Givenchy Camouflage Stripe Star-Print Collar Stay Shirt

24th February 2014
During it’s first inception, the Givenchy Pre-Spring 2014 menswear collection was once regarded as a complex disaster, the meaning behind ‘favelas’ did not convince the many taste of confident men wearing cross-prints. But for now, the masculine prints interpreted in a feminine manner seems to have won the hearts of many fashion consumers and is deemed a successor over the late Givenchy Pre-Fall 2013 and Fall Winter 2013. I’ve even seen a shopper recently in his mid 50’s rocking the Givenchy Camo Flower-Print Panelled Shirt! Which sometimes makes me wonder whether i’ll still be wearing fancy clothes when I reach that age. This collection seems to be enjoyed by almost everyone because of it’s unique thematic unlike any other.
There are a few items that are selling out quick too, so be generous to grab while you can as the popular print will not stay and likely sellout in an instant, such as the Givenchy Bambi Print T-Shirt earlier spotted in women’s FW13, Givenchy Star Floral Print T-Shirt that depicts it’s details from the famous Birds of Paradise collection, Givenchy Floral Shark & Mermaid T-Shirt that triumph from the Givenchy Pre-Fall 2011, Givenchy Pink Velcro Rose Print Shirt that was initially detested and has became the latest icon of all floral prints, Givenchy Embroidered-Star Contrast Jersey Shirt that was taken from the Givenchy Fall Winter 2012, and my latest prediction of the Givenchy Camouflage Reverse Print Shirt including it’s navy and orange camo accessories which will soon be the next hottest print for this season — just to name a few interesting items since this is quite a huge collection just for the start.

I’ve started early in this season by acquiring a few key pieces since everyone is so keen in shopping early before the main Spring Summer 2014 even begin — who knew that the Givenchy Spring Summer 2014 menswear pre-order is also selling out as fast as the Pre-Spring collection? My earliest acquisition was the Givenchy Bambi Print Cuban-Fit T-Shirt, and soon after was the Givenchy Palladio Chain Sandals. Currently both pieces are sold out everywhere except the sandals are still in stock at Farfetch, limited sizes though that fits EU44 and above. And now my most recent purchased from Givenchy is a very unique piece that is just available at Farfetch. I’ve only seen this print design in-store much earlier and fell in love with it at first sight. Contributing to my desire were also because i’ve missed out in purchasing the first version that was available in the last Givenchy Fall Winter 2013 menswear collection – the Givenchy White Star-Printed Gold Collar Stay Shirt. Which has also returned in 2014 with a revised version in white colour printed collar-stay instead.

It’s me wearing my new Givenchy Camouflage Stripe Star-Print Collar Stay Shirt from the Givenchy Pre-Spring 2014, my classic Givenchy Black Wool-Blend Drop 8 Single-Breasted Suit mainly worn for work and the old Christian Louboutin Freddy Spikes Mens Flat Shoe. Photo taken at La Maison Tag Heuer at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

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Shop my Givenchy look:

The shirt has a complicated name virtue by many of it’s exclusive characteristics – if you take notice on it’s generous offering. I’ve decided to call it the Givenchy Camouflage Stripe Star-Print Collar Stay Shirt, a long name indeed. This pretty pretty cotton poplin shirt is printed in light blue camouflage like it’s navy blue x orange and desert print cousin variation, but with changes that are far more dramatic. One of it’s main features are the twin front spread collar detail with a special collar-stay insert, much like the common traditional business shirts but with a reverse insert detailing. The collar-stays are camouflage printed as the same blue of the shirt with a tiny black star print at the edge of every tab conveying the label’s signature star motif. Unlike the predecessor version, it is a regular-fit that fits slightly looser at the waist than the slim-fit in Givenchy Fall Winter 2013.
The Givenchy Camouflage Stripe Star-Print Collar Stay Shirt is an eye catching piece that remixes contrasting camouflage and stripes, the white and light blue tones work equally well with it’s distinctive collar design and will compliment with most dark outfits. But it is much more of a dress shirt than a casual one, as it has a longer than usual shirt-tail hem which requires to be tucked in rather than having it untucked. I’ve also receive many comments from my colleagues and strangers regarding it’s unique collar and pleasant eye-catchy camouflage print.

This is a great shirt with many highlighting details to offer in a thoroughly modern affair, a classic silhouette that receives an unprecedented camouflage motif printed with additional contrast stripes and an exposed colour collar inserts. Resulting in a classic being transformed into a dynamic leading conception unlike any other shirt design. Though the other Givenchy camouflage prints are priced not by much of a difference, but really when it comes to luxury clothing, we all know it is always worth paying that little bit extra to upgrade to the finest. And do you know what? That perfectly sums up this new Givenchy. :)




Saw any pretty watches that you like?

Coffee and slice of Tiramisu after lunch time and now for some detail pictures of the blissful shirt.






Farfetch – Givenchy Blue Camouflage Stripe Print Shirt. Blue cotton shirt from Givenchy featuring a classic collar, a concealed front fastening, long sleeves, button cuffs, a camouflage print and a curved hemline. Item ID:10625790. Size & Fit Measurements: item fits true to size. Models Measurements: Height (cm): 1.95 Bust/Chest (cm): 94 Waist (cm): 75 Hips (cm): 96. Model is wearing size: 39.
Farfetch $383.31 ― BUY IT NOW


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  • Anonymous

    very nice shirt congrats!!

  • Anonymous


    • Thank you, i'm glad you liked it. I try my best to put in my full effort :)

  • Anonymous

    nice shorts from Farfetch
    You know barnd ?

    • I've inquired much earlier with Farfetch, but they never replied. It's not on their website, I checked a few time as well since I was also very interested in it. :(

  • Anonymous

    I am looking for a black blazer to match any pant or shorts i wear with tees.
    Mostly to the casual side, prefer it to be black in color.
    Shall i go for Balmain or?

    • What's your budget? And do you wear more shorts than pants? And if so what shoes do you pair it with? Please let me know so i can assist you further.

    • Anonymous

      Looking for a more casual one that can fit nicely with shorts or drop crotch pants with high tops.
      The budget depends on the brand, but not more than 2000 USD unless it is a Balmain.

  • Anonymous

    Hey mate, need your advice on sizing for givenchy collared shirts.

    I wear a Medium in slim fit givenchy tees and a XS in the oversized ones.

    What size would you recommend me getting in the Collared shirts?


    • You need size 38 or 39.

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