The Givenchy Blue Plane Paisley Poplin Shirt

25th January 2013
Instagram, @drblogspot
My new Givenchy Plane Paisley Poplin Shirt from Pre-Spring 2013 collection. Givenchy prints never fails to lure me into temptation, an impulsive purchase to begin a new year. Initially this shirt was not part of my Spring Summer 2013 wishlist, I was actually hoping to get hold of the Givenchy Fighter Sunset Oversize T-Shirt (like all of you) but is no where to be found at the moment (i’m pretty sure it will come back in stock with all sizes like the Givenchy Shark and Mermaid Oversize T-Shirt that is currently oversupply).
What is so special about this shirt?
The print is just captivating, you have to see it close-up to look at the amount of detailing that has been applied (pay attention). This requires enormous amount of effort designing such a detailed graphic, every single dot is printed in precise clarity (see below close-up photos, after Givenchy PS13 lookbook), I presume that the imitation factories will struggle to copy and produce this shirt in such precision (like always). A good reason to love it is the slim-fit, haven’t bought any slim-fit Givenchy tops since Fall Winter 2011 (Rottweiler), the slim-fit cutting compliments my body shape well. Though it felt strange as I am so used to wear columbian, oversize and regular fit from Givenchy.

Click for more information and photos!

Source: Givenchy Pre-Spring 2013 Menswear Collection 

By the way, you might be deciding now which colour you should go with if I have manage to entice you into buying one now (maybe not now but later when you see the below pictures). As you might know from observing the official Givenchy lookbook above, there is two colours that are available. Green and Blue, the blue comes in two varieties, short or long sleeves.
I am wearing the long sleeves blue version below. The blue colour Givenchy Plane Paisley Shirt is much more popular than the green version in reality, this was the feedback that I received from Harrolds, Melbourne (a high-end luxury menswear departmental store that carriers all my dream brands). The blue version sells out the fastest over the green. I was only planning to get the green version (much like what you are thinking about), but could not find one in my size online. When I tried the green version in Harrolds, it did not looked as good as the blue (was not my size). That is when I knew why everyone has gone for the blue version instead. Anyways, this is a personally choice.
Me wearing my new Givenchy Slate Blue Airplane Paisley Poplin Slim-Fit Shirt, Nudie Jeans Slim Khaki Sanded, and Burberry Prorsum Gladiator Sandals (Spring Summer 2011). More looks on my Instagram @drblogspot. Follow me! =)
A new addition to my humble Givenchy collection.
If you like this shirt, here are a number of places that you can buy. May the early bird gets the right size!
Source: Riccardi Boston (In-store only)
FarFetch, Degli Effetti Men – Green cotton shirt from Givenchy featuring a straight shirt collar, front button fastening, a paisley print with an airplane design, a loose fit and long sleeves. BUY IT NOW

FarFetch, Degli Effetti Men – Blue cotton shirt from Givenchy featuring a straight shirt collar, a front button fastening, a loose fit, a paisley print and short sleeves. BUY IT NOW
SSENSE – Givenchy Slate Blue Airplane And Paisley Print Slim Shirt. Short sleeve shirt in deep slate blue. Vintage airplane and paisley graphic print throughout in tones of blue and grey. Spread collar. Button closure at front. Shirttail hem. Tonal stitching. 100% cotton. Machine wash cold. Made in Portugal. BUY IT NOW

Why not try some accessories?
SSENSE – Givenchy Navy Blue Airplane Paisley Tie. Silk tie in navy blue. Detailed paisley and antique airplane print throughout in shades of grey. Logo patch at underside. Tonal stitching. Approx. 56″ length, 3″ width. 100% silk. Made in Italy. BUY IT NOW
Givenchy Navy Blue Airplane Paisley Tie – $200

SSENSE – Givenchy Blue Paisley And Plane Laptop Pouch. Lightly padded laptop pouch in navy bule. Zip closure at main compartment. Detailed paisley and antique airplane graphic print in tones of green, red, and blue at exterior face. Gold-tone metallic logo piece also at interior face. Patent leather panel in black at interior face. Logo tab at interior. Fully lined in black textile. Approx. 11″ length, 8″ depth. Cotton, genuine leather. Made in Italy. BUY IT NOW

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  • Hi Maurice. I just wish they had used better quality poplin. This one seems a but thin.

    • They are quality poplin, it's the same poplin they use for all Givenchy shirts.

  • Anonymous

    I have the t-shirt version in green, and after feeling rather indifferent about it once the excitement of owning a pre-collection piece back in October had worn off, it has grown on my tremendously. I'll definitely get some good wear out of it in the summer to come!

  • Interesting :)
    Givenchy shirts model aircraft (white-green) is on this video.

  • Today I got the first sweatshirt Madonna collection – see my profile.
    This is not my favorite collection but I had the chance to buy it bought.

    I have a size XXS – and it is for me to loose ..
    Normally my size Slim Fit is S/46.
    Madonna Oversized jumpers have to buy two sizes smaller. (My size Slim Fit S – oversized sweatershirt XXS and is loose!)

    • Looks good, thought you didnt like Madonna collection.

  • Yes yes… :) You're right – a collection of Madonna is not my favorite.
    Two things I bought because i need a swatershirts Givenchy.
    I had only 1 swatershirt Gievnchy and now it's cold in my country 😉
    Swatershirt Givenchy Dog and Star (my favorite) not to buy – all sold.

    So I chose the best swatershirt – Madonna collection :)

    When you want to buy it buy two sizes smaller (two sizes smaller or will loose) – Madonna swatershirts columbian fit

    • Great choice, all I need is just 1 madonna oversize t-shirt. I want the black t-shirt with the head and + cross, I think more will come later after April 2013. That is the time Madonna collection is release worldwide stock.

