Saint Laurent Leather and Denim Zip-Detail Biker Jeans

30th July 2014

Keeping loud details simple sums the new Saint Laurent Leather and Denim Zip-Detail Biker Jeans that has finally returned well after a year since it was born. It’s initial retail price in Fall Winter 2013 has significantly increase and despite costing more than $1,250 today, the calibration of elements and characteristics found in this pair of biker jeans is still considered as a unique success, which leads it as a statement-making bargain fashion piece from the Saint Laurent Fall Winter 2014 menswear collection. I bought mine from Boombayeh earlier this month, many thanks to him for making this possible, you can find them here on eBay.

At a distance, the ferocity of the multi-symmetrical zipper detailing on leather ribbed patchwork runs across the knee and thigh-high with contrast textures played against the dark flat black denim. These key features draws common observation and has transformed the basic Saint Laurent signature skinny denim jeans into something much more prominent. The new Saint Laurent Leather and Denim Zip-Detail Biker Jeans is also cut a slight more skinnier than the previous Fall Winter 2013 edition, it features a new 16cm hem that fulfils the brands constitution, the jeans fits true to size in low waist measurements. Knee zippers can be unfasten to create a destroyed approach while increasing flexibility in movement of legs and comfort, however I personally felt the unfastening of zippers actually deteriorate the refinement simply because it brings out the nature of crudity in style. Learn in detail about the first generation Saint Laurent Leather and Denim Biker Jeans.

Perhaps not for your everyday enjoyment, these one-of-kind Saint Laurent Leather and Denim Zip-Detail Biker Jeans are not aim for basic comfort or even daily practicality. The knee cap feels extremely tight when fully fastened and getting into one of these felt like a torture, what’s even worst is the struggle to get them off! While in the subject of comfort, I can totally vouch for these biker jeans as i’ve spent an entire day in them and can’t think about any other pair of denim bottoms that could compete with the level of discomfort. Even when taking a closer comparison with my earlier Balmain Biker Quilted Corduroy Waxed Pants, proves that the pain of wearing the Saint Laurent Leather and Denim Zip-Detail Biker Jeans can be quite an unbearable experience for first timers, to name a few examples – such restriction in flexibility that will cause trouble entering or exiting a vehicle, or even reaching to pick up items from the ground can be a burdened task.

Despite the above, the Saint Laurent Leather and Denim Zip-Detail Biker Jeans offers a whole lot bit of extra style, leather and denim jeans may be common in this decade but the Saint Laurent ones has a very distinct character, it has much more personality and characteristics than any other of it’s rival siblings such as the similarly priced Givenchy Black Leather Insert Denim Jeans that is selling out quick at Luisa Via Roma since pre-order day. Which makes the Saint Laurent class leading in comparison with the features offered by it’s luxury competitors.

Besides this, it is far more engaging when compared directly to the classic Balmain biker jeans which seasonal fashion veterans would be looking for, it is something different that shares similar fate in design. Wearing this Saint Laurent biker jeans is an experience, questions will be asked from strangers to fashion enthusiast who are keen to feed their curiosity – spell it pretentious. It makes the Saint Laurent Leather and Denim Zip-Detail Biker Jeans well connected including how it is design to stretch and shape your legs after a wear or two, the reward of integration in personalisation even after a day of torment, and makes me think owning this pair of biker jeans actually feels quite good about my life.


Boombayeh – Saint Laurent Black Cotton Leather Zip Detailed Biker Jeans. Description: Up for sale is a brand new and authentic pair of Saint Laurent Paris jeans. One of the most sought after pair of jeans from the Saint Laurent collection. Skinny black stretch cotton jeans, detailed with leather offsets at the upper leg, knees and lower leg. Detailed with functional zippers for heavy impact. Don’t miss, these are either sold-out or selling really fast. 100% Authentic. Made in Italy. Details: Black, 100% Cotton. New with tags. 100% Authentic.

SSENSE – Saint Laurent Black Leather & Zip-Trimmed Biker Jeans. Slim-fit jeans in black. Tonal ribbed leather paneling throughout. Five-pocket styling. Zippered slash details throughout knee panels. Tonal stitching. Zip fly. Body: 98% cotton, 2% elastane. Trim: 100% lambskin. Made in Italy. Styled with: Saint Laurent – Black & White Wool Check Sweater, Saint Laurent – Black Leather Wyatt Chelsea Boots, Saint Laurent – Black & Grey SL 10/S Sunglasses.

Luisa Via Roma – Saint Laurent 15cm Skinny Stretch Leather Denim Biker. Leather side and knee panels with four zip details. Button and concealed zip closure. Five pockets. Leather logo appliqué inside waistband. Intentionally destroyed areas may vary slightly. Hem: 15cm. Sample size: 28. Material: 98% Cotton 2% Elastane.

