Givenchy Green Spitfire Fighter Jet Print Columbian-Fit T-Shirt Pre-Spring 2013

12th April 2013
It has been some time since I last purchased a Givenchy Columbian Fit T-Shirt. My previous oversized acquisition was the wanted Givenchy Shark & Mermaid Print T-Shirt. That particular tee has gone through almost over 8 months of ownership and I appreciate every moment wearing it.

Givenchy’s Columbian Fit T-Shirt is like marmite, you either love it or hate it. My first impression dressing an oversize tee was very negative. To tell you the truth, it took me 4 months till the day I had accepted to take out my first purchased Givenchy Birds of Paradise Columbian Fit T-Shirt. Reason being that I looked ridiculious, wearing a t-shirt that is 3 times bigger than my fit makes me think how unfavourably tailor-made it was and also because my first Givenchy purchased was a regular fit Rottweiler T-Shirt, it made a lot of difference. But after a while, the comprehension of oversize designs grew in me. I have learned that there is not just acceptance of the imperfect nature, or possibly the perfect nature, depending on how one looks at it.

Source:, Menswear collection Givenchy Pre-Spring 2013
This week I celebrate my 4th Givenchy Columbian Fit T-Shirt acquisition, it took me quite a while to decide where my money should go, or should it have been saved at the bank? LOL. I had a dilemma between comparing the Givenchy Fighter Jet Print T-Shirt against current season’s Givenchy Madonna collection. It wasn’t an easy choice, but I followed my instinct and after observing how the Givenchy Madonna collection perform in the market earlier last month, I have decided to select the Fighter Jet pre-collection due to its rarity and popularity that outweighs Madonna.
No one can realistically argue which designs are far better because I always believe that everyone shares different taste, the public opinion on the Madonna collection on the other  hand is not as well received as I thought so due to its eccentric theme. I loved the Fighter Jet T-Shirt since the day Givenchy Pre-Spring 2013 lookbook was released during end of May 2012. If you want a Givenchy print oversized t-shirt that is not easily counterfeit, then this is the one. By looking at the amount of digital design Tisci has dedicated, the printing process of such a grand-complication t-shirt is pretty tricky to manufacture.
Below: Me wearing my new Givenchy Fighter Jet T-Shirt! With Ksubi Chitch Jeans, and Giuseppe Zanotti Double Bracelet Velcro Lace-Up High-Top Leather Sneakers. More daily looks and advance previews on my Instagram @drblogspot. Follow me! =)
Reader’s note: Click on the photos, they are high resolution!
Click here for more photos and purchase information!

One more tee added to my Givenchy T-Shirt collection!
Like what I am wearing? Here are a few destinations you should check out.
SSENSE – Givenchy Green Plane Print Colombian-Fit T-Shirt. Boxy short sleeve t-shirt in mottled tones of green and blue. Signature vintage airplane print throughout. Contrasting ribbed knit collar in black. Tonal stitching. 100% cotton. Machine wash cold. Made in Portugal. BUY IT NOW, Degli Effetti Men, Rome, Italy – Givenchy Spitfire Print T-Shirt. Multi coloured cotton t-shirt from Givenchy featuring a crew neck, short sleeves, a symmetrical military spitfire print to the front and a cloud print to the rear. BUY IT NOW

Antonioli – Givenchy Fighter Jet Columbian-Fit Cotton Print T-Shirt – $N/A
Bergdorf Goodman – Givenchy Columbian-Fit Plane-Fit Tee. Columbian-Fit Plane-Print Tee: Plane print with military stars. Crew neckline. Short sleeves. Straight hem; pullover style. Givenchy Columbian fit is oversized. Cotton. Imported.
Givenchy Columbian-Fit Plane-Fit Tee – $800
LUISAVIAROMA – Givenchy Fighter Sunset Oversize Jersey T-Shirt – A$820
Select7 – Givenchy 13SS Green Propeller Printed T-Shirt, size XXS – $1252.65
BOOMBAYEH – Givenchy Jet Fighter Bomber Pattern Print T-Shirt. Up for sale is a brand new and authentic Givenchy tshirt out of the spring/summer collection.
Hi-tech military jet fighter pattern print tshirt with stars
Special hand-crafted technique
This tshirt is absolutely authentic, hi-res pictures are included. Oversized fit. Made in Portugal.
Givenchy Jet Fighter Bomber Pattern Print T-Shirt – $700
Shop the other current Givenchy Pre-Spring, Spring Summer 2013 Collection at
MRPORTER, Farfetch or Givenchy.

