Giuseppe Zanotti Crystal Studded Leather Sneakers

12th June 2013
Selling out fast at, this particular pair of Giuseppe Zanotti which was recently introduced to Luisa Via Roma’s Fall Winter 2013 pre-orderseems to be the most popular piece out of the entire Giuseppe Zanotti men’s collection. Only a few sizes left till it is officially sold out for the season (not unless LVR restock them). Quite an expensive pair of sneakers if you are buying from Australia, which retails for A$2599 (similar pricing with Harrolds Australia) while United States gets them significantly cheaper at $1850, approximately 25% less!
The first time I saw these on, it instantly remind me very much of the late Christian Louboutin Black Patent Pik Pik Sneakers from Fall Winter 2012. Instead of black glossy plastic pyramid studs and spikes, this pair of Giuseppe Zanottis features sew on dark crystals mix with black finished cone studs in various sizes, similarly it carries the same charisma as the Pik Pik.
No doubt they do look good and will be a real eye catcher on the streets. However I felt that the metal cap toe design in particular doesn’t quite compliment the overall shoe aesthetic purpose, dont you think so? It’s placement on the front and the embedded logo at the tongue poses an awkward stance. It would have been much better if the cap toe had the same crystal studded design as the sides panels does, add on with Giuseppe Zanotti’s prominent double metal bracelet would have made this pair sneaker of the year.
LUISAVIAROMA – Giuseppe Zanotti Homme Crystal & Grained Leather Sneakers. Two side zip closures. Metal toe cap, and heel false zip closure at heel. Waxed laces with crystal studded side panels. Leather insole and lining. Rubber sole. Made in Italy.
Very much alike… I say

 Click here for more photos!


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  • Anonymous

    Its a true copy of the CL.
    Nevertheless, the quality of the CL is better than Zanotti's.
    I am addicted to both designers, but i still prefer the pik pik. Its a signature shoes from CL.
    Which one you prefer?
    If i can i will buy both.

    • I would choose the Pik Pi, but they no longer make the patent glossy one as shown here. :(

    • Anonymous

      Yeah i saw the new one through Instagram. It is different than that in the pictures.

    • How does it look like?

    • Anonymous

      It is the same concept as this one (check link).
      All in black, but the silver spikes control the pik pik pattern.
      Similar to the first pik pik he released, but in that one the gold color was controlling.
      And you can find it in a Louis men spike flat model.
      A sort of change in colors and distribution of the spikes only.

    • Hmm, interesting piece. Personally I think the Pik Pik will look good with the multi tone studs, but not the rollerboy. It doesn't look right, not sure maybe I have to see it in person to appreciate it.

  • Anonymous

    To add check out Louis Leeman designs.
    Who is the man behind the metal on the toe of the shoes.
    Its getting confusing nowadays, all the designers are into sneakers.
    Wide range from Balenciaga to Givenchy to Balamin to CL to Zanotti's plus the price tag.

    • Sneakers are easier to sell, especially to the younger market. That is why the big designers are constantly making better sneakers.

      See which styles you like the most and go for it, they are all very distinctive. :)

  • Anonymous

    Now i am lost if i buy a Geobasket Rick Owens Sneakers or the Giuseppe Zanotti tan leopard print calf hair london sneakers.
    Help me out, which one to choose.

    • Geobasket is a basic high-top sneaker with an extremely exclusive look. While the Giuseppe Zanotti you just mention is on the fancy side. If you dont have much basic sneakers, in black or white then go for the Geobasket first. But if you already have something similar to the geobasket then get the GZ ones. :)

    • Anonymous

      Yeah i totally agree with you.
      What do you think of the "TAN BRUSHED SUEDE LACELESS RAMONES BOOTS" and the "BLACK MONK STRAP MILITARY DUNK BOOTS" from Rick Owens on sale now @SSENSE.
      Honestly, i am confused with those three models from Rick Owens.
      I love his designs.

    • The ramones boots are the best, they look very wicked with that colour. But make sure you like the colour because it is an unusual colour for sneakers. The monk strap design doesn't look right n my opinion.

    • Anonymous

      I like the Ramones one too. The color is a bit hard to match with outfits, but it is unique.
      Hopefully, they will make further reductions on it (it is know on 30%, i think they will do 50% in the upcoming days).
      Do you know if they run true too size?

    • If it goes 50%, buy them, they will be worth 50% off. Since the price is still quite steep at the moment.

      They are true to size.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, i am keeping my eye on it. When they will do 50% i will get one.
      Thanks for the size update and sorry for asking a lot.
      Thanks again.

    • No worries, it is always better to ask more. :)

  • Anonymous

    Recently i purchased this CL instead of the Giuseppe Zanotti tan leopard print calf hair london sneakers.
    What do you think?

    • Giuseppe Zanottis are better when compared quality wise, you can tell they put in a lot of effort to make that pair of sneakers, while Louboutin has its own charm as well. But honestly speaking, I think the CL you just bought are overpriced. If I were you, I would choose the Giuseppe Zanottis, then again this is a personal choice and its up to you to decide.

    • Anonymous

      I already have the GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI NAVY VELVET AND GOLD SNEAKERS with the double gold detail.
      Its a sort of change plus i found Loubi's more comfortable and the Zanotti's are wider compared to CL.
      Anyway it depends to one's taste and what he is looking for and regarding the price all CL's range around the same figure.
      Regarding the quality, i am not sure about that point cause i barely wear the same pair of sneakers in a month time.
      I am thinking of this all white ZANOTTI sneaker, for i am looking for one.|SeasonId=58I&CollectionId=3H4&ItemId=9&VendorColorId=NDcxMTU=&SeasonMemoCode=actual&GenderMemoCode=men&Language=&CountryId=&SubLineMemoCode=&CategoryId=0&ItemResponse=&MenuResponse=&SizeChart=false&ComplianceStatus=0&ComplianceStatusDescription=&ItemTag=true

    • Anonymous

      What about this Dandy Pik Pik, not released yet.
      Did you see it online?

    • Wow, those Dandy Pik Pik are crazyyyyyyyy! Never would I have thought they would style it in matte spikes, very interesting piece.

    • Anonymous

      Yes they are. He reinvented the pik pik in this dandy shoes.

    • Anonymous

      Btw the retail price is £ 1,195.00
      It hurts the pocket, lol.

    • Yikes :/