Buyers Beware: Fake Givenchy Birds of Paradise T-Shirt

28th May 2012
*UPDATE – Read more about other Givenchy versions:

The success of Givenchy Fall Winter 2011 Rottweiler print has drawn huge attention in the fashion world. Some clothing retailers and manufacturers in China oversee this opportunity to replicate the famous Givenchy Rottweiler print, and sell them at 4 times cheaper than the original retail price. Consumers can easily acquire these replicated Givenchy Rottweiler T-Shirt from the infamous website, is an online auction and shopping website in which people and businesses buy and sell a broad variety of goods worldwide. The retail concept behind iOffer is similar to eBay, except there is no buyer protection policy supported by Paypal.

Since the beginning of this year, I spotted a number of fake Givenchy Birds of Paradise T-Shirts on iOffer that were selling around $80-$130. These replicated version has a dull contrast, the BOP print is distorted and looks like it was finished with colour pencils. I am assuming the original print was ripped off from the internet via Barneys New York or LuisaViaRoma where they did an early pre-order of the $785 Birds of Paradise T-Shirt.
How do you spot an authentic and a fake Givenchy Spring Summer 2012 Birds of Paradise T-Shirt?

Source: Mr Porter

Source: Barneys New York

Source: Mr Porter

Source: (Above here is a size S, equivalent to true size XL. Purchased from Cannes, France)
Source: (Above here is a size XS, equivalent to true size L. Purchased from Mr Porter)
Source: Riccardi Boston

Source: Mr Porter

Source: (Above here is a size S, equivalent to true size XL. Purchased from Cannes, France)

Source: (Above here is a size XS, equivalent to true size L. Purchased from Mr Porter)
The authentic version only comes in Columbian Fit, also know as Oversize. There is no Slim Fit or Regular Fit for Birds of Paradise. The smallest size of the authentic Birds of Paradise version is XS, Extra Small; equivalent to true size L. There is 3 colours for sale, Black, Ivory and Aqua (Mint). The authentic digital print on the T-Shirt is bold and rich, there is a lot of colour density in the print. The Birds of Paradise print looks sharp from a distance. It is very distinctive and attractive to ones eye.

The original measurements of the authentic version are:-
Source: Riccardi Boston
Extra Small Measurements:
Shoulders – 19 inch., Armpit – 23 inch., Length 27 inch.
Small Measurements:
Shoulders – 20 inch., Armpit – 24.5 inch., Length 27.5 inch.
Medium Measurements:
Shoulders – 20.5 inch., Armpit – 24 inch., Length 29.5 inch.
Large Measurements:
Shoulders – 21.5 inch., Armpit – 24.5 inch., Length 30.5 inch.

The replica version comes in Slim Fit and the popular size is M, Medium. There is no Oversize fit for this replicated version. The only available sizes are M, L, and XL. There are two colours of the replicated Birds of Paradise, which is White and Black – Recent Copy. The print is distorted and the Birds of Paradise does not have a strong vivid structure like the authentic version. It looks flimsy, as if the print is about to collapse from far. The colours are very dull, and looks like it was coloured with pencil. The Givenchy signature black star on the left shoulder is cropped as a result of defective replication in design (Take notice on all the replica versions).
The original measurements of the replica version are:-
Source: iOffer
Medium Measurements:
Shoulders – 42 cm, Armpits – 96 cm, Length – 70 cm
Large Measurements:
Shoulders – 44 cm, Armpits – 100 cm, Length – 72 cm
Extra Large Measurements:
Shoulders – 46 cm, Armpits – 104 cm, Length – 74 cm
Beware there are many replica versions of the Givenchy Birds of Paradise now on eBay. Most of these are on auction to tempt potential buyers into bidding. Do not be tempted to bid on it as they are not authentic. If you are one of the unfortunate buyer who bought a replica version recently from eBay, you may still have a chance to file a case on Paypal and claim for full refund. Paypal and eBay has strong policies that protects buyers against replicated designer goods in eBay.
If you are unsure about purchasing on eBay, try other websites like Barneys New York, Mr Porter, Riccardi Boston and Bergdorf Goodman. BG has sales now on the Birds of Paradise T-Shirt ($471 mark down from $785). Generally I would advice everyone to avoid buying high-end designer goods on eBay as there are many replicated versions floating around the website. If you file for a Paypal claim, it will take around 30-45 days to get back your money back, it would not be worth the trouble. And most of the time, Paypal requires the buyer to pay for return postage fees which will occur to further lost on the buyer.