      I don't buy Givenchy Sweaters, they are too thick :/ Not suitable for my home country.

  • "black t-shirt with the head and the cross" – a good choice I like it.

    I would like to live in a country where 3/4 years the sun is shining!
    o you can walk around in sandals and a jacket – for me it is not practical :)
    I envy – in my country 3/4 year is cold, raining or there are clouds – not like that!
    There is one advantage of the bad weather ….
    But when it's bad weather it is working well – bad weather causes that I like to work:)
    The only advantage of the bad weather – efficiently and work well if it is bad weather.
    I had so much sun as you was my job was to much smaller …. :)
    When the weather is nice and lots of sunshine is not enough work :)

    • Im going back to malaysia soon, its 30-34c there, i dont like it. I like to wear coats, blazers, and boots. I dont think I can wear them there :(

      So I would prefer to take cold weather over hot any time. Btw, where do you live? France?

  • living in Poland

  • Anonymous

    That sweater fake dude, all online pre order. Those wear now is eBay fakes.

    • Which sweaters?

    • Anonymous

      The guy above you talk to. The givenchy madonna sweater.

    • He was talking about the sweaters in Luisa Via Roma, not eBay. But yes, the ones on eBay are indeed fake, the same ones there are also available at iOffer.

    • Anonymous

      No no he said got his first madonna sweater and to see his profile pic. So he got fake and didn't know maybe

    • :O I can't really tell, the photo that is on his profile is not clear enough. Where did you think was fake? The stars? The print looks fine to me.

    • You are correct.

  • Anonymous

    The print is good but the space is too big, face big and it not released yet.

    • You are correct, that is a fake Givenchy sweater. The stars should not be part of the satin. I see many of these replicas on iOffer. It is terrible! Oh why.

  • I think that's right ;/ – stars should not be colored satin.
    But it looks very good – very good quality.
    eeehhh – I made a mistake.
    Very good quality, looks very good, I thought it was the original but now I see – the stars in the color satin.
    bad bad: (

    I change my profile – please let me know if it's fake?

    • Anonymous

      It doesn't look good at all, to be honest with you. Where did you purchase it and how much for? Amateur mistake getting ripped off with replica Givenchy in 2013.

    • Anonymous

      And yes, that t-shirt is fake also. I know this as my girlfriend owned that piece – the colours and print is way off.

  • Anymous – you do not know – just guessing.
    you are wrong, I can see that he did not know.
    It was a trick question – my original t-shirt is bought in a store (no ebay)

    Swatershirt – about replica agree – I made a mistake and I have been fooled, I bought replica on ebay – reported it to PayPay … (I hope that will explain and get a refund)

    My t-shirt is an original bought in a store.
    If I wrote that my t-shirt is bought on eBay is that you would write replica

    Replica no stars sewn – it is all black – see that I have the black sleeves, embroidered Stars. The central part of the shirt is different (transparent)

    Tshirt bought the original store!
    Search the web fake Givenchy tshirt and compare with my profile.

    Anymous – you do not know, you can not judge whether it is original or fake.


  • Anonymous

    when you see anormal pice for givenchy is always fake…
    btw the trench coat is very nice…

  • January was the first month when I was shopping and eBay.
    Previously bought only in the original stores.
    My conclusions were – 70-80% of the stuff sold on eBay is a replica.
      Dsquared, Givenchy, Kenzo, Balmain – 70-80% replica!
    Things look very good and very difficult to recognize objects replica. Oryginalny easier to buy from a person who has little Feedback – it's people who are rarely sold, bought something and are unhappy and want to sell.

    People who have a lot of positive comments(Feedback) to dealers who sell everything they can – 95% of them sell replicas!

    Someone who buys on eBay must be very careful because about 80% of a replica.
    Some sellers show pictures of a real object – shpping a replica.
    Replicas are very well done – those that do not know they have a big problem to know the replica.

    Maurice you recently bought a Balmain jacket on ebay – a good chance that it is a replica! Check …
    My reply is very well done – your can too.

    I hope I get return with PayPay – reported to Paypay.

  • If anyone has not seen it, please see.
    In youtube – just type in "fake givenchy."

    But that was not so wonderfully – the originals are not of good quality.
    My Comments are – MR Porter bought the jacket.

    My jacket one day lost 3 buttons!
    I had to find and sew.

    I look at the tag/label – made in Bulgaria! (No italy, no portugal – made in bulgaria!!)
    I look at my other original things bought in the shop,
    Givenchy Jacket – made in turkey !!
    Givenchy jeans – made in Tunisia

    another example.
    I bought these pants –

    I walked around the house and I washed, I fell off the end of a metal cord trousers.

    buy original and I can say that they are not at all original high quality. Yes – not oryginal high quality.

    Lien if there is a big difference quality – the original / fake.
    Orignal made ​​in Bulgaria, Turkey, Tunisia …. does not look good.

    why do we pay so much – if the quality is not that high. Embroidered clothes are in countries where the neck is also a replica (or even the same factory – I do not know)

    • Anonymous

      I think that many times you think you have bouth a fake just because someone tells that it is fake.
      Maybe this kind of "expert" has never seen a givenchy t shirt in his life and is trying to make the smart guy.

      About the madonna t shirt. Nobody can tell how is because many of these expert will never able to buy it.
      So take it easy man.

      And anyway… you have very cool stuffs 😉

    • thanks for consolation but swatershirt madonna is 100% replica.
      Replica good quality :)

  • Anonymous

    To the other anon, see even he say fake so how can I not be an expert?

  • Anonymous

    I buy only Made in Italy/Portugal.
    Givenchy produces sweaters and polos produce now also China and Tunisia.

    • Only some, usually the essential pieces are made in China and Tunisia.