Buscemi 100mm Metallic Pack Sneakers

28th October 2014

The Hermès Birkin, Kelly inspired design lead generation sneakers are back with a reflective twist. Jon Buscemi, an american luxury footwear designer who launched his brand just over a year ago has tasted success in many forms. According to The Wall Street Journal, the company’s initial investment of $100,000 was used to build a website and manufacture 600 pairs of staple sneakers, which then sold out within days. In January 2014, it released an additional 4,000 pairs, and is currently being stock all over the world in many bricks and clicks retailers from LuisaViaRoma, Farfetch, Sneakerboy and even as far as Surrender in Singapore.

The new Buscemi Fall Winter 2014 collection celebrates a new level metallic pack collection for the holiday season by reiterating their flagship Buscemi 100mm Leather High-Top Sneakers. The metallic pack includes three exquisite colorway options, available from silver, rose gold and gold. What makes the Buscemi 100mm Metallic Pack Sneakers extra unique is the leather nature shine itself that exhibits an an audacious chromatic appearance.

These decadent sneakers features a full tonal colourway, with no color contrast differential seen throughout an entire pair. The midsoles has gone through a special heat treated process to reduce the effects of wear, and also further enhance its longevity. All models are equipped with the distinctive luggage tag tassel with hidden key to be used to unlock the front padlock hardware for ornate accessibility. The sneaker’s main feature halt is fully adjustable with hardware plated closure.

Priced from $1,245 each and almost sold out literally everywhere, the high-end luxury sneakers maybe an american designer brand. But products are completely handcrafted in quality detail from Civitanove, Italy – where Chanel and Golden Goose accessories are manufactured. Each sneaker are meticulously hand painted at edges and straps over a five day process. Get global access to these gorgeous sneakers and shop yours now at Farfetch!


Image Source (above): KITH / Buscemi / The Mens Market

Image Source (above): Sneakerboy

Image Source (above): KITH


Farfetch – Buscemi 100mm Metallic Silver High-Top Sneaker. Silver-tone leather ‘100mm’ sneakers from Buscemi. Item ID: 1085098. Outer Composition: Leather 100%. Brand Style ID: 1007Fl14silver.

Farfetch – Buscemi 100mm Metallic Rose Gold High-Top Sneaker. Rose gold-rone leather ‘100mm’ sneakers from Buscemi. Item ID: 10850982. Outer Composition: Leather 100%. Brand Style ID: 1007Fl14rose.

Farfetch – Buscemi 100mm Metallic Gold High-Top Sneaker. Gold-tone leather hi-top sneakers from Buscemi. Item ID: 10848565. Outer Composition: Calf Leather 100%. Brand Style ID: 1007Fl14g.


Launch Collection: Jon Buscemi 100mm High-Top Sneakers Fall Winter 2013

Start Shopping: Buscemi 50mm, 100mm, and 125mm at Farfetch Global Boutiques

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  • Anonymous

    Hey Maurice,
    I bought the gold one, it is really nice.
    I have the black too, and they are really comfortable like the arenas from Balenciaga.
    The issues is that the design is the same and i will end up getting the color variation similar to the arenas lool.
    Pieces from Givenchy pre SS started showing up on the web and i like the combos (will be nice if you missed on old pieces).
    Hopefully there will be some new creations (their offerings now are simply a combination of their previous prints).
    You can check few of them over here.
    Would love to hear your opinion and if you have access to other future pieces please share with us.
    Any idea when the sale or promo codes will start hitting.

    • Great choice, the orange one looks nice too. Buscemi seems to have taken all the colours from Hermes, including the blue jeans version in my post.

      Thanks for letting me know, the Pre-Spring 2015 looks good. But many of us are getting a little tired with these mixed variants. It will be great for a first time buyers, but for seasonal buyers, theres nothing much to look at. :(

  • Anonymous

    I love these! Definitely want to grab a pair.

  • Anonymous

    Probably only for American celebrities will buy, this is too much an attention seeker

  • Anonymous

    Not sure why so much hate..

    I love these! Definitely want to grab the silver pair.