Givenchy Palladio Chain Detail Black Leather Sandals

27th January 2014

This is the new Givenchy Palladio Chain Detail Leather Sandals, one that I’ve manage to acquire in person during a short holiday trip to Singapore earlier this year. It didn’t felt too long ago during the first initial pre-order release at Antonioli last November 2013, shortly followed by Luisa Via Roma, SSENSE for early 2014 and in the past week Bergdorf Goodman has just received them in stock. Read about the earlier pre-order post of the Givenchy Palladio Chain Sandals Spring Summer 2013.
The Givenchy Palladio Chain Detail Leather Sandals is the new benchmark in men’s fashion footwear. It’s first inception was showcased in June’s Paris Fashion Week ― Givenchy Spring Summer 2013 menswear, almost three seasons ago. The collection presented at that time had two variations in style, a double chain low-top sandal and a triple chain high-top sandal that came in either a black or white patent top leather. Unfortunately when the official collection hit the stores in late March 2013, the runway chain sandals were no where to be found. Only prototype units were made available for runway showcase and further editorial review that were not for commercial sale purposes. Read the entire story below after my first ootd pictures! Will be followed by some fancy footwear shots, another ootd and some beautiful product shots!

Click click click to read and see much more information and photos as below!

Fast forward two seasons ahead, it is already the beginning of Spring Summer 2014, and Givenchy has finally released the chain sandals to the retailers they once promised. If you are lucky enough, the nearest Givenchy store or stockist may have them by now! I bought these around two weeks ago when I decided to make another short trip down to Singapore city. I think it was faith that brought me to purchase this pair of sandals, if I did not considered my trip to drive down I would probably have never own these sandals. And that it wasn’t into my interest to visit the Givenchy store at Paragon, a mere thought suddenly triggers me while I walked by Ngee Ann City, reasoning that I might as well pay them a visit since I was nearby.
When I saw the store at the mall’s entrance, the first item I noticed on their window display were the shimmery chain sandals! My heart raced in beat, I knew from that moment that it had to be mine, no matter what it takes I must get them! In an instant I rushed to inquire about my size, a size EU 43, UK 9, US 10… that is what I asked for. The sales representative told me I was very fortunate to have visited them in time, as they had just received the chain sandals the night before, and was also told that 3 pairs has already been sold since the early store opening hours! Givenchy Singapore stocks them in two pairs per size from EU 40 – 44.
There is one thing you should know about this pair of sandals before you buy them. They do not fit true to size! It was to my surprise when I tried the size 41 by mistake and it fit me well, though the second chain strap felt just a bit tighter, but I could wear them. The size 43, felt like a size 45 which is almost two sizes bigger than the normal fit! Who would have known that without first hand experience? I bought the size 42, though it felt like a size 44 because I am somewhere between a 43 – 43.5. In comparison, the 41 and 42 felt little difference. The 42 is a bit looser while the 41 is a little tight as I mentioned. After a long comparison trying all three sizes i’ve decided to take the size 42 instead.
In personal experience, the Givenchy Palladio Chain Detail Leather Sandals felt very comfortable when compared with my trust old Burberry Gladiator Black High-Top Sandals from the Spring Summer 2011 menswear collection (See the Burberry sandals at my Givenchy Bambi Print Cuban-Fit T-Shirt). The only let down I would say is the moment to get my feet into the sandals, it has a rear zip closure which requires force to fit into the sandals, therefore characterizing the nature of the rear quarter permanent leather creases. The sporty sole provides the perfect combination of lightness and support for long urban walks, a hybrid designed to last by a reputed Italian rubber outsole manufacturer ― Vibram.
Finally there is that exterior design, there is no denying these sandals is a bit different, some would say it is just plain ugly. Do you know what? I’ve actually felt the same way when I first saw them earlier in the SS13 fashion show. But the looks has actually grown on me and that’s probably because I was charmed by the way it feels and the way it manage to entertain second looks. And I think for this pair of sandals people generally wouldn’t mind paying so much for it’s distinctively unique design and desirable brand. My Malaysian office colleague said they looked weird and wrong in so many ways, but yet pretty and beautiful, an eccentric art piece that questions minds unlike anything in the marketplace.
If you are a tourist who is currently traveling in Singapore, you may be eligible for the additional GST refund, which knocks $56 SGD ($43) off the price – the Givenchy Palladio Chain Detail Black Leather Sandals for Pre-Spring 2014 menswear cost from a little over $1,180 SGD ($925) in Givenchy Paragon, Singapore City. You can find better prices in the United States, standard pricing across in-store and online retail for just $860. My best advise that I can give you now is to buy them first while stocks last as they are limited in production. Yes! Givenchy learnt that overproducing will eventually despise consumer’s desirability. Shopping links as below as always!


