Christian Louboutin English Green Louis Spikes Flat Sneakers

15th July 2013
Not another shoe lust for this month again! So many things to shop yet so little money left in the bank! Christian Louboutin Louis Spikes Men’s Flat in English Green Crosta and Gunmetal Spikes Sneakers is one of my most desired Louboutins for this season. I am adding this drool worthy pair to my Fall Winter 2013 wishlist and pray that a big bonus will arrive soon enough to rescue my never-ending shopping temptation. 
The Christian Louboutin English Green Louis Spikes is the perfect shoes for this autumn. It’s has an excellent colour balance that defines a distinctive gentlemen’s taste, in other simple words – it is not too dull or too sharp, and yet it can easily provide you with just that extra impression you need for any casual occasions, a conservative pieces that wants some attention. It is one of the everyday statement making Louboutins that will get anyone’s money worth and feet noticed.
Featured in a combination of beautiful soft and supple ‘crosta’ suede with gunmetal studs and an off-white rubber signature red bottom soles is a story too familiar among us. Sometimes I really wonder how long more will Christian Louboutin Louis sneakers be produced? It seems that Mr. Louboutin has probably mastered the timeless men’s classic sneakers by offering a generous variant of subtle to extremely editions which will in turn might never get outdated.
The Christian Louboutin English Green Louis Spikes Flat Sneakers

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Source: Photos by thenycstylist
Looking to shop at a reputable online retailer that stocks Christian Louboutin men’s shoe and accessories? Look no further as your best option with worldwide delivery is at Matches Fashion.

Matches Fashion – Christian Louboutin Louis Spike High Top Trainers. Khaki-green suede trainers fully embellished with gunmetal spikes with visible stitching and a white rubber platform. Christian Louboutin’s signature stud work transforms simple designs into standout ones. The Louis trainers are just that; bringing an urban edge to your off-duty separates. These khaki-green suede trainers have a round-toe, a white lace-up front and are fully embellished with gunmetal spikes. The high-top trainers have a gunmetal logo side feature, visible white stitching and a white rubber platform with a signature red sole. Suede, metal, rubber. BUY IT NOW *Sizes are running out fast!
Christian Louboutin US – Christian Louboutin Louis Spikes Men’s Flat Green Crosta. “Louis Spikes” has become the backbone of the men’s sneaker collection. With jeans, a suit, or even a tux, you will be dressed to kill no matter what the soiree. Reference : 3120481GRD5. Color : English Green. Material : Crosta. Collection : Classic. SOLD OUT
Christian Louboutin Louis Spikes Men’s Flat Green Crosta – $1,095

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  • Anonymous

    Great pair of Sneakers. Luckily i received this one as a gift from my friend recently.
    The material of the sneakers is Crust and not Suede as stated on the Matches website.
    Nevertheless, the colors they display on their website tends to be brighter than the reality.
    A simple comparison between their pictures and the ones display at CL store can prove my point.
    The pictures you displayed first in your post are from Matches or taken by you.

    • You have a very lucky friend.

      It is actually suede with a water finish that makes a crust effect. You have to read Matches detailed description again.

      On my side, Matches colour is not accurate, it is much saturated than the real product itself. Someone in their digital photography department probably enhanced the colour more than he should.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you.
      Yeah they enhance the colors at matches.
      I wrote crust in the first post, it is has to be Crosta, sorry.
      I am referring to the CL page and i believe the material is the same as the one i have.
      Did you like the camouflage pik boat at matches, its quite a rare model too and hard to find.

    • Anonymous

      To what extent such shoes can handle rainy seasons you think.
      Is the suede and related materials that delicate?

    • Suede is very delicate, once wet it is completely gone. But it depends on the nature of the suede, some are able to last rainy weather but needs to be dried slowly, a quick process will result a crust surface which will then damage the leather to develop more cracks later. It is a nice material though. Just have to be careful where you step and watch the weather at all times.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for the info Maurice.
      One must be careful to avoid disappointment.
      Hopefully, they will get more models soon.

    • Are you looking forward earlier to buy this pair of Louis?

      CL has been releasing a lot of different Louis Spikes lately, majority of them are in the crusted suede leather.

    • Anonymous

      I have the grey one, it is the same but with different color.
      I like the camouflage pik boat.
      did you like it?

