Balmain Blue Dirty Stretch Denim Biker Jeans

13th July 2013
After six months since it’s first inception at Vertice London and LuisaViaRoma, I have finally succeeded to acquired one of the most desirable Balmain Homme piece from my Balmain Spring Summer 2013 wishlist.  I thought I would never be able to get it anymore because it is always out of stock in my size, especially at this time around when the spring summer end of season sales is coming to an end.
Fortunately one of my readers from France was kind enough to sell me his. He even took a step forward to ship it to me in advance before I even paid him! Just to build our mutual trust since he doesn’t have any selling history, I felt very grateful and lucky that I could get this pair of jeans and also the faith and trust he has on me. He said that the reason why he’s letting go was simply because it was too loose at his waist despite it is already the smallest size available.
I am wearing a size 27 for the Balmain SS13 Dirty Blue Biker Jeans, it’s true size is 29-30 which fits very large to size. When measure flat, the waist measurement for size 27 is approximately 40.5cm. But because of it’s inner construction of the biker ribbed pattern, at the rear waist and the multiple front pocket construction takes up around 0.5cm. I would recommend a size 28 would ideally fit someone who is a size 30 true to size considering that it feels quite uncomfortable at the lower waist. The inconsistent sizing has been a known issue from Balmain Biker Jeans that are manufactured in Japan since Fall Winter 2012 collection.
The Balmain Dirty Blue Biker Jeans has an extra-slim cutting that is produced in Japan, it has a mid blue colour, technical crafted washed distressed with a dirty brown sprayed finish and gold detailed stitching. It is the mid-level Balmain Biker Jeans that is priced between $850-1200 (varies among countries). The first similar washed biker was originated from the Balmain Homme Fall Winter 2011 collection in two different distinctive styles – the first was the classic biker which shares a lot of similarity like the current Spring Summer 2013 version; while the other is an entry-level jeans called the 3D Worky Denim Jeans. I have been looking for two of these pairs since Spring Summer 2012, but has no luck in finding one in my size. Thankfully it came back in the Spring Summer 2013 collection, and I can now rest my desire for it in peace.
The Parisian house has recently introduce the latest blue washed distressed biker from the Balmain Fall Winter 2013 collection, it is currently in stock and available at MR PORTER and LuisaViaRoma that is comparable with it’s predecessor variant. The Balmain Slim-Fit Distressed Biker for FW13 has a richer blue dye with brighter sand washed finish in the same slim 17cm cutting. According to a reader from France, there are some development changes in the latest biker jeans from FW13. By analysing the data and information provided, I presume that the latest Balmain Biker Jeans are manufactured in another Japan factory as the inner washing label tag colour and design has been revised along with other significant changes, including thicker ribbed and the replacement of YKK zippers over the former Lanfranchi Lampo Italian zippers.
Me wearing my new Balmain Blue Dirty Stretch Biker Denim Jeans with Balmain Embroidered Wool Military Jacket, Topman Light Gray Basic T-Shirt, Balmain Multi-Metal Loop Leather Belt and Balmain Beige Suede Ranger Boots. More daily looks and advance previews on my Instagram @drblogspot. Follow me! =).

Click here for much more photos and information!

More detailed photos below courtesy of Max Huang from Taiwan.
Balmain Blue Dirty Stretch Biker Denim Jeans photo compilation from various global retailers. They are completely sold out.
Source: Various

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  • Anonymous

    Congratulations Maurice, happy for you that you found this Balmain Biker jeans in your size at last.
    May i ask, what do you think is special about Balmain's Biker Jeans and you do people pay for 1000 of dollars to put their hands on one.
    I keep on checking out their FW biker jeans collection and i do not know which one to pick.
    Note that i never bought any biker jeans from them.
    I can not make up my mind on which one to choose, different models and price ranges.
    Which one is considered a basic one and a good point to start from.

    • Thank you.

      Balmain Biker Jeans are special because they have a distinctive design that are not be able to find from any other designers. If there is anything similar to this, it is probably an inspired design from Balmain and I would not settle for it. There is a lot of work invested in a pair of Balmain jeans such as the ribbed detail that is from a separate piece of denim with delicate stitching behind to form the ribbed pattern, the washed and distressed effect is done carefully by hand and precision.

