Givenchy White Zip Embellished Basketball Shirt

23rd February 2015

It has been a year since Riccardo Tisci unveiled the Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 menswear, a constructive collection inspired from his childhood love for basketball. An amalgamation series of both art and sports were translated into clothes for men, as distinct elements captured from the basketball game merged with the epochal 20th century design lines of Bauhaus movement.

The zip embellished wear offered by Givenchy has been infinitely reinvented since it was introduced by Tisci, this particular key feature has been categorized by the house as their metal craftsmanship trademark and has been incorporated not only limited to the footwear and accessories, but has eventually evolve into new codes in ready-to-wear collection. See the latest Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 Footwear and Accessories Collection

In every Givenchy show season, Tisci is known to introduce specific key pieces and one of them from the Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 menswear ‘shirt’ category is the Givenchy White Zip Embellished Basketball Shirt. Possessed with the primary basketball motif of the season, the shirt takes on a unique disposition formed by the distinguished silver basketball groove lines looping around its shape in traditional cotton wear. Its desirable characteristics sets the benchmark of class leading shirt making for the season.

The detailed centric Givenchy White Zip Embellished Basketball Shirt amounts an astounding weight, mainly due to its largely rendered metal craftsmanship zip trims that is embedded into the heavy woven cotton material which houses the complete construction. As the designer continues to innovate and create in its ongoing experimentation use of hefty metal craftsmanship materials reanimated across a wide range of men’s ready-to-wear, including a similar shirt version in less exuberant details, lapel trimmed blazer, mixed material printed sweater, nylon-leather jacket and waist-trimmed trousers to match – a perpetual journey that seeks excitement to its cult of fashion enthusiast. I have even made an additional purchase on the second generation Givenchy White Zip Trimmed Cotton Shirt from the current Pre-Spring 2015 season that has just gone through an extensive mid-life update, this fast selling-light weight essential style piece represents the old mantra “less is more”. Opt for the lower spec zip trims as it offers interchangeable flexibility from weekdays work wear to evening dressing at a far more realistic price.

Looking back at the Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 menswear collection, it felt strange to discern how the designer managed to convey such a rough and rowdy sport into urban couture high-fashion essentials. Despite the eccentric concept, was the thick heavy zip embellishments really warranted? If you ask me, I really do admire the luxury touches of the shimmery embellished details that distinct itself among the pool of statement dress shirts. However to be honest, it isn’t for everyone, the Givenchy White Zip Embellished Basketball Shirts naturally possesses a bold personality that requires a form of attitude to uplift a powerful look. Words can’t describe it and pictures do not do justice as the show piece looks far more impressive in reality, you have to see it in person to truly appreciate its beauty of form and function.

Objects of Desire:

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Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 Collection


Lane Crawford – Givenchy Basketball Zip Shirt. This cotton shirt from Givenchy is accented with silver-tone zips to form an abstract basketball motif. This revamped piece will give an unexpected twist to your outfits. Product code: 101229382. White with decorative silver-tone zips. Cotton. Point collar with collar bones, button square cuff, and high-low hem. Concealed button front placket. 100% Cotton.

Lane Crawford $1,870 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma – Givenchy White Columbian Fit Zip Cotton Poplin Shirt. Zip details create basketball shape. Concealed button closure. Columbian fit = oversize fit. Sample size: 39. 100% Cotton. Made in Portugal.

Bergdorf Goodman – Givenchy Basketball-Zipper Shirt. Above the rim: the lines of the basketball court and signature abstract-spirit inspire this Givenchy Fall 2014 formal look. A zipper-detailed dress shirt is played back to wide-leg, satin-trimmed wool trousers. Each sold separately. Basketball-Zipper Shirt, White: Givenchy shirt with zippered basketball outline. Point collar; hidden-button front. Barrel cuffs. Yoked back shoulders. Shirttail hem. Cotton. Made in Portugal.

Bergdorf Goodman $1,950 – BUY IT NOW

SSENSE – Givenchy White Zip-Trimmed Basketball Shirt. Long sleeve thick cotton shirt in white. Spread collar. Buttoned fly front. Basketball-inspired zip trim throughout in silver-tone metal. Shirttail hem. Tonal stitching. Single-button barrel cuffs. 100% cotton. Made in Portugal.

MR PORTER – Givenchy Zip-Embellished Cotton Shirt. White cotton shirt with zipped basketball motif by Givenchy. Shown here with Givenchy blazer, trousers and shoes.


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  • Anonymous

    lord maurice, nice outfit, what type of jeans are u wearing, the brand ?

    • Haha, i'm no lord my friend. Just a normal peasant. You will get surprise of the brand if I let you know. They are not jeans, its sweatpants, super comfortable and cooling!


    such a cool outfit


    • Thanks Milex, always good to hear from you! :)

  • Anonymous

    mister shirt :)
    if you love shirt Maurice why do you never buy saint laurent shirt?

    • I love Saint Laurent! But I have so many brands to play with, and very little time to wear. I've been working with a boutique in hope to get some key Saint Laurent pieces for review. But at the moment the boutique is very busy, so hope he will find time for me. At the moment, I am looking at this Saint Laurent Camouflage Western Shirt, the print is so nostalgic.. you must buy if you have the chance!


      Besides this, I always wear Givenchy because I receive good incentive and also the weather here in Malaysia is very humid and hot all year round, its difficult to play with layering which is quite upsetting. :( So I have always resulted in purchasing Givenchy, since their tops are suitable to the climate.

      There is no point buying something I can hardly wear, after all… money is hard to earn! Hahaha

    • Anonymous

      yeap this sl camouflage shirt is very nice and classy :)
      you can find some sl shirt during the sale…
      for me sl is more eazy to wear than givenchy just beacause it's less extravagant…
      peace see you++

    • Definitely you will get much more value out of the SL than any Givenchy shirts. As SL style is reference from indie classics, but i'm not that indie yet… as I enjoy luxury extravagance a lot. Anything that looks bold and stand out among the crowd is what I like, thats because I have all the basics already. 😛

    • Anonymous

      sl is not just indie classic.
      if you look all the shirts with vampire print or animal , punk print.
      or the daft punk blazer…

  • Anonymous

    Great write up Maurice, a pleasure to read as always. i love this shirt but isnt it oversize??

    • I'm not sure why Luisa Via Roma claims it is a Columbian Fit when it is not. I would say it is a regular / cuban fit. But not slim fitted like the Givenchy White Zip Trimmed Shirt from PS15

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful but difficult to maintain. If not mistaken it requires to dry cleaning

    The zip trim collar and cuff shirt is more feasible than this show piece..

    • Yes, can't get much wear out of it. But its a very nice shirt to have in my wardrobe collection. I doubt i will ever sell it… The zip collar trim shirt is much subtle, thats why its selling out so quick. The only place I can find them in white is on Forward by Elyse Walker


  • Anonymous

    Hi Maurice!
    What do you think about the Adidas Rick Owens SS2015 collection?

    Great blog!

    • I like them a lot, but not as much as my Fall Winter 2014 ro's. The black on black Rick Owens Adidas Springblades is probably the best and that is what I will be getting this season..