Givenchy Metal Buckle Leather Shoes

1st December 2013
The Givenchy Fall Winter 2013 shoes designed by Riccardo Tisci show that less is actually more. Interestingly, the base design derives from the basic Givenchy Calf-Leather Lace-Up Shoe which has been restyled uniquely for almost every season.
Since it’s commercial absence from Fall Winter 2012 – 2013, there are speculations that the runway Givenchy Metal-Buckle Leather Shoes will be going into production and maybe made available along with the Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 collection, FYI pre-order starts at the first two weeks of June 2014. Read the Givenchy Fall Winter 2013 Menswear Collection.
The unique feature of this pair starts off with the high-grade silver brushed aluminium metal buckle that secures the upper vamp to your feet. A rather chunky trapezium piece as a mere appendage that houses above the traditional shoe lace eyelid, producing a distinctive trademark that will cause your eyes to linger on the extravagance of the design and the polished craftsmanship. However there is a distinct difference between the runway variant and commercial standard which offers a mirror finish metal buckle instead of the brushed. See the full Givenchy Fall Winter 2013 Shoes and Accessories.
The Givenchy Fall Winter 2013 Metal-Buckle Leather Shoes embody a futuristic elegance. From afar, the shoes make it seem as though your feet are cuffed down by the sole and will likely raise curious questions from onlookers. Suggested price starts off at $1,485 for the United States retail market. LuisaViaRoma is now on sale! Catch the big Fall Winter 2013 sale!

Source: Instagram – javierangxe

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Source: Kirstin Kragh Liljegren and Sebastian Solkaer by Hasse Nielsen
Cover Denmark August 2013

Source: Colour Me Mine. Ph: Cameron McNee St: Elauan Lee
Attitude Magazine #235 September 2013 

Source: EDITORIAL Metal Magazine #30 “Fall/Winter 2013-2014” by Rafael Stahelin

Source: “Boy Meets World”: Lindsay Ellingson and Ansel Elgort by Arthur Elgort
ELLE September 2013

Source: GoRunway – Givenchy Menswear Fall Winter 2013-14 Collection

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  • Anonymous

    Not sure what youre talking about – since when they are unavalanble? Shoes are in stock in Givenchy stores in Paris right now, and previously there was a possibility to buy them via special order.

    • Not in stock elsewhere throughout Asia Pacific, including US market. So maybe Paris has it, but the question is did any of the buyers received them after the pre-order?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, my bf have them since early october! The closures broke after 5 times of wearing them though – njw Givenchy is repairing them!

    • Oh no, that is not good! Hope he will get them back soon. Would appreciate if you could some some pictures to my email, if you could help me. :)

  • Anonymous

    These shoes have been available in the Givenchy stores in Paris for months. Tried them on but didn't really like how pointed they are. Often, the most extravagant runway shoes are only available at their GIvenchy stores in Paris.

    • That is the problem, it used to be available worldwide. Now runway shoes are only available at the Paris flagship store. Not surprise to find all the runway goods there or in Japan. But its not available elsewhere.

    • True about most of the runway accesories being available at their menswear dedicated Avenue George 5th store. I always drop by after popping over to LV at Champs DeLysees (and then have Lunch or Tea at LaDuree), they are all walking distances. They often take orders for runway pieces. I got my Star Sandals there a couple of years ago. Pricey but special. Great service as well. I am so glad that they do not release it to Asia because then everyone would have it. It is worth making the pilgrimage to this store although the better route would be Givenchy first in Paris, then other shops. I suggest you make the trip to Paris since you favour Balmain as well. More options plus VAT discount at the airport.

    • Thank you for your insight Victoria, I guess it is a good thing for most of Givenchy's loyal clientele in Paris, receiving the exclusive items that are most often not available elsewhere in the world. Hopefully one day I will have the time and chance to visit Paris.

  • Anonymous

    These runway shoes available for sale at Givenchy stores in Hong Kong almost 2 months ago…

    • :These arent available elsewhere. Only in main cities.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry for a random shoe question, but would you happen to know how the classic Balmain tall ranger boot fits? (the black 2011 crepe sole version)
    I wear a 43 in Balmain high-tops and was wondering if I should take the same size in the rangers?
    Thanks for your help!

    • True to size. Are you looking to get the suede ranger? I am currently selling one in size 43. Condition is 10/10.

      High tops are also true to size, but fits slightly smaller. If you are half size, like 42.5 take 43.

  • Anonymous

    Today LVR released the pre-order for the SS 2014 collection from Givenchy, but as usual the price are exaggerated. Roughly 30% plus difference in price between them and other retailers.
    Maybe this is a reason why they still have a big stock from Fall Winter 2013 collection.

    • They havent release everything yet, just staying ahead of the competition. I have a feeling they will have to let the discount come in to clear the FW13 stock. However approval is pending by the principal brand.

    • Anonymous

      No they released the Spring Summer.
      I ordered the chain sandals lol.
      Go check their website by yourself.
      They released them at noon UAE timing.

    • Anonymous

      It is there online check it out.|Season=actual&Gender=men&SubLine=&DesignerId=471&CategoryId=&ItemSeasonId=&ItemCollectionId=&ItemId=0&ColorId=&FromSearch=false&PriceRange=&Discount=&SizeTypeId=&SizeId=&Available=false&NewArrivals=false&ListaId=

    • Yes I noticed! What a beautiful collection! I bet it will be as popular as Birds of Paradise, as long they dont over supply the market. :)

  • Anonymous

    The thing is – Paris rules! Now you can find most of the pieces from precollections in stores! First precollection items by Giuvenchy arrived more than a month ago!
    Same with Balmain – nearly all new nave-inspired collection is in stock already not only in Balmain boutique, but in multibrands too!

    • Oh how I wish I was based in Paris. It would be the perfect country to grow my blog! I'm jealous…

  • In my opinion as a professional fashion stylist, these shoes would not go with the SS14 Givenchy clothes as they are too sleek. They suit a more minimal undecorated style of clothing (read Celine ish). Plus, they are not identifiable as Givenchy at a Louboutin price point (read RM3500 and above). I know it sounds nouveau riche, but if I were to spend that kind of money on fashion shoes, they have to work more than one season. I'd rather buy something from the current season like Skate shoes that everyone seems to be making including Givenchy.

    • I doubt these shoe would go out of season seriously, they are unique unlike anything you can find in the market and I believe they will last a long while. Much like Christian Louboutin, when people keep saying that one day everyone will eventually get sick of spikes. Now after almost half a decade consumers still cherish them, and they sell out faster than ever.

      True, that this pair won't go well with the SS14 collection and will only suit minimal styles, just a simple christ white shirt and black crop wool pants will do the job and probably pull off a better look than a guy in a colourful Kenzo sweater. It would be a great piece to be included in ones collection, if you can afford or find one.

      The whole point here is about the receiving value in return of investment. Nobody wants to fork out $1,400 for a pair of shoes and expect nobody to notice them, am I right? :)

    • How much do they cost ? :s Are they really $1400 ?

    • $1,400 in retail for US market.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Maurice , i would like to ask you are the ones in Lane Crawford same as the ones in Ssense because to me it seems they are different ,i just wanted to know from you before i buy any thank you .

    • They are the same pair, same finish.