Giuseppe Zanotti Metal-Plated High-Top Sneakers

11th August 2013
When the first Giuseppe Zanotti’s Metal-Plated High-Top Sneakers were presented earlier this year for his upcoming Fall Winter 2013 men’s collection, not only that I wasn’t impressed but it didn’t gave me the ‘wow’ factor like his double-metal bracelet sneakers. This was simply because my initial impression presumed it was overly done with the huge metal plated at the cap toe and side panels, it reminds me very much of RoboCop for some reasons – a pair of sneakers with a bullet proof-like housing and a flamboyant finish in two distinctive classic choices, gold or silver.
But after a few weeks of online releases recently – L’inde le Palais first, then came LuisaViaRoma and etceteras – I sort of grew into liking it as much as I did not though so. Especially when SSENSE has put up three pairs within this month, the Giuseppe Zanotti Navy Velvet Metal-Plated High-Top Sneakers that came first was very promising, the photos are much more detailed which describes the product very well when compared to the other two first few retailers, it is the ultimate value of money sneakers you can buy from Fall Winter 2013. The dark mirco-velvet navy blue against glossy patent black and covered by the architectural gold metal-plated facade and sticky rubber soles is a shoe lovers wet dream come true. The colour combination of materials and texture is stunningly beautiful, even for the latest Giuseppe Zanotti Black Leather Metal-Plated High-Top Sneakers that comes in monochromatic flavour in SSENSE is the top seller.
The best out of the best colour combination for this season has to be the Giuseppe Zanotti Red Velvet Metal-Plated High-Top Sneakers from Shoebaloo Netherlands, the dark rouge velvet represents classic royalty at it’s best when contrast against the silver plates in black patent and smooth leather (although the women’s version gets more glossy black patent leather and gold plated) – this is chocolate cherry with sugar icing. I love it so much and wished I had bought it earlier from them as they were immensely popularly, sold out in common sizes and only two pairs left in 41 and 45 – I am secretly wishing more retailers would stock this version. These shoe designs are immensely futuristic, they are a few steps ahead of time and I can bet that even after 3 years down the road these shoes will still  see their days and manage well to glue eyes and break necks. Choose your colours wisely.
Source: YouTube – Giuseppe Zanotti Fall Winter 2013/ 2014 Press Presentation @ 2.34

SSENSE – Giuseppe Zanotti White Leather Gold-Plated High-Top Sneakers. High-top leather sneakers in white. Round toe. White lace up closure. Gold tone hardware. Metal logo plate at tongue. Signature zip closures at eyerow and heel. Leather pull tab at heel collar. Metal plating throughout. Textured white rubber foxing. Tonal stitching. Leather upper, rubber sole. Made in Italy. BUY IT NOW

Click click click for much more photos and information!

SSENSE – Giuseppe Zanotti Black Leather Metal-Plated High-Top Sneakers. High-top leather sneakers in black. Round toe. Black lace up closure. Silver tone hardware. Metal logo plate at tongue. Signature zip closures at eyerow and heel. Leather pull tab at heel collar. Metal plating throughout. Textured black rubber foxing. Tonal stitching. Leather upper, rubber sole. Made in Italy. BUY IT NOW
SSENSE – Giuseppe Zanotti Navy Velvet Metal-Plated High-Top Sneakers. High-top leather sneakers in navy velvet. Round toe. Black lace up closure. Gold tone hardware. Metal logo plate at tongue. Signature zip closures at eyerow and heel. Leather pull tab at heel collar. Metal plating throughout. Textured black rubber foxing. Tonal stitching. Leather upper, rubber sole. Made in Italy. BUY IT NOW
SHOEBALOO – Giuseppe Zanotti Red Velvet Metal-Plated High-Top Sneakers. Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers are made for fashion lovers. These silver metal, hightop sneakers in red velvet with black patent leather will make you look smoking hot. Fits true to size. Take your normal size. Only size 41 and 45 left. BUY IT NOW


An alternative contender in the fierceful luxury fashion sneaker marketplace. This Christian Louboutin Louis Orlato Men’s Flat Imperial Rouge Velvet shares very similar characteristics with the above Giuseppe Zanotti Red Velvet Metal-Plated High-Top Sneakers. It is $200 cheaper (if you can catch one in Christian Louboutin) in the same colour combination. Which would you have preferred if you had to choose either one of these velvet-rouge statement making sneakers?
Christian Louboutin – Christian Louboutin Louis Orlato Men’s Flat Imperial Rouge Velvet. “Louis” has become the backbone of the men’s sneaker collection. With jeans, a suit, or even a tux, you will be dressed to kill no matter what the soiree. Reference : 3130011R006. Color : ROUGE IMP/BLACK. Material : Velvet. Collection : Classic.
Christian Louboutin Louis Orlato Men’s Flat Imperial Rouge Velvet – $1095
Source: Christian Louboutin Online Boutique

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  • Anonymous

    Your topic should be Giuseppe Zanotti not Givenchy… right ?