    • Subtle camo print, not liking the colour combos. Grey one is good :)

    • Anonymous

      Yeah the camo print is not that bold and appealing.
      But someone told me that it looks way better in person than in the pics.
      Because the pattern varies with the sizes, it is not consistent.

    • Maybe, I havent seen it in person yet. But I believe it will look good, CL has good taste no matter what he designs.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Maurice,
    Did you check out Mr. Porter new releases.
    Did you like the Saint Laurent varsity Jacket:
    and what about this;
    Which one you prefer

    • Both tells a different story, are you looking to buy one now?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, both are in my price range.
      Both are different right, but which model will live longer.
      I am not looking for a seasonal piece only.

    • Hmm, that is a question you can only answer. Personal in my own opinion… the Saint Laurent will last longer, both are very distinctive for this season, certainly will catch eyes or break necks. But the Givenchy will do this better than the Saint Laurent since it is very unique, dont you think so? I never seen a hoodie design like this. Then again, this is up to you, because im not sure what style you usually play with.

      While the Saint Laurent is more of a flamboyant brand, it is certainly stylish on it's own and I can easily image how much you can get out of this jacket by wearing it several occasions. It is a classic Hedi Slimane masterpiece.

      The Givenchy on the other hand, is a full time street wear. If you have a dark taste for fabrics and unique cuttings like Rick Owens, Ann Ann Demeulemeester, Maison Martin Margiela… then this is for you.

      I hope this advice is useful. Please shop through these links below to support my blog!

      Saint Laurent >

      Givenchy >

    • Anonymous

      You got me straight to the point.
      Yeah, i have a dark taste and if i looked through my clothing range i find that i am more into the Givenchy jacket.
      A problem that i am facing is that i like what is called as street wear and at the same time i like to buy classical pieces from other designers.
      When i look at my closet, i ask myself to what extent will a Balmain Biker jacket look nice with your Rick Owens Memphis Panel harem trousers.
      It is difficult for me to stick to one style or trend.
      Will you get the Givenchy or SL?

    • I will get the SL, it suits my style. I would wear the entire outfit just like the model did on MR PORTER, But without the cuban heel boots.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah it suits you must, i will get the Givenchy. Do you think it will look nice with a Rick owens trousers and Geobasket or it will look too awkward.
      It will look nice on my clothing range.
      I will get fro Mr Porter too, best price online.
      I was thinking of emailing Via Roma to ask them about their price increase.
      Everything is more expensive there by more than 12% which makes a difference, but they get everything there.
      Recently. Matches started focusing more on men's clothing, they are updating their new arrivals every two days and their prices are competitive.

    • You wont go wrong with the Givenchy as you said it will look good in your collection.

      LVR market's at premium prices, they are looking to target very wealthy customers mainly because of their long heritage and vast variety of product range is incomparable to any of their competitors, they are the market leader in the luxury online scene.

      While Matches has recently gone global, they are expanding now. Unlike the past they mainly focus on local markets in the UK, but now they are looking to grow their company to compete against MR PORTER. You can tell by the amount of brands and styles they had brought in this season. The shopping experience there is very similar like MR PORTER. I hope they will succeed because they are the only retailer that has Christian Louboutin mens shoes besides Browns. Plus theis CL Louis Spikes is only A$895 ($825 USD) including delivery, there is no tax applied because anything shipped to Australia for personal use that is less than A$1000 is tax free! Making it the cheapest Louis Spikes online.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah i totally agree with you LVR comes first then SSense where you can find everything there but their prices are high too.
      LVR prices changed dramatically from Spring Summer to Fall Winter. I used to compare their prices with other online store during Spring Summer and the price was almost the same so i depended on them mostly but now i am shifting to Matches and Porter. Why to pre-order an item and get it in the end of September unless one is very wealthy or he needs to secure a fast moving piece. Although Givenchy tees are no longer fast moving specially those that are expensive. Till date all the sizes are available online, this is weird with Givenchy unless they increased their production dramatically.
      I got this one from LVR recently without pre-order:|SeasonId=58I&CollectionId=ABC&ItemId=1&VendorColorId=MDAx&SeasonMemoCode=actual&GenderMemoCode=men&Language=&CountryId=&SubLineMemoCode=&CategoryId=0&ItemResponse=&MenuResponse=&SizeChart=false&ItemTag=true
      And now looking at the famous sex tee lol and another one:|SeasonId=58I&CollectionId=ABC&ItemId=5&VendorColorId=MDMw&SeasonMemoCode=actual&GenderMemoCode=men&Language=&CountryId=&SubLineMemoCode=&CategoryId=0&ItemResponse=&MenuResponse=&SizeChart=false&ItemTag=true|SeasonId=58I&CollectionId=ABC&ItemId=2&VendorColorId=MTAw&SeasonMemoCode=actual&GenderMemoCode=men&CategoryId=&SubLineMemoCode=

