Givenchy Fall Winter 2013

19th January 2013
A handful of members on were debating the love or hate over Riccado Tisci’s latest Givenchy Fall Winter 2013 Menswear collection. Despite Tisci’s encounter with great success through previous seasons, the current Givenchy Fall Winter 2013 Menswear is less of an excitement. During the live event, viewers reminisce Stefano Pilati’s Yves Saint Laurent Fall Winter 2012 collection, agreeing that it was somewhat familiar in comparison with the current Givenchy Fall Winter 2013 Menswear collection, especially those metal strapped leather loafers are all too familiar. Or is it our perception is often clouded by our expectations? More prints we cry? What are your thoughts?

Givenchy Fall Winter 2013 Menswear (HD)

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Source: Photo by GoRunway

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  • Anonymous

    Nothing exciting! I'm kind of disappointed in this collection. Seems like pre-fall collection is much better.mayb we need to look the pieces up close then we will determine like for example the first black shirt worn…..the cross black shirt worn by both male & female mods tucked in…..and the skull sweater with translucent sleeves

  • Anonymous

    Fashion is not a rottweiler/flower/shark/dobermann/panther print.
    Really appreciated this collection, brings much more reality in riccardo's work.

  • Anonymous

    I do agree but riccardo is a well known print is his is too much of a risk to challenge himself in his new direction. Well,sex is his new direction or would I call it eroticism. I love the prints and hopefully he do it on tee shirt, like how the previous season where it was suppose to be madonna on satin print but now on just a simple tee….the collection is in store and I must say the 17 Madonna is not as wow

    • The Givenchy madonna satin print exist. It cost over $1,600 for a t-shirt, while the Givenchy full satin madonna sweatshirt is around $2,600-3000++. You don't see it anywhere because no buyers are willing to stock it in their retail stores. It would be something very hard for them to sell off the shelves.

    • Anonymous

      it's just polyester

  • Anonymous

    Wow, interesting! I dun see itinmy local stores…..Guess it is available in Paris HQ only?

  • Anonymous

    Is the spring collection available in Givenchy's stores? Or in any other stores? I live in London and here the department stores haven't started showing the spring collection.

    • Anonymous

      Harvey Nichols, Harrods and Selfridges are all currently stocking S/S '13 – no 'Madonna' pieces, though.

    • Spring Summer usually begins early April. Pre-Spring has already begun since this month.

  • Anonymous

    although there is nothing that jumps at me in terms of wanting to buy, after feeling majorly disappointed at first, the collection is now growing on me – a lot. excluding some of the prints, and the american football themed pieces (as much as i appreciate the detail), everything else looks very slick.

    this collection will restore the balance a touch, i feel – the lack of prints and focus on the couture element can only be good for givenchy, in a time where i think the overindulgence in prints (i.e. the people wearing them and the replica market) has devalued the brand. a/w '13 has certainly injected the 'high-end' back into givenchy, and that combined with the pre-collection makes a good season for me!

    • I can't agree more with you. I think everyone has been expecting newer prints from every Givenchy season. The print making has been the taste that everyone has adapt towards Givenchy. Therefore in no doubt there may be disappointment set upon us from this season, like what you mention it is true that the print making has devalued the brand in someway that many competitors and counterfeits has been keeping up to compete with Givenchy over this issue.

      I presume that Riccardo Tisci is experimenting a new strategy, taking such a risk for Fall Winter 2013. Maybe he wants to observe how would the overall market react to such a situation, maybe we are part of Givenchy's market research to forecast whether print making is their main strength for the company's goodwill.

  • how much does those shoes with metal cost ?

    • Probably around $1200, or could be $1600. I'm guessing 1600.

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