    • My bad, made an earlier mistake but forgotten to check this title. Thanks for letting me know, been blogging too much about Givenchy recently, it gets into my head every time.

    • Anonymous

      I can't take Givenchy out of my head too.
      Thanks for the great posts bro

  • Anonymous

    Lovely sneakers. Btw the title of the post is wrong, it has to be Giuseppe Zanotti not Givenchy.

    • Oh dear, should have tripled check. Sorry about that, I just revised it.

  • Anonymous

    Will you choose the zanotti over the CL.
    Did you check out the CL blue on blue spikes. It is really nice.
    As for the red, both of them are nice and the red one can be pre-ordered at saks currently .
    It seems CL expanded his production to catch with market demand, it seems the sale of CL is higher than Zanotti's these days. Since when he started releasing such variation from the sneakers with spikes.
    He added many new models this Fall Winter, uncountable range from the Louis Spikes Flat.
    Before he used to release the black or white with silver spikes.
    This season you can find all the colors and all of them are tempting and sell out really fast.
    Any CL mens store in Australia?

    • I like both, but GZ sneakers are very well made when compared with CL. You can instantly tell how much effort they have put into it. It depends how you look at it, just follow your heart.

      There is only 1 CL store in Australia that is located in Westfield Sydney. They have a small collection there, the SAs are useless, better off contacting CL Paris to buy if you are really interested. Alternatively there is Matches, which sells the cheapest Louis Spikes in the whole world (Australia only).

    • Anonymous

      Really is it possible to contact them in paris and will they ship one shoes to Australia?
      It seems there is no demand on CL shoes over there.
      I feel sooner or later online stores will start selling CL men's shoes as they are doing with the women's collection.
      Not sure about their strategy, buy a CL shoes is a must have.

    • Not much demand in Australia for Christian Louboutin menns. But David Jones is trying to bring it in, they have the womens and last year they've upgraded with added full-time Christian Louboutin staff at David Jones, maybe there is a lot of people stealing those shoes. They told me lots of customers gave them feedback regarding to stock mens, and they are looking into it. So maybe in a few years time.

      Currently in Asia, Christian Louboutin has just launch several dedicated online boutiques. I was quite surprise that Australia doesnt have a online boutique yet.

      If you try to buy from the UK store using an Australia credit card, they will accept your transaction but will later contact you that they could not ship to Australia, the sales assistant will then hand your contact over to the Paris mens store and you can start purchasing from them. Just bear in mind, you might get taxed in Australia when the shoes are over $1,000 AUD. Best is to find a friend in the UK or Europe to help you out. It's a big hassle, shipping cost around 70-80 AUD express from UK.

    • Anonymous

      I think when they will be available over there the demand will increase on the CL mens shoes.
      Browns and Matches are releasing a few range from time to time.
      In the UK store you can no longer enter any address outside the UK, i believe it is risky here and i am afraid if i contact them in Paris they won't consider my order.

    • Oh no, :(

      I think maybe they will bring more when there is demand.

    • Btw, I used a UK address. It was suppose to be shipped to my friend over there and to be reshipped to me. But the transaction didnt go through as I was using an Australian credit card.

    • Anonymous

      Ah ok, maybe i have to ask my friend to help me out in getting them and shipping them back to me.

  • Anonymous

    Oh this Balmain is out now @ LVR.
    Wt do u thk?|SeasonId=58I&CollectionId=G8P&ItemId=8&VendorColorId=MTc2&SeasonMemoCode=actual&GenderMemoCode=men&Language=&CountryId=&SubLineMemoCode=&CategoryId=0&ItemResponse=&MenuResponse=&SizeChart=false&ItemTag=true

    • Love it, I would buy both, the beige suede as well. You should get them, will be so worth it.

    • Anonymous

      So in love with them. The beige is a hit too.
      WHich one you are copping ?

    • Likely the one you showed me. Black as I wear more often, but the beige will go very well with the blue bikers, not black.

    • Anonymous

      Your right btw, the black color is a must.
      I rarely wear a jeans, do you recommend them for me?

    • So you wear trousers, chinos?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah more into trousers.
      Do you recommend it or i have to stay away from it?

    • It depends which colour you wear most, make sure it is versatile so you can get the most out of your money. Fashion pieces requires a lot of thoughts and money, so choose wisely.

  • Anonymous
    • Oh DAMN! I love it

    • Anonymous

      Nice one right, i love it too.
      The gold looks nice with the white, nice combo.

  • I love theses sneakers,i want buy the white with gold, but i live in Brazil, tell me where i can find this mark here or online, send me a e-mail and tell me who is the stylist, i need this shoes, please, thank u, xoxo im wait ur email