Farfetch – Saint Laurent Denim and Leather Biker Jeans. Black cotton blend biker jeans from Saint Laurent featuring belt loops, a button and zip fly, a five pocket design, a slim fit and a leather vertical panel to the sides and on the knees with zips and a ribbbing detail. Item ID: 10762727. Outer Composition: Cotton 98%, Lamb Skin 100%, Elastodiene 2%. Dry Clean Only.

Farfetch – Saint Laurent Denim and Leather Biker Jeans. Black denim biker jeans with ribbed leather inserts from Saint Laurent. Zip fly with button closure. Belt loops. Silver-tone hardware. Large exposed at the knees. Rear patch pockets. Partially lined. Hand wash cold. Item ID: 10742062. Composition & Care: Composition – Cotton 60%, Leather 30% and Polyurethane 10%.

Bergdorf Goodman – Saint Laurent Biker Zipper-Knee Denim Jeans. Saint Laurent denim jeans have a biker style with leather and zippers covering the knees. Saint Laurent denim jeans with leather and zipper details over knees. Natural rise. Skinny legs. Zip closure. Cotton/polyurethane; lambskin; dry clean. Made in Italy.

Matches Fashion – Saint Laurent Leather and Denim Skinny Biker Jeans. Saint Laurent offers a slick, modern take on moto-style denim with these skinny black biker jeans. Made in Italy from a comfortable stretch-cotton, they feature black leather quilted side and knee panels and are finished with silver-tone zips. They’re the perfect way to work the brand’s signature rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic. Shown here with Saint Laurent Leather biker jacket, Saint Laurent Duckies western leather boots and Saint Laurent Square-print silk shirt.

Saint Laurent Paris – Saint Laurent Low Waisted Skinny Motocross Jeans in Black Stretch Denim. Signature Saint Laurent 5 pocket skinny motocross jean with knee guards, ribbed sides and zippers at knees, outer calf and above back packets. Width at end: 15.5cm, 98% cotton, 2% polyurethane, lambskin. Saint Laurent engraved button closure. Style ID: 330285Y999B1000


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First Generation: Saint Laurent Leather and Denim Biker Jeans Fall Winter 2013

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  • Anonymous

    Received mine as a reorder from SL. LOVE these. I pair them with a tuxedo jacket and it has an elegance that really works

    • Tuxedo jackets works very well with pair of bikers, makes my SS12 Balmain crop tuxedo jacket relevant with this style.

    • Anonymous

      It does. It looks great. I've paired it with my white balmain Fall 2012 jacket and my SL iconic smoking jacket. Works well!

  • Anonymous

    How is this jean fit?

    • As mentioned above ^^^

  • how does the cropped balmain blazer fit? is it anything like the double breasted one? (should you size up? i usually wear size 48..should i go up to size 50?)

    • This one is different, the SS12 fits larger, im wearing a size 46 here while my other Balmain Double Breasted Blazer is a size 50.

  • d.e.

    I came across your blog a week ago and still can't believe the insane quality and detail you put in your posts. Don't get me wrong but most of blogs/instagram profiles that cover brands you write about are all about one sentence "dope man" "you killin it" etc… and there is you who even after detailed post with every fcking measure of every Balmain jeans, still answer on posts in your comments asking same questions about size. Keep up good work and it is really pleasure to read you.

    • Thank you, i'm glad you have enjoyed reading this blog in detail, as I always believe to cover a well rounded story that will benefit my readers to understand the brands better, otherwise there will be no point writing at all.

  • Anonymous

    does it gets more comfortable when it gets more wear?

    • It's always a pain at the beginning, but after an hour you will get used to it.

      The most uncomfortable area are the knees, especially the back part because its so tight, its literarily strangling your legs.

  • Anonymous

    hey man – the hair's looking good (i'm the one that made a comment in the other post)! Keep it up!

    • Hi there, thanks for the suggestion. It really worked out well

      I tried to change it to the Justin Timberlake haircut, the neat sweep that is skewed to one side. But my thick stubborn Asian hair wouldn't let me. Cheers

  • Anonymous

    Received mine in the mail today. Absolutely love these. Be wanting to get my hands on these for ages. The fit is perfect but my only concern is, the top half of leather knee panels are quite tight, especially the top one above the knee. Did you find yours to stretch after a while? I'm hoping they do. Also whats with the super small front pockets. lol.

    P.s. Absolutely love your blog!!!

    • You are lucky, because the new ones fit much better than the old. I also prefer the skinny over the FW13 slim-fit. Yes, the problem with these is that it is super tight and uncomfortable.

      They didnt stretch much, it's the worst when you put them on. But after an hour walk they feel much better.

      I think the front pockets are only made to carry condoms LOL, there is no way you can fit car keys or a cellphone. Enjoy your biker jeans!!!

