Thom Browne Navy Nautical Anchor Embroidered Blazer

3rd December 2014

Short jackets or blazers has continued to remain in vogue with many of the leading luxury menswear designer labels and has since stay stylishly relevant for more than half a decade. The concept of short jackets is that it makes one look taller, the jacket length finishes higher on the trouser, leaving more leg showing which gives the illusion of lank. This works to a certain perspective as a long length jacket such as an overcoat will certainly render its wearer shorter to the average eye. The other purpose behind the concept is that it gives the jacket a casual appearance. Thom Browne is perhaps the most famous influential advocate of the ‘shrunken look’, specialising in cut short blazers, jackets, suits and the short-pants-bare-ankles identity which has eventually transform our view and conceivably impact the highstreet industry because of his creative innovation.

Back in the earlier days, people were all worried that the style was a fad since it seems to be deliberately cater for the short-to-moderate height customer. After more than half a decade since its inception, majority of the global consumers still feels the same and finds difficulty understanding the distinct philosophy behind the brand. However, sales in China and Japan reveals his biggest success story because Browne’s fit-guide works best in this part of the world. Much like the average consumer, I was disappointed at the beginning with the fit but eventually found acceptance and affection for Thom Browne. I guess it generally takes time and repeated exposure to learn to like the brand, the tricolor stripe grosgrain trim is the ultimate label identification which can be quite addictive. Discover a closer look at Thom Browne’s Fall Winter 2014 Lookbook collection.

Although I am moderately tall by Asian height standards, pulling off the iconic Thom Browne look was a breeze, there’s something really satisfying working your way through a shrunken silhouette in a way that I have very much enjoyed the experience, and hope that I will be wearing this label more regularly. Every so often when a new season comes along I would take the opportunity to visit Singapore – a country flourished with designer labels. And just a few months ago our company arranged a trip to Singapore and I took the occasion to visit Salon by Surrender, a coveted multi-label designer store based in The Shoppes of Marina Bay Sands. What I love most about this store is its diversified collection of Thom Browne menswear and in some cases they do stock a few prominent runway pieces.

During my visit to the store, I managed to pick up two lovely pieces that were going on half-priced sale which includes a Thom Browne Navy Nautical Anchor Embroidered Three-Button Blazer and a Thom Browne White & Blue Waist-Strap Trousers from the Spring Summer 2014 collection. I have chose the Thom Browne Navy Nautical Anchor Embroidered Three-Button Blazer because of its very personal expression, a fine tuned gold-embroidered detail at the elbow highlights a unique characteristic and that the navy blue jacket remains a classic beloved and iconic wardrobe essential because of its universal acceptance. It was a special blazer that stood among the crowd, an outwear difficult to come by in many seasons. Unfortunately, I was told by the retail assistants that Salon by Surrender will no longer be carrying the Thom Browne menswear label from Fall Winter 2014 onwards. It is such a pity to hear such surprising news, as I would often associate the Singaporean store with Thom Browne since it is the nearest stockist from where I live. Regrettably I had left the store without purchasing the wardrobe staple Thom Browne Dark Grey Three-Button Wool Suit that I have been eyeing for years but never had the chance to buy one online. Shop Thom Browne now and enjoy up to 50% off at SSENSE Fall Winter 2014 sale.

Thom Browne’s outfits are boy’s department short, jackets are cut just below the hip line, ties are meant to be tucked into pants, tie-pin clipped to a versatile oxford shirt, and paired with giant wingtips that gives it a distinguished look. One can easily transition from office attire to a night out without having to change. It is a fantastic piece of outfit that works brilliantly and will remain relevant in style for many years to come. Once you have understand Browne’s ideology, most of the other designers trademark will seem like they are from the dark ages.

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  • Anonymous

    stunning post.. your photography skills are out of this world! Keep up the excellent work. there arent many blogs out there like yours

    • Thank you, comments like these makes me feel appreciated. :)

  • Very enjoyable article, love Thom Browne's clothing and this jacket is stunning. keep it up, don't buy all at once and keep the grey suit as the ultimate prize. Don't forget the iconic cashmere cardigan, too. :-)

    • I haven't bought the Thom Browne dark gray wool suit. Silly me, shouldnt have hesitated. Cashmere cardigan sounds nice, need to try them in store first as I heard they fit very short, like womens!

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful, are those pants from Thom Browne as well? How much were they?

    • Thank you, yes I am in head-toe-in Thom Browne. The pants has a waistside tricolour band strap, it matches the navy blazer so I bought them both as a set.

      But later found out in Harrolds Melbourne that there is actually a matching navy wool pants to this jacket. Sadly it was two sizes too big :( and I have no luck finding it anywhere else.

  • Anonymous

    Looking as dapper as ever!


    Pure elegance!