Balmain Blue Raw Stretch Biker Denim Jeans

7th August 2014

Most denim jeans you can buy these days have been pre-washed, pre-distressed and even pre-destroyed to alleviate the fabric material softer, further by reducing shrinkage and ideally to prevent the indigo dye from rubbing off. Raw denim or sometimes called ‘dry denim’ jeans are purely jeans made from denim that has not gone through the a pre-wash process.

The Balmain Blue Raw Stretch Biker Denim Jeans is not new in the biker game, made for Balmain Fall Winter 2014 menswear collection and much like it’s closely related sibling – the Balmain Blue Dirty Stretch Biker Denim Jeans, has returned to the shelves after it’s first initiation in Balmain Spring Summer 2014 menswear collection. This particular biker denim jeans fragments the same skinny-stretch silhouette at 16cm with iconic double front side pocket zippers, key distinction of ribbed-panelled knee caps and zipless open rear pockets. Market as the mid-tier segment Balmain biker denim jeans for men and much like the earlier Balmain Blue Dirty Stretch Biker Denim Jeans from Spring Summer 2013 has been transformed as part of a transitional season classic collection. Learn more about the Balmain Blue Dirty Stretch Biker Denim Jeans from Spring Summer 2013.

Because the fabric has not been pre-washed, the Balmain Blue Raw Stretch Biker Denim Jeans has a lot of loose indigo dye, it’s fabric is comparatively stiffer when wore the first few times in correlation with soften fabrics featured in it’s other brothers such as the predominant Balmain Black Washed Distressed Stretch Biker Denim Jeans and the more prominent Balmain Black Waxed Stretch Biker Denim Jeans. It takes a few regular wear to break-in and loosen up a pair, the deep blue indigo dye on the fabric is highly prone to colour transfers, it is easily rub off against anything that comes in contact, which means it will not be too kind on white leather shoes or even light coloured leather accessories pairing should be avoided.

Despite this, the raw blue indigo has a rich deep natural flavour that plays well against it’s sleek golden-orange high contrast stitching which makes the Balmain Blue Raw Stretch Biker Denim Jeans a real head turner. It’s casually aggressive rigorous material has been remodel with Balmain Homme’s ultimate signature biker outlook invented by the former pioneer Christophe Decarnin, executing an iconic casual elegant streetwear denim enhanced with a distinct stylish contouring. The Balmain Blue Raw Stretch Biker Denim poised a strong character and likeable desirability that is fitted for most Balmaniac who is looking to grow their personal collection, like me!

Sizing can be a bit of a trick, this is based on my personal experience as the French brand uses vanity sizing on their Japanese made jeans, unlike the Italian manufacturers that Balmain used once upon a time. It fits fairly large to size, which means while you may have a 32” waist, the sizing label on the denim jeans will state a size 30” just to make you feel better about yourself. This has not been a manufacturing defect or made by mistake as the irregular sizing has been known since the start of Balmain Fall Winter 2012, where the production of biker jeans has swiftly taken place in Japan.Take two sizes smaller for a close fit, or one size if you like to tuck in dense cotton shirts. Guide yourself with the Balmain Biker Jeans and Trousers Sizing for Spring Summer 2014, will update the latest Fall Winter 2014 size guide in a few weeks time or checkout my Balmain Fall Winter 2014 Collection Wishlist from Luisa Via Roma.

Comparing the Balmain Blue Raw Stretch Biker Denim Jeans from two separate seasons which areideally the same. Left: Spring Summer 2014; Right: Fall Winter 2014. Photo by Luisa Via Roma


Luisa Via Roma – Balmain 16.5cm Blue Raw Stretch Biker Cotton Denim Jeans. Concealed hook and zip closure. Stitched biker details. Five pockets. Two front zip pockets. Hem: 16.5cm. Made in Japan. Sample size: 30. Material: 98% Cotton, 2%Polyurethane.