      I think i will get one of them in black too, sticking to black again lol.
      Hopefully, Browns will update their CL collection soon, but today they added a Mcqueen shoes which i found nice. I love their store, they get lovely pieces from time to time.

      I feel like blocking those online stores, every day new updates new items, its becoming addictive.

    • LVR has special privileges with a lot of big brands, they make the biggest sales for them. That is why they can stock so many Givenchy that it hardly runs out. Except for those that were predicted to be less favourable, or premium-priced are stocked less. I believe there are a lot of customers that has bought all the popular Givenchy pieces, but every once in a while they will automatically restocked. I've noticed this in Spring Summer 2013, particularly the Madonna collection during mid season has been restocked in all sizes.

      Don't buy so much sex tees, I could see they are not very popular. Not sure why, maybe because of the design, it isn't distinctive nor intriguing enough. The main ones that are selling out the fastest is the baseball skull print sweatshirt, baseball print sweatshirt and the naked woman sculpture print sweatshirt. As for the rest they are moving at a very slow pace, maybe because there is just so much choice for the consumer, that one can hardly decide where his money should be spent, yeah?

      I usually stay focus on what im suppose to get and visualize whether I can live without it or not. Therefore I hardly shop these days. There will always be something you want out there, yet there will always be something better later on. Do you believe in this? :)

    • Anonymous

      Yes i believe in what you said, i keep on adding item to my shopping then i remove them.
      I take my time to decide what to purchase, but if someone need to get everything that he likes then it will be an impossible task.
      I liked the baseball sweatshirt, its a unique piece to get.

    • Anonymous

      Did you buy anything from Givenchy Fall Winter?

    • Not yet, theres nothing that I really want badly at the moment. I lost my Givenchy Fighter t-shirt in Singapore, $700 gone just like that, only wore it 3-4 times… sigh. Every time I think about it my heart aches. Just looking at some of the FW shirts with the sex print patches, gold collar stay shirt, will get them later on but not now. Saving money to buy on an AP ROO at the moment. :(

    • Anonymous

      The Givenchy Fighter is a great piece nothing compares to it in the fall winter collection.
      You mean you want to get the AP watch, right?

    • Yeah

    • Anonymous

      Great, best watches ever

    • Anonymous

      How you lost your givenchy shirt in singapore buddy? Safest country in the world. Would like to hear your story..

    • Well… I was just stupid enough not to check my hotel's closet the day when I checkout and left Singapore. Left my Givenchy Fighter T-Shirt inside the closet, totally forgotten about it until after one week when I took the time to open up my travel duffle bag and realised it was GONE!!!!

      I phoned the hotel straight away and told them where I left it, they told me someone is in the room now so they can't check and said they would call or email me back when anyone returns it to them, or if their staff has seen it.

      I called twice still no news in the lost and found department, so I guess that is it… because of my stupidity mistake not to check the closet… and I was an idiot to to check everywhere, blankets, pillows, toilet, told my gf to check everywhere to make sure we didn't left anything behind but not the closet, I think it was somehow faithed that I will lost this t-shirt, i've never been so careless in my life. Now someone must be very happy enjoying my $700 t-shirt. They say one man's pain is another man's pleasure, I guess this is true. Every time I think about it, my heart aches a beat.

    • Anonymous

      This is a sad story Maurice, but the hotel can check the closet simply by calling them or cleaning the room.
      There is something weird behind the hotel's attitude.

