SSENSE Spring Summer 2015 Sale

25th May 2015

Announced on 24th May 2015, the SSENSE Spring Summer 2015 sale starts off today now on Monday, 25th May 2015 at 9:00am EST. Selected Spring Summer 2015 mens are set at 20% – 30% discount, while Fall Winter 2014 gets up to 70% off. And the best part is free shipping worldwide!

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Balenciaga Black Marble High-Top Sneakers

22nd May 2015



When former creative director Nicholas Ghesquière left his post in late 2012, New York based designer Alexander Wang embarked to take on the high position at Balenciaga. With challenging projects faced with high expectations set for Taiwanese-American born Wang who will continue to develop his own eponymous brand while handling all forms of ready-to-wear and accessories division of Balenciaga, as well as upholding the French label’s image through the use of his own creativity and research to reinterpret the modern yet distinctive, and extremely innovative style established by the great founder Cristóbal Balenciaga.

Wang’s first notable collection was faux marble as seen in women’s Balenciaga Fall Winter 2013. It was primarily an interpretation from the late couture master with an added sense of monolithic architectural legacy. The collection’s motif was a heaven sent and soon became an acclamation to the house. The first marble motif were spilled in cracked patterns incarnated into a full-fledged ready-to-wear adding accessories to match, however the prints were less refined compared to the concurrent editions found in many of the latest classic accessories. Wang’s creation initiated the definitive marble print movement that was powerful enough to inspire dozens of designers ever since late 2013 till today.


In the latest Balenciaga incarnation, the marble motif has been reproduced to a far more natural interpretation and appears to make its way to one of Balenciaga’s iconic classic sneakers – The Balenciaga Black Marble Print High-Top Leather Sneakers, embraced by countless luxury fashion fanatics and sneaker fans alike, this innovative pair is truly unique in its kind. Simplicity in a subtle approach in every respect is key and class leading materials were integrated well into its initial design, the sneakers’ end result stands out in every way without appearing overwhelming.

Colour wise there are a choice of contrast coded white, black, and grey or an inverse black in two high-tops and one low-top. The most reasonable priced in the range is the Balenciaga Suede-Trimmed Marbled Leather & Rubber Low-Top Sneakers currently available at MR PORTER which sold out multiple times this season, but I think it’s worth paying a bit extra for the high-top variant which can be more visually engaging. The Balenciaga Black Marble Print High-Top Leather Sneakers dwell from a harmonious design and gets even more attractive, it just has the right mix of muscular proportions, clean chiselled lines that shapes its distinctive contour and an aggressive detailing. The fact that it looks pretty standard is cool as well, though to the trained eye it’s something pretty special.


Balmain x H&M Collaboration 2015

18th May 2015

Balmain X H M 5th November 2015

Balmain has just revealed an officially announced of a capsule designer cross high-street collection teamed up with Swedish super chain giant H&M to sell cut-price versions of the French luxury brand’s clothes and accessories. The news came as an unpredictable surprise during the Billboard Music Awards (BBMA) 2015 red carpet pre-show arrival through its Twitter account.

Whilst Balmain creative director Olivier Rousteing was attending the event with Kim Kardashian’s half-sister Kendall Jenner and British fashion model Jourdan Dunn. Rousteing initiated a swift selfie with his dates through his personal Instagram account expressing in caption,

“GETTING READY FOR #BBMA with @kendalljenner and @officialjdunn . WHAT HAPPEN IN VEGAS WILL NOT STAY IN VEGAS @billboard #imsoready #guessforwhat”

Although there was insufficient information to determine Rousteing’s status from divulging the details of this collaboration. In the intervening period, Jenner shared the same image on leaving a quick informal teaser to her 26.2 million followers,

“with @olivier_rousteing and @officialjdunn bein cute… we have some news @balmainparis @hm”

Just moments before the BBMAs was set to begin, the teaser on both designer and celebrity’s Instagram got the news proliferated like a wildfire globally. This is not the first time H&M made a startling partnership announcement through unexpected snippets that succeeded in garnering its shopper’s attention. Much like its earlier anticipation with its 2014 guest collaboration designer – Alexander Wang made a similar strategic announcement with the major high-street brand on the red carpet, just hours before the party was set to begin during the huge Alexander Wang X H&M Coachella music event.

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Antonioli Launches Givenchy Pre-Fall 2015 & Fall Winter 2015

11th May 2015


Time flies when you’re busy exploring shedloads of designer wear, and by the time you are still expecting for the latest arrivals from Spring Summer 2015 collection the new transition period has already begun. Fall Winter 2015 is approaching upon us, and yet Spring Summer 2015 sales season is just weeks away in May. This week mark’s Milan based luxury retailer – Antonioli to launch its latest Pre-Fall 2015 and Fall Winter 2015 menswear collection, a vast resurgence of new arrivals currently available for advance pre-order after overcoming Givenchy Spring Summer 2015’s demand which lead to an instant sellout in a matter of weeks since the beginning of the season.

