Givenchy Shark & Mermaid Columbian-Fit T-Shirt

11th August 2012

Source: Riccardi Boston, ANTONIOLI, LUISAVIAROMA

This was available with all sizes in Riccardi Boston a yesterday. Now it is completely sold out there, it is even more popular than the Givenchy Spring Summer 2012 Birds of Paradise T-shirt. However, I no longer have the desire to purchasing oversize versions by Givenchy, it doesn’t fit me well. I am wearing true size M, and the Givenchy Rottweiler T-shirt in regular fit, size M is perfect for me. But when I wear the Givenchy Birds of Paradise T-shirt in oversize XS, I felt it is quite loose, and people look at me like I bought them in the wrong size. Maybe I did.
Recently, I took my Givenchy Shark Head T-shirt that I bought from MR PORTER in a oversize XS to the tailor and have it fitted as a regular size M-L, since there is so much allowance on the sides that does not affect the print. So now it looks like oversize on my body fit, I didn’t make it slim because I don’t want people to think it is an imitation version. I figure out that I am not going to resell it in the future anyways, it is only $230 AUD.
Speaking of imitation version, I notice there is so many people out there wearing the fake Givenchy Birds of Paradise and Rottweiler t-shirts. You can spot them in Instagram, and despite being imitation. Some of them claim it to be authentic, i’m not sure whether they were aware that their ones were a copied version, maybe they are not, could have explained their pride.
There is just too many imitations now floating around eBay, and sometimes I can’t even tell which listing is authentic or imitation, especially when it comes to the Fall Winter 2011 Rottweiler t-shirt. It’s like coming out of a China factory every second, and you can see sellers listing them as low as $0.99 on starting bid. Who actually sells brand new Fall Winter 2011 Rottweiler t-shirt from 99 cents? I doubt anyone would using common sense that these t-shirts are very valuable to whoever that has the authentic ones.
Anyways, you might also notice that Givenchy is attracting a new market in recent seasons, unlike the previous years before Givenchy Fall Winter 2011. The Givenchy Rottweiler collection was very successful, and people were starting to take note of this brand during that time. I guess it must be the celebrity endorsement, spotting people like Usher and Kanye wearing them that has attracted this new market. I personally felt that Givenchy brand’s positioning in the menswear department is becoming more of a street wear than high-end luxury designer brand. Don’t you agree? Checking out the demographics that tags ‘Givenchy’ on Instagram, usually associates the brand with ‘Nike’, ‘Supreme’, ‘Yeezy’, ‘Kanye’ and etc.
Givenchy Pre-Fall Winter 2012 Shark & Mermaid T-Shirt – $605.00

This Givenchy Shark & Mermaid Tee is really beautiful. Tisci is an amazing print artist, he creates visuals that are out of this world, he isn’t afraid to show his true expression. My girlfriend said she never seen such a violent print until she saw my Rottweiler t-shirt. She hates it, but I love it so much and it is really distinctive. I wore it 3-4 times a week during summer, now it is asleep in my closet since March.
I’m starting to wear my Birds of Paradise shirt more often now, and people were really amazed by the print. They always comment where I got it from, and when I said it was from Givenchy, they were mostly clueless of whom the designer was. It’s Australia, we have a very small market for high-end designer fashion here, and we live one season behind. Also, Australian fashion that has been created in Australia, stays in Australia; while little knowledge of the true fashion is know here, most of the Australian designers imitate leading global designers, sometimes they copy exact 1 to 1 (I will blog about this soon). I also had someone who walk past me and stop me asking whether I was wearing the Birds of Paradise in a shopping center a few months ago, they seem very excited seeing the print in reality, not sure why. Might have been fashion students from RMIT.
Oversize – Regular
S = 2XL
M = 3XL
L = 4XL
XL = 5XL
Don’t forget to refer the true to size conversion before you buy one of these oversize babies, also known as Columbian Fit in the Givenchy World. I hope this helps.

Me wearing my Givenchy Shark and Mermaid Tee, read more here about detecting replica Givenchy Shark & Mermaid T-shirt versus legitimate Givenchy Shark & Mermaid T-shirt.

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  • Anonymous

    Ahh. Givenchy's really problematic when it comes to counterfeit! It really cheapens the brand. The materials used over the past seasons has also cheapened. From luxurious cotton to very ordinary cotton. It seems like they're ripping us off.

    • Can't agree more! There are more imitation versions than the original ones, its getting worst. Even the shark head t-shirt has fake ones now on eBay. It really degrades the brand if Givenchy doesn't do anything. They should lower their prices, so more people can afford and will less likely bound into imitation versions.

      Anyways, after knowing prints are easily replicated. I decided that I will only put my money on the most complicated pieces by Givenchy. Such as the FW12 Beads, Diamonds and Star shirt, I doubt anyone could replicate it that well. Even the material to make it cost a lot, so if someone were to imitate it, it would be impossible to sell cheaper than what the imitation market is ready to pay.