SSENSE – Givenchy Black Leather Chain Detail Sandals. Buffed leather sandals in black. Open round toe. Zip closure at heel counter. Silver-tone curb chain accent at ankle and quarter strap. Vibram rubber sole. Upper: leather. Sole: rubber. Made in Italy.


Farfetch – Givenchy Black Leather Chain Link Sandals. Black leather chain link sandals from Givenchy featuring an open toe, a front strap and a white rubber sole. Item ID:10603693. Boutique – Gente Roma, Rome, Italy

Farfetch $790.65 ― BUY IT NOW

Bergdorf Goodman – Givenchy Palladio Men’s Leather Chain-Strap Sandal, Black. Givenchy sandal lends a high-fashion look with soft leather and heavy chain straps, combined with a practical Vibram® sneaker sole for taking on the city streets. Givenchy leather sandal. Silvertone chains detail straps. Covered counter with back zip. Open toe. Leather lining and insole. Vibram® rubber outsole. Made in Italy. > DESIGNERS A-Z : GIVENCHY : MEN’S : SHOES & ACCESSORIES.

Bergdorf Goodman $860 ― BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma – Givenchy Metal Chain Leather Sandals. Chunky metal chained sneaker on leather top. Rear back zip closure. White rubber terrain sport sole. Made in Italy. 80% calfskin 20% Metal.

Luisa Via Roma $860 ― BUY IT NOW


First Release: Givenchy Palladio Chain Sandals Spring Summer 2013

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Recent Purchase: Givenchy Bambi Print Cuban-Fit T-Shirt Pre-Spring 2014

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  • Anonymous

    Beautiful, I got mine from LVR.
    Although it was not true to size, but personally i prefer sandals to be a bit bigger and giving more space in the front.
    I have noticed that this sandal is not 100% identical to the ones presented at the SS runway.
    The runway range was glossy, is that true?
    Thanks for the great post

    • It is a lot more bigger. You should return it and grab your true size before it runs out of stock! I will show a comparison in a few hours.

      It is not the same, but very similar. The runway version has black patent leather, probably even made from shiny pvc rubber like the SS12 sandals.

    • Anonymous

      It is sold out in suze 42 over there..
      I guess i have to live with it.

    • I'm sure someone will return them after a while. Check the site daily.

  • eccentric art piece yes but it is not for long way… Maurice, save your shoes so they last much … laughs…

    • I will always try my best to save them, especially the soles.

  • thanks for the clarification on the size, I ordered a smaller number, after reading your comments…

    • Good on you, let me know when you receive them.

  • Anonymous

    Maurice! I make 1 million USD/year, but I still wouldn't buy those for $800! Do these go on sale ever? They're just sandals though?

    • Doubt they will ever go on sale. Maybe you can wait and see.

  • Anonymous

    Earn $ 1 million a year and you are buying shoes / sandals in chain stores?

  • I am frightened by the prices of sandals that look simple and that an exorbitant price
    this givenchy sandal is expensive but I still think it pays to be a very different part

    • These Ann Demeulemeesters are way too expensive for such a simple design. The Givenchy isnt that bad, it hasn't gone over $1,000 yet therefore I won't classify it as overpriced. Special design sandals tends to be priced around $600-900, and some gladiator high-top ones will reach over $1200 per pair.

  • Anonymous

    What abut the sizing of the new slippers from the pre-spring collection (the floral and camo print sandals).
    True to size or?

    • According to MR PORTER, it is it true to size as indicated in their category:


      Take one size down if you are a half size. It should be true to size. :) I would go for the camo over the floral if you want my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    What do you think of the Floral print by Givenchy? And what items are you considering?

    • The best floral print Givenchy you can buy now is the short sleeve shirt with the random black patches. I recommend it is the best looking among the other floral print range. This seems to be the new icon piece for Pre-Spring 2014, as advertised in SSENSE (see my wishlist). You can find it at MR PORTER below here:


      Besides this, I like the Givenchy orange-blue camo reverse shirt. I also recently bought a Givenchy blue striped camo with collar star inserts, it's not available online at the moment. I will be blogging about this shirt by this weekend. Other than this i'm just waiting for the SS14 collection.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Maurice for your reply.
      Looking forward to see the post by the end of the weekend.
      Btw the people are going crazy about the floral w star details t-shirt, it is almost sold out everywhere.
      I like the camo parka too, what do you think?
      Particularly looking to get a signature piece that will look unique and relevant as it ages.
      Now you can buy the reinvented shark t-shirt, but the original one will still look different.
      I do not think Tisci is succeeding in reinventing these unique pieces.
      What we miss in the pre-spring a unique tee with massive print detail like the green fighter.

    • Yes, the floral short sleeves is selling out quick. But i'm afraid to touch it as I dont wear short sleevs, will try in store if I see it and buy online! LOL 😛

      The camo parka is nice, but it doesn't look like Givenchy as camouflage is Valentino's invention and will always be their signature. If you really like camo, go Valentino they will last for many seasons.

