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18th February 2014
It has been a challenging year in 2013, i’ve accepted a new job in the city and full-time work with blog doesn’t really mix well, much like blending champagne with alcoholic rum for lunch time. As work life has progressed and taken most of my optimum energy — time to me is very previous and I would seize every opportunity to keep this blog up to date.

I’ve decided to make it a little more interesting than ever by taking it to the next level. All a while it has been commercially driven by product reviews and recommendations, runway shows, backstage photographs, advance sneak peeks, buyer event’s, size guide, rare items blog about and etceteras — specialising in the brands that I still love most today, mainly Balmain and Givenchy, blogging with the most passion and love to fill in the missing contents on the net.

But for this year, i’ve thought about a new strategy unlike anything before. It needed much more than a long detailed review and a partially cropped face lookbook — some of you might like to call it ‘Personality’. All those expensive shopping without the frequent chance of expressing my true identity is a wasted opportunity that could contribute extra value to achieve greater work than ever. Therefore after a long thought, I have decided it is the time to expose my lifestyle in hope to create new inspiration one step at a time.

It’s me wearing my favorite Givenchy Rottweiler-Tartan Print Shirt with Givenchy Brown Oversize Wool Shorts and new Givenchy Palladio Chain Sandals! Pre-order or shop similar styles at Givenchy, Luisa Via Roma

Click to see much more of style photos!

‘Do remember that you only see what I choose to show you!’ – M

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  • Dude – never got the chance to say this, I'm a how you say 'distant' observer of your blog since god knows how long. One of the main reasons I got interested in opting in starting my own blog and later my own clothing company…

    Anyway – keep up the good work! Much love.



    • Thank you for your support! :)

  • Anonymous

    Great post.
    Best Shirt ever from Givenchy.
    And that shorts, please Givenchy re-release them with out any prints.
    Perfect Perfect Perfect Outfit Maurice.
    Keep them coming

    • It took me a long while to find these shorts. They are from the same season, Fall Winter 2011.

      Thank you :)

    • Anonymous

      Do you think a good tailor can do a similar job.
      It 100% wool, right?

    • For sure they could :)

  • Anonymous

    heavy Mafia hair style:)

    • 😀

    • Anonymous

      ps i send you the pics about the ss2014 balmain wax jeans but sorry the quality about the pics are pretty bad lol
      peace see you ++

    • Hi Duc, didn't know it was you. Yes I received but pictures are really not good lol. Nevertheless enjoy the jeans!

    • Anonymous

      no matter Maurice i send you more pics when i have a new camera or when i have more times…lol
      Thanks you see you++

  • Anonymous

    Great to see you :) keep it up and loving ur post always

  • just bravo, nothing else…

  • What can I say but…Love it! Love it! Love it! I am thinking about getting the sandals myself! Love the shirt too!

    • Thank you :). I hope you can find the sandals, some sizes are still available at Farfetch.

  • Anonymous

    Can you check the below link.
    Is it possible that the print is on the front only, all other versions are different than this one.
    The Rose and star print is on both sides front and back.
    What do you think?

    • Yes, there is two version. One with front print and another with both front and back. This t-shirt is quite popular, almost sold out everywhere, you should try to get the both front and back print since it is quite expensive.

    • Anonymous

      Been looking for it for long i need an oversized one with a size medium.
      So far i did not find it online.

    • Don't worry, im confident it will be restock. This t-shirt design looks a little … generic. 😛 And even if you've missed it, i'm sure they will be greater designs in SS. So save your money and only spend when you really LOVE it.

    • Anonymous

      Hope so.
      Now they will release the flame sweatshirt in a t-shirt version, cuban fit.
      Will you go for the sweatshirt or the t-shirt.
      It seems the flame print is not that popular till date.

