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Givenchy Fall Winter 2015 Wishlist

19th June 2015

As Givenchy Pre-Fall 2015 and Givenchy Fall Winter 2015 is set upon us, the deliberation of Riccardo Tisci’s enthralled menswear collection for both seasons has echoed through a myriad of conversations ever since it was presented almost half a year ago. Much like every upcoming season, Givenchy has not only developed several diversified styles with an innovative appeal, but further continues to increase its inventory levels. This has resulted the brand in growing more confident through time after witnessing a high surge in demand since Fall Winter 2012, which has lead to rising inventories as part of the brand’s strategic expansion across the globe.

And in this season there seems to be no short of it, although I must divulge that the ever-popular Givenchy Rottweiler Print Cuban-Fit T-Shirt for Pre-Fall 2015 has almost been completely sold out by the time I have written this. Just by taking a glance in detail over both pre and main collections offered from Luisa Via Roma in the most recent pre-order release, one could simply be overwhelm or distress from the amount of choices largely available in an array of motifs and styles, which may or may not be a good thing.

The infamous Rottweiler might be almost half a decade old but its menacing presence has aged quite gracefully, and in the latest Pre-Fall 2015 collection there’s a new detailed variant in embroidery that highlights every bit of the old traditional print. Available in two distinct fits, Cuban and Columbian, the Cuban-Fit sells out at a heartbeat with only large remaining sizes, and these elements have always set the initial impression in resurging a particular design. Speaking of resurgence, I was lucky enough to have picked up the Givenchy Black Stars & Beads Appliqué Shirt earlier from L’Inde le Palais many thanks to a Singaporean reader here who had informed me that they had it available for pre-order. It made me think twice before I made the official checkout just under a split second, since it was introduced back in Givenchy Fall Winter 2012 menswear collection, it belong to a series that is as ancient in the fashion universe as it sounds. The most fascinating history of this shirt is that there weren’t any existing owners selling them off to the pre-owned market. I am very glad that I have bought it, with the additional 10% off for new customers on top of the non-EU taxed pricing, it would be very difficult to resist not getting one especially when there were only 3 sizes available and limited to 1 per size.

That said, the thing that really turns heads for this season is the spooky Givenchy Black Skull Print T-Shirt, I would prefer the skulls at the lower waist than the neckline alternative. Indeed this is a top that has the appearance that will question opinions and even scare small children, it has a dark iconic presence that is peculiar towards Tisci’s legacy but its anything but subtle, instead it is unashamedly wicked with its imposing stacks of skull heads and seems to fit the “cursed objet d’art” in an ideal context just by observing its understated credentials. For a much darker approach, I would pick the Givenchy Skull Print Long Poplin Shirt that features an enlarged reverse skull print and exaggerated length unique to this season, lining the body with an elongated sense of structure.

Perhaps the most distinguish print that is currently attainable and should be seriously considered is the Givenchy Star & Monkey Print Sleeveless T-Shirt. During its initial inception, minor snippets of the mystery print were showcased across the runway and has since undergone substantial speculation, presuming it being the next “Rottweiler” replacement. The graphic print that features two monkey’s teeth’s amulet below a single star coding was later unveiled by Riccardo Tisci himself, in a sweatshirt variant – yet to be released later in the season. While its similar sibling, the Givenchy Rooster & Monkey Voodoo Print Sleeveless T-Shirt invokes a vector silhouette which houses an enraged monkey collaged in an inescapable voodoo vibe leaves no compromises in a distinct style appeal intrinsic to the Givenchy label. At the moment, these sleeveless printed t-shirts are quite well received, especially the Givenchy Rooster & Monkey Voodoo Print Sleeveless T-Shirt which is almost sold out to those who are eager to experiment the latest street-edge style.

The Givenchy Fall Winter 2015 menswear’s main print is the Native American Carpet motif in striking Tuscan colourway represented in a small proportion of tailored selection. The Native American Carpet is perhaps one of the most distinct hallmark motif amongst the collection, derived from an exclusive expression recollected from the designer’s discoveries of subcultures, the motif accentuates through a powerful silhouettes in tailored wool jackets, coats, shirts, and pairing trousers, occasionally offered in smattering sequins only for those who are able to dig deep into their wallet’s wildest fantasies. And for this season I wouldn’t miss getting the Givenchy Native American Carpet Print Columbian-Fit T-Shirt as part of my seasonal collection, unlike the past season where I’ve missed out in attaining the main Givenchy Black Gypsophila Print Columbian-Fit T-Shirt because of some Instagram resell who could not deliver one after making the payment, this serves as a lesson to only trust and purchase from reputable retailers.

