Fond Farewell to DRBLOGSPOT and Welcome a new chapter with Second Kulture!

8th April 2015


Givenchy Camouflage Shirt

Dear Readers,

I am writing from a café which is effectively my office most of the time. I wanted to write this for you to say thank you for reading DRBLOGSPOT for the last 3 years. Your positive comments have been greatly appreciated, and I almost feel like we’ve reviewed some of these leading designer labels together.

I had a fantastic time working on some great designers, associate retailers and met some wonderful people around the world. Just over a year ago, I took DRBLOGSPOT towards the next level by revealing my personal identity because of the commitment to growth and adding value to the blog. I’ve invested countless efforts dedicated into creating detailed articles based on research and analysis to deliver an unparalleled article as the only fashion blog venturing into in-depth reviews of the international high fashion phenomenon. It took DRBLOGSPOT a monumental milestone to discover a curated identity where I can finally call home. The priceless moments whenever an incidental reader greets me in person to wherever I’ve travelled, has brought an appreciation expressed through  a meaningful recognition of hard work that has been valued, which I am extremely grateful to your support.

Now though, the time has come to move on to a new adventure and welcome an excitable chapter with the all new blog title called Second Kulture — Since late March 2015, I have taken the decision to rebrand DRBLOGSPOT by changing its flagship name to Second Kulture. The new title distinguish itself from the foregoing title that has leverage its name based on the Blogger brand. Second Kulture derives from each individual word to complete its unique definition — the initial Second reflects the notion of extravagant lifestyle as “secondary” that propels from the primary “first” hierarchy needs, such as essentials; while Kulture descend from the Malay word translated as “Culture”, describes as a complex attribute of an individual to a degree which has cultivated a particular level of sophistication, here within the arts of high culture fashion.

Second Kulture is the new permanent blog title where I shall continue to build the brand name as a feature blogger and will increase to provide an unprecedented experience from iconic fashion houses including Balmain, Givenchy, Saint Laurent and amongst other. I’ve got some really interesting projects lined up through exploring the prospects of social media, which is the current annual plan to grow as a global fashion blogger and hopefully you will enjoy the adventure with me.

I look forward to seeing you again and welcoming you into my new blog space.


Maurice Lim

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    It was a pleasure visiting your blog and wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavours, you will be great!

    • Thank you, always a good to see you.

  • Anonymous

    yo Maurice thanks for posting.
    i wish good luck for your new blog.
    always a pleasure to read some new articles.
    from the seller of th balmain worky jeans :) peace ++

    • Hey, nice to see you around. Was wondering where were you after all these while.. see you around again.

    • Anonymous

      hey Maurice don't worry i keep reading your blog my friend:)
      last week i just read your email my friend, i send you my new adress email…
      see you ++

  • I will try my best, but what are you looking for at Rick Owens? I find it difficult to associate myself with that style.

    I'm currently planning to migrate my blog to a new platform, to a more dynamic and responsive template. There will be major changes in the coming weeks.

  • Anonymous

    I look forward to seeing what you have in store in the future. Keep up the great work!