Givenchy Multi Floral Print Panelled Cuban-Fit Sweatshirt

18th March 2014
My affection for the Givenchy Multi-Print Panelled Sweatshirt was discovered incidentally by a visit at the local Givenchy boutique, it was merely a browse as I wanted to survey the collection for sale. Until I saw the Givenchy Multi-Print Panelled Sweatshirt that has endeavour my curiosity with it’s charming unorthodox integration of assorted prints, I had to give it a try. The little boutique also carried the Givenchy Multi-Print Columbian-Fit T-Shirt that has a lighter composition, not quite to my liking as the print perceived generic and simplified on a t-shirt, unlike the Cuban-Fit Sweatshirt variant that came with the resilient black ribbed neck, waist and cuffs feature felt much more extensive. Although the t-shirt variant is much more conventional for summer months ahead.

Shop the look: Maurice Lim is wearing the Givenchy Multi-Print Panelled Cuban-Fit Sweatshirt, coincidentally paired with his new Givenchy Camouflage Stripe Star-Print Collar Stay Shirt, a Givenchy Black Wool-Blend Drop 8 Single-Breasted Suit and his conspicuous Christian Louboutin Freddy Spikes Mens Flat Shoe!
At a swift glance on the Givenchy Multi-Print Panelled Sweatshirt, the wide eyes open catches the myriad of pink floral roses, delicately blossom through the striped panelled disintegration. Shortly dominating by the layering navy & orange camouflage, amalgamate rose camo, leading through the middle by the donning classic white and blue stripes, while ending the distribution by the repetitive camouflage rhythm once again and tartan-plaid constitution. The orchestrate formulation of this masterpiece result it with looks to die for, you really have to see it in person as the commercial pictures don’t do justice.

The Givenchy Multi-Print Panelled Sweatshirt has recently been sold out at Luisa Via Roma since the end of February 2014. The last size available in the hippest boutique in Florence was a size S, speaking of which this sweatshirt is characterized as a ‘Cuban-Fit, true to size’, despite this claim, the chest width is actually much more bigger than the description. I am wearing a size S as a true size M, the chest width here measures at 56cm as opposed to the standard fit of 51cm that could be found in the Givenchy Navy Star Patch Cotton Sweater. Although I wouldn’t recommend taking one size smaller as the neck width is true to size.

Click here to see much more photos and information!

MEN IN FAVELAS – A collection that was widely unacceptable during it’s inception. Despite all the harsh criticism, the Givenchy Pre-Spring 2014 menswear collection turns out much more to be a successful offered than less of what it were presented. Checkout the Givenchy Pre-Spring 2014 at Luisa Via Roma and Antonioli that has been selling out fast, or more alternatives could be still found at Farfetch, Lane Crawford and even SSENSE!

Givenchy Pre-Spring 2014
SSENSE – Givenchy Pink & Black Camo Flower Mixed Print Sweater. Long sleeve boxy sweatshirt in tones of orange, pink, red, blue, green, and brown. Alternating signature floral and camouflage patterns throughout. Ribbed crewneck collar, cuffs, and hem. Fleecy interior. Tonal stitching. Body: 100% cotton. Ribbed trim: 95% cotton, 5% elastane. Machine wash cold. Imported.

Farfetch – Givenchy Mixed Print Sweatshirt. Multicolour cotton blend mixed print sweatshirt from Givenchy featuring a crew neck, long sleeves and a ribbed hem and cuffs. Item ID:10592717, Item ID:10651072, and Item ID:10646032.

Farfetch $736.34 – BUY IT NOW

Lane Crawford – Givenchy Multi-Pattern Cotton Sweatshirt. Each and every print on this multi-pattern sweatshirt spells out Givenchy’s contemporary aesthetics and the mix of them will only make the graphic cooler. Wear this striking number over a white shirt and complete the look with black pants. Fitted Multi-colour, mixed print, crew neck, long sleeve, black ribbed neckline, cuff and hem. 100% cotton. Machine wash or dry clean. See also the Givenchy Multi-Pattern Cotton T-Shirt.

Lane Crawford $930 – BUY IT NOW

Matches Fashion – Givenchy Cuban-Fit Multi-Print Sweatshirt. Clashing patterns and textures are a big menswear trend for SS14. Givenchy’s Cuban-fit sweatshirt is a great example, combining a mix of the house’s signature prints. It features a crew neck, long sleeves and ribbed trims. Shown here with Givenchy Flat front wool trousers and Givenchy Camo-print leather slip-on trainers. Get the Givenchy Columbian-Fit Multi-Print T-Shirt too!

Matches Fashion $834 – BUY IT NOW

Bergdorf Goodman – Givenchy Multi-Print Cuban-Fit Sweatshirt. Givenchy Cuban fit. Cotton sweatshirt in multi-pattern stripes. Crew neckline. Long sleeves; banded cuffs and hem. Colorblocked collar, cuffs and hem. Pullover style. 100% Cotton. Imported.
Bergdorf Goodman $955 – BUY IT NOW


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  • Anonymous

    Great Post Maurice and great choice.
    This is collection is very successful from Givenchy, it is selling out fast everywhere online and in stores.

    • Yes it is, are you getting it? I just ordered from Boombayeh, hope he can help me source it.

  • Anonymous

    Maurice any idea when the Givenchy Minotaur Bomber Jacket will be released or available for purchase.
    So far no one is stocking it online.
    It seems that Givenchy will not release Bomber jackets for SS collection.
    Even from the roses jacket i can't find a size of 54 EU.