In terms of accessories and footwear, this season sees an abundance of high-end leather wear with metal embellished pieces taking the spotlight. From leather pouches, to all-rounded studded belts, and distinct footwear pieces. If given a single choice, I would go for the Givenchy Brown & Black Metal & Swarovski Crystal Studded Swiss Sandals, this fancy footwork emphasizes aggressive detailing with contrast leather reinforcements that is just a joy to look at. For those who are more conservative can opt for the modern interpreted Givenchy 45mm Black Rottweiler Chain-Detail Lace-Up Leather Shoes. The new footwear has been altered in proportion and is quite substantially improved over its predecessor to fit the contemporary market, additional to this it is also available in a mid-cut boots variant at matching prices to compare. These are perhaps one of the most unmistakable footwear reminisce to the Givenchy Fall Winter 2011 menswear collection. Back then only a handful of people were able to afford the renowned quintessential knee-high boots that were taken right off the runway which was produced limited in production and availability was scare to selective retailers.

What was your best pick in Luisa Via Roma’s Givenchy collection?




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Saint Laurent Fall Winter 2015 Wishlist

7th June 2015

The Saint Laurent menswear has always been if not, continuously delivering pure luxury that speaks of craftsmanship and authenticity in the leading designer market. For the upcoming Fall Winter 2015, Saint Laurent men’s collection entitles “Paris Sessions” has undergone a creative makeover to further aid its perpetual appeal to those that appreciates and buys these success statements.

Hedi Slimane’s Paris Sessions inspirits a fresh generation of young Parisian musicians who constitutes to be the next Saint Laurent man, or boy. The latest homage collection consist an array of what seems to be ‘statement wardrobe essentials’ with little extreme pieces to spare, besides the highly pretentious hot pink mink fur coat. This is probably the most aggressive collection at Saint Laurent by Slimane so far, the signature punk rock demeanour has an remarkable appeal with relentless quality offered by the house. The outfits presented at Luisa Via Roma’s Saint Laurent Fall Winter 2015 season has a subtle approach yet equally intriguingly in style, it’s the type of beauty you could see and appreciate from a distance or even up closed in details.

There is something significant of that in Slimane, where creating less equals more, provided the designer produces the right pieces which could potentially translate an extended repetition for the wearer – such as the infamous skinny denim jeans, tartan plaid wool shirts and not to forget the notable Saint Laurent FW13 Teddy Varsity Jacket which all falls into this category. Slimane certainly has a talent of taking all the good quality bits of what’s gone in the past and re-proposing them as new ideas for now, it makes sense for any younger man in reality or spirit to invest in Saint Laurent because he’s more than likely to still be wearing them after a few seasons, possibly even in 5 years’ time. With Hedi Slimane, it hard to fault with most of his creations, the only significant challenge one face is either you are a believer in his vision or you are not.

There were a handful of runway looks at Luisa Via Roma’s new Fall Winter 2015 pre-order collection to choose from, every single Saint Laurent piece felt like building blocks we are all supposed to own, although most might consider them to be ‘fashion pieces’ that eventually would fade after a season or two. Unlike the other designers, Slimane certainly knows how to squeeze out the most vibrant potential from the decadent fashion ages, turning great bits of design into ultimate classics, something that goes with almost everything else without having the much thought required.

This season’s future statement classics pieces on my list that everyone should particular invest to start with is the Saint Laurent Swarovski Viscose Velvet Bomber Jacket, based on the teddy varsity jacket, this velvet bomber features rows of Swarovski crystals that forms a symmetrical fan-shaped shells of scallops – makes a perfect piece for a hot night out. I would also consider the a bold out monochrome Saint Laurent Striped Wool Sweater and Saint Laurent Striped Shetland Wool Scarf priced at an affordable $350 – these essential pieces accentuate the natural SL style. On Fridays, I would love to be dressed in a killer looking Saint Laurent Pinstriped Wool Suit to take on the office – yes I suggest you need to get them in one set not separate pieces to match. A fancy Saint Laurent Micro Confetti Print Light Viscose Twill Shirt that has evolved from its predecessor FW14 collection, and last but not least – really tight skinny denims in the case of a 5 zipper pocket feature on the Saint Laurent 15cm Black Zipper Stretch Denim Jeans. These styles are a few examples that are particular convincing for great casual classics with a fashion edge that are timeless, among the simple black colour palette, seductive motifs, and penchant for sequins made a prominent splash. From boys and men – will want it all.