The imitation copy has printing defects, I presume that there is only one manufacturer out there producing these fake Givenchy Spring Summer 2012 Birds of Paradise T-Shirt.

These images below are taken from eBay. I have disclosed the seller’s information, these sellers has a range of 10-300 positive feedback. Although they seem trustworthy they are not. You can easily tell they are not genuine by careful observation. The listing states that they are 100% Authentic when they are not, I have highlighted the main errors.

Other imitation versions produced elsewhere in the world. These versions has less obvious printing error but devastating colours.
Below here is a imitation version found from a Canadian seller on eBay.

Below here, various imitation versions found from an Italian seller on eBay.


Givenchy Pre-Fall Winter 2012 Collection Prices

28th May 2012
The Givenchy Pre-Fall Winter 2012 was showcased during mid January. Some of the pieces are already available for pre-order or purchase in selected retail stores. For whoever that speculate the prices of Givenchy Pre-Fall Winter 2012 Shark inspired collection is going to be more expensive than the Spring Summer 2012 Birds of Paradise collection – you are all wrong!

4/5/12 – Updated Prices in Riccardi Boston


Givenchy Pre-Fall Winter 2012 Shark & Mermaid Print T-Shirt – ¥47,000 ($590), I presume this will be very popular from the collection.
Givenchy Pre-Fall Winter 2012 Shark & Mermaid Print Sweater – ¥100,000 ($1260)
Givenchy Pre-Fall Winter 2012 Shark Print T-Shirt – ¥28,000 ($350), this version is already available in Bergdorf Goodman – $320.
Givenchy Pre-Fall Winter 2012 Large Angel Crest Print T-Shirt – ¥30,000 ($380)

Givenchy Pre-Fall Winter 2012 Mermaid Print T-Shirt – ¥30,000 ($380)
Givenchy Fall Winter 2012 American Dream Print T-Shirt – ¥38,000 ($480)
Givenchy Fall Winter 2012 American Flag with Stars Print T-Shirt – ¥40,000 ($500)
Givenchy Pre-Fall Winter 2012 Rottweiler & Star Print – ¥28,000 ($350)
Givenchy Pre-Fall Winter 2012 Contemporary Check Shirt – ¥30,000 ($380)
Givenchy Pre-Fall Winter 2012 Aluminium Black Earring – ¥18,000 ($225)
Givenchy Pre-Fall Winter 2012 White Sole Beige or Black Boots – ¥85,000 ($1070)
Givenchy Pre-Fall Winter 2012 High-Top White Sneaker – ¥66,000 ($830)
Givenchy Fall Winter 2012 Black Podium Wingtips Boots – ¥123,000 ($1550)
Givenchy Pre-Fall Winter 2012 Pony & Vegetal Star Studs Loafer – ¥76,000 ($950)

Tailors Melbourne City – Good Bad Reliable Poor Tailors

28th May 2012

Looking for the best tailor in Melbourne for alteration services? Which tailor and alternation service should you choose? Who can you really trust to alter your clothes perfectly? Most of the tailors in Melbourne offers an array of professional alteration services, that is as said. But are they truly that professional?

Ever since I have been conscious about clothing that fits me, I have became very particular about how they are being altered. The sad reality is not all tailors in Melbourne are seem to be as perfect as they may be, after going through a painful experience with them. I have encountered some Melbourne tailors that do not even have an ideal eye to judge a simple alteration of a men’s suit, and by the end of the day I had to pay them for something they had completely ruined.