Balmain – Balmain Raw Stretch Slim Biker Jeans. This Biker Jeans, embellished with ribbed panels, is one of Balmain most popular styles. With its concealed hook and zip-fastening, four pockets on front and two pockets on back, and a straight-leg cut, just team it with a leather jacket and High-Top Sneakers. Concealed hook and zip closure. Two zipped front pocket. Five pockets. Stitched biker details. Hem: 17 cm. Made in Japan. 98% Cotton, 2% Polyurethane.


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  • Julian

    Nice fit!! The sneakers are awesome … I have bought them back in April and wear them a lot with my biker jeans and my navy anchor patch zip hoodie. I think they are very special and stand out from the rest of the actual designer sneaker range.

    • Thanks, they are like the best looking sneakers I could ever asked for! I loved them ever since it was Luisa Via Roma, and when I saw it personally in Osaka Japan, it was almost to die for! So glad I got them, it posses a lot of luxury French characteristics like the lambskin quilting and how about those contrast patent white that shapes the overall silhouette.

    • Julian

      Yes, very parisienne!! But on the other hand not easy to wear with other labels than Balmain. I wear a lot of Saint Laurent and in my opinion these sneakers for example don't fit with the Saint Laurent Men's Ready-to-wear-Range!! What's your opinion about matching different Labels?? It's not always easy! I think from your Blog, that you wear more an designer outfitcomplete or almost complete, than mixing a ton of labels together – like the Hypebeasts 😉

      Another question: What about Giuseppe Zanotti and Louboutin? Are they still relevant … I have some pairs myself, but don't wear them often in the last month. And on your Blog there is also not so much about these labels anymore.

    • You are right my friend and I am not going to lie about it. These designers are not easy to cross mix, if you would like it cross mix the labels, they will usually need to be a basic piece or a striking accessory that can be considered as a repetitive classic rather than a loud fashion piece.

      Take for example, I dont like the idea of mixing Givenchy with Balmain, these two brands does not synergize together, I saw a lot of people who like to pair bright coloured Givenchy tops and Balmain biker jeans with Nike's or Louboutins. It doesnt go well this way, because one particular 'signature' statement piece cannot be matched with another, in a way it means if you are wearing a very distinctive top like Givenchy, better do not pair it with a distinctive bottom as it will be overwhelming. Accessories wise can be detailed, like Christian Louboutin or Giuseppe Zanotti with Balmain Jeans is ok, but depends on the colour of the footwear as well.

      This is how I see things in general, that is why its not particularly easy to play with these brands as they are not flexible. Most of what i have bought to blog are considered as statement fashion pieces. Yes, its difficult now to spend time looking into these two brands (CL & GZ) as i'm relatively busy with my full time work and I do not get much advance information to shout out. Maybe i'll write something about it soon.


  • Anonymous

    Hello! kudos to the nicely written article on the balmain raw biker denim,i have been following your blog since it was established.i was really eyeing on this piece for quite some while, and nicely timed you came up with this entry. I am deciding between this pair and the blue dirty stretch biker jeans, would kindly like your advice on these 2 pairs on the fitting as well as the preferability in matching it easily with everyday clothing's as i am a very casually dressed most of the time. Would like to know which do you prefer personally as well. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi there, thank you very much. Tell me what colour tops and colour shoes you usually wear and I will be able to advise the perfect pair for you.

      Is this going to be your first Balmain jeans?

  • Anonymous

    Is this pair selvage denim? I've seen some earlier bikers made with selvage denim but none in the last few seasons..

    • They are not selvage, just raw.

      I've never seen any selvage bikers from Balmain before :/

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I own a pair of the blue geometric Balmain jeans and I am eyeing this pair of Zanottis, any thoughts on that or any other recommendations?

    • It wont look good with blacks, as the blue geometric is a dark coloured bottoms, you need to go for a lighter colour so there will be a deeper contrast. These Giuseppe Zanotti Croc Embossed Sneakers will only go well with black denim jeans.

