Christian Louboutin Louis White Spikes Leather Sneaker

16th January 2014

It’s me wearing my trusty Givenchy Birds of Paradise Print Columbian-Fit Cotton T-Shirt with basic Topman Black Cotton Shorts and newest Christian Louboutin Louis White Spikes Leather Sneaker! All photographed in Singapore, while product were photographed in Malaysia. More advance previews through my Instagram as always, follow me @drblogspot!

I’ve always been very careful with footwear selection, a pair of shoes are much more than just a daily footwear in today’s world. Each of them are treated like an investment piece, though the initial proposition is to enjoy it first than to imagine it’s future residual value – because honestly in this world, there will always be better shoes in the future. Whether it’s your taste in fashion, your personality, your level of attention to detail or your financial status, shoes say a lot about you.

It is often the hardest decision to make especially when it comes to runway footwear that are limited and time sensitive (since you will never know someone else in the other side of the world is looking for the exact pair at the same time). A quick decision has to be made, in store or online whether it is new arrivals or discounted, there are only two answers to this – Yes or No? Before making the payment you must ask yourself whether the shoe will bring you value, paying for a pair over $1,000 and will not get you noticed is a bad investment, after all we’re constantly being judged by our outfit. Once you’ve realised it’s value and the purpose of it get ready to dive in deep and you will not regret. Read much more details below about the Christian Louboutin Louis White Spikes Leather Sneaker after my OOTD photos!


The Christian Louboutin Louis Spikes Men’s Flat (Sneaker) has always been the perfect semi-high top sneaker since the beginning of time. It has a timeless classy shape, the cut is just right for it’s overall proportion, nothing too exaggerating with it’s subtle details and construction, well built and dress to kill with the distinctive set of streamlined spikes. The Louis Spikes sneaker first incepted the market in two variants, black or white leather with silver spikes alongside with a semi-yellowed sole. It has since gained immense popularity and embraced by the luxury fashion consumers.

The latest Christian Louboutin Spring Summer 2014 menswear collection consist of a few unique Spikes sneakers ranging from pastel soft tones made with suede and gloss spikes, a mix print spikes studded sneakers in bright and dark colours, and classic styles with coloured spikes – which is all too fancy and difficult to choose from. My recent boxing day trip to Sydney Australia was a fruitful visit at the Christian Louboutin flagship store in Westfield Sydney CBD. Once i’ve stepped in, the first pair of shoe that i’ve noticed on the dark shelves were the Louis White Spikes sneaker. It was the only sneaker that stood out among the rest and the brightest pair on display. Without any hesitation, it took me less than a few seconds to decide that I will be buying it for sure after careful evaluated with an instant quick conclusion based on my personal desire to that i’ve always wanted a pair of white spikes and white leather Christian Louboutin’s, that I was looking for a pure full white sneaker and compared with a Kris Van Assche Lace-Up High-Top earlier, also knowing that they’ve been sold out in the US market, because the store had my size, a global average men’s size of EU 43 which is out of stock and accounting that after the 9% GST refund will set it’s price at A$1,178.45! Which all reasons says I should get this pair!

It was my first pair of Louis Spikes, and my third pair of Christian Louboutin after the Freddy Spikes and my most favourable Pik Pik. The sneaker is made from white leather with a double symmetrical panel that frames the general construction. In between the inner quarter features the Christian Louboutin embellished logo with overall surface leather studded with white plastic spikes. The spike cones are coloured finishing, therefore any harsh rubs or accident kicks will remove the colour finish which happened to mine already since the first day. These sneakers are not easy to maintain with its untreated finish and are very prone to colour transfer from proximity clothing, they are extremely delicate and requires a lot of attention to wear. I’ve also installed a pre-sole to avoid any wear at the existing sole as showed below. Generally will only recommend to buy this pair if you are willing to take the extra effort otherwise they will deteriorate quickly after a few wears.

Places to Buy Christian Louboutin Men’s Online

Beside the official Christian Louboutin online boutique, there are many scam websites offering replica Christian Louboutin, so beware! So much so that it spreads like a disease when you do a simple Google search. The only place that I would highly recommend to buy is at Matches Fashion that ships worldwide. Matches Fashion even excludes VAT for international shipments and includes tax and duties for the Australian consumers. New styles added every season, special request and subscription will set sales reps to take the extra mile to inform you first about their latest collection prior to product listing – this type of online customer service is priceless!


Christian Louboutin – “Louis” has gained the reputation as the men’s sneaker that could kill. In this white leather and white spiked version, you may appear innocent with your weapons concealed, but you’re always armed to fight off those who may try to steal these off your feet. Reference : 11010833047. Color : WHITE/WHITE. Material : Calf. Collection : Classic. Current global prices for Christian Louboutin Louis Spikes Men’s Flat as of January 2014.


Christian Louboutin France – EUR €895

Christian Louboutin United Kingdom – GBP £845

Christian Louboutin United States of America – USD $1,245

Christian Louboutin Australia – AUD $1,295

Christian Louboutin Singapore – SGD $1,800

Christian Louboutin Malaysia – MYR RM4,890

Christian Louboutin Hong Kong – HKD $10,900

Source: Christian Louboutin

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  • Anonymous

    congrats for your shoes Maurice!!
    very nice outfit…

  • Anonymous

    Well written post and beautiful pictures! Enjoy the shoes!

  • Enjoy your shoes (are beautiful) and please sell me that t-shirt…

    I say please…

    • Thank you my friend.

      At one moment I wanted to sell it earlier, but then after I wore it a few times i'm deeply in love with this t-shirt. Don't think I will ever sell it… sorry. :/

  • Patrick

    These are very nice. Do you have any idea where I could get these now in 41.5 or 42? Thank you Maurice

    • Where do you live?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Maurice,

    I recently purchased a pair of all white Louis Pik Piks from the Christian Louboutin in Aoyama. I really want to wear these, but wanted to know where you got your pre-sole. Is it something I can buy online? Do you put it on the shoe when you wear them or do you put it on after every wear? Please let me know!

    • Hi there

      I believe I have replied your email :)

  • Anonymous

    Hey Maurice, I recently just a bought a Christian Louboutin Louis Spikes, can you give me a few tips on how to protect the red soles? Will appreciate your help a lot.

    • Dont walk in rain, dont walk in grass. This will not turn it yellow..