Givenchy Naked Man Orchid Rubber-Print Shirt

12th November 2013
It’s been a while since I last recalled a checkout from Givenchy, can’t even remember what was the last item I bought from the luxury French designer. So far I have manage to resist an impulsive spend this season, which is a good thing, however as a Givenchy enthusiast and loyal customer here, there is often a slight itch of thought owning one of the best pieces. Frankly speaking, i’ve been searching throughout the entire season to find one Givenchy masterpiece that I may regret not getting and it seems I have found so.

New chapters has to be written from scratch this season, there are big changes. The ultimate formula was going to be the dark, it’s Fall Winter and Tisci revisits America, perhaps some statue elements from the Greek Neoclassicism era, a bondage sexuality posture and sport infused feel with a Latin attitude and Robert Mapplethorpe’s black and white iconography, a complicated inspirational notion of its own. For Riccardo Tisci it fitted in well as the fifth prong of the five pointed star besides the victorious success FW11-SS13 collection series. First thoughts are to add strong ties to the production pieces, couture is a message conveying highly fashionable design, good designs. For example print strengths in a striking silhouette – spell it ‘GIVENCHY‘. Read the Givenchy Fall Winter 2013 Menswear Prints Analysis.

Designs are pretty predictable for an experienced buyer point-of-view. Nothing exciting here they said – yet another top with a loud quirky print, classically Givenchy. It only comes in so many styles in repeated prints and similar offerings. This season we have seen some high production during small intermissions, new pieces arrives in store almost every week from the main runway towards pre-collection and commercialised pieces strategically catered towards need-based customers who has lost their chances in owning the past collection designs. XS sizes still available despite the year end, popular pieces like the Doberman has been restocked and let me warn you it’s the last shipment till the FW13 year end sales commence. Shop the Givenchy Fall Winter 2013 Menswear at Farfetch.com for better prices.

The shirt i’ve chosen is quite a special piece, called the ‘Givenchy Naked Man-Orchid Rubber-Print Cotton Poplin Shirt‘. Unlike the rest which are overproduced offered in an array of styles, this masterpiece has it’s strengths and weaknesses compared to the competitive collection. The strengths are the only place you can get one online is at LuisaViaRoma, other than that it’s in your local Givenchy store which means it is either pretty exclusive or maybe unpopular that store buyers has ignored. In a different context translates that not everyone will have them which equals rarity. While there may not be a handful of customers out there that will posses this, there are similar offerings in different styles which debuts it’s weakness. Besides the shirt, there is the silk organza sweater that is designed to be layered over the print shirt, a print patch cotton sweatshirt and also the latest release of a pouch variety. Shop the entire Givenchy Fall Winter 2013 Menswear at LuisaViaRoma.com.

The Givenchy Naked Man-Orchid Rubber-Print Cotton Poplin Shirt has a regular-fit composition, not a cuban-fit as many has been confused over slim and regular fits. It fits loosely at the back, but not fitted like slim, it is between an Columbian and Cuban-fit. The main feature is the large print at the front, a Robert Mapplethorpe black and white imagery inspired naked man statue art mixed with orchid floral detailing, though till today I could not interpret the meaning of the story, anyone keen to elaborate further? The design is a large layered rubber print consist a coating similar to Plastidip which feel extremely vulnerable to hard creases and ironing. Speaking of which it is not an easy shirt to iron, when the shirt was delivered to me, it had a few creases from the packaging and took me a while to get rid of them through cool ironing, but despite the low heat temperature the results has left parts of the fabric with a tinge of shiny-finish. Lesson learned for future reference, should always iron clothes with a damp cloth over them.
Overall it is a good Givenchy classic shirt to invest in with a seasonal print and it’s slight-pointed collar with single button cuffs, concealed front button closure with a rear + signature stitching. Not quite as exciting, but it will do for just this season.

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Lane Crawford – Givenchy Man Orchid Print Cotton Shirt. Put a graphic emphasis on tailored looks with Givenchy’s printed cotton shirt. Wear it with a pair of black pants for a look charged with dark elegance. Slim fit Black, grey man and orchid print, concealed button down placket, single button cuffs 100% cotton Machine wash gentle Styled here with Givenchy Cuffed Pants, ADIEU lc-500190010-leather loafer with buckle and black rubber sole and Givenchy Nightingale Medium Leather Bag.
Lane Crawford $1,120 – BUY IT NOW

LuisaViaRoma – Givenchy Naked Man-Orchid Rubber-Print Cotton Poplin Shirt.  Robert Mapplethorpe black and white imagery inspired naked man statue art print mix with orchid floral detailing. Rubber print, classic shirt collar with single button cuffs. Concealed front button closure. Sample size: 40. Regular-fit. 100% Cotton. Made in Portugal.

Luisa Via Roma $1,170 – BUY IT NOW

Photo above: Model wears Givenchy Naked Man-Orchid Printed Silk Organza Sweatshirt over Givenchy Naked Man-Orchid Rubber-Print Cotton Poplin Shirt with Givenchy 18cm Belted Wool Twill Trousers and Givenchy Flat-Black Metal Buckle-Strap Leather Shoes, from Givenchy Fall Winter 2013 Menswear.

Shop the Givenchy runway look:

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LuisaViaRoma – Givenchy Naked Man Orchid Printed Nylon Zipped Pouch. Robert Mapplethorpe black and white imagery inspired naked man statue art print mix with orchid floral detailing. Zip closure classic pouch. 80% Polyester, 20% Calfskin. Made in Italy.

Luisa Via Roma $365 – BUY IT NOW

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  • I don't like that they've edited the face, a friend of mine spotted that the naked man is an "adult film" actor from Sean Cody, so I'm assuming the original image is a screen grab or shoot image. I loved that was used for the collection,it added to the sexual nature of so many of the prints, and there was this subtle genius in his mouth being open, (before finding out where the image was from) leaving in question if he was taking part in a sexual act, or wrestling like an ancient greek. The newly edit image removes it and makes it somewhat boring. I bought the scarf and wasn't happy about the edit at all, I was thinking about buying the print patch sweatshirt and even the pouch, but now I've seen the shirt also comes with the edited picture, and the pictures on Luisa Via Roma are obviously still the collection samples so I don't know if I want to risk winding up with a mini collection of the edited image

    • It depends how you feel about it. Just follow your instincts, if you don't like the print then don't buy it. Overall there will be newer collections and the Givenchy Spring Summer 2014 looks pretty promising. If you haven't bought the shirt yet, get it while you can since there is only 2 sizes left on LuisaViaRoma.com. Besides that it is only available in store, which is pretty rare. I would recommend this over the rest. This shirt is quite popular and at the very beginning of the pre-order season, most of the sizes has been taken up compared to the rest. It is the only sellable top besides the other sex print with bold red frame – which comes in a t-shirt or sweater.

  • Anonymous

    Collection FW 2013 end.
    And where are the casual shoes Givenchy?
    Again, the thing did not work out?

    • Saw some peps on Instagram who has them, bet they got it from someone working with the principal brand. I sort of gave up on Givenchy footwear, hope they will improvise for SS14.