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24th July 2015

Buying Givenchy menswear these days has never been more accessible compared to the past few years, but I know the fact that some of us would rather prefer to purchase from a private seller or a small retailer who is able to offer a competitive edge, not only based on pricing wise but flexibility in services and most importantly reliability.

When it comes to private sellers, Boombayeh is the only online retailer that I can trust and rely on. I’ve been purchasing from Boombayeh ever since Givenchy Pre-Spring 2013 Menswear and every purchase has always been a seamless experience. If you checkout the goods today, you will be more than likely to receive it within 3 working days worldwide, this kind of delivery process is lightning fast similar to those offered by Luisa Via Roma and MR PORTER.

It is not uncommon to see that the designer has decided to reproduce popular editions during pre-collections. For Givenchy Pre-Spring 2015 Menswear, there are a few key pieces worth considering despite the continuous resurrection. Any Givenchy fanatics would know that the Givenchy Rottweiler has been the staple print ever since Fall Winter 2011, and for those had missed out earlier or new to the brand stands a second chance to purchase the large Givenchy Black Rottweiler Cuban-Fit T-Shirt which has been the cornerstone for every pre-collection since Pre-Fall 2014. While this may set disappointment amongst enthusiast, there is a new Givenchy Black Rottweiler Embroidered Cuban-Fit T-Shirt which is unique to this season, it features an extensively detailed embroidery work based on the earlier Rottweiler print from Pre-Fall 2012. I have personally seen this piece at Givenchy Paragon, Singapore and truly adore the nature of the craftsmanship. If you are a collector like me I think it would be worth acquiring one, after all these are “essential” pieces with an extra edge.

Other key pieces that I would buy includes the Givenchy Red Star Neckline Polo Shirt or a black variant without losing the same contrast and if you would prefer it more subtle to the eye. But considering that the polo shirt is not quite my style, I have decided to obtain the iconic Givenchy Black Star Monkey Print Cuban-Fit Shirt from Boombayeh instead. The purchase was made through a request order which he was able to get it for me even though it hasn’t been listed in the online store yet. It has always been a great pleasure dealing with him, and i’m really looking forward to buy more in the near future. Boombayeh is also retails Balmain, Saint Laurent, Lanvin, Valentino and much more leading luxury labels besides Givenchy.

Some sizes and styles may not be featured below or in the eBay store, however do enquire directly via email to, otherwise you may reach him directly via Whatsapp at +316 2655 2470. Prices are quoted in USD, seller is flexible in trading with Euros. All listed price includes complimentary FedEx International Priority shipping, tracking and signature services. Shop yours now at!

Givenchy-Black-Rottweiler Embroidery-Cuban-Fit-T-Shirt-Pre-Fall-2015-15F7217651

Givenchy-Black-Rottweiler Print-Cuban-Fit-T-Shirt-Pre-Fall-2015-15F7311651













Another interesting piece found at Boombayeh’s eBay store. Although this particular piece is not entirely new to the season, it’s a rare gem from Givenchy Pre-Spring 2015 Menswear, considering the designer only made a handful of it. For those who has missed it earlier, this is probably your last chance to get one brand new. Get yours before it’s gone!

Discover more details about the Givenchy Black Stars Studded Rottweiler T-Shirt here.



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  • Chan

    Who bought the rottweiler star studded tee???!!!! Will boombayeh restock this? Any idea where i can still find one in XXS??

    • Unfortunately it is already sold out, perhaps you would like the try the Givenchy Monkey Print Cuban-Fit T-Shirt instead? I’m receiving it tomorrow from Boombayeh. You can email him directly to inquire about the sizes, sometimes he has much more but are not featured on his eBay store.

      Good luck!

  • tax collector

    how much did boombayeh pay for this ad on your blog?

    • I’m afraid not even a single cent, I swear from the bottom of my heart!

  • sam amraoui
    • Thanks for sharing, as much as I want them. 990 euros is a lot to ask for.. i’m saving it for other stuff now. :(