Pouch which throughout recent years has seen favourable success across fashion societies due its aspirational affordability. Opt for the Givenchy Medium Black Floral Gypsophila Elastic-Band Pouch as the ‘medium’ floral print in black variant gratifies the perfect cluster balance between masculinity and feminism. Its unique selling point is the incorporation of the elastic band strap that not only contributes to its functional use, but enacts a significant role in design as well.

Another exceptional example from the floral series is the Givenchy Black Floral Gypsophila Tyson High-Top Sneakers. To be honest, I have never yearn for Givenchy’s Tyson sneakers as the silhouette was initially inspired by Nike’s Air Force 1 Sneakers, and personally I have never been a fan of sportswear since the beginning of time. However I find that the Gypsophila graphic print on the Tyson sneakers highly coveted and I am considering to purchase my first pair, so should you. For those who has a singular taste may enjoy the pearl adorned or knee-high Givenchy Commando Lace-Up Boots extended in grained leather or the notorious floral print option, you have to be a daredevil to pull this off. It is not common for label to produce knee-high boots as the last production came from the Givenchy ‘Rottweiler’ Fall Winter 2011 menswear collection.

Sandals are conceivably more relevant and practical towards this season, and rest assure you won’t be disappointed as there are a handful of re-established from previous seasons, including the Givenchy Rubber-Effect Zipped Calf-Leather Skate Sandals which closely reference from the Givenchy Spring Summer 2012 footwear collection. More recent, one of the most renowned series that has been converted as part of the classic collection is the Givenchy Palladio Chain Leather Sandals, an exciting new mid-top variant is offered for this season with an extra additional ankle top chain strap. Derived from the Givenchy Spring Summer 2013 menswear collection, it was initially proposed as a runway prototype but never went into commercial production due to earlier mass manufacturing complications. Read more about the commercially available Givenchy Palladio Chain Detail Black Leather Sandals from Pre-Spring 2014.

The Stars & Stripes is attributed as one of the most acclaimed house codes that has triumph the label since its inception. In this season, the American inspired insignia remains generous across a field of accessories, most notably the contrast patent white star and black stripe set against the smooth neoprene fabric. How I would love to own the Givenchy Black Star & Stripe Neoprene Backpack, a simplistic classic piece that reflects the label’s irreverent style. Other equally desirable pieces from the Stars & Stripes collection included the American Flag embossed leather series offered in a wallet selection and zipped pouch are detailed pieces with an alternative subtle appeal.

It’s seems like it has been quite a while since Tisci last introduced a concrete abstract floral collection, however the last rendition dated not long ago during the Givenchy ‘Favelas’ Pre-Spring 2014 menswear collection and the more distinguished Givenchy ‘Birds of Paradise’ Spring Summer 2012 menswear collection. There is no doubt in return to the floral roots, the comparable notion towards the similar seasons will generate a fruitful success. On the other hand, unpredictably the colour palettes are restricted to black and white which subvert from majority of the leading designers that would customarily lean towards bright colours for this season. But despite the monochromatic palette that reflects the Fall Winter mood, the Gypsophila collection will continue to last for ages across many season to come. See also, my Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 Collection Wishlist.

Givenchy Spring Summer 2015
Givenchy Spring Summer 2015
Givenchy Spring Summer 2015

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Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 Menswear at Antonioli

20th November 2014

Antonioli has recently launched their new Givenchy Pre-Spring 2015 and Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 menswear collection for advance pre-order, shop yours here or continue reading the following. The first batch of 2015 collection is set to be delivered and dropped in stores by mid of February and April 2015.

After endless hours of work accommodating Antonioli’s tasteful range of Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 menswear below, I have fallen deeply in love with this extravagance collection and realized the importance of Tisci’s concept revisiting his initial roots that recalled the very first catwalk endeavour.

There are two separate key series to distinguish the ambiguous Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 menswear collection. The first two main key series are the ‘Black / White Floral Effects’, also known as gypsophila in details, most encrusted with scintillating pearl-studded contrast embroidery. However these are mainly for runway presentation purposes and most of the studded embroidered pieces will go into very limited production at an exclusive offering. Therefore the floral effects collection are primarily offered in print substitutes as available below from Antonioli.