      Overall I would say, make sure that you like this design. Because if you don't, then there is no point in spending so much money on a pair of jeans, people simply buy them because of their uniqueness as I mentioned above. If you wear one, people will know it's from Balmain – a luxury leading Parisian designer, not unless they don't know anything above fashion then they would perceive it as a unique pair of jeans.

      If you are looking for your first biker, it is very easy to start. All you have to do is ask yourself what kind of style do you usually wear? Do you want a versatile biker or an occasional biker? If you like a versatile piece, ask yourself what colour do you like? There is blue or black to start with, personally I like black jeans a lot, hence my first biker is a black one with heavy waxed "semi-shining effect". The waxed effect is the most popular biker in Balmain, it will always sell out before the sale starts.

      This is the current Balmain Black Waxed Biker you can buy from LVR, it has a bit of distressed style and partly waxed, so its not super shiny, I think it is the ultimate signature biker for Balmain because it has several characteristics that are unique to this brand, leather effect + denim distressed.


      If you like blue, you can start out with the washed distressed biker which is the one I mentioned in this blog post, much alike my new pair.


      These two above ^ are mid-level bikers, if you like them you have to buy two sizes smaller than your true size. So if you are a size 34 you will need 32 they fit very large. These mid-levels are priced between $850-1200, but now in FW13 there is a price increase so it is around $1000-1400. The top-made from leather or unique materials and finishes are price around $2000 and above.

      I will go with those two for my first biker, you won't go wrong with them. Just make sure you know which colour you will wear more often to get your money's worth. :) Do not settle for the geometric pattern bikers, these are seasonal designs which will be outdated after a while. Settle for the classic ribbed pattern bikers in seasonal styling effects.

      I hope this is helpful for you.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you Maurice.
      I read your reply carefully twice and i would like to thank you for the information you gave me.
      Honestly, both Basic Biker Jeans you selected are interesting and this is what i am looking for mainly. Usually i tend to the dark side in clothing specially nowadays. I used to love colors and suddenly i shifted to the darkness (i have to blame Rick Owens lol), so i believe that the black one has to be my first Biker jeans.
      They have the Balmain signature as you said and they will be a good start for me.
      Regarding the size, usually i wear a size 34 or 36 for any jeans.
      In the details i noticed that it contains 10% EA.
      Should i consider a size of 34 or 36. Usually i prefer a more relaxed fit specially at the legs.
      When you stated that they fit large, do you mean at the waist or?
      And do they give a skinny fit look or normal.
      Thank you again.

    • Anonymous

      To add, i tend to have big legs. That's why i am worried about buying a biker jeans.
      I do not know why, but i believe it looks better on skinny or average weighted guys.

    • The Balmain black waxed biker is slim-fitted, it is 17cm but the thigh width will be bigger on bigger sizes. I am talking about the waist size that fits much larger than usual. Here is the measurement chart from MR PORTER, it is pretty accurate just that they mentioned take 1 size down while in reality it is 2 sizes down at least.


      The best is to measure your most comfortable pair of jeans and compare the measurements as the above.

      The top-level Balmain biker is priced around $1600-1900. I accidentally erased that part, it has a larger hem width of 18cm which is a looser fit. However I am not sure whether they are true to size or not, but most of the time they run 1 size bigger than usual.

    • Anonymous

      Ah ok.
      One more question Maurice which one is more comfortable, the one displayed at Mr porter or
      And do they stretch with time.

    • They do, make sure you buy the correct size. It depends how you wear it. So if your true size is 86cm on waits, get the 86cm, not 84.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Most probably i will get the Black one from Via Roma in size 36. If it was big, i can simply return it back and get a store credit.

    • 36 is going to fit like 38 if not mistaken, did you compare the measurements on MR PORTER with your fitted jeans? The sizing is very tricky, if you tell me your waist measurement in cm from your fitted jeans I can tell you which size to go for.

    • Anonymous

      Maurice, does the 100% Cotton Biker jeans stretch with time?

      I usually wear a size 30, but decided on playing it safe by buying a waist 29" pair of bikers.

      Everywhere fits good except i feel that the hip region is slightly tight, but i can hook both hooks up though.

