Balmain Fall Winter 2014 for SENSE Magazine Japan

26th November 2014

Japanese fashion publication SENSE Magazine has recently unveil it’s exclusive bi-annual editorial for Balmain Fall Winter 2014 menswear. The Japanese men magazine is highly recognized to curate the finest features of individual labels in trending fashion. The recent label dedicated editorial showcases a handful of prominent Balmain ready-to-wear from Olivier Rousteing’s current ‘Glamazon Boyz’ collection, a theme inspired from the beauty of Peter Hill Beard’s East African memories with a wild cocktail mixed of safari elements. Checkout the official Balmain Fall Winter 2014 Lookbook captured by Karim Sadli.

The editorial collection boost an eye-catching Balmain Camouflage Print Safari Jacket that is currently only available online at the Balmain webstore, this essential piece of African safari outwear dressed in camouflage print is one of the key items of the label’s Fall Winter 2014 seasonal collection. The distinctive safari camouflage jacket is paired with a tasteful dark Balmain Intrecciato Woven Denim Biker Jeans in waxed finish, a key reworked biker denim design that was offered in the earlier Balmain Spring Summer 2014 menswear. While finishing off the look with the all new Balmain Leopard Calf-Hair Skate Sneakers for a chic and playful look.

Other distinct pieces includes a frisky Balmain Leopard Calf-Hair Leather Varsity Jacket that resembles what celebrities would wear, a generous range of serious drop-crotch biker sweatpants and to my liking the Balmain Black Knit Sarouels, the good old Balmain 16cm Blue Dirty Denim Biker Jeans, and this season’s iconic Balmain Khaki Suede-Panelled Padded Down Jacket. It is unfortunate that the magazine did not feature the highly prized Balmain Khaki Camouflage Suede Racoon Fur-Trimmed Hooded Jacket instead, as the menswear label is often highly regarded with its fur-trim extravagance jackets during fall winter season. Browse through my ultimate Balmain Fall Winter 2014 Collection Wishlist – selling out fast!

It is interesting to observe how the French label brand has revolutionize throughout the years since the Christophe Decarnin era. From what was used to be Balmain biker and military skewed leather and denimwear has translated to a grace of fashion savvy street-style and sweatwear, Rousteing has definitely played well, though retaining most of Decarnin’s efforts that has formed the label’s crucial identity, Rousteing’s creative twist in utilizing former core elements with innovative design techniques has certainly diversified the brand’s offerings. Last season’s Sailors, this season’s Safari, and next season’s Sportsmen. Shop the new Balmain Spring Summer 2015 menswear now at Antonioli.


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  • Anonymous

    I really hate how they introduced t shirts that just say "balmain paris" on them..its so tacky and definitely casts the brand in an unfavorable light, although im am still a fan of the "permanent collection" I don't think I will buy much from ss 15.

    • Surprisingly the Balmain Paris House Logo Print T-Shirt is completely sold out before this end of season sale. I guess they were looking to tap into their lower-end market.

      Yes, SS15 is too flamboyant, I don't really like the colourblock sports theme. It's so not Balmain..

  • Anonymous

    Hey Maurice, what are your thoughts on this A.P.C varsity jacket as an cheaper alternative to the saint laurent teddy version.

    • It doesnt look like the Saint Laurent… maybe the bottom part. Its already sold out by now, but theres another better alternative like the Thom Browne Leather Sleeve Cashmere Varisty Jacket.


  • Anonymous

    thanks for updates Maurice…
    Very nice pics, love those colours…
    this Magasine always make the right shots…
    i just look saint laurent ss 15, so nice , iam waiting your articles…
    see you ++

    • You saw it at Matches Fashion?


      For any Saint Laurent enthusiast, the new runway collection is the icing on the cake!

    • Anonymous

      yes i were looking on matches , and i also see the runway…. i love it.
      see you ++

    • What are you getting? Would like to get to know your thoughts.

    • Anonymous

      first i gonna buy some sneakers with pink stars and gliter… then distress jeans.
      if i have more money i want the Paisley-print tunic top, the western pink shirt and the sherling gilet :)( also the Embroidered tunic top ) and obviously those bling bling you can see in the runaway.
      i love those crazy hippy looks ( also for women), and obviously i need some saint laurent boots…
      then if you don't like the crazy hippy bohemian western looks, you can also buy a leather pants with a shirt and saint laurent shoes , then you gonna be well dressed…

    • Oh wow, you must have some style to pull of those clothes! Good one, are you catching anything from Givenchy?

    • Anonymous

      thanks but i don't think i have the money for buying the sherling gilet :( (sick)
      i don't see the entire collection of givenchy ss15 , i just want to buy the white t shirt givenchy war love ss 15. i don't like that much the rest of collection.( the flowers white t shirt or the black flowers t shirt are cool but i don't know yet if i want to buy them…)

      see you ++

    • Anonymous

      yo i don't know if my answer of yesterday were sending , so i resend it…
      first i don't know if i have the money for buying the sherling gilet :( ( sick)
      then of what i see in givenchy ss 15 , i think i gonna buy just the white t shirt givenchy war of love ss 15.
      the white and the black version of flowers t shirt are cool but i don't know yet if i want to buy them…
      i just look balmain ss 15 on balmain.com , erk, nothing very interesting… ( sick)
      then i have a question on your article of balmain fw for sense magasine, if you look the 5 picture, there is a leather jacket but it's not the same as the ssense shop or balmain.com, i mean this jacket is little quilted and the sleeve are not the same!!??( and maybe the pocket??) the jacket on this picture is so nice, it's sick if we can't buy it…

      see you ++

    • Haha, so sorry I accidentally skipped your comment as I was replying the questions below. The Givenchy War of Love is a great piece, I love it, i'm definitely getting some of the text print t-shirts, they are quite powerful even without any exuberant prints.

      Lets see when the collection hits the store in April 2015.

      Yes, this is a different jacket and is not commonly spotted in any retailers so fair, i've noticed earlier but suggested a similar alternative.

  • Anonymous
    • Personally the Givenchy Pre-Spring 2015 Paisley & Butterfly collection is quite weak, as it is comparable with the old Paisley & Fighter print, and in most people's opinion the fighter was a better choice.

      But if it appeals to you a lot then by all means go ahead and get it. If it doesn't then save your money for SS15


  • Anonymous

    what do u think of this jacket?There is 2 long string hanging on the bottom,what do u think these are for?Do u think its ridiculous as the string is so long… http://www.farfetch.com/sg/shopping/men/balmain-biker-cardigan-item-10805514.aspx?storeid=9620&ffref=lp_84_

    • I kind of like it, but the bottom two springs serves no functional purpose, its part of the design aesthetics which I do not understand why as well. LOL


      You would be better off with this


  • Anonymous

    Shall i get this
    or the runway version which is discounted now at 30%
    I did not buy anything form the FW runway collection so far.

    • I prefer the black one much more than the grey, have been eyeing at this sweatshirt since Antonioli released it. It's okay to skip this FW14, I didnt get anything from this collection either, the only thing I like is the Abstract Painted Blazer which is super amazing… but super expensive too, you can see it on my wishlist now.


      Take two sizes smaller, its columbian-fit

  • Anonymous

    Hell Mr Maurice!

    Thanks again for the update, and like always you get bombarded with buyer questions like you are a retailer but you always are so calm and helpfull.
    so thanks for that

    • No worries, I enjoy replying questions. :)