Top down, the Saint Laurent Fall Winter 2015 menswear collection wasn’t anything that we have not seen before but it didn’t matter, because every bit and extra detailing enclosed on repeated styles still felt as fresh and enthralling as it claimed to be. It is a beautiful collection with a piece of history that plans to move you even after many years. Although the basic silhouette has been around for a decade now since Slimane started from Dior Homme, and even despite the hefty price tag circling in four figures on average will sell like hot cakes. So better reserve yours now at Luisa Via Roma, especially the pieces that aspires you the most won’t be hanging too long.




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Balmain Fall Winter 2015 Wishlist

2nd June 2015

It is hard to believe that Balmain Homme has just been around since Fall Winter 2009 and still growing strong. As Balmain remains the world’s leading luxury designer with sales reaching 30 million euros in growth and 20% increase in sales per annum, the young creative director Olivier Rousteing has certainly contributed a substantial success to the Parisian powerhouse, so much so that he constantly provides unparalleled designs with newer collections exceeding expectations. Watch ‘Inside Fashion’ interview, BoF’s Imran Amed sits down with Olivier Rousteing and Emmanuel Diemoz to discuss the rise of Balmain and its digital revolution.

Head turning, it is such an overused phrase isn’t it when it comes to describing a distinctive collection, the Balmain Fall Winter 2015 menswear translates Rousteing’s unique progression in his forth ‘Autome Hiver’ establishment. In this season the designer pursuits the new generation of aristocracy by offering an array of fluidity and elegant line-ups while retaining signature aesthetics balanced from the house’s traditions. Luxury and opulence are key features embedded in the new Balmain Fall Winter 2015 menswear collection and after a thorough examination in Luisa Via Roma’s Balmain Fall Winter 2015 men’s pre-order collection, it is definitely not short-lived. Considering the results of desirability from certain pieces such as the Balmain Black Embroidered Cuffs Wool Gabardine Jacket and Balmain Black & Gold Velcro Suede Leather Sneaker yields irresistible aesthetics, all while delivering true luxury.

The eagle eyed amongst you might notice that the latest Balmain Fall Winter 2015 menswear resembles fragments of a few predecessor collections, more notably the Balmain Fall Winter 2012 men’s “Russian Imperial Army” and the Balmain Fall Winter 2013 men’s Asian-Eastern thematic. Rousteing took some of the best attributes to render the current aristocracy collection. The difference given is a series of cosmetic changes in the redesigned bomber fur jacket – an ultimate staple for every winter season, military influenced satin-lapel blazer, geometry panelled biker denims in key washes and leather variants, including a diversified collection of his signature sarouel and sweatpants. These changes might sound small but it actually gives this collection an innovative modern appearance, particularly in details administered.

Fortunately, the notion underpinning the latest Balmain Fall Winter 2015 menswear is far from main stream at least from now, which means those who are eager to experience it need to be prepared to pay a substantial premium. But the good news is it is not some far-fetched laboratory experiment, it is a comprehensive collection that has been given a series of updated cosmetic changes on both classic and seasonal pieces, yet it still feels every bit as special and true to the hallmarks of the Parisian house as represented. Even though most of the styles has been repeated or eventually turned classic for this season, there are an abundance of new biker denims and sweatpants that comes with features like ribbed leather inserts, double-zippers, along with distressed and destroyed characteristics, so it’s very well diversified. Speaking of which, the Balmain Blue Knee-Destroyed Denim Biker Jeans will definitely be a sell out much like it’s earlier sibling in a lighter blue variant from Spring Summer 2015.

