Thom Browne White Grey Suede Longwing Brogue

27th June 2013
It has been a long while since I last shop a pair of expensive shoes. My hands were itching for the past few months and i’ve been eyeing on this pair of Thom Browne White Grey Suede Longwing Brogue since the day I saw them on SSENSE, this was back in late February, and since then I had been chasing SSENSE to put them up for sale as soon as possible before I was leaving Melbourne.
Source: MR PORTER – Thom Browne Suede Longwing Brogues
The first time I saw these suede brogues, I already knew deep down my heart that they were going to be mine – someday, perhaps not when it was full price, I wouldn’t pay full price not unless the sizes sell out like hot cakes – such as the Raf Simons Holographic High-Top Sneakers, which unfortunately missed out and it is currently sold out forever! As I sort of predicted but I didn’t bother looking too much into it as it wasn’t part of my ‘plan’ to spend money on sneakers for this season.
You might be curious about my taste, some of my readers always wonder what style do I usually wear? As you all know I am not normal, I like so many things in this world, I enjoy the beauty of aesthetics that pleases my eyes – just like how I could easily enjoy listening to classical music and punk rock at the same time, there is no end to my taste and it is limitless, I live with an open mind. To be honest, I even look into niche brands like Ann Demeulemeester, Rick Owens, Damir Doma which I think is very unique and interesting although I don’t specialise in these brands simply because of the opportunity cost.
Theres the biker look that I love most which describes my unconditional love for Balmain, also the over-hyped Givenchy pair along with some Giuseppe Zanotti and Christian Louboutins, and lastly the preppy essentials that I wear most of the time. I am sure you wouldn’t believe me since I am all over Balmain and Givenchy in particular, but this is true, I have more Ralph Laurens shirts than anyone I currently know. My whole closet has more than 200 shirts alone, and most of them are from PRL, which means I have to dress preppy although I do mix and match in a rare occasion. My style in conclusion is the look as designed by the designer, so if I am going to wear Balmain today, it is going to be a Balmain look, and this applies to the other brands that I wear.
Once in a while, I will look into Thom Browne, what interest me most about this brand is it’s timeless style. It seems that Thom Browne’s designs are a genius and it belongs to a particular era, a time where it is not forgotten and ever acceptable even after many years everyone still enjoy his style. As you might also notice there isn’t much changes, it is the same look – the crop trousers, tight jackets, short shirt hems, skinny tie, pair along with brogues, what differs throughout the seasons are just themes but these concepts will end up in classic styles offered many seasons ago, just like Balmain Biker Jeans for example. Much like Hedi Slimane, which brought back his similar creations at Saint Laurent after he left Dior Homme.
It is hard to argue what is a good design since everyone has their own opinion and taste which makes us unique in a way. I have been thinking and analysing the trends and styles in the market place, sometimes I wonder whether is it really worth spending $1,500 on a Givenchy top, $1200 on some Balmain Biker Jeans, and $2000 on a pair of Christian Louboutin High-Top Sneakers – you know that wealthy Asian style on Instagram when you hashtag search Givenchy, or Chrisitian Louboutin. To be honest, you will get more looks and respect wearing Thom Browne’s style than the leading luxury trio-designers (Givenchy, Balmain, Christian Louboutin – along with Hermes and Chrome Heart accessories). From what I have noticed by experimenting with a variety of styles when I was in Melbourne.
I never liked brogues that comes with white colour, in some way I felt that it is quite tacky and dated. Whenever I think about white and black shoes, my thoughts goes straight to Michael Jackson for some reasons I still do not know. But this pair of Thom Browne brogues has totally opened my eyes, in some way I would describe it as the perfect white mixed-colour brogue that i’ve ever came across. What I love most is how clever it is designed, the suede white under suede grey textured leather that gives it a good contrast but not a over like white and black two-tone, paired on to a classic wooden-colour sole and the best part is the Thom Browne’s signature tri-colour tab which makes it a distinctive masterpiece (if not, nobody is going to know it is from Thom Browne yeah?). It was like love at first sight, same goes with my first pair of Thom Browne Pebble Brogue when I spot them at Harrolds, the same feeling that I will never forget and will always crave for more in the future. Thankfully this week, MR PORTER has opened their global sale which gave me the opportunity to grab one of these at 50% off! Shipping was quick too, I bought them on Monday when the sale started and just received them on Wednesday. Hope you all enjoy the photos below!

