Givenchy Doberman-Print Cuban-Fit T-Shirt

20th August 2013
Good news to my dear Asian friends, for those of you who are at the smaller and slimmer-side can now enjoy the Givenchy Doberman Print Cotton T-Shirt. MR PORTER has just released the Givenchy Doberman-Print Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt today, it is A Cuban-Fit – in Givenchy language means semi-fitted that falls between slim-fit and regular-fit. Please be informed that it is true to size so do not take a size smaller as it will be too fitted, do read the Givenchy Doberman Cuban-Fit size chart for further reference.

It’s me trying on the lovely Givenchy Doberman Cuban-Fit T-Shirt at Givenchy Paragon. I tried both the Cuban-Fit size M and the Columbian-Fit size XXS. Trust me the Cuban-Fit is so much more better!

Describing the Givenchy Doberman-Print Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt is like a love and hate story, when I first saw this design it didn’t quite ring the bell of ‘Givenchy’, we were used to the signature look, our expectations were surprised – the angry dog Rottweiler with that ugly vicious attack, Shark with fangs about to consume it’s prey – generally eye-opener prints that describes the brand essence. However the Doberman isn’t quite like it’s predecessor friends, it has been tamed which questions and places fanatics about the loyalty test. I would say this is a good design, good enough to be enjoyed and makes ground breaking changes if you accept it. Features a digital patch painted art forming a humble doberman portrait. It’s printed explosive painterly effect includes distinctive key-colours which attracts eyes towards the red highlighted areas empowering the entire Givenchy signature impression, the ideal Riccardo Tisci’s vision for the Parisian label.
This is a very promising t-shirt as it is the main thematic masterpiece design from the Givenchy Pre-Fall 2013 Menswear Collection – the earlier lookbook featured various repetitive styles in the same version which makes this a true investment piece or a collectable merchandise and a statement-making t-shirt. The three distinctions that highlight’s value. If you have not settle for the slighter versions, i.e. Givenchy Double-Head Doberman T-Shirt, Tartan-Plaid Doberman T-Shirt and etceteras, or simply hunger for more, then I do highly recommend you to buy it now before it run’s out of stock.
If Cuban-Fit isn’t your taste, you can find the Givenchy Doberman-Print Columbian-Fit T-Shirt (Oversize) for just $100 more and now available in, remember to take at least 2 sizes smaller. Alternatively you can browse their most generous range of Givenchy menswear.
MR PORTER – Givenchy Doberman-Print Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt. Givenchy’s graphic T-shirts are firm style favourites and this version features an exploded all-over doberman design for a particularly bold look. Printed for a painterly effect, this is a refined option from the powerful Parisian label. Limited to two T-shirts per customer. BUY IT NOW

Click click just to see a little more photos :)

Source: MR PORTER – Givenchy Doberman-Print Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt

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  • Anonymous

    T-shirt should be sold with 3D glasses.
    Because it's tshirt 3D 😉

  • Anonymous

    Have you got yet … ?

    • Thinking about it, even the cuban fit is a little pricey. I don't get to wear much Givenchy these days, most of the time im in suits for work.

      But I tried it yesterday in store. The Cuban Fit is way better than the Oversize Fit.

    • Anonymous

      I prefer columbian fit still and I like stars diamonds brogue print more than any doberman print in this collection so i already got one…

    • Anonymous

      BTW, the STARS DIAMONDS BROQUE Tee with your pik pik is a perfect match…

    • Don't really like the star broque print when compared with the fighter t-shirt :/

  • Anonymous

    Yesterday LVR got few new Givenchy items' update, one of them is this one : but the fabric is cotton not velvet, even price is way higher than matc…, still sold out less than 24 hours… haha

    • Its on Matches Fashion too, this design is very popular. :)

    • Anonymous

      Actually why this patch version sold out incredibly fast at LVR I think is because only this one and another one ( it is knit at center position ) available in men's collection, simply rare and cheaper…

  • Anonymous

    Hey Maurice,
    Currently i am looking at the following pieces from Givenchy.
    At LVR they stated that the Doberman check-print sweat top is a cuban fit, does this apply for the one at matches.
    As for the Madonna Rottweiler it is an over-sized one at matches, what do you think of this piece? would like to hear from you although i prefer the velvet one at Barneys.
    I did not buy any sweat so far from Givenchy, should i get these.
    Thanks you.

    • Get this

      They are much more popular. Take 1 size down for closer fit. They are both cuban fit, but fits loose.

      But I prefer the velvet over the cotton, they have suede version as well. Givenchy is releasing a few varieties in different materials. Choose wisely, the velvet would always be my first choice. :)

    • Anonymous

      Never seen suede version, it is interesting to know, any picture or which shop is selling it … ?