    • Which one are you looking at? Not all are true to size. They will stretch, but it takes a long while. Usually the 100% cotton will stretch less than the mixed with elastane, like 97% co and 3% ea. It will stretch up to 1 to 2 sizes in a few years if you are looking at long term figures.

    • Anonymous

      i got this model a couple of months back..


      I love the jeans but only wear them on special occasions as i mentioned above they are slightly tight on the thighs.

    • 18cm is not as bad as 17cm, but they are still tight :(

    • Anonymous

      Hey Maurice, wish I read this first. I bought my first pair of jeans in sandblasted blue, one of my favorite colors. While the biker detail is more provident, I went to Barneys in USA and tried on some lightly waxed/lightly washed black ones and I wish I bought the blacks first. These are more classy and can be dressed up down whereas the blue ones are more casual although can be dressed up, the black ones were perfect. I had to buy a 32. I am a 31 in the 17cm and in the 16cm even with the elastane 1 size up was necessary for my flavor.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Maurice,

    Quick question about your belt.. I picked one up used from Yahoo JP, it didn't have box and I'm a little worried, the only markings on the back is "BALMAIN Paris", no sizing, no country of origin… Is yours the same way?

  • Anonymous

    May i know the name of the second hand designer label shop you went to in Tokyo? I cant seem to find the page that you posted months ago.Thank you

    • drop me an email for more information.

  • Hey Maurice, Is there anyplace that still has Balmain Blue Dirty Stretch Biker Jeans available to purchase? I missed out on line and need a pair in a size 30? Any help would be appreciated. thanks

    • I will try, please whatsapp me if you can so I am able to inform you as soon as possible.

    • whats the name r number u want me to contact u on?

    • +60123397FOURNINETWO

  • hi Maurice
    I'm currently deciding about which pair of jeans should I buy?
    Could you please recommend a couple pair of jeans for me.
    I'm looking for a black jeans, slim fitted with good material.
    I would love to hear what you would recommend.


    • This is the current Balmain Black Waxed Biker you can buy from LVR, it has a bit of distressed style and partly waxed, so its not super shiny, I think it is the ultimate signature biker for Balmain because it has several characteristics that are unique to this brand, leather effect + denim distressed.


      Take two sizes smaller than usual. So if you are a size 32, you need 30 or else it will be too loose at your waist which isn't a good thing.

      More discussion about this at the above comment. Someone has already asked the same questions you just did and i have answered him. Please read. :)

    • I'm sorry for not making myself clear enough. I have read what you have typed above but do you suggest any other brand except balmain? because I'm not actually a big fan of the biker design. It's beautiful and unique but it's not for me

    • Yes, heres one very similar to what I just bought, the price is very tempting. I dont think anyone will so now to this.

      Saint Laurent Dirty Washed Skinny Denim Jeans > http://bit.ly/1dCrShG

      Use highlight and ctrl+c or cmd+c to copy the link.

  • Anonymous

    Hi bro, 900$USD for this Jeans Used worn once Is a good deal or not? Any Suggestion?

    • Good deal, buy!

    • Anonymous

      Can i know how much do u pay for this pants bro?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Maurice,
    Can u help me make Legit Check on this item? i want to buy from someone.. Thanks before

  • Anonymous

    Hi Maurice, The authentic for this jeans use Lampo Zipper or YKK?

    • There is Lampo and YKK replica zippers. For replica Balmain, they also replicated the zippers as Lampo. The difference is the quality and design, it is not easy to tell unless you have own a Balmain jeans before.

      Since earlier this year Balmain has been using YKK zippers instead of Lampo.

  • CK

    Nice wash! I really like the biker detailing on the Balmain, but it's tough to find my size. I've been wearing Dior Homme size 27, and I've recently gotten the Balmain Biker raw stretch size 27 from Luisaviaroma… But it's not as fitting as the Dior Homme…

    • The waist size is always bigger at the waist, while the leg size remains true to size. I agree that its an odd fit, not sure why Balmain hasn't amend such a cutting.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Maurice,

    Cool article! I want to buy a Balmain biker jeans, but I'm not sure which size I need. In a normal Diesel Jeans I have size 31 waist and 34 height. I'm 1.94 meter which is quite tall and also very skinny, so do you know if a Balmain biker jeans would fit? And so which size do you think?

    Thanks in advance :)

  • Anonymous