It is customary for Givenchy in every pre-collection to reproduce visual aesthetics from former collections, but the new Givenchy Pre-Fall 2015 menswear collection not only begins from the past, it integrates experimental elements extended from the house codes. In this season, pixel-blocking properties dress across predominant designs that have taken inspiration from a digital manipulation software. The Givenchy Black Madonna Digital Print Cuban-Fit T-Shirt sets a prime example, utilizing the base print work reinitiated from the Givenchy Spring Summer 2013 menswear collection while incorporating pixelated accents and what seems to be the crop tool housing strategically position on the right side of the print.

The pixelated digital coding was not only confined to a visual experiment but also continued through one of the main Givenchy Pre-Fall 2015 print series. Set in a khaki military colourway, the Givenchy Black Stars & Digital Pinball Print Columbian-Fit T-Shirt features a two dimensional symmetrical assembly built from an array of geometric lines that shapes a military radar detector system with an additional camouflage touch represented in a pixelated digital pattern. On the other hand, a conspicuous Givenchy Black Fire Abstract Print Columbian-Fit Sweatshirt seems to have transpired from an IR infrared heat signature imaging, the nature of digitalism played a significant role in this season’s pre-collection series.

While the Givenchy Pre-Fall 2015 menswear lookbook featured the ‘Love’ typography print offered in a torn-off or technicolor degraded print series has prevailed through a complete selection of outwear to choose from. Finding desire to own these pieces may be a challenge due to the weak aspirational visual aesthetics portrayed in this particular series, however there are some other highly noteworthy pieces enveloped from through the classic collection. One of the few treasured pieces in the current collection is the Givenchy Black Stars & Stripes Print Mohair-Blend Sweater, it is uniquely composed from a mixture of five different materials, rendering a distinct texture on the contrast white and red striped waistline. Another interesting selection is the Givenchy Black Crystal Studded Swiss Leather Sandals, this pair of quality spring footwear mainly features Swarovski jewels and metal studded embellishments, making it eye-catching from a distance and looks wise is nonetheless extravagant. Other enticing accessories include the Givenchy Gold Codification series available in a textured leather backpack and zipper pouch to match that are new and exclusive codes to this season.

Heading to Fall Winter 2015, just by having a closer look at Antonoli’s latest Givenchy Fall Winter 2015 menswear collection, the devils in the details felt incredibly realistic, the collection revealed the little but yet important detailing unseen from the vast showcase and dark runway setting. One could grasp the concept by Riccardo Tisci’s intend to turn formal streetwear with a devilish affair, the dynamic inspiration converted Givenchy’s standard ready-to-wear basics into a discerning experiment. The more subtly collection is dominated by the worn out effect ‘Native American’ or otherwise presumed ‘Persian’ gauged carpet print, primarily available with an alternative black gradient approach.

This season’s prominent style direction assembles severely worn out attributes as though a ferocious animal has ripped across the fabrics, a key feature administered in less distinct designs offered in a creative approach. Cotton shirts are elongated this season with unfinished seams protruding across edge – termed “Raw-Cut”, such as the Givenchy Black & Red Raw-Cut Contour Columbian-Fit Long Shirt outlined the perfect classic representation of a devil’s outfit. A Givenchy Black Destroyed Native-American Carpet Print Columbian-Fit Sweatshirt addresses random distressed throughout that unveils tiny hidden patches of print details that gave off an unexpected creative notion, while while oversized generic label branded Givenchy Black ‘Givenchy Paris’ Print Columbian-Fit Sweatshirt also available in a T-Shirt variant were intensively destroyed till a point it questions the irony coming from a luxury designer. These unique aesthetics will definitely challenge consumer’s acceptance and appreciation, particularly towards these pieces.

In most respects, the latest Givenchy Fall Winter 2015 menswear collection is every bit unlike its other testament collections. It offers a rather uncivilized dressing experienced, whether the pieces you choose originated from sharply cut blazer and coats, or cult classic streetwear t-shirts and sweats, as deteriorated and damaged fabric features are present in every piece. First impressions is not exactly an understatement, but for those who thrills in acceptance to explore the new collection will have to reach deep pockets in order to discover a meaningful trade off between luxury and inferior aspiration. Secure your Givenchy Pre-Fall 2015 and Fall Winter 2015 wardrobe collection with Antonioli, start shopping the current complete selections while stocks last.