The secondary key series that houses a much larger collection are the ‘Black / White Contrast Striped Panelled’ series, a rooted collection re-introduction from the starting point of Tisci’s career exploring the innovative use of basic geometry, will be his upcoming signature series over the distinct star coding. It is a swift change to a complete different path than the one he’s already taken, imagine no monumental prints – Rottweilers, Sharks, Madonnas and even the Bambis will be extinct from this collection onwards. The purpose is to focus in tailoring efforts and layered with an artistic sense of contrast monochromatic panelling at the highest geometry austerity, the concept conveys a mix of street style and sports influence reformation.

Take a second or third look at these simple wardrobe staples translated into graceful masterpieces, I will definitely try to grapple most of the runway pieces. The Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 menswear collection certainly felt enough of a fresh start to spark speculation about possible future directions for the designer.



Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 Collection — $801

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Givenchy Pre-Spring 2015 Footwear & Accessory Collection at Bergdorf Goodman

16th November 2014

While 2015 may still be in the distant future, Bergdorf Goodman heightens our senses with further glimpse at next year’s Givenchy Pre-Spring 2015 menswear offerings. Riccardo Tisci revisits his iconic pieces of the past, taking inspiration by mixing patterns and collage prints. Bridging masculinity with feminism once again for Spring. See the earlier Givenchy Pre-Spring 2015 collection leak.

Bold prints features colourful butterflies from the Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 womenswear intertwined with paisleys found earlier in Pre-Spring 2013 with fighter delete are diversified in a generous selection of colours to choose, from orange, black green, cream white and stale blue. These intricate detail prints were initially influenced by a variety of cultures including inspiration from the Indonesian Batik.

Some notable footwear from the current Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 menswear has also been extended over to the new Pre-Spring 2015 with little design refinements, such as the Givenchy Red Star Leather Embossed Skate Sneaker also available in new solid white, and the Givenchy Black & White Tyson Contrast Captoe High-Top Sneaker is probably one of the most distinguished footwear comparable with the current two-tone captoe Givenchy Black & White Leather Runway High-Top Sneakers from SSENSE, though I would prefer the current Fall Winter variant as it has a unique white contrast rubber sole extension detail.

Consumers beware as high-prices on leather accessories are set to break the bank, a whooping $3,255 Givenchy Paisley & Butterfly Print Weekender Duffle Bag from the classic collection on seasonal print would make an ideal distinct carry-on luggage, including a simple $920 Givenchy Orange 17 Paisley Print Leather Pouch to compliment your travel needs will make good use to house a passport and wallet. Generally these are very expensive to consider, unless you have strong desire to acquire it.

Despite this, there are a few outstanding pieces worth a second look, such as the Keffiyeh print from Givenchy Spring Summer 2010 is made available in a backpack and money-clip wallet are expected to be well-received in earlier Spring. There is also a very unique Givenchy Star & Keffiyeh Studded Backpack currently available at Antonioli that will probably sell out in a short notice. Other print designs that are highly discussed at the moment includes the Givenchy Minotaur Statue Collage Print Backpack, featuring a striking colorway subject in a elaborative take on cross collaboration series – so far this is the best minotaur we’ve seen as it posses a dark demonic and ambiguous notion to coincide with the overall collection.

Pre-order yours now at Bergdorf Goodman and expect delivery no later than 6th of March 2015. More selection including the future Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 collection is available at advance preview and pre-order at Antonioli.

Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 Collection — $775

Givenchy Pre-Spring 2015 Collection — $750

Givenchy Pre-Spring 2015 Collection — $3,255


Givenchy Pre-Spring 2015 Menswear at Barneys New York

12th November 2014

This upcoming season, designer Riccardo Tisci revisits his chef-d’œuvre – taking a quick glance over the unexpected pre-order release, there was a lot about these outfits that harkened back to pieces that Tisci created at the first Givenchy Pre-Spring menswear launch in 2013. Many thanks to Barneys New York’s official release of the latest Givenchy Pre-Spring 2015 menswear collection for pre-order, we finally get a good glimpse and presumption concept from the classified collection that was supposedly preview earlier this season.

Street style elegance still lives up to its edge in Givenchy’s game for fame and not to forget its prosperous sales revenue strategy. This collection sets little contrast from earlier anticipated pre-collections, taking a few contemporary motifs tweaks along with Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 womenswear classic feminine prints into account. Repeated prints collage in a random mélanges of combinations filled the attention-grabbing pieces is jetset as the “new” necessity, catered for consumers who missed out on the “old” and also accounting for Givenchy fanatics, if it appeals again. See a little more variety at Givenchy Pre-Spring 2015 Collection Sneak Peek.