    • Anonymous

      Givenchy should take action. And the fitting is just getting worse. It baffles me. The shirts are still okay when it comes to sizing but the t-shirts and the sweaters are just ridiculous. The XS is so big and the XXS are just elusive. I know it's supposed to be oversized but it's just wrong.

      The Diamonds and Star shirts/sweaters are great! The price, not so much. I would've bought it if were reasonably priced. Prada's studded shirts with so much more studs costs around 700-1000 EUR. I think the diamonds/stars shirt will suit you. I even think the skirts from the runway would suit you because of your height.

      I don't even want to begin with Givenchy's price increase especially last season which seems to be the same case this season. It's not worth it.

    • Yeah, XS Oversize is XL-XXL, its still too big for anyone in a size 38-40. I would have bought this if it wasn't oversize. Tisci needs to work within the regular fit sizes!

      I wouldn't pay 1000 euros for it too, its ridiculous. I'm waiting for the price to come down, im sure there is some seller or reseller out there selling them for reasonable prices later of this season, I hope*. Secretly I dream about myself wearing those Givenchy skirts, but its a taboo you know, men wearing skirts is just not right at this current era we live in. Maybe in another 30-100 years, who knows what fashion will do with our current clothes. Theres one for 80-90% off from SS11, leopard print in black skirt, can be remove and worn as shorts in Harrolds, Crown store. Nobody touched it, was about $1500 on retail price…

      +1, thats why I lost the drive on this Open Mouth Shark Oversize T. Paid £358 for BOP Oversize T but never wore it, doesn't give me the same value as the 400 Euros BOP Shirt I bought and wear most of the time, at least 3-4 times a month. No more tough spendings on overpriced oversizes for me.

  • Anonymous

    I double that! It's so annoying when people on IG post their fakes and pass them off as the real deal. It makes them look like fools who got ripped off without knowing. Or they are just so proud wearing fakes. Can Givenchy do anything about the imitations?

    • Tell me about it, its so stupid. Why would anyone take a photo of themselves or what they had bought which is so obviously an imitation version, and post it up with pride. I always leave them a nice comment not to support imitation, and the next thing i know is, their photo is completely removed. I guess I gave them an unexpected surprise of embarrassment.

      I'm not sure whether Givenchy is going to take any action, because if they dont, they are going to end up like Christian Louboutin in the near future. Which is a market disaster, saturation of imitation over original more than a dozen times. You can tell when you google 'Christian Louboutin' and see the amount of results displaying imitation websites of the store, hardly you can spot any decent authentic websites or images on Google that belong to reliable source. What I am looking at is 95% of the market online belongs to counterfeit Christian Louboutin's.

      What I think Givenchy is trying to do to overcome this problem if im not wrong, by continuing to innovate new designs every season and reach 100% sales target for innovators and early adopters in the diffusion of innovation theory process. This means by selling out completely before as soon as stock arrives in store or pre-order release. No restock after sold out, and also by raising the purchase price as seen on the Birds of Paradise collection. Therefore, there wont be any early majority-laggards in the market. By doing it this way, the majority of the people will unlikely have purchase these highly demanded t-shirts, leaving them out for future higher demand.

      You might also notice, that the popular pieces like the one above, always stocks arrives at the mid-end season, as as BOP. This is to ensure that the market has already generated sufficient word of mouth and hype over it before launching the product. Whoever that has their hands on this t-shirt will unlikely be the person imitating it, not unless that person has been watching fashion to get their hands on one and replicate it.

      It's going to degrade the brand, not unless they find someway to counter this issue. Maybe using special elements that are so distinctive that imitations could not reach.

  • Anonymous

    I don't think they will do anything. There was a study that says brands don't care about imitation goods cause it brings more attention to the actual brand itself.

    • It's true, but this is just short term look. Because in long term perspective it will degrade the brand's positioning in the market. It's sort of like if theres so much imitation out there, you would unlikely purchase the original product from that designer, since so many people is using, and everyone is aware that it is highly imitated, those people might look at you as if you had bought the imitation version even though it was authentic. Have you ever heard from your friends who as you questions like 'Is that real?'. Or discussions like 'I think maybe he/she's using a fake bag or whatever since he/she is dressed like that?' It happens all the time in Asia, even here in Australia when I was using my LV Maccasar 45 Keepall, store assistant ask me whether im using the authentic version. We are all aware that brands like Hermes and LV are highly imitated.

      People who really loves high-end luxury would generally stay away from LV. LV is a good example that it is so popular until there is so many imitation versions. So what LV did is to continue to innovate as I have discussed on the other comments on this blog. Introduce new seasonal colours on classic products such as the Vernis and also by creating unique and high priced bags from seasonal collections. By using this process, the counterfeit products are only likely to adopt the most affordable pieces from LV. Because anything higher then a certain price will not be worth imitating in mass. Think about a seasonal LV bag from a particular season, and was sold for above $10,000 in a unique design, that may not attract the entire luxury market, since the design is so bias to taste and the price is so high, it is unlikely that they will contract to counterfeit that item. This puts security and value in protecting that particular customer who has purchased it.