When it comes to clothing alteration, I have high expectations not in terms of just workmanship but also the fitting. This is because even though you maybe wearing a $5,000 off the rack Brioni suit that is made with the most wonderful material in Italy, a bad fit will make it look like a cheap suit from Target. I always believe that it pay’s to look sharp, and you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Pardon me for being a big fuss about how a clothing should fit properly without being to look weird or out of proportion. Too small, too tight, too big, too baggy is not too good. The second thought one should consider is not just the fitting but also the value you are paying for. Honestly speaking, I’ve been literally ripped off countless times just because I was a young Asian student back then where I carried in leading designer label goods where some tailors over charge me for no reason, all because I brought them branded clothing. I will not name them here, but if you do not see the tailor’s name in the list below, it is best to avoid even if they are recommended by the luxury departmental stores or even luxury brands! That is how bad it can be, which I did not anticipate until I was victimized.

Through almost half a decade of clothing alterations in the beautiful city of Melbourne. I hereby highly recommend a list of Melbourne tailors that I have personally experience myself throughout years of trial and error, these are the very few tailors in Melbourne that everyone should go to. Look no further if you are as skeptical and particular as I am, the list below is promising, trust me.



South Yarra Tailor
10/210 Toorak Road, South Yarra, Melbourne VIC 3141
Phone: (03) 9804 8290

The exact location is somewhere between 25-35 Chambers Street, tucked away at the corner of Toorak Road. It can be quite tricky to find, if you are not able to locate it do give the above phone number a call. Arthur Korderas remain in the same location till date, he is Ermeneglido Zegna’s official tailor for MTO in Melbourne. Arthur is the one of the best tailors for alteration of suits and jackets in Melbourne. You cannot find anyone better than his eye for detail and fitting judgement. He is a very experience tailor unlike anyone I have met throughout the years. Superb tailoring on suits and blazer fittings, this guy is amazing and I recommend him to everyone, if you bought an expensive suit and could not decide who to trust Arthur is the man you should only look for. I brought a few of my Ermenegildo Zegna, ZZegna, Armani Collezioni, Hugo Boss Black, Versace Collection suits and Balmain blazers here to alter, that is how much trust I have in Arthur! Pricing depends on the complexity of alteration, but Arthur’s charges are surprisingly very reasonable and he doesn’t rip me off, he is so sincere and honest. I would say give him a 10/10!


Katrina’s Designs
(Liverpool Street entrance) 8/50 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: (03) 9663 4477

Run by the Vietnamese, it has a very good word of mouth around the city and online forums. This place is great value for money, however do remember that you pay for what you get. Katrina’s Designs are highly reliable, I’ve tested out by sending a mix of mass and luxury label shirts here for a quick alteration but quality wise is standard not to be compared with Italian craftsmanship. This tailor shop is able to alter clothing at a high turnover rate due to the local demand, and sometimes the workmanship is not as good as one may expect. However, if you are not a fussy person who wants to save some moolah, why not? Prices are also negotiable like the Asian way of business if you bring a bundle of items for alteration, like 5-8 shirts or more.


Sam & Feys Tailor Alterations
8/800 Collins Street, Docklands VIC 3008
Phone: (03) 9621 2269

Husband and wife Sam and Feys runs this contemporary tailor shop adjacent to ANZ headquarters. Sam is a down to earth man who will try his very best to understand a complicated customer like me. He will think of his own ways to try to alter the clothing no matter how complicated the job can be. He is like a general tailor, who is good at shirts, trousers, and simple alterations. For jackets and suits alterations I would still recommend Arthur at South Yarra. This tailor would benefit those who is living or working around Docklands, easy access by trams from the city centre via Collins Street.