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MR PORTER – Thom Browne Suede Longwing Brogues. Thom Browne turns the volume up on everything that’s great about men’s style, and these longwing brogues come in contrasting grey and white suede for maximum impact. Expertly crafted in a historic English factory, they’ve also got the substance to boot. Wear them with streamlined tailoring for a commanding look. Grey and white suede longwing brogues. Striped pull-on tabs, leather lining and soles, metal covers at toes and heels. Lace-up. Made in England. BUY IT NOW
SSENSE – Thom Browne White Nubuck Grey Suede Longwing Brogues. Low-top suede and nubuck longwing brogues in grey and white. Almond toe. Broguing throughout. Tonal Derby-style lace-up closure. Pull tab at heel. Stacked tan leather sole with metallic plaque at heel and toe. Tonal stitching. 100% leather Made in United Kingdom. BUY IT NOW

Barneys New York – Thom Browne Wingtip Brogue. Suede wingtip four-eye blucher with contrast nubuck leather underlay and brogue detailing throughout. Signature red, white and blue grosgrain pull tab at ankle. Stitched welt and stacked leather sole. Approximately 1.25″ midsole (30mm). Made in England Style # 502419948. Only size US12 left.

Thom Browne Suede White Grey Wingtip Brogue – $850, $509

End – Thom Browne Wingtip Shoe White Nubuck & Grey Suede. Thom Browne established his eponymous custom tailoring company in New York in 2002 and since then has been credited with bringing a contemporary silhouette to tailoring, his style as become the hallmark of modern suiting. Made in England this Wingtip is a timeless style, reworked and finished in true Thom Browne fashion. The premium suede and nubuck construction features traditional brogue detailing and a tri-colour heel pull. The Wingtip Shoe sits perfectly at the bottom of a suit or is equally suited to sit more casually below a nice chino. Premium Nubuck & Suede Uppers. Leather Sole. Welted Soles. Tri-Colour Heel Pull Rolled. Leather Laces. Branded Leather Insole. Made in UK. Only size US10 left.
Thom Browne Wingtip Shoe White Nubuck & Grey Suede – $855.00, $599.00 (Ex Tax)

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  • Anonymous

    Great outfits and a great post too.
    I am happy for you that you got this brogue shoes, it is really nice and unique.
    What grasped my attention in your post is the following sentence "than the leading luxury trio-designers (Givenchy, Balmain, Christian Louboutin – along with Hermes and Chrome Heart accessories)," specially the last piece of it.
    This point i can not understand too, guys going that wild and putting like three hermes bracelets along with cartier bracelets and a diamond watch. Plus please do not forget the Chanel or Hermes clutch or the Birkin. At the end it depends on someone's taste and what he likes, but you do not even see this on the runways even with Dsquared.

    • I know right, what has luxury fashion done to those guys towards the extend of carrying a Hermes bag? It looks like their style is set on rarity and price, as long as anything is expensive enough in the world they will pair it all together even though the outfits and accessories don't compliment one and the other – in someway I felt it is quite tacky and cheapens their whole look. Money can't buy taste for sure.

    • Anonymous

      Definitely money can not buy taste.
      They open the closet, select the most expensive pieces and put them on.

  • Anonymous

    I definitely get your point about the over hyped status of some of these brands, especially louboutin and Givenchy. I have a few Givenchy pieces, and don't regret buying them but these days I tend to gravitate to designers that are more understated, like lanvin, raf simons and margelia, though I am probably going to buy my first pair of balmain biker jeans this season. I don't really like buying clothes based on popularity with the masses, I'd rather wear designers most are unfamiliar with.

    • These two brands has been increasing their prices because of the demand they have to cope with. I felt that they are becoming like LV and Gucci soon. Almost everyone is aware about Givenchy at the moment, from where I live. Last time before the Rottweiler was released in FW11, nobody really knows this brand. They might have heard of it, but they wouldn't imagine buying their clothes. Now its all too common, and even the average joe will simply fork in deep from his wallet just to get a piece of Givenchy tee, not sure whether he even understand why he likes it at the first place or is it just base on popularity and the exclusiveness feeling.

      I enjoyed Raf Simons SS13, which I think was a brilliant collection. At the moment, Saint Laurent is another brand I am looking into, also along with Alexander McQueen and MMM. I hope they won't be as mainstream as Givenchy at the moment.