Some killer reiterate designs includes the notorious iconic Givenchy Pre-Fall 2014 Rottweiler, this Pre-Spring 2015 translates a shirt copy and sweatshirt with distinct contrast wrist stripes is bound to an instant sell-out success. New season is about fresh and eye-catching patterns, including the forms of a butterfly-inspired motif taken from the current Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 womenswear creation, featuring a Columbian-Fit mixed orchid print tee and shirt tied-up with charismatic zoomed in papillon wings are put to the consumers likeability test. Surprisingly these designs closely resembles Marcelo Burlon Country of Milan trademark, which isn’t something you would really want to sought after for a premium priced top. Not to mention a similar design approached like the Givenchy 17 Patch Stripe Varsity Jacket seems evidently inspired from Slimane’s pioneered Saint Laurent’s Classic Teddy Varisty Jacket. Crafted from a short facelift on a familiar pattern, sees the resurrection of the Paisley & Fighter series from the past, butterflies are now the current key replacement of the “old” fighter jets encompass into a “new” warm colorway accent.

My favorites from Barney’s New York Givenchy Pre-Spring 2015 pre-order collection are statement designwear, including the Givenchy Butterfly & Paisley Print Parka which looks super awesome, Givenchy Paisley Striped Plaid Patchwork-Print Shirt gives a unique approach, Givenchy Paisley & Stripes Patchwork-Print Sweatshorts innovated from early Pre-Fall 2014 and Givenchy Tri-Color Graphic Sweatpants appeals with its distinct red V panelling are all modern day bustle pieces that I am eyeing for. A Givenchy Paisley Print Reversible Bomber Jacket would add a nice touch, highly suitable for the colder Spring season too, but it is expensive and yet these designs no longer felt relevant or equally desirable as it was once upon a time.

Overall, there are great examples that are mixed with powerful tailoring techniques which defines Givenchy’s trademark recognition. All in all, it’s a powerful street sophistication series repeated in a clever twist, despite this, it lacks plenty of excitement – I miss the right dose of fantasy, modernity and loads of luxury where Tisci once offered in a novelty collection are now ghost of the past as Givenchy fanatics are spoiled for choice when it comes to urban wear.

Givenchy Pre-Spring 2015 Collection — $775

Givenchy Pre-Spring 2015 Collection — $2,925

Givenchy Pre-Spring 2015 Collection — $395


Buscemi 100mm Metallic Pack Sneakers

28th October 2014

The Hermès Birkin, Kelly inspired design lead generation sneakers are back with a reflective twist. Jon Buscemi, an american luxury footwear designer who launched his brand just over a year ago has tasted success in many forms. According to The Wall Street Journal, the company’s initial investment of $100,000 was used to build a website and manufacture 600 pairs of staple sneakers, which then sold out within days. In January 2014, it released an additional 4,000 pairs, and is currently being stock all over the world in many bricks and clicks retailers from LuisaViaRoma, Farfetch, Sneakerboy and even as far as Surrender in Singapore.

The new Buscemi Fall Winter 2014 collection celebrates a new level metallic pack collection for the holiday season by reiterating their flagship Buscemi 100mm Leather High-Top Sneakers. The metallic pack includes three exquisite colorway options, available from silver, rose gold and gold. What makes the Buscemi 100mm Metallic Pack Sneakers extra unique is the leather nature shine itself that exhibits an an audacious chromatic appearance.

These decadent sneakers features a full tonal colourway, with no color contrast differential seen throughout an entire pair. The midsoles has gone through a special heat treated process to reduce the effects of wear, and also further enhance its longevity. All models are equipped with the distinctive luggage tag tassel with hidden key to be used to unlock the front padlock hardware for ornate accessibility. The sneaker’s main feature halt is fully adjustable with hardware plated closure.

Priced from $1,245 each and almost sold out literally everywhere, the high-end luxury sneakers maybe an american designer brand. But products are completely handcrafted in quality detail from Civitanove, Italy – where Chanel and Golden Goose accessories are manufactured. Each sneaker are meticulously hand painted at edges and straps over a five day process. Get global access to these gorgeous sneakers and shop yours now at Farfetch!