      The current signature piece is the Bambi t-shirt, it is the replacement design for the Rottweiler which explains that it's out of stock almost everywhere. But MR PORTER has brought it back this week without even name it Bambi just so that there will be more chances for other potential customers to buy. It's oversize though…


      The shark & mermaid this pre-spring is unlike the old pre-fall. It doesn't have the star-neckline print if you notice. I don't really like it but it seems to be quite popular too.

      I think they need a star neckline applique printed t-shirt, it will definitely be very successful as always.

    • My purchases this time were:

      1 – Shark tees, mermaids and roses (hoping to reach, INCREDIBLE I found the combination of the three prints). I could not miss this.

      2 – floral shirt short sleeves (SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL)

      3 – floral print ties

      4 – Palladio Chain Sandals

      I want to but have not yet bought, I'm thinking:

      1 – Floral Sandal (loves sadálias)

      2 – floral backpack or BLACK LEATHER FLORAL DUFFLE PADLOCKED LC (http://www.ssense.com/men/product/givenchy/black_leather_floral_padlocked_lc_duffle/87315)

      What I'm needing and I will not buy because I did not like anything:

      1 – bermuda

      is my opinion on what offset acquire up now…

    • That is a good start, im still deciding whether I should get the floral print tee, but the best still has to be the chain sandals.

      I don't think you should spend on the floral sandals since you already have the chain ones. If you really like sandals then you should look at the Spring Summer python sandals, The red and white one is fierce! While the blue and gold is a Givenchy python classic.

      Yes I agree that you should not buy the printed bermuda, it's not worth it. What you need is a plain black wool shorts, but so far they havent seem to release any yet.

  • Anonymous

    Please can you check out the below polo shirt from Givenchy.
    Is it Over-sized or Slim fit?
    Appreciate your help.

    • It is difficult to determine, the shoulders looks oversize because its bigger, but body width seems like it's a regular. It is definitely not a slim-fit, I think you should contact Antonioli first.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    What do you think of the Givenchy Star Detailed Leather Bomber Jacket. Do you think it is a signature piece from Givenchy and especially in the leather jackets they do.
    Which one you prefer?

    • It depends, what brand do you associate most? Both are similar but I would prefer the Saint Laurent as it is an instant classic.

    • Anonymous

      I am more of the Givenchy guy, but when it comes to leather they never convince me.
      I think i will get the SL jacket along with the following sneakers from SL.
      Both for the price of the Givenchy jacket.
      what do you think?

    • Givenchy and Saint Laurent are two worlds apart. They dont mix well to be honest, if you say Balmain pair with SL it works, but not Givenchy. Even Givenchy can't be paired with Balmain.
      Givenchy is a full time street wear brand, it doesn't has the classy styling like Saint Laurent and Balmain, I don't recommend the mix. But it's up to you, just my own opinion.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you Maurice For your reply.
      Based on your recommendations i shall go with the Givenchy Bomber Jacket.
      Do you think Givenchy and Rick Owens blend, or? Sometimes when i am wearing both brands i have a feeling that there is something missing or i am giving an overstatement.
      Specially when wearing Rick Owens sneakers with the outfits.
      Most of my pants & shorts are from Rick Owens or Drkshdw (drop crotches).
      T-shirts, Sweatshirts, & jackets from Givenchy.
      You did not comment on the SL sneakers in the link above? I think it has a unique design? Currently i prefer designers shoes like SL and Givenchy rather the buying a CL shoes.
      For example will the Sl jacket fit with the below pant from RO.
      Honestly, i have a major problem with wearing jeans or let us say a severe one.
      Appreciate if you can help me through this by giving me your thoughts.
      All the best.

    • Yes Givenchy goes well with Rick Owens, they are in the similar tier but indifferent styling that could easily match one another.

      The SL sneakers are very nice, i'm also looking into one but theres not much point of me getting them now as I hardly get to wear them. If you like them a lot then you should get, otherwise I would suggest the Rick Owens Geo-basket Sneakers instead as they are much more popular and may be favorable towards your current style. More styles can be found below:-


    • Anonymous

      Thanks Maurice for the help and recommendations.
      So we play it safe with blending Rick Owens and Givenchy.
      Hopefully tomorrow Mr. Porter will release the Givenchy Bomber Jacket and i will have the chance to buy it.
      Thanks again.

    • No worries, any time :)

  • Anonymous

    Just got my Sandals and I love them to death, such a great iconic shoe to splurge on and looking at your post really inspired me in styling it outside of the box because they look great with street wear as well as a classic tailored suit!

    I had to size down with them and they are a little tighter than I would prefer but they look great, a size up were too big for me so I'm glad I went down a size. Thanks Maurice for the informative and great outfit post! keep it up 😉


    • I'm glad you find my articles useful :)

      Enjoy your lovely new sandals. I'm pretty sure you will wear them a lot.

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  • Mell Hussin

    Hi, any chance you are selling this one?