      So this is what Givenchy is doing now, if I do not presume wrongly. Set price as high as possible, create a variety of different unique designs and prices to cater a variety of target market. And also by innovating every 4 seasons in one year with high price + limited stocks which will sell out faster than counterfeit could even replicate. By the time anyone has completely replicate the product and is set to market, the new designs from Givenchy has already been previewed, therefore less people will likely purchase the imitation version because they know that they have the next chance in season to buy an authentic version.

      Remember that Givenchy is not targeting consumers to that has purchased imitation in the past. That is not their target market, they do not support customers who go behind their back. People who expect to pay little to enjoy great fashion, its not value. They only want to cater to a small market who is ready to pay for these prices every season. A consumer who is hungry for Givenchy and has cash on hand, that is the customer they want.

      Also if a particular style is highly popular, such as the Rottweiler t-shirt. Givenchy created new ones in different design this season so that it will suppress the market from going into buying imitation. Overall it is a very complicated process, but if they did their marketing right, they would be unaffected by their counterfeit enemies.

  • Anonymous

    oh i want to get this opened mouth shark…can someone sell me original one in size XS, S or M?

  • Anonymous

    I was thinking about bringing it to the tailor as well but I'm afraid that they might do something wrong to the T-shirt or when they actually resize it might lose its authenticity. My problem is that the sizing is just really big. So Do you guys think I should bring it to the tailor to get it sized-down (cuz i usually wear M size of true fit shirts) or should I just leave it like that to preserve its authenticity.

    • You can't tailor this version. The print touches the ends of the tshirt, it is impossible to take in without affecting the print design. What size did you buy? I am wearing XS for this and it fits fine, I am also a true to size M.

    • Anonymous

      Oh wait.. I made a mistake here, I'm talking about the Shark head Print T-shirt not the Open Mouth Shark Tee… But yeah Do you think I should get it tailored to get it sized down? I bought size S.

    • I agree, even the XS for the Shark Head t-shirt is very big. I bought one in XS from MR PORTER, it feels so much more bigger than the Shark and Mermaid t-shirt. Somehow I guess it is because there isn't any print designs on the sides like the Shark and Mermaid.

      I have altered my XS Shark Head t-shirt to let it fit like Oversize like it should on my body. I am wearing true to size M. But honestly, I a really regretted tailoring even when the tailor did an excellent job. I just felt its not right somehow and I never wear it, I swear it has been sleeping in my closet ever since.

      Size S is pretty big, if you want to transform it to XS, you have to take 2 inches (1 inch front, 1 inch back) on both sides, so thats 4 inches to be XS. If you want XXS oversize you have to take 8 inches on both sides.

      My tailor took 8 inches on my XS Shark Head shirt, so it became XXXS! LOL. I didn't touch the length, as you know its pretty long as well, even at 183cm, I felt that I should probably take in the length if I am going to wear it this coming summer. Which is soon. My tailor also touched the sleeve joint and shoulders, so it wont be weirdly altered.

      Hope this helps you! :)

  • Anonymous

    I am kinda confuse when you said "I have altered my XS … to let it fit like Oversize like it should on my body" so its that mean its still quite big for you?

    Yeah. It's Super huge to me since the fact that I'm quite a skinny guy to start it off LOL.

    XXXS O_O? It must have fit and look better on you now. Oh I see I think I'll try to get it 8 inches cut down. When you said "an 1 inch front" doesn't the print looks weird now. because sometimes we base the authenticity on where the print ends on the shirt?

    I think I should show you a picture of me actually wearing them so you see how it really looks big on me.LOL

    • I didn't alter it to make it look like its slim fit or regular fit, I still wanted it to look oversize, but not like oversize until I am swimming in this t-shirt. LOL. I took one of my less slim and not to big t-shirt to my tailor to compare and replicate the exact cut.

      Yes, it fits so much more better now, trust me altering is always the solution if you are drowning in the t-shirt like me. Hahaha, but then I felt that I kind of regretted, Im not sure why… but if I don't alter it, I will probably hardly wear it since I am also considered as a skinny guy.

      I would say, if you take 8 inches on your size S, it would be perfect, but make sure your tailor knowns what he is doing. Only find and sort the best most reliable tailor in town for this kind of job. The Givenchy material is stretchy, it is not normal cotton. And not normal sewing machines can do this job, you need him to use smaller sewing teeth to be more accurate when altered.

      When I say 8 inches, it is 2 inches on front left, 2 inches on front right, 2 inches on back left, 2 inches on back right. Hope you get the idea what am I saying.

      The print wont look weird when it is perfectly altered, there is so much space besides the shark head.

    • Anonymous

      Just got my tailored Shark head tshirt this afternoon. And luckily it turn out pretty well:) today is a good day.

    • That is very good news indeed, well done! :)

  • Anonymous

    Alright cool. I'll try to bring itbtobthe tailor this Friday *fingers cross* hopefully it'll turn out well. Ohyeah I just followed you IG nice collection you got;)

  • Anonymous

    Do you know where can I still get the givenchy angel crest in XS or S it sold out in ssense and most they have are L:(

    • Not at the moment.

  • May i know what shoe are you wearing in the last picture

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