The modern silhouette has made this generation of Balmain Homme remained iconic without sacrificing any presence, the bold panelling bits with contrast materials including the thick military buttons and shimmery embellished zippers certainly do a lot to underline that presence. And that is saying something, because in styling terms, the Balmain Fall Winter 2015 menswear collection is a show stopper that proves irresistible, some unique pieces that you want is the best attributes that Balmain has to offer, and if money is not a variable in our decision then you can’t go wrong with the waxed coated pieces, unless you find yourself struggling to dress in one – most prominently the Balmain Dark Green Washed Zipped Cotton Biker Jacket, pairing it with the complementary Balmain 16.5cm Dark Green Coated Nappa Leather Biker Trousers, or the restored Balmain 17cm Black Waxed Coated Denim Biker Panelled Jeans which was last seen in Balmain Spring Summer 2012 mens, also known as Rousteing’s very first Balmain Homme collection.

While the overall Balmain Fall Winter 2015 menswear collection is evocative to say the least, some of the minor details like the richly embroidered gold crest and oversized lion patch are traditional techniques evolved from the well-known classic couture spirit, these distinctive characteristics are in congress as part of the permanent feature in Balmain Homme but the result is always fascinating, always thought provoking. And while it looks spectacularly presented, the collection only truly comes to life when worn with the right pieces. However these are premium value pieces at a staggering prices, one would have to evaluate with deep pockets to truly experience, there is a lot of personal preference there as well. Luckily for many of us this is hardly a decision to lose sleep over as the ‘entry-level’ Balmain embroidered pieces costs at least $1,115 – $5,270 depending on your selection.

Finally there is also the question of price. The latest Balmain Fall Winter 2015 menswear collection works out to be more upmarket, shifting it a cut above the competition with a much higher price point than the earlier predecessor collections, but it also has much more interesting and distinctive yet well balanced pieces than the ones you will find in the past, which may or may not be a good thing depending on your point of view. As the new collection goes, I say it is a successful one and it should send the Balmain in a good stead until that newer generation arrive till next year. Pre-order your Balmain Fall Winter 2015 now at Luisa Via Roma, delivers no later by 30th September 2015. Or enjoy complimentary shipping worldwide with current Spring Summer 2015 end of season sale.




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Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2015 Wishlist

18th December 2014

The new Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2015 menswear might just look like another skinny teddy boy mix of retro rock archetype, but in actual fact it is very different and that’s because the designer has turned his vision towards one of the most profound movements in America culture, encompassing a sartorial diversification of characters in the 1970s from hippies, folk music, rock, surf culture, and the war veterans. It is an intensive historical menswear collection classified by the range of events that has influence the future anticipation for this coming Spring Summer 2015.

There are two things that immediately hit you when you first observe the collection. One is the pinpointing style of 70s psych rockers and second is the toughened-up mystic bohemianism. If the thought of that fills you with nightmares about self-representation anxiety in our modern society and the apprehensive acceptance of thereminiscent past, then the Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2015 collection is not meant for you. If so, you should move along and read about my Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 wishlist or the more futuristic Balmain Spring Summer 2015 wishlist that will probably appeal to your modern tastebuds.

What truly speaks from the Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2015 menswear is the immense luxury of craftsmanship and the authenticity of Hedi Slimane’s creations. At Saint Laurent it’s all about embracing the youth culture in Los Angeles not French elegance, it is not surprising to see that the designer has taken yet another goodlook into the America’s richest culture, after all this is his language for the current future of menswear. There are many noteworthy pieces in the Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2015 menswear collection to be enjoyed that outweighs its wearability limitation, as majority would agree that the initial reaction was that the collection was a bit too costume alike.

To begin with, let’s consider how desirable the Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2015 menswear can be rather than how practical you can wear it.Considering if you were a Saint Laurent fanatic, you would probably acknowledge the designer’s stylish contour creations that gives it a distinctive presence. A few key pieces that you should watch and pay close attention to isthe Saint Laurent Bordeaux Starburst Velvet Teddy Jacket, this notably teddy jacketstays at the top of my current wishlist as it features a handful of timeless hand-sewn embellishments and sequins setting in rich burgundy velvet with gold lurex ribbed collar and cuffs that makes it the ultimate luxury ‘future classic’ piece to own. This teddy jacket may just be that piece fashion historians will reference for years to come, for those we has the extra cash to splurge a fortune over the latest Saint Laurent collection must not missed out on this. On of the most iconic denim jeans from this season is theSaint Laurent 15cm Navajo Metal Embellished Lace-Up Detail Denim Jeans, this pair of skinny denims celebrates the Indian Western tradition by integrating a strung of bolo tie inspired neckwear that is often associated with the culture. In detail it is a piece of braided cord lacedacross the entire leg that secures the decorativemetal Navajo ornaments, this unique feature previously unseengive it good reasons to be a real head turner for Spring Summer 2015. What I would really want in this season is nothing too much but a good old fashioned camouflage shirt, and the Saint Laurent Khaki & Green Camouflage Print Western Shirt that is now available at SSENSEseems to have fulfill my desirability, this particular camouflage print shirt is unlike anything I have came across in the past, although camouflage may have seemed to be the quintessential print for 2014, even designers from Valentino to Givenchy for Pre-Spring 2014 does not offer the same distinct presence as the new Saint Laurent does. There is a certain charm in those khaki, green, and blacks and the shape of the camo that has made this shirt a true classic piece to be owned.

