Givenchy Fall Winter 2012 Pre-Order at Antonioli

30th May 2013
Antonioli releases Fall Winter 2013 pre-order much earlier than anticipated. When compared to it’s previous year performance, pre-order for Fall Winter 2012 collection at Antonioli was only released during the second week of June. This season came much earlier with different varieties as seen at L’inde Le Palais, most items available for pre-order at Antonioli are showcased in the Givenchy Pre-Fall 2013 Lookbook and Givenchy Fall Winter 2013 runway show. Riccardo Tisci’s featured an array of mixed plaid crossover with eccentric signature motifs, the overall theme has been toned down with less strident prints and is more focused on the overall abundance. So far to be honest, i’m not too keen on rushing to pre-order anything as this collection doesn’t quite move me. However below here are a few of my humble selections that I would get (if I had the money of course!). Givenchy Fall Winter 2013 Menswear – Expected delivery by 31st of July 2013 for Givenchy Pre-Fall 2013 and 30th of September 2013 for Givenchy Fall Winter 2013. Duty and tax included with free express shipping and returns to United States.
Givenchy Red Plaid Tartan and Dobermann White Figure Print Sweatshirt – $1240
Givenchy Pre-Fall 2013

Click here for much more photos and information!

Givenchy Red Plaid Tartan Double-Head Dobermann Print T-Shirt – $883
Givenchy Pre-Fall Winter 2013
Givenchy Red Brown Mix-Plaid Tartan Shirt – $595
Givenchy Pre-Fall 2013
Givenchy Stars Plaid and Diamond Darts T-Shirt – $827
Givenchy Pre-Fall 2013
Givenchy Dobermann Print Sweatshirt – $1078
Givenchy Pre-Fall 2013
Givenchy Black Dobermann White Figure Print T-Shirt – $521
Givenchy Pre-Fall 2013
Givenchy Black Embossed Stars Cuban-Fit T-Shirt – $395
Givenchy Fall Winter 2013
Givenchy Black Leather Zipped Bomber Jacket – $6637
Givenchy Fall Winter 2013
Givenchy American Flag Print Sweatshirt – $897
Givenchy Fall Winter 2013
Givenchy Naked Figure Print Sweatshirt – $1166
Givenchy Fall Winter 2013
Givenchy Classic Runway Wool Attachable Strap Trousers – $952
Givenchy Fall Winter 2013
Givenchy Gold and Silver Bi-Fold Wallet – $952
Givenchy Fall Winter 2013

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  • Thanks for sharing this info! Got the brushstroke Doberman sweatshirt which is already sold out on that other website taking pre-orders. That print is the print of the season. I can't wait for Luisa Via Roma's pre-order stuff to come online.

    • LUISAVIAROMA Fall Winter pre-order starts today, sorry for the late reply :(

  • Anonymous

    Hi Maurice! I love the Biker Leather Jacket, but 6600$ are to sick.. whats ur opinion?

    • If you have money for $6,600, then why not? But I say, for that money you have so much choices. Like Balmain and Saint Laurent, both brands makes excellent leather jackets.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah you're right… I think I prefer Balmain, it's more timeless.
      Do you have a Balmain or Saint Laurent Leather Jacket? Can't find an article.

    • No I don't, I only buy Balmain blazers and jacket, mainly wool material. Leather is not suitable at where I live.

  • Anonymous

    yop there is also balmain…
    i don't like that much those articles givenchy…
    some balmain pants looks very nice…

    • Hehe, sorry my friend. I'll post more Balmain soon, I promise. :(

  • Anonymous

    Prices arr way higher than linde le palais.
    I hope luis via roma prices will be more reasonable.
    Any idea when they will start tge pre order.

    • It is just slightly higher, but do preorder at Linde le palais if you are based in USA.

      LVR preorder starts today, sorry for the late reply :(

  • Anonymous

    Hi Maurice, Any interesting item to you ?

    • Only in the Givenchy Fall Winter 2013 collection. I also like the plaid doberman t-shirt, but this is quite simple. If you like prints wait for Givenchy Spring Summer 2014 collection, the prints are damn insane there, all sorts of cross styles and seasonal prints jumbled up together. LOL

  • Anonymous

    no size XS and XXS
    Oversized smallest size is S (no size XS, XXS)

    • Yes, size S oversize fits size L true to size.

    • Anonymous

      Maurice I would say S oversize is probably bigger than regurlar size Large, probably XL-XXL. Ciao.

    • It is, but why would you want it so slim fitted? It isnt design for to be fitted. It also depends how you look at it, if you dont like oversize then settle for smaller sizes.

  • Anonymous

    Is that all those sweaters are oversized?

    • Yes, take 2 sizes smaller than normal size.