Thom Browne Wingtip Pebble Brogue Buckled Strap Shoe

24th September 2012

Thom Browne Wingtip Pebble Brogue Buckled Strap Shoe

Actually the real name is ‘Black Pebble Wingtip Shoe’, but there are so many other known names such as ‘Buckled Wingtip Brogue’ or ‘Wingtip Brogue Shoe Black Pebble’.

Remember mid of last month I mention that I had missed out on a pair of Suede Gray Thom Browne’s that has a Tri-Colour sole shoe? I wasn’t happy that I did not manage to catch it during the 50% off sale in Harrolds, but anyhow I also mention that I was looking into this pair of shoes that I had recently purchased just yesterday.

I have been eyeing on it since Oki-Ni listed it on their website, but they were too expensive at £850 ($1309 AUD). At that price I was going to buy a pair of Christian Louboutin Rollerboy Black Spikes £825, which had my size a week ago on the UK e-store, it was the last drop of stocks for Fall Winter 2012. I manage to checkout using an Australian credit card to be delivery to my girlfriend’s friend who was working at Deloitte London and have it reshipped to Australia (the effort I have to invest in getting these shoes is just mad). But unfortunately customer service replied me that they do not accept overseas payment by credit card and redirected me to the sales in the men’s Christian Louboutin in France. The process was very complicated, they wanted bank transfer and the shoes will be reshipped through two countries and lots of money must be paid just to get them on my feet. I gave up on those Louboutins, knowing that it will cost a lot more than what it is worth.

There is just something about this pair of Thom Browne’s that I have a ‘high’ for. I saw this pair of shoes that were posted on Instagram by the Sydney Harrolds store about two weeks ago and instantly fell in love with it. They are probably the sexiest wingtip brogues I ever wanted after the Prada Espadrilles. I went to Harrolds in Melbourne to have a closer look, they feel really solid to walk in with, the sole has the right balance of thickness and those metal taps are just genius for long term maintenance and mileage. I got to have them, couldn’t wait for the sale, never was I so desperate for a pair of shoes, not even for Balmain.

Thom Browne Wingtip Pebble Brogue Buckled Strap Shoe

Me wearing my Thom Browne Wingtip Brogue Black Pebble Buckled Strap Shoe , more daily looks updated on my Instagram @secondkulture. Follow me! =)

Thom Browne Wingtip Pebble Brogue Buckled Strap Shoe

Thom Browne Wingtip Pebble Brogue Buckled Strap Shoe

Thom Browne Wingtip Pebble Brogue Buckled Strap Shoe

Thom Browne Wingtip Pebble Brogue Buckled Strap Shoe

Thom Browne Wingtip Pebble Brogue Buckled Strap Shoe

Thom Browne Wingtip Pebble Brogue Buckled Strap ShoeCopyright © 2012 W. X. Lim. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use, copying or direct linking of these images are prohibited.

These shoes are just pure sex, it sort of resembles a classic Le Mans sports car, i.e.

Source: Classic Driver, 2011 © Darin Schnabel, 1960 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster

So what do you think? Does it win your heart now? Notice that the ‘Buckled Striped Strap’ I have on my Thom Browne’s (above)are symmetrical compared to the others that are reversed (below. When I tried this pair of size 10 in store, it had the reverse buckled striped strap but I notice the size 7 pair that were on display are the only ones that has a symmetrical buckled striped strap. I swapped the straps in store. Now they are prefect unlike the ones below, I’m not sure whether it is a manufacturing error or intended, I find it strange if the striped is reverse on one side instead of symmetrical on both. I was lucky.

Thom Browne Wingtip Pebble Brogue Buckled Strap Shoe

A photo of the same pair of shoes that was taken a week ago with the reverse Thom Browne striped strap, versus the Thom Browne Fall Winter 2012 runway detailed photo of the same shoe with the correct symmetrical buckled striped strap.

Websites that are currently selling the Thom Browne Black or Brown Pebble Wingtip Shoes, notice that the buckled striped strap are reverse unlike the runway detailed photo.

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  • Anonymous

    wouldn't the soles part of the strap wear off and might end up ripping off?