      You should consider the following:-

      Giuseppe Zanotti Navy Metallic Leather High-Top Sneakers – http://bit.ly/1r1ngxO
      Giuseppe Zanotti Gold Croc-Embossed High-Top Sneakers – http://bit.ly/1q21S5j
      Giuseppe Zanotti Green Embossed Birel High Top Sneakers – http://bit.ly/1r1npBu
      Giuseppe Zanotti White & Black Python High Top Sneakers – http://bit.ly/1voVaOW

  • Anonymous

    I am looking at this kind of jeans
    But looking for a more relaxed rise (a rise of 27cm is not for me).
    Any recommendations?
    Do you think i can go to a tailor here in Melbourne and ask him to do for me a similar tapered relaxed waist waxed stretch denim.
    My issue is with the rise and thigh area (prefer a higher rise and wider leg but tapered at the bottom).

    • It's not possible to alter the rise in any way, most Saint Laurent has a low cut waist. You should probably try them at Harrolds first.

  • Anonymous

    And what do you think of this Tratan SL backbag
    Or shall i go with the Rottweiler, though i am a big fan for tartan.

    Any possibility to find this in a normal fit.
    It is oversized as per the size guide given by Mrporter.
    Harvey claim it is a cuban fit.
    It looks obviously oversized, what do you think?
    I badly need one.

  • Anonymous

    Im leaning towards the Gold Croc-Embossed High-Top Sneakers. If it was a choice between purchasing those or another pair of balmain jeans, like the Balmain Blue Dirty Stretch Biker Denim Jeans, which would be a better choice in your opinion.

    • What shoes do you have at home now? Besides the Balmain geometry biker, what other biker jeans do you have?

    • Anonymous

      Mostly black highcut like boots and a few low cut Sneakers. as for Zanotti, I only have a pair of white low cut Sneakers. That's the only biker I have.

    • Go for the gold croc sneakers or this newly added camouflage version, the blue dirty biker can wait.


    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately, the camo version does not have my size. Any other recommendations?, the gold croc doesnt scream "I MUST HAVE IT!" to me.

    • Nothing much besides the ones listed on my wishlist :/

  • Anonymous

    hey congratulations for your 2 last pants Maurice, this balmain jean and the SL ziped pants are awsome…
    How do you clean the SL pants?

    • Use baby wipes to clean the inner parts. :)

  • shin123


    i have a few question regarding balmain jeans as this will be my 1st pair.
    1:)Is this the balmain blue dirty biker you had before but just in different hem? http://www.luisaviaroma.com/index.aspx?#ItemSrv.ashx|SeasonId=60I&CollectionId=M09&ItemId=8&VendorColorId=MTU10&SeasonMemoCode=actual&GenderMemoCode=men&Language=&CountryId=&SubLineMemoCode=&CategoryId=0&ItemResponse=&MenuResponse=&SizeChart=false&ItemTag=true&NoContext=false

    2:)Is this jeans the same as the above lvr 16.5cm?I check the composition, it seem this is 100% cotton and the lvr is 98/2 . http://www.antonioli.eu/en/men/products/t551b658v-155#.U-fQ4fmSxfP

    3:)Any idea about the sizing of the above 2 jeans?Im a size 27 for dior homme jeans.Does this means that the 98/2 is out as it will likely scretch 2-3inch and even worse if its already 1-2 inch bigger?

    PS:Just bought the SLP zipped biker jeans with your url 😀 but not sure if you still get the commission as i already had an account at ssense?

    • Hi, the Balmain Dirty Biker Jeans fits large to size, a size 27 will fit size 29.

      Sadly it is not true to size, only the ones from FW11 that is made in Italy is true to size, but it is a cropped biker and a rare piece.


      What size did you get for the SLP leather biker jeans?