While on the other hand, there are a number of pieces that seems really dated and old fashioned in my own opinion which I am not too confident that they will make a positive statement in reality. These are deemed more ‘costumey’ than high-end runway fashion, pieces such as the Saint Laurent Fringed Camouflage Print Jacket that is arriving soon at Matches Fashion is perhaps presumably more of an badly cut oversize shirt than an outwear, this so called military precision craft piece has a prominent gold fringing on the front chest and the rear back, not to exclude further gold embroidered on epaulettes and cuffs, only a true bohemian could pull off this archaic. Besides this, there is the Saint Laurent Metallic Striped Lamé Blazer which made the first collection released in December 2014, frankly speaking it looks like what a circus ringmaster would wear although its initial design pays homage to the 1970s rock stars, this double-button shimmering lamé with metallic silver and red stripes print may look like the ultimate head turner, however I find it difficult to disagree that it will probably attracts the wrong kind of attention one would be expecting. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, the designer offers a series of striped linen blankets made into a Saint Laurent Striped Western Poncho, this oversize drape piece features studded adornments and tassels in the highest form of craftsmanship, probably one of the least desirable pieces found in the latest collection. These are hardly stuff dreams are made of, well not my dreams anyway.

But all in all, the Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2015 menswear offers a refreshingly experience and no doubt with its diversified collection and will sell well to existing clients, as you may notice by now that most of the sizes has already been sold out! Based on its wealthy offering in a slowly growing class of consumers who appreciates American youth culture, craftsmanship evident in details, and authenticity of the past, will find the new Saint Laurent 2015 menswear a good place to invest. Shop the Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2015 pre-order collection now at Luisa Via Roma or checkout the latest Saint Laurent arrivals now available at SSENSE.

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Balmain Spring Summer 2015 Wishlist

10th December 2014

Rousteing’s high-priced circuit rush sportswear was very evident in Balmain Spring Summer 2015 menswear when Luisa Via Roma launched the new pre-order collection a week ago. A refreshing string of intensified mono and colour block with striped panelled geometric looks grappled the designer’s distinct trademark. I would say roughy 50% of pure Balmain still resembles in these outfits, but heavily subdued in comparison to the previous Balmain Fall Winter 2014 glamazon boys safari collection which reference closely with the formalities. Yesterday’s harden militant, rock ‘n’ roll, and playful chic biker looks that we got used through the years along with luxury and elegance is dead in the water for now. Shop the Balmain Fall Winter 2014 men’s end of season sale at SSENSE while you can.

Aesthetically, it was a welcoming change to a look due for a bit of evolution, but don’t expect subtle changes here for the upcoming fleet of spring summer sportswear inspired wear, as most of the entire collection has been revolutionized. Olivier Rousteing’s is expanding the creative limits of a thriving Parisian menswear driven solely through a fantasy theme and directed through an established paradigm, he also mentioned earlier that the current collection was more of ‘him than ever’. It was difficult to determine where the energies had been spent on this partisanship collection which lacked the Parisian house’s emphatic signature.