    • Anonymous

      Thank you Maurice, it seems that the velvet version won't be out anytime soon. Only available at barneys for pre-order.
      Probably i will wait for Mr. Porter new releases on Tuesday maybe they will catch up with more exclusive designs (although i doubt).
      Thanks again.

  • Anonymous

    Recently, i am seeing many guys wearing this Givenchy Tee from the women's collection (i believe it is a revised version from the 2012 one).
    What do you think of it?
    If i wear a size medium in oversized tees, what size should i order?

    • It will be too small for you, even a size XL. :/

      There will be better versions in the upcoming Pre-Spring 2014 collection.

  • Anonymous
    • You're a little confused, all designs are not similar. If you are looking for a classic piece, buy the main collection. I would suggest you to get the Givenchy Baseball Skull Sweatshirt. It is the statement piece from Givenchy this season, Riccardo Tisci wears it too.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Maurice

    i'm planning to buy the givenchy doberman tshirt but i can't tell if its fitted or cuban fitted (looks cuban on the site) from ANTONIOLI only one medium size left for international area.

    I am 180cm (6ft) and 75kg i usually wear xs or s for marcel burlon tshirts.

    can you let me know asap because i'm going to buy it by the next day.

    • You need XS for this

  • Anonymous

    Do you think i can fit into Cuban Size L?
    Wears Slim Fit L for Versace Jeans though.

    • Yes can fit size L

  • Anonymous

    Hey Maurice
    Im planning to get this.
    What size do i fit if i wears Emporio Armani tee's at L size.

    • There are two different fits. One is called Columbian, which is oversize and fits 3 times bigger than usual; another called Cuban that is more popular in the Asian market, also know as their regular slim fit.

      For Columbian, you need size XS or S, anything bigger will look like your drowning in it. For Cuban, size L will fit you well as the cutting is similar to EA's regular. :)

      At the moment this design has been sold out everywhere, not sure where you can still get one as it is already the end of season. Best to try the latest season, otherwise you might end up getting a 'replica' if you are not careful.

  • Anonymous


    Is there any ways to distinguish the fit by looking at the tags on the cloths? I got the bambi tee from Mr Porter and its says regular which i will assume its a cuban fit but its actually much bigger than I thought. Is it just me misunderstood the meaning on Mr Porter or they stated it wrongly? I wear size S on all the Givenchy sweaters.

    • Hello there, unfortunately I am not familiar with decoding Givenchy tags, havent thought about looking into it.

      The Givenchy Bambi Print T-Shirt on MR PORTER is not regular-fit nor true to size. It's claim and description is misleading. It is a Columbian-Fit Bambi, not Cuban-Fit. You will need to take at least 2 sizes smaller, or it will be too big unless you are built to pull it off. True to size XXS Bambi on MRP will fit a regular XL

      You can cross check the size guide with the GIVENCHY MADONNA-PRINT COTTON-JERSEY T-SHIRT (in Cuban-Fit).

    • Anonymous

      Thanks so much :) But is it true that every style will come in 2 cuts? I saw someone on ebay claiming that they have the cuban fit for the bambi tee while I have never seen it anywhere.

    • The Cuban fit Bambi is available at Bergdorf Goodman.

    • Anonymous

      If I am 177cm tall and fit a size s on j crew tee but size m on Mcqueen tee. Can I carry the size m on the bambi size M cuban?

    • Yes you can wear a size M, but Givenchy Cuban-Fit is actually regular so it won't be as fitted as a so called slim-fit.

  • Hello Maurice, I was looking for a givenchy t-shirt and the Jesus is back – Columbian fit seemed quite nice. But i'm not sure about the size, most of my t-shirts are 66-67 centimeters. And i don't want it to look to oversize, what i mean with that is that i want my shoulders on the seams of the sleeves. Which size should i take? Thank you :)

    • There are two fits to Givenchy. the first is Columbian Fit which is Oversize, the other is Cuban-Fit which is Regular. I presume you are looking for Cuban Fit?

      If the Jesus is Back the only design you are looking for? I would say this design is quite weak and does not distinct itself as a Givenchy prominent piece. It would be a complete waste of money on it, as your first Givenchy t-shirt, it is recommended to go all out for the best. Most of the lower priced pieces are for those who already have many Givenchy t-shirt but are looking for seek for older designs that has been reintroduce in the latest season.

    • Anonymous

      it doesn't really matter, i just would like to know which size i should get. I understand what you mean, unfortunately i'm not able to but an t-shirt that expensive. But the size that fits for me is where i'm really interested in. Thank you for replying :)

    • What brands do you wear? I will be able to advise if there is a common brand we wear.

  • ff

    • Regret for the late reply, was away on holidays and got sick.

    • Anonymous

      I didn't see my comment show up so i thought i didn't send it, after a while i saw that it was showing "comment shows when approved" i just sended "ff" to see what was wrong. You actually reacted really quick, thank you!