    • Not at all, the strap doesn't touch the contact areas when you walk. The main problem is that dirty will catch on strap if you let them sit on a table foot rest, or stool foot rest. And it will be very difficult to clean it if it soaks into the strap. The strap is also made out of leather which is a problem when cleaning with water and soap as it will damage the leather. So this is what I did to my pair of shoes before I wore them out, everyone has been asking me the same question, the solution is to protect it

      As you can see, I made a custom housing for the bottom part of the strap. It is made out of A4 plastic sheets which I cut out and transparent tape.

      The sole has 3M Safety Walk tape, it is hard rubber tape and last quite a long while. If it wears out, I can easily replace it with new ones since goes by sections.

    • Anonymous

      very nice solution

  • Anonymous


    • Not selling anything at the moment. Sorry. :(

    • Anonymous

      how do you fund your purchases!! so jelly

      also, do you have any recommendations for alterations as well as MTM clothing in melbourne? the prices here are ridiculous compared to singapore/malaysia. would be great if you could help, need to find alternatives rather than just wait till i go back again.

    • Use the search bar on the top right corner and look up 'Melbourne tailors'. You should be able to locate an article I wrote earlier about the best tailors in Melbourne. However, from my personal experience the price is standardized, the only difference is the workmanship.

  • Isn't it noisy with the metal taps at the heel corner of the shoe

    • It is, but you wouldnt mind much after a while. After all, this is part of the characteristics and experience of owning a Thom Browne Brogue.

  • Anonymous

    I recently purchased a silver thom brown brogue if I'm not mistaken was from the SS13 collection. The ones with the colorful prints. However I find the heel taps very annoying and everytime I walk it would make a clicking kinda like tap dancing kinda sound and it's really gettin on my nerves. Any solutions? I don't want it removed because it'll look fake.
    Maurice does your still make the sound after wearing it for so long?

    • It will always makes those noises. For me, the louder the better, I don't care whether anyone stares a my feet. It feels good, and its part of the experience that you should embrace, otherwise why pay so much for something normal?

      Let me know if your metal heel and toe has worn out, I have the exact spares with me for future replacement 😀

    • Anonymous

      Hi Maurice,
      Thanks for sharing!
      frankly speaking, I also found the shoes would make noise, and I really like to remove that. Do you reckon I add topy or just have the metal removed??
      Thanks :))

    • Do not remove these taps, the sounds are beautiful. How can you not love it? :(

  • Anonymous

    Hey maurice,
    May i know how you protect and keep your pair in tip top condition?
    Because i have a pair and i'm confused..

    • Its fairly simple.

      1. Always clean your shoes after wearing, wipe it with a wet tissue and dry one to clean off any excess.
      2. Insert shoe trees into the insole after wearing, or if you would not like to invest in one you can always use brown wrapping paper. This will reshape the vamps and will not cause further creases which will lead to tear.
      3. Polish your shoes once in a while. Keep the leather moist after some wears, but dont over polish it as the excess shoe polish will leave a hard stain which can be difficult to get rid.
      4. Keep them away from rain and grass, moisture will break down the sole twice as fast compared to non-rainy and paved streets.
      5. Never let anyone step on your shoes! Avoid crowded areas and childrens lol, women with high heels are just as dangerous as they will leave a nasty dent on the cap toes.
      6. Wear it no more than once per week, the more you wear it in a weekly basis the faster the sole will break down.

      ^ follow these steps and your shoes will be in pristine condition!

    • Anonymous

      What products do you recommend to polish the shoe? As you see I'm afraid some shoe polisher isn't suitable for all leather type and might cause the shoe to wear and tear.

      And what should I do if i wore my shoes out and there's a sudden downpour? You know it's hard to predict the forecast..

    • You can just buy a generic one, they are all the same. If you like you can always spend more but seriously theres no difference. It's just the packaging and branding. I would just go to a departmental store or a shoe shop to get them.

      I'll probably wait :|.. I wouldn't wear and walk them through the rain especially when it is suede.

      It's funny huh how we paid so much for something and yet have to take care of it.

    • Anonymous

      But you can't possibly stuck in a mall for another 1-2 hours when you're in a rush right? All you can say is your day can't get any worse than that.

      Yea totally agree. I think the characteristic of the shoe will eventually enveil on how take care and wear it? Anyway I appreciate for sharing your shoe care guide!

    • No worries…