    • I will go with t-shirt, im not a sweatshirt kind of guy because it is too warm to wear. If I needed an extra layer, it will always be a jacket or a blazer instead. So it depends what kind of person you are, I know of someone who only buys sweatshirt. Theres nothing wrong as long you're happy with it and also think how flexible it could be paired with your clothes. Sweaters are quite distinctive, if you wear once, many people will remember. It applies to t-shirts as well, but you can wear it much more often than a thicker knit. :)

    • Anonymous

      Finally, i was able to buy the star and rose tee from storm fashion – Copenhagen.
      I think this tee will be very popular in the future.

    • Good one!

  • Anonymous

    GIVENCHY SS is selling pretty fast everywhere online.
    What do you think of the Runway shirts?? A must or??
    Do you think other retailers will stock from the Runway Sandals or they will remain exclusive to LVR…
    Any thoughts Maurice>>>

    • Okay, firstly SS14 is predicted to be super popular. Like Birds of Paradise, so buy it while stock last!

      The Givenchy Navy Robot Computer Print Columbian-Fit T-Shirt seems to be the wisest choice to buy. Do not be fooled as this t-shirt will be very popular later when it's in stock. So buy while it's still available, much like the Bambi > http://bit.ly/1hKPwAn

      Second choice, if you're not a oversize t-shirt guy and you like sweatshirt then by all means settle for the Robot Computer Print Sweatshirt. I'd take 1 to 2 size down to achieve the perfect look > http://bit.ly/1mrXpcl

      For runway sandals, it won't be available elsewhere until April 2014. So if you want them now them most likely place to stock them will be here > http://bit.ly/1fNMrsa

    • Anonymous

      Maurice, my only issue with LVR is their pricing.
      What do you think shall i settle for those form Antonioli????
      And i am looking at this too
      I feel like get an over-sized shirt from the runway, for i never bought any from Givenchy so far (mostly i focus on t-shirts).

    • I don't recommend oversize shirt, it is VERY DIFFICULT to pull off. It is not for the fainthearted, it is not only big one the chest but also very long. I can't even pull it off, and usually they will be send for alteration which is quite a waste.

      If you want the t-shirt, I recommend this


      The other version looks like two donuts at your tummy, its not as eye candy as the one I recommend.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Maurice for the help.
      But if it is used for layering with the range of Givenchy tees, will it work.
      Such over-sized fits suits my body without looking too odd on me.
      I love the T-shirt you recommended for me. but i am considering the black one at LVR too (i feel that the print is more bold than the striped one although the price is higher).
      I wanna stick with the runway pieces for SS 2014 and looking to buy more than one item from the collection, i am totally in love with it.
      Thanks again.

    • It will still look very big. The shirts are not as easy to pull off than the sweaters or the tees. I think you should try them first before you buy, otherwise it will be one of those high price clothing sleeping in the closet, not very worthy.

      You can't layer the shirt, unless its layered over which defeats the purpose of the shirt. Also I felt the tee plus shirt layering is a bit too street to be chic. But everyone has different taste and opinion, you should try to experiment with this style and see whether you're comfortable with it. You will never know right?

    • Anonymous

      Aha thanks for clarifying this, i never bought a runway shirt from Givenchy before.
      What do you think of the camo range available from Pre-Spring for layering with Givenchy Tees.
      I think they will look nice if worn under the Givenchy tees or even at their own.
      Honestly, i am looking to grasp more than one piece from the runway collection.
      Totally in love with most of the looks.

    • For camo range only settle for the navy and orange, or the floral-camo print. The khaki version you showed me is a bit generic.

    • Anonymous

      Will go for the orange and navy then. I believe i can wear it alone or under some t-shirts from Givenchy.
      The navy and orange combo from Givenchy this season is really nice and stands out from other colors.

  • Maurice, do you know if this sleeve less shirt is genuine of the Givenchy http://www.ebay.com/itm/191078878792?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2648
    and do you know some shop to purchase it
    thanks in advance

    • If you like to buy this item, I can directly link you. Please contact me where you want it to be shipped, your size and i'll be able to convince this seller to provide you better price. You can reach me at ask.drblogspot@gmail.com

  • Anonymous

    Great photos! I'm loving your blog!