  • shin123

    I got size 27 for the SLP leather biker jeans ,i saw brownfashion even having Size 25!?!? and 26, this is the first time i've seen a size 25 for men jeans.Should i be getting size 26 instead?
    When you are refering to the lvr 16.5cm 98/2 fits large to size, do you mean that before it scretch out, a Size 27=29 and that after it scretch out, it would become size 31? What about the 100% cotton biker ?

    • Yes, when its new it is already 27=29, so its really big. And it will stretch up to a size 30.

      If you buy size 27, you will have almost 4 inches in excess of your waste size. Thats how big it fits!

    • shin123

      So i guess i have to wait for a size 27 which is true to size and at the same time 100% cotton ?

    • shin123

      the one at antonioli also runs 2 inches large?

    • It varies throughout the season, sometimes its much larger. But you can always buy a size 27 first before it sells out and see whether it fits you. For last season, the waist size was 37cm in comparison with SS13 that was at 40.5cm. Therefore it may fit you, I do not have the size guide with me now for this particular jeans. :(


      The difference between the 98%2& and 100& is the stretch material. I find the 98%2% much better, the 100% is simply too tough, there isn't much flexibility therefore it mostly applies on 18cm bikers instead of the 16cm skinny ones.

      I would recommend you to take the 16cm because the 18cm wont look good on us. It will be better off for those who has a bigger body.

  • Anonymous

    Any idea when Givenchy will release the preview for Pre-SS 2015.
    Dunno but i have a feeling that it will be something massive.
    The pieces from the runway will be hard to find and very expensive similar to the Madonna collection where they introduced the cotton t-shirts and sweatshirts as an option for their customers.
    Can you predict what will be the price of the Polo with embellishments.

    • There are two rumours of the Givenchy Pre-Spring 2015 menswear. I am still waiting for it's release, the collection has been delayed for public announcement since May 2014. Someone mentioned that the collection has already been disclosed to the buyers but not the media, another rumour is that there will not be a Pre-Spring collection, but I doubt so as the Pre-Spring 2014 was very successful. Therefore it will not be feasible to conclude that Givenchy will not include a pre-collection.

      You are correct, the beads detailing pieces will be quite exclusive and very limited. Just like the Givenchy Stars & Beads Shirt / T-Shirt that was available at Luisa Via Roma and a few on ground retailers. The price will be much higher, i'm predicting that the shirt with full on embroidery will cost around $2,500 USD and T-Shirt at $1,850. Sweatershirt can go up to $3,500 USD.

      But honestly speaking, they aren't worth paying for unless you got lots of spare change. I wouldn't say it is a must-have. After all the Givenchy Fall Winter 2012 Stars and Beads still wins over this Spring Summer 2015 embroidery and applique collection!

  • Julian

    Hey Maurice,

    I need your advice quickly!! I bought this Balmain Sweatpants/Leggings in Size L and it arrived today:


    The pants are pretty tight, but the material is very stretchy I could see. It's made from 100% Cotton, but not thick cotton unlike other Balmain Sweatpants, but very thin cotton like in leggings. Will they stretch?

    Would you advice me to send Size L back and take the XL or would that ruin the complete fit of that pant. I think this particular pant shouldn't fit too loose?! I wear Size 32 in the Balmain 18 cm Cut and Size 33 in the Saint Laurent Iconic Zipper Pant, which you also have … so you can imagine my size more or less!!

    Thank you so much!!!

    • Define tight? Is it tight on waist where its feel uncomfortable? Or is the thigh and leg width tight that you're uncomfortable of it being so skinny?

      By right you are a size L, but if it doesnt feel right then by all means do get the XL as it fits size 34.


    • Julian

      The waist is not so tight … there is space. It feels not that uncomfortable but skinny. The feeling is most on the thighs … and a little bit on the calves … but the pants are not stretched to the max! There is slightly room and I have only worn them 2 Minutes before work … I will wear them the whole evening at my appartement and than decide … but I have the feeling, that they will stretch a good amount … XL is maybe at the beginning better, but after 3-4 wears stretched and shlighty too baggy, which in my opinion doesn't look good at all for this particulair Balmain Legging Sweatpant.