M & E Clothing Alterations & Shoe Repairs
1/80 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: (03) 9650 2589

Prada’s official tailor in Melbourne, they would send all their clientele alteration here. Harrolds men’s departmental luxury store and Ralph Lauren highly recommended me to M&E. Generally M&E has a good word of mouth around the luxury labels on Collins Street, they are known for complex alterations on suits, blazers, dinner jackets and pants. They also offer services to fix and repair shoes. Pricing wise from my own experience are not relatively stable, and is subjective to the mood of the owner. I’ve been ripped off a couple of times here before to be honest. First time they wanted $25 to add darts at the back of a shirt, then when I brought a Givenchy shirt, they wanted $45, see what I mean? Lengthening blazer or jacket sleeves are $75, while the average tailor would charge $45. This place is expensive in my own opinion, but they are the only tailor how is willing to alter complex items like a Chanel Chained Tweeted Jacket, no other tailors in Melbourne would dare to touch it, only M&E would be willing to take in such a job. This complex alteration sets back $80, a pricey cost to pay depending on what labels you can justify to bring in.


Uno’s Mode Shoe Repair Shop & Tailoring
Level 1/Suite3 24 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: (03) 9663 2745

This is Ralph Lauren’s official tailor in Melbourne, they have two stores in the central business district (CBD). Generally a very good tailor since Ralph Lauren uses them for clientele alterations.


Level 3, 126 Russel St, Melbourne VIC 3000

This hard tailor to find, I could not even locate her details on the internet. I found her contact earlier through via word of mouth. Anna is Kenzo’s official tailor in Melbourne, everyone tells me that she is known to be one of the best you can find. However her pricing is quite steep, I would only recommend sending in luxury labels for alteration if you do not want to risk other tailors handling it. Alternatively, look at the others on this list.


LOOKSMART Alterations
Level 2 (near Stitches Petites), MYER Bourke Street Mall, 314-366 Bourke Street, Melbourne 3000
Phone: (03) 9661 1376

You will be surprised how good LOOKSMART Alterations are despite being tucked away in a corner at MYER’s flagship departmental store in Melbourne. LOOKSMART Alterations is very promising tailor, standard list pricing and non rip off policy since it is base under a renowned Australian store. What I love most, it accepts EFTPOS unlike other tailors who are cash based only, and it’s inside a shopping mall. I had brought my first alteration here which was a $800 Givenchy shirt that had to be taken two size small from two sizes. The workmanship is superbly stunning like the original finish, they manage to replicate the exact seams unlike the other tailors who takes short cuts. I will always go here even for simple items alterations because of the workmanship.


Givenchy Pre-Spring 2013 Menswear Collection

27th May 2012
The end of Spring Summer 2012 marks a new milestone for another collection. Givenchy has first showcased it’s Pre-Fall Winter Collection 2012 during mid January 2012 which are already available in some retailer stores such as Bergdorf Goodman. The current preview of Pre-Spring Summer Resort 2012 expands an additional season towards this year’s collection in Givenchy Menswear. Givenchy The ‘Key Pieces’ here are the patent gladiator sandals, paisley print shirts, military clashed print t-shirts, cropped sweaters with stars and the portfolio case.

Fashion Sneak Peek

Balmain Fall Winter 2012 Preorder in Japan

27th May 2012

Balmain Fall Winter 2012 is already available for preorder in some selected retail stores in Japan since early May 2012. Expected delivery dates are between July to October 2012.

Balmain Homme Fall Winter 2012 Nylon Jacket – Price ¥126,500 tax incl. ($1620)

Balmain Homme Fall Winter 2012 Death Toriod Denim – Price ¥60,800 tax incl. ($780)

Balmain Homme Fall Winter 2012 Leather Biker Denim – Price ¥126,580 tax incl. ($1625)

Balmain Homme Fall Winter 2012 Waxed Slim Fit Biker Denim – Price ¥90,700 tax incl. ($1165)

Balmain Homme Fall Winter 2012 Mateless Biker Denim – Price ¥75,750 tax incl. ($975)