    • It was too late, I only found out I lost it after a week from checking out. So I guess either the cleaner or a hotel guest has my t-shirt. :( Oh well

    • Anonymous

      I will say a cleaner from the room service definitely. They do check the rooms more than once after you check out.

    • When we moved in to our room, there was an empty bottle of water hidden inside the closet, which. So I think the cleaner didn't check the closet most of the time, but either way someone has it and it's gone. :( Sigh..

      And this season, there isn't any nice Givenchy t-shirts that could replace my fighter. I'm very disappointed about my silly mistake.

  • Adrian R

    Nice Maurice! I definitely like this pair. My bank account is in trouble hahaha! I was contemplating picking up a pair of Green Balenciaga arena sneakers, but decided against it. Glad I waited, as I will definitely try to acquire this pair. I also am considering this pair of Louis Vuitton Navajo Camo loafers.

    • Save your money and spend it at Christian Louboutin. The Arena only looks good in full white, besides that I can only think about red or blue which is quite a bias flavour. As for the LV, CL also made a camo rollerboat, check it out! If you have the money, or can wait then why not settle for something more distinctive? Either way you are already willing to pay more than $500 for a shoe, might as well wait and acquire the best there is to offer. Don't you agree? 😛

    • Anonymous

      Love the LV camo loafer.
      Good choice.

    • You getting the LV loafer?

    • Anonymous

      The Black/Grey one is a nice one.

    • Adrian R

      Good advice Maurice! I'm going to wait on purchasing the LV camo loafer until I try on in person. I'm currently in search of the Christian Louboutin sneaker you posted images of above. I wear a size 45, so hopefully CL online or matchesfashion does a restock (which I doubt).

      I also want to pick up a black pair of Balmain bikers this season, although neither really excites me. Furthermore, I'm still hunting for a size 36 in the Beige bikers from S/S 2013 as well. For some reason I have only seen my size on, but it was sold out.

      PS: Did the White/Python Balmain sneakers get canceled for this upcoming season? I haven't seen pre orders available anywhere for them?

    • Just watch the item, you never know. But I also doubt they will restock, CL is really limited and Matches is just so fortunate to stock them. Besides them theres only Browns, or CL online boutique stores which does not ship overseas, but you can try just to buy from them, usually they will decline and a sales assistant will communicate with you. Then you get the chance to request a special order from CL France store, they will ship it from there. I did this before in the past when I tried to buy some CL rollerboy spikes from the UK e-store.

      Theres only 1 pair of Black biker jeans this season, the semi waxed and distressed. lol, not much choices now. Take 2 sizes smaller, they fit big, make sure you double and triple check size 36 measurements, you wouldn't want a jeans too big. Beige bikers are Spring Summer colours, so I dont think you'll find one soon not until next year. :(

      Python Balmain sneakers are very rare, they dont produce much. It will only show up later on during the mid-end of Fall Winter 2013, which is probably next month or september.

    • Anonymous

      CL ships to overseas now including Singapore with shipment fee and I would say the price point is quite similar to the local store in singapore…. But for those who always complain that the CL staffs keep for their VICs, now u un have to feel left out

    • Yay! 😀

  • Anonymous

    Hey Mate, do you know if items above AUD1000 purchased from SSENSE are subjected to Australian Tax and GST?

    I remembered ordering once from ssense and they tend to not state the exact price of the items but instead put a lower price on the package.

    Let me know if you know anything? Thanks Maurice.

    • Did they? I never bought anything from them before because they don't include tax or duties. Didn't know they undervalue your goods, are you sure they did that? Can you confirm, if they do so i'm going to start buying from them! LOL

      Anything below $1000 AUD is not subject to Australia custom tax or duties. This includes the postage and insured price. So if you buy a shoe for $1000 AUD, and the shipping is $100 AUD plus insurance $100 AUD, you still won't be taxed. Which is a great thing for every Australian consumer.

    • Anonymous

      Hey dude, i have confirmed with a few other friends, yes they "undervalue" your goods.

      According to them they have some "tie-up" with aussie post, hence no tax and duties even above $10k.

      Lol. keep this to yourself mate, you'll thank me for this.

    • Ooo… l have to try this. 😀

    • Anonymous

      Yes they do i did a purchase for 1340 $ the invoice on the box was for 90 $ and when you open the box and check the items you will find tags without any pricing in case the customs needs todo a routine check.
      Above $1000 AUD what is the percentage the customs charge in Australia.