Givenchy Pre-Fall 2015 Ready-To-Wear


G Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 Lookbook

22nd April 2015

This season marks the second collection of G Givenchy. The occasion prompted the team of designers to consider the core competence of the fairly new brand. Developed and produced at LVMH’s Asia Pacific office in Hong Kong, G Givenchy is led by a talented group of individuals who has roots back to the main Givenchy line in Paris. The G Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 “Crafted Tribe” collection was in some way a great hit, it is a complete ready-to-wear collection with aggrandize accessories montage from the main line’s signatures. This time out though, G Givenchy designers took a somewhat different approach: the latest collection was a reconsideration of the G Givenchy aesthetic, and it was discovered by deconstructing the designer’s vision, the better to create a new language with the brand vocabulary G Givenchy has established over the first collection. The key elements were in play — punchy takes on wardrobe staples, detailed-inspired tailoring with a structured silhouettes, a streetwise attitude.

A glitch digital motif in primary colours, which also served as a metonym for the entire collection features various patterned designs in intricate elements throughout, introducing a sense of movement and to underline the idea that these highly structural clothes can be distilled in an unbound fashion. That notion was echoed in the collection’s many unravelled layering techniques, diamond details accentuate in laser cut perforation, creating a fabric inspired by sportswear, while experimental pieces includes hybrid silhouettes dressed in contrast textured embroidery and beaded works infuses the collection with its key details. This creates a cohesive concept throughout with conflicting combinations along fuzzy digital prints that looked like it was in the process of disintegrating.

The strongest ensembles were the ones that seemed in dialogue with themselves, like the diamond embossed neoprene sweater in red layered over a short sleeve t-shirt with double layering and distinct beaded work on the side seam, or the black crew neck sweatshirt with the same contrast beaded works and herringbone cotton ribbed details, even the little effects were not spared with that black varsity jacket incorporating a gradient glitch embroidery on the black panel, that the designers paired with straightforward black essential slim fit denims, or those Lanvin-like sneakers made out of trio leather in blue and black patent cap-toe is an understated elegance piece. There were a lot of modern menswear references here — not a new thing for G Givenchy or a major contribution to the fashion universe that would influence trend setters, but for the first time it seemed that the designers knew where they were heading.

Complete 18 Looks with Detailed Imagery

G Givenchy Spring Summer 2015

G Givenchy Spring Summer 2015

G Givenchy Spring Summer 2015

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G Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 Campaign

16th April 2015

For the uninitiated, G Givenchy is an off-shoot of the main Givenchy line. G Givenchy channels the same brand DNA into its designs and aesthetics. It is offered in an array of refined ready-to-wear and accessories collection mainly available in China at an accessible price point. Made for the everyday wearer, its avant-garde street-style orient spirit is built upon codes that were developed by the house of Givenchy. The label continues in search to deliver innovative classic essentials with a twisted edge derive from the discovery of its authenticity, the desire to pursuit for new experiences through visual stimulation and upon building a new subculture luxury label.

A dashing second debut after its foregoing Fall Winter 2014 initiation, the new G Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 “Crafted Tribe” collection mainly focuses in blending the lines of traditional crafted textiles with digital inspired motifs and perforated sportswear details. Its unique concept celebrates the past, present, and future of the textile clothing industry, the collection seamlessly integrates iconic silhouettes that are found in the past series with an ameliorated contemporary design approach.

Crafted Tribe is based on the earliest fundamental medium of communication amongst global tribes through the history of textile making. The brand emphasis on three key categorical advancements: colour, pattern, and designs inspired from the art of computer data glitches bearing a meteoric visual resemblance of the dated systems in our world, and is now the latest print expression. The collection’s print concept pays homage to the blurring and smearing artistry, these two formats creates a unique contemporary visualization for the modern G Givenchy cult.

G Givenchy hit on pretty much most of the current rising trends in menswear, there were the sophisticated neoprene sweatshirts that incorporated a diamond ice-pick and pitted embossed detailing – worn to be layered along tops with laser cut perforation or panelled beaded slits on the side, full cut city shorts or regular fitted trousers gave this collection a sense of urban modernity that felt presently unique in the smallest scope of details. Hybrid silhouettes in contrasting textured fabrics create a cohesive narrative throughout with conflicting combinations that sit alongside colourful digital glitch prints in a variety of subtle shades. Even the thick soled lace-up and skate slip on sneakers were decked out with a luxurious yet futuristically refinement, made from suede, python, print and patent leather. These footwear designs taps in on the growing demand for opulent sports influence designer footwear.

The colour depicted in the G Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 collection consist in a few roles of dramatic usage. Reds were the primarily colour, a superlative hue from many cultures till today and it is still regarded as a sacred colour of respect and tribute to the Gods. Juxtaposed against the cobalt blue, a colour of divinity and historically known to be used in ceramics as luxurious agent converse the colour of stability. These colours are alternated in prints and solids alongside the adopted monochromatic tones that the house of Givenchy is renowned for. The way that G Givenchy was able to create volume, structure, and layering without making this collection feel weighted down that made it a rounding success.

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G Givenchy Spring Summer 2015

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