Sadly to say, there are certain pieces you should definitely avoid buying at all cost! As I have heard many horrific opinions expressing equal disappointment towards the collection, in particular the sweat-series with drawstring feature that resembles the likes of childrenswear, such as the Balmain Navy & Red Double-Breast Embroidered-Badge Hooded Sweat Jacket and Balmain Navy & Red Contrast Panelled Biker Sweatpants. These pieces may look edgy at a first glance, but truly speaking, they look far less polished compared to the outgoing leopard and camouflage series. Further common criticism includes the earth-shattering shift, an overambitious future-seventies sportswear proposition that is insignificant to our time and lacks general desirability. Learn more about the Balmain Spring Summer 2015 menswear collection.
Despite this, there are some pretty cool two-tone, tri-tone variants worthy of a second look as the complementary monocolor blocking illustrates an iconic statement. Here are some of the most desirable of its kind, the Balmain Two-Tone Contrast Teddy Varsity Leather Jacket – an exquisite style-proof college jacket that will likely be acquired by a myriad of celebrities and fervent admirers in the upcoming Spring Summer 2015. Pair this jacket with the matching Balmain Black Two-Tone Contrast Panelled Biker Leather Pants to complete a magnetic aesthetic. One of my favorite tops available in Luisa Via Roma that I am seriously considering to get is the Balmain Two-Tone Striped Contrast Jacquard Button Detail Sweater, it has an exaggerative monoblock knit arrow striped panelling across that initiates a divine visual effect along with its brand distinct shoulder button detailing.
And how could can one not find love in the classic denim biker jeans category? I’ve found one of the sports inspired series quite to my liking, yes its true that I find it quite attractive, the Balmain 17cm White Two-Tone Contrast Striped Panelled Denim Biker Jeans is what I am looking at, it has a minimalist approach with classic stain details that will add a refreshing edition to my current Balmain denim biker jeans collection. If you want a denim biker jeans that speaks from this collection, then the Balmain Yellow Tri-Tone Contrast Striped Panelled Denim Biker Jeans is for you, this mustard yellow racer is selling out quick compared to the red and blue variant, though it sort of resembles a ‘Kill Bill’ jumpsuit and somehow reminds me of the nostalgic Lego bricks. These are probably some of the best examples pieces you can buy from Luisa Via Roma’s Balmain pre-order collection that includes the seasonal sportswear adaption while retaining likeable formalities. Surprisingly, there is an absence of the Navajo beaded embellished jackets that I was looking forward to.On a positive note, there are a few supreme pieces that share common features with one of the current hottest Parisan labels at the moment. The Balmain Black Lace-Up Detail leather Biker Jacket with its excessive lace strings details looks like a pick-up from Hedi Slimane’s womenswear and Balmain 17cm Light Blue Destroyed Stretch Denim Biker Jeans with knee ripped certainly portrays an aggressive charm that questions the similarity of referencing Saint Laurent’s rock ‘n’ roll cowboy’s trademark aesthetics. As for the rest, well it’s forgiven. I love ‘part’ of this collection because of its drastic changes, yet hate it for how it could some of the designs be associated with such a prominent brand. Either way, it is going to be bought by people who will enjoy wearing these seasonal pieces and will be loved by those who are willing to accept its imperfections that money can buy. Pre-order your Balmain Spring Summer 2015 now at Luisa Via Roma, or checkout the Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2015 pre-order collection.

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Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 Wishlist

5th December 2014

There are significant changes brought to Givenchy this coming 2015. With the all new Givenchy white label replacement from Pre-Spring 2015 menswear onwards, the first question arises is between the blurry lines that divides the women and men’s line. A complicated guessing game in spotting the difference, especially when it comes to the most sought after t-shirt and sweatshirt category as it poses new challenges for the consumer. Perhaps the brand has planned a flexible cross dress in the act of blurring the traditional aesthetic genders, since some of the consumers do generally purchase the opposite label. Take a look at the Givenchy Pre-Spring 2015 Collection Sneak Peek.

Throughout its history, Givenchy has been recognised as one of the leading luxury designers that creates the most extravagant and valuable graphics infused with traditional tailoring efforts at a contemporary edge. Besides the back label conversion, a revolution took place in the upcoming Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 menswear. Set to be release in global stores at the start of early till mid of April 2015 is the romantic gypsophila collection, a special floral effect encrusted with pearl embellishments and embroidery is an exclusive selection off the runway. These are generally very limited and are set at high premium prices due to the meticulous workmanship required to produce them, despite this there is no doubt that these lavish pieces will sell out to the spendthrifts within the coming weeks.