    • I doubt they will ever stretch, unless you wear them more than a few dozen times. If you feel that the look is simply too skinny and it doesn't make you want to wear it then its best to play safe and return it for an XL.

  • Anonymous

    Can you give us your thoughts on the must have Givenchy pieces this season other than the Rottweiler range. Appreciate if you can share with us the links (from sweatshirts to tshirts and so on).
    What do you think if the african lady print t-shirt.
    Thanks man

    • Besides Rottweiler, its the Elmerinda


      For African-Lady abstract print will not be as popular as the Rottweiler and Elmerinda. It shares similar faith like the Doberman collection and Madonna abstract which is not holding it's current market value.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Maurice, but i already bough the Elmerinda and Keffieh sweatshirt too from this season.
      Looking for more options, i only wear Givenchy lol.
      Thanks again.

    • Other than the above, I would say the FW tribal and abstract print collection is quite weak. They might end up on sale. :/

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Maurice.
      What about this one?
      So far it seems that it is produced in limited quantities.
      The price is high though, do you recommend it?
      I believe it is one of the best sweatshirts form the runway.
      I am afraid to buy it now and see it on 50% in December loool.

    • It is a good buy to buy it now. This design is quite rare and it is on of the most distinctive Bauhaus Basketball movement series of its kind.

      You should get it now


      It's oversize by the way. Take two size smaller

  • Anonymous

    Hi Maurice! Nice Post.

    I have a question. How do Balmain Sneakers fit? I normally wear 41.


  • Anonymous

    Hello Mr Maurice!
    Can you please tell me how you lace your shoes?
    On all Photos from these High Top Sneakers the Shoe Laces are Hidden behind the tongue.
    I can find no online how to do or something like this how to lace them or how it supposed to look behind the tongue. Can you tell me (maybe with a picture) how you do it?


    • Simple, tie a normal lace like how you tie on your work shoe, but tie them behind the tongue and stuff all the excess lace downwards :)

  • Anonymous

    Hi Maurice,
    Like the pair of raw denim, do you know what are differences between the two seasons? Fabric? I can't really tell from the photos.

    • There is no difference, they are both the same. But the newer FW14 fits true to size. I have a size 30 from SS14 that fits a size 32 for sale.



  • Anonymous

    Hi Maurice,

    Great website, I'm so glad I found it!
    Do you have any experience with Pierre Balmain jeans?

    To me they look very similar to Balmain biker jeans, minus the details here & there but price wise it a lot cheaper.

    Also whats your thought into Givenchy Tyson? I noticed you had quite a lot of Givenchy stuff but not Tyson.

    • I dont find Pierre Balmain to my liking to be honest, but the brand generally follows the footsteps of Balmain. If you are working under a budget and would like something 'similar' like Balmain, then your best bet is to purchase the lower substitute, although there is a lost of details such as the ribbed knee and metal zippers, it still resembles the classic Balmain biker silhouette.


      I'm not really keen in Givenchy Tyson to be honest, because of its energetic sportswear nature, leaving in no doubt to the commercial origins of Nike turned Givenchy. Which lacks elegance, if it suits your lifestyle then why not? The latest gypsophila floral tyson are pretty good looks in my opinion…


  • Anonymous

    Hi! I wonder if these raw denims are going to stretch after a year of wear? Also, whats the difference in the fabric between the "denim raw stretched" version and "denim raw" with no stretch version?

    Thanks please reply

    • To answer your question, both will stretch in time. Same goes with most denims but the one unlikely to stretch so soon is the 100% cotton variant.

      Denim Stretch has 98% cotton and 2% polyurethane. The 2% is the stretch function, which is also why you find this mix material popular in skinny denims.

      The Non Stretch Denim is 100$ cotton, which is total stiffness.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Maurice,
    Did the Raw denim shrink after you wash it?