    • Anonymous

      So do you have fw13 or fw14. Because yours fit really nicely. Im just hoping after a while they'll stretch and become more comfortable. :)

    • I have the latest FW14, the FW13 is much larger in hem and overall width, its a 17cm compared to the latest 16cm.

    • Anonymous

      Also, hows the fit of Balmain biker jeans this season. I'm thinking of the getting the same wax black ones you have in your wishlist. I just wasnt sure which size to order. Are they crazy skinny tight like these SL or slim like.

      Thanks. Mick

    • Hi Mick, likely to be 2 sizes bigger


  • Hi Maurice,

    Great write up! What size is your waist and what size are you wearing for these jeans? THanks!

    • Hi Steven, i'm wearing size 30. It fits small like size 29 but it will stretch after a few wears, therefore I recommend to take your true to size.

    • If I wear 29 on the Balmains, would I take size 30 on these?

    • You can't compare it with Balmain, since the sizes vary for each model. What is your true to size?

  • Julian

    Hey Maurice,

    thanks for your answer and opinion on mixing different labels in your last post about your new Balmain jeans. However, I received the SL zipped biker jeans yesterday directly from Luisaviaroma and it's truely awesome. I was very lucky to get one in size 33, because someone must returned the jeans and so sudenly size 33 popped out – although almost all sizes werde sold out before. I must say, that the front pockets are indeed a bad joke – not practical at all to store a car key etc. in them. But more important: What about dry cleaning? You said in a post, that you don't recommend dry cleaning for that pant?! I have fear, that the jeans is dirty and stretched out to the max after 1-2 years wearing them, without any cleaning! So what's your solution for yourself?

    I'm going to buy some news sneakers, but can't decide which I should take. I wear a lot of Balmain and SL and sometimes my old Givenchy pieces.



    I think the black Arenas are very understatement and go with everything, but on the other hand I love SL and my pieces and so I want a sneaker which completes my SL outfits and goes with them pretty good. What's your advice? For now I think the SL high tops are a little bit better?!

    Thanks in advance!!

  • Anonymous

    Hey there.

    I don't mean to ruin the mood here but I'm quite curious on how do you guys manage to perpetually buy that many designer clothes ?

    I mean getting a good job is a possibility I get that, but once you get a nice apt/house, a nice car/boat, how come you can still spend that much on clothes/accessories?

    • With an average job and salary, I dont think anyone can afford to perpetually spend this way. One thing i've learned is that you can't rely on your job and month pay check to succeed. Unless you're earning four figures a week.

      You will need to find other ways to earn additional income, such as a side business and investments. Besides my full time job, I have other investments that pays off my spending on designer clothes.

      Use your time wisely and you'll be able to archive your objectives. An inch of time is an inch of gold :) Other than that, some other guys are just lucky that are born with a silver spoon.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for your answer.

      I guess it's a matter of priorities.

      I like your spirit though. Maybe you're right … Maybe I should get a side job

  • Anonymous

    Hi maurice,

    I've a pair of SLP distressed jeans and I want to seek recommendations from you on how to wash it?

    Thank you

    • Try soaking your jeans in cold water and vinegar instead of washing them. Yes, vinegar. Add one cup of distilled white vinegar to a cold water bath and soak your jeans for about an hour. Hang or lay flat to dry, and don’t worry about smelling like vinegar—the odor goes away after your pants dry.

      This technique locks in the dye’s color, keeping your jeans dark and your furniture clean. And if you must use a washing machine, toss in a cup of vinegar on a hand-wash setting—but please, no detergent.

  • Anonymous

    I'm a big fan of YSL…or Saint Laurent pumps. They are part of my "classic collection" and I never worry about them going out of style.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Maurice! I've recently got a pair of these in size 32s and I usually wear 32-33s. The problem is that I can't seem to get the leather-knee area above my calves and it just seems like it won't fit. I don't want to tug hard or force it if it's not meant to be, but I wanted to ask if this was a common experience and that if I should just keep trying or try to snag a larger size. Please consider- thanks!

    • Its 15cm, you need to have skinny legs to wear them. I think the past Pre-Fall 2013 16cm would be more ideal for your calves. I know what you mean, even I struggle the first time. :(

      Would advice to return, or try it again. You can unzip all the knee caps, it will be easier to wear it. But I doubt even one size bigger would make much of a difference on the calves.

  • Anonymous

    How is the fit of the SS 2015 Version of that Jeans compared to last season? Im usually a 29 or sometimes 30 in jeans, have thin but muscular legs, what size do you recommmend

    • You might struggle to wear these if you have muscular legs as the thigh and calf area is exteremely tight because of the leather and zip works, there is no point taking larger either because its fits really tight. You need a size 30, if you decide to go for one :)


    • Anonymous

      thanks! Is the fit the same compared to last season?

    • yup