The future is here this week, Riccardo Tisci’s unprecedented approach on a profoundly new Givenchy menswear selection has arrived at Luisa Via Roma’s Givenchy Pre-Spring 2015 and Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 pre-order collection. The largest luxury Italian multi-label retailer now carries a spectacular array of collection ranging from the most covet runway pieces, such as the three dimensional pearl embellished and embroidery Givenchy Black Floral Embroidered Neckline Columbian-Fit T-Shirt and the Givenchy Black Pearl Embellished Floral Print Shirt with opulence application encrusted pearl details throughout the fabric. However for those who are not willing to splurge a fortune in the experimental iteration of Tisci’s brainchild can also enjoy the standard print variables in a two dimensional setting that are available in an equally desirable Givenchy Black Floral Print Columbian-Fit T-Shirt and Givenchy Black Floral Print Columbian-Fit Sweatshirt. Having said that, I am not quite fond with the white floral series as it doesn’t provide the sense of affluence as felt from the black floral series. Nonetheless, there are genuinely some very good pieces, these include the runway Givenchy White Floral Print Satin Bomber Jacket, Givenchy White Floral Print Contrast Band Shirt with strategic placement of black contrast panelling across the front, and Givenchy White Floral Contrast Panelled Print Shirt that doesn’t look too bad either with a heavier cluster of gypsophilas. What’s more, pairing these alluring pieces with matching Givenchy White Floral Print Contrast Band Canvas Pants or Givenchy White Floral Print Contrast Band Canvas Shorts are equally desirable and fetching.

One of the clear advantages in the latest Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 menswear collection, is that it is not only limited towards the traditional use of grandiose prints, but there is a subtle refinement offered across a range that has a fast reset that recalled Riccardo Tisci’s first catwalk efforts. The development of the familiar and unfamiliar striped panelling code has taken its toll in the upcoming collection – a monochrome black and white geometric precision band panelled the expression incorporating the creative use of layering has evolved to a larger collection. What I would not miss out from this range is the Givenchy White Contrast Extended Band Shirt, it has a unique tail which may not appeal to most, but once you ensemble the entire look based on the designers ideology along with the Givenchy Black Contrast Band Wool Gabardine Skirt, cigarette trousers and the runway Givenchy Black Brogue Contrast Lace leather Combat Boots, a subtle affair of aspiration and silhouette elegance emerge. This is not a shortfall as perceived by the mass consumers, one of the clear advantages of opting these unique pieces, is that it promotes flexibility and timeliness for the one to experiment with a variety of style-making. These are generally regarded as the best regenerative pieces of the striped panelled code collection we have seen in a number of seasons. For those who are looking forward to obtain a Givenchy contemporary basics that will take on future seasons to come can place your best bets in investing on the striped panelled code series.

Accessories and footwear are a feast of choices, you can get the Givenchy floral gypsophila series in a variety of accessories, but by far the best is the Givenchy Black Floral Print Contrast Band Folded Leather Pouch, one of the clear advantages is that it adds a nice functional touch with the additional band strap over the traditional zippers. Besides this, what I love most from the black floral series footwear category is the new Givenchy Black Floral Print Tyson High-Top Sneaker, truthfully I have never find the Givenchy’s ‘Tyson’ high-top sneaker quite as attractive because of its energetic sportswear nature, leaving in no doubt to the commercial origins of Nike turned Givenchy. But the all new camouflage black floral gypsophila print over this sneaker presents a compelling case, compelling enough in fact for me to become a persistent admirer. If the all floral gypsophila does not weigh out to your expectation, there are abundance of eyeful substitutes to consider, such as the Givenchy Black Rubber Effect Backpack with its subtle matte housing and gold embellished accents, Givenchy Black Star & Stripes Patent Neoprene Backpack that returns to the initial codes, and even the Givenchy Palladio Chain Sandals has surprisingly returned this season, leaving collectors like me questioning what’s coming back next fall. Learn more about the Givenchy Palladio Chain Detail Black Leather Sandals for Pre-Spring 2014.

Ultimately with such a vast diverse range available, it’s all about how much fun one can have with such an innovative and repetitive approach, although there are many compromises to be made and acceptance yet to be fulfilled. I’ve also made a quick decision and have checkout earlier with the Givenchy Black Rottweiler Star-Appliqué Print Columbian-Fit T-Shirt that is currently selling out like hotcakes, will talk more about it when I receive the t-shirt. What are you waiting for? Shop now for Givenchy Pre-Spring 2015 or pre-order your Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 now at Luisa Via Roma while stocks last!

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