My New Wardrobe in Malaysia

11th July 2013

The More The Merrier – Since late last year, i’ve been running out of wardrobe space due to my ever growing collection of clothing, shoes and accessories. It all started not too long ago during Fall Winter 2010 in Melbourne, Australia – I could still remember my first designer piece that was acquired at David Jones, Bourke Street Mall during a very cold evening. A friend of mine had invited me to go clubbing for the night and I needed something new.

There was a shirt from the Arthur Galan (a Melbourne designer who apparently copies all the well known designer brands) menswear department, it was just a simple plain white shirt with a detailed collar and cuffs in black trims (see 5th photo below, top rack – middle). To me, it was love at first sight,  I never thought how beautiful a white shirt could be, it’s entire presentation has tempted me to open my wallet for the very first time. Because of this particular shirt – all hell broke loose, if it wasn’t for the night, that cold evening and my curiosity about strolling in a luxury departmental store after a hard day at uni, I wouldn’t be here today running this blog and writing this article. Not a slightest thought in my life I could imagine myself having potential interest in menswear fashion.

Those were the days where I was determine to build my complete menswear collection setup that possibly consist and fulfils every essentials towards trendy designer pieces. So here I am today, after almost three years, the same shirt that once inspired me to dress better has changed my entire taste and expectations. I love designer clothes, they are an occasional effortless piece that inspires the very best look in menswear. Each of them tells a different story from the purpose of their existence, how they are designed, the unique fabrics, cuts, workmanship and the origin of where they are from. You might also notice I have a large collection of white shirts alone, they are not the same shirts as each are from different labels in unique designs, fabrics and cuts.

My old walk-in closet in Melbourne

Back then in Melbourne, most of my clothes were either folded and stored in shelves or hanged on temporary Ikea clothing racks, shoes were stored in their original box. It wasn’t a pleasant sight but I couldn’t do anything since space was limited. After many months, I have successfully packed and shipped my entire humble collection back to my home country in Malaysia. The day that I landed here, I went to meet up with a local carpenter and I presented him a rough sketch of a temporary wardrobe setup, it is an open concept design with no doors due to the high humidity climate. I will be moving out from this house in a few years time therefore I didn’t settle for any ambitious design as much as I wanted to, like the Tom Ford glass case clothing rack is one of my dream wardrobe setup (see picture below).

Source: Superfuture – Tom Ford Store in Paris

New wardrobe in Malaysia that houses almost my entire humble collection.

The carpenter took a few months to plan out, but work was delayed due to his busy schedule and partly because the job I gave him wasn’t as profitable when compared to his other clients. The wardrobe was built from scratch within a day, it cost around $1,000. But unfortunately I think I may need to expand it soon as I am already running out of space again. Another 1/6th of my collection is stored in my old cupboard which houses polo shirts and autumn winter wear.

Shoes and accessories corner – watches and jewellery inside the small wooden multi-compartment box.

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  • Anonymous

    Hi Maurice that's a wonderful dispaly u have there..What happened to the shoe boxes? U threw them away?

    • Thank you. I couldn't throw them away because of their value, they were all shipped back and currently stored in my storage room. 😛

  • Anonymous

    You are one lucky person Maurice, but I think we all know you worked hard for where you are.

  • Anonymous

    WTF >.< never seen a guy with so much clothes in my life … wear it in good health.

    • 😀 yeah that is what my gf said as well. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    very nice and clean btw you have shirts :)

    • The more shirts the merrier, but I think I have enough at the moment 😛

  • Anonymous

    Your wardrobe looks belonging to a business man …

  • Anonymous

    Lovely, the design of the wardrobe is great too.
    Amazing collections from A to Z.
    All the best Maurice.

  • Anonymous

    May I know which carpenter you called to make this wardrobe in Malaysia? Mine to share the contact? Thanks.

    • Email me for details.

  • Anonymous

    great, I thought you live in Melbourne. My goal wardrobe

    • I once did, left a few months ago for good. :(

  • Anonymous

    Impressive collection of clothing, considering it only started in 2010(??). You'll need to start knocking down walls to build a truly huge wardrobe for yourself.

    Any idea how much money you sank into your clothes thus far?

    • Not sure, I spent the most in 2010. I think it exceeds more than $70,000 if not mistaken :/ … then again I didn't really track it after 2011.

  • Anonymous

    Is it alright to hang t-shirts on hangers? I had the impression that the neck of the tshirt would stretch if it is kept on hangers so I always kept them folded. Same goes for sweaters and sweatshirts?

    • If t-shirt would stretch by their own on hangers, what do you think will happen to a t-shirt when you wear them?

    • Anonymous

      Well.. I guess since we only wear tshirts for short time periods (less than 10 hours per day) and maybe wear that same tshirt two weeks later, it won't stretch that much? Since storing it for prolonged periods on hangers is an entirely different story….

    • It won't stretch even after a hundred years on the same hanger.

  • Can u share me your carpenter's contact? Wanted to make a wardrobe like yours too …thanks