A Sexy Night Out With The Balmain Army for TÊTU Magazine

3rd March 2015

Balmain’s creative director Olivier Rousteing signed an artistic direction for TÊTU Magazine, March 2015 / No. 208 issue – (Têtu by the name in French for “stubborn”) is a general interest gay publication in France. Photographed by Mariano Vivanco, hair-do by Nabil Harlow and make-up done by Niki M’Nray, the exclusive fashion editorial was shot in the prestigious Maxim’s Restaurant in Paris.

A monumental understatement titled as “A Sexy Night Out With The Balmain Army” that staged 13 male and female models dressed and undressed in the latest Balmain Fall Winter 2015 wear to past archive collections dating back to early Spring Summer 2012. Styled by Rousteing himself, the 12-page series featured many womens and menswear prominent key pieces that were designed throughout Rousteing’s time as creative director, such as the SS12 leather dress appliquéd with metallic gold, extravagant FW12 pearl beaded velvet jackets and dresses, SS13 checked techno raffia dress from the womenswear just to name a few, addition to this Rousteing highlights his current SS15 men’s sportswear collection – notably the bi-color leather trousers and distinct open toe lace-up gladiators boots, this further includes to promote his latest Balmain Fall Winter 2015 menswear which showcases an array of crystal embellished blazers. The models poses in explicit debauchery moments assembled to complete the elementary agenda.

Models Bakay Diaby, Louis Steyaert, Miroslav Cech, Romeo Caminos, Ryan Tift and Xavier Serrano starred the editorial including Olivier Rousteing who lands himself bare naked as the cover image of the magazine, his posture projects striking similarities to Kim Kardashian’s recent artistic nude photo shoot.

Têtu Magazine, March 2015 (High Resolution)

Artistic director of Balmain Paris – Olivier Rousteing, takes the prominence in a special issue of TÊTU magazine, the story coverage is an opportunity to learn more about the young prodigy.

Editorial chief Yannick Barbe for TÊTU Magazine chose Olivier Rousteing specifically for this particular issue, as it is a way to discover the universe of this ambitious man who is behind this undeniable talent and his charismatic personality.

“I was excited when I was offered the project, he said. Being editor for this issue allows me to express my views on homosexuality, diversity and thus share my experience. But also to be able to lift certain taboos and changing ideas about the gay world.”

Rousteing corralled several personality interviews on some of his famous friends, including reality star Kim Kardashian, Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton and editorial fashion photographer Mariano Vivanco, along with DJ Brodinski and French union rugby player Frédéric Michalak. The designer noted that Kardashian opens up about her youth and “shows her point of view as a woman. It was important to show the personality of the people.” which has led unfold his inspiration.

The interview revealed by TÊTU Magazine enlightens about his best friend Rihanna, further more discloses about his touching childhood and adopted. Shortly leading coverage on about his adolescence and the acceptance of homosexuality, an integral dimension of his personality. Olivier Rousteing indeed mentioned that he was being bullied in school, but his passion for fashion has eventually regained his confidence. This passion enabled him take new challenges, “Fashion can shake taboos” said Rousteing, more than just clothes, pieces created by the wonder of the seam are genuine means of expression. Rousteing further confides a little more about his shy personality and modest contrary appearances. He mentioned that he is constantly seduced by women at the moment, the young designer is currently in a love affair with a woman, we hope it sustains.

TÊTU Magazine paid circulation in 28,275 copies for this month’s March 2015 issue (No. 208). Rousteing said he reads the title a lot when he was younger and “it helps a lot of people in France understand what they’re about.” For the 148-page issue is now available on newsstands and digital on iPad for download since 18 February 2015. You can purchase a single copy or a subscription to Tetu Magazine at the Magazine Cafe store.


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  • Great article Maurice, as always. The pictures of the photoshoot in the restaurant have a striking photography, and the atmosphere is surreal; the beautiful clothes surely do help.

    • Yes indeed, the selection of the location and the clothes are just magnificent, the crème de la crème of Balmain. It blends so well with the concept, i'm glad Rousteing is open-minded. Editorials like these in my home country is a taboo..

  • Anonymous

    This is a great article. I continue to be impressed with your blog and this is an exceptional writeup.

    I loved the photo shoot. Honestly if I buy anything from Balmain in fall it would be a select few of these runway pieces than the basic collection. I think they are truly special and would rather buy them for special events than buy the basics that now disinterest me. This spread actually convinced me even more

    • Thank you for your kind complement.

      These are the best examples of Rousteing's work in his time at Balmain as creative director. Unfortunately they are extremely exclusive and high priced, but then they are the best pieces to generate aspiration. How I would wish to get my hands on those 25kg Balmain Crystal Encrusted Blazers!

      Surpassingly this season's basic is quite impressive, the classic pieces has been reworked and majority if not all biker denim jeans are now true to size, as i'm currently drafting the SS15 biker size guide.


  • Anonymous

    I am looking for old givenchy tees oversized cut and medium.
    Do you know any reseller interested?
    Similar to this one.

    • You can email me at ask.drblogspot@gmail.com, please include your whatsapp number with international code and I will revert with what I can get at the moment…