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  • Lucky u as you could get xs for columbian fit. I pre ordered on Antonioli size l which is my size for columbian fit. Supposed to arrive on 10 April but they say the stock hasn't arrived.

  • Anonymous

    yo Maurice,
    very interesting question is how to wear givenchy…
    i preorder the red t shirt in extra small, but i hesitate with size small…
    my size in balmain jacket is 46…
    and when i buy some givenchy, i take small or extra small. small is more oversized.
    i think i gonna buy the gangster sweater in size small.

  • Nice tee. Personally, I really like it and consider to buy it. By the way, I just got my Shark big mouth tee which is from previous collection. Thanks for your post on how to distinguish the rep and the authentic one, so I can got my authentic shark tee. It really helps me a lot!

    Many thanks dude!

  • Can I also have the information of your shoes? Really stunning!

  • Hi Chi, shoes are from Giuseppe Zanotti. This information is already provided above.

  • Maurice,

    I recently purchased the virgin mary sweatshirt (oversized too) i bought it size XS (fits like size L) it still looks very big on me. Do you think it's wise for me to alter the sweatshirt or best for me to just sell it?

    Please advice. I am really confused at this point.

    Thank you

    • Do not alter it! You will regret like I did with my oversize Shark t-shirt. You will learn to accept this fit in time. But if you can find XXS, just return the item and buy the smallest size available.

    • Maurice,

      What happened with your shart t-shirt? Does it looks weird after you alter it? for some reason size xs is the smallest size available.

      Btw Thank you so much for your reply, really appreciate it. Love your blog btw.

    • I already sold my Givenchy Shark Head T-Shirt. I notice that prints which sits in the middle of an oversize t-shirt will always looks much bigger than the ones with prints at all sides like the Givenchy Shark and Mermaid, Birds of Paradise, Green or Red Fighter Plane tee in the same ovesize.

      But I truly regretted buying the Givenchy Shark Head T-Shirt, just being too greedy at once. Now I only buy the main designs. Since I am already paying a premium price for a cotton t-shirt, might as well just buy the best there is eh? 😛

  • Tran T.

    Looking good man,

    Yeah , it does take time to get used to the oversize style, but eventually I swear to hell, you'll get madly in love with it. Should have taken a bigger size, it woulda make seem a big bigger, but the style could have been improved . Nonetheless, you're still looking great as always ;P

    • I only stick with one style wearing Givenchy. Sorry that i'm not flexible because I personally believe it should be worn as the purpose of its design. And yet I dont wear skirts, leggings with boxer shorts either :(

      Thank you T, I am glad you liked it.

  • Anonymous


    Very interesting post. Just curious, your regular size is 46? I am thinking of buying colombian fit t-shirt, you normally have to go one size down?

    By the way, have you seen the red spitfire fighter t-shirt? It's just great, but nearly impossible to find.


    • I am a size 48 wear size XS colombian fit.

      I know a friend who is selling an authentic Givenchy Red Fighter Plane Print Star-Embroidered T-Shirt that has the black glossy stars. He is asking for $1550 USD, ships worldwide. It is a size S, bought from LUISAVIAROMA.


      Shoulders – 50cm
      Armpit – 60cm
      Sleeve – 21cm
      Length – 74cm

      Let me know at if you are interested.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the answer Maurice.

      I guess then size S will be definitely big for me, as my regular size is 46. I found bigger sizes for about 1,200 USD and was looking for XS or XXS.

  • Mathew

    Did they only do this t-shirt in oversized?

    • Yes, only oversize

  • Anonymous

    I need this tee soo bad.. I just am worried that xxs will be too big! I wish this was a regular fit!

    • This t-shirt won't be nice in regular fit.

  • Hello Maurice! I just bought a ColumbianFitTshirt, Madonna print, size XS. I wear 48 (I'm tall 183 cm) … and I think I made ​​a big mistake with the choice of the size on LuisaViaRoma! I hope not to make the change, I realized only now that the model of their photos is wearing a size M :(((

    ps. I really like your blog! It 's very detailed and interesting. Greetings from Italy,

    • You made the right choice. I am size 48 too at 183cm, and I wear size XS. Size M will be too big for us, I tried it once in Givenchy Isetan Tokyo and literally drowned in size M oversize t-shirt.

  • Thank you very much! I received the tshirt and I like it very much!
    I think the next time, with a smaller print (I got the black tshirt with the madonna in the circle), I might try a size S.
    Have a Good Day, S

    • My friend, not all are oversize. The madonna circle print has more regular fit design than oversize. If it says that it is Columbian fit then it is oversize, if it is Cuban fit then it is regular. Regular is true to size so take size M. 😉

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