    • :O wow, didn't know SSENSE does that.

      Not sure, last time I check it was a lot of money if you get tax and duties above $1000. It is also very troublesome, im not sure whether you can settle the tax and duty at the Australia Post or you might have to go to the Australia customs to pay the tax and duties, provide documentation etc all the very hassling stuff I would't want to get into. Sometimes DHL and FedEx will pay first so you can pay them in return during collection.

      The best way is to drop Australia customs an email.

    • Anonymous

      LOL. Yeah Maurice thats exactly what ssense does. Thats why i am currently putting off buying another pair of Balmain Biker jeans from LVR.

      Btw dude, i just picked up a couple of givenchy tees from Matches.

      Finally got the grey polo with the orange stars around the collar. So stoked.

      Been looking all over the internet for it and even had a friend scout the whole of london- Harvey Nicholas, browns, harrods for me and all are sold out.

      I notice that Harrolds in Melbourne does not bring in such a good range of givenchy as compared to LVR, and worst the pricing at Harrolds are rip-off and customer service there is shit.

      Especially when u get asians girls trying to "serve" you. Even the manager there thinks he is above the customer.

    • LOL, look for Blaire, if he is still working there. He used to be my sales assistant, love him so much. The rest is shit… unless you find an Asian girl called Wendy, she used to work at LV, also a friend of mine but not sure whether she is good at Harrolds. The rest is not that experience.

      Who is the current manager? It used to be Rob, he delivers very good customer service but I heard he became a buyer now for Harrolds. Which im not sure whether the stuff he picks is nice or not because im no longer in Melbourne. Nevertheless he should probably know what the customer wants. Sad to say there was no Balmain for SS2013 there, so ridiculous. Not sure, they always have buyer problems at Harrolds.

      Im still looking for the grey polo tee, missed out so many times!!!!! Lucky you,.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Maurice, thanks for recommending some staff, i'll look for them when i pop into Harrolds again. Honestly i prefer going to Marais. The staff there are very friendly and knowledgeable. I am always willing to drop real dough especially when customer service is good.

      I just received the polo tee, it is beautiful.

      The stars are more reddish than orange. and the pique cotton is superb.

      Planning on picking up another givenchy piece.|SeasonId=58I&CollectionId=LBF&ItemId=19&VendorColorId=MDAx&SeasonMemoCode=actual&GenderMemoCode=men&Language=&CountryId=&SubLineMemoCode=&CategoryId=0&ItemResponse=&MenuResponse=&SizeChart=false&ItemTag=true

      The polo tee i got in a MEDIUM fits perfect. What size would you recommend i get in the above link??


    • Who serves you at Marais? Ian is very friend, if he still works there… I don't like the manager there, she is a bitch.

      I dont really like the one you showed me, don't you think it looks a little funny? Why not try the FW13 rubber print tees? Just in case you are wondering which one is the lead design, this one is

      Also comes in black oversize, but no where to be seen at LVR. You need XXS or XS for columbian fit. Anything bigger like size S will be too big.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Maurice,
    I really need this Balmain Sneakers in red size 43.|SeasonId=58I&CollectionId=G8P&ItemId=1&VendorColorId=MTMy&SeasonMemoCode=actual&GenderMemoCode=men&Language=&CountryId=&SubLineMemoCode=&CategoryId=0&ItemResponse=&MenuResponse=&SizeChart=false&ItemTag=true
    Do you think they will re-stock from it?
    Will it be available on other online stores?
    How do Balmain sneakers fit?
    Do you advise me to take one size bigger i.e. 44.

    • You have to ask them, their style advisors and customer service personal may be able to assist you to reorder them. I'm not sure whether any other stores would bring them in, no information about it as I couldn't predict this season's intake. Red is quite a bias colour, so i'm not sure since they also have it in black and khaki.

      Balmain sneakers are true to size. If you are half size like 43.5, then you need size 44. But if you are size 43, size 44 will be too big.

    • Anonymous

      ah oky then probably i will try to contact them for their help.
      Sometimes i wear 43.5 in CL, i find it more comfortable specially in their sneakers.