    • Just wait for a while, it will show up soon. At the meantime I would suggest this Givenchy Floral Crown of Thorns Bomber Jacket, it is new to LVR

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately, my size is sold out.
      Hopefully matches and mr porter will stock bigger sizes.

    • Hope you will get your size.

    • Anonymous

      Do you think Boombayeh can help me through this.
      Looking for a size 54 or 52 EU.
      I prefer to size up, i prefer a boxy fit to match my taste.

    • I'll ask him, drop me and email and i'll reply you from there.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Maurice, did you come across the Parka Camo Coat at the Givenchy store during your last visit.
    Dunno i was looking at it recently and i am loving it. Also the parka's from the show collection are lovely, but the price is pretty steep.
    Decisions Decisions Decisions??
    PS my friend told me that camo is for Valentino, yet i am more into street wear and i find the Valentino range irrelevant with my style.

    • You must believe your friend! It is true, Valentino was one of the first fashion house to incorporate camouflage into fashion wear and couture… long long time ago. And it is still relevant today as camouflage is their signature.

      For Parka, I would recommend the Givenchy Robot Computer Circuit Print that is going to be available next month, also included at my wishlist above.. :)

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Maurice.
      That parka in your wish list is the best.
      Is is Oversized?
      Any recommendations which size to order or it fits similar to the camo parka?
      It seems to me it has an oversized nature.

    • Take one size smaller if you wish. It fits big.

  • Anonymous

    nice one!! givenchy always tempting…

  • Anonymous

    Maurice what do you think of this laced up leather high top sandals.|SeasonId=59I&CollectionId=L81&ItemId=2&SeasonMemoCode=actual&GenderMemoCode=men&CategoryId=&SubLineMemoCode=&VendorColorId=OTA1

    • Don't really like them, too much leather, only the cap toe is left exposed. Looks like boots more than a gladiator sandals. But at the end of the day as long you like it then why not? Its only $511, if you're not confident in these, my suggestion is to wait and buy the ones you truthfully like.

  • Anonymous

    Maurice what do you think of the Givenchy American Flag print with stripes sweatshirt from the runway collection (look #52).
    It seems certain pieces from the runway are rare to find.
    Did you check out the short sleeve version of the BLACK COTTON SWEATSHIRT WITH STARS AROUND NECK AND HORIZONTAL DETAILING ON THE SLEEVES, though i prefer to go with the sweatshirt.

    • Do you have any pictures of it? Its hard to imagine…

    • Anonymous
    • I would settle for this t-shirt

      It is much better than the sweatshirt you showed me. Felt that the colour combination in the sweatshirt with random stripe contrast isn't too pleasing to the eye.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Maurice.
      Dunno but when it comes to Givenchy and their pricing i prefer to stick with the runway pieces only.
      I believe the flag sweatshirt will be rare and hard to find in the future.
      Do you prefer the t-shirt version from the stars sweatshirt?

    • Anonymous

      To add, i believe the collection is not about the tribal and robot only, it is about the stripes too.
      The stripes in the shirts, leggings, and shorts in the collection is really wonderful.
      I believe that this collection from Givenchy is the best so far and extremely unique from other designers offerings, although it is hard to implement the overall look in your everyday life.
      I think in the future this collection will be a massive success, and it seems that it is hard to find it online by now.

    • They will always make stars and stripes, this is their signature and has almost be implemented for every season. The American flag print sweatshirt is available almost every season in different versions, I don't think it will be popular later. After all, there will always be newer and nice things from Givenchy, so its hard to predict especially now when they produce all sorts of design just for one theme and in such a huge quantity.

      But yes, no doubt this season is doing much better when compared to Fall Winter 2013.

    • Anonymous

      I think its a matter of taste.
      I think i will buy both at the end of the day.
      The flag is something different from what i have from Givenchy (specially the colors).

  • Anonymous

    I'm not sure this sweatshirt flowers
    He looks a bit like clothes for the childrens.

    maybe it's just the first impression …

    • Thats why everyone will look at it. Its not meant for people who are uncomfortable wearing it. :)

  • Anonymous

    Btw any white sweatshirt or t-shirt from Givenchy this season??
    What is Givenchy's problem with the color "white"!!!!

  • Anonymous

    maurice do you think they will release this for mens
    i wear size medium in oversized fit, will a size Large fit me from the women's section.
    Any idea?

    • Yes it will fit you, this is actually from the Pre-Fall 2011 collection.

      I recommend that you should wait, after all its not a the leading print of the season. :(

    • Anonymous

      I will wait for Fall Winter then,
      It seems Tisci is revisiting all the old prints and editing them.
      Hopefully, the rottweiler will be back (till date couldn't manage to find an over-sized medium tee).

    • This is because its very profitable to tap into this market, generally there are lots of customers who has missed out on the past designs, therefore rather than introducing the exact piece which will violate their principals, they result in manipulating the colours and design.

      For me, I always felt the first piece that was initially introduce as the signature design of the season is always the best to stick with. Take the current Givenchy Floral Mermaid Shark t-shirt comparing with the precedent Givenchy Shark and Mermaid T-Shirt from PF11, the first design felt much more genuine.

    • Anonymous

      Btw can you source any of the old releases in oversized size medium.
      Shall i hit you an email.
      Please reply.

    • Hey, check my blog this week. I'll be posting up a range of Givenchy oversize t and sweatshirts for sale.

  • How tall are you ? I'm 172cm tall and 57kg.
    I'm not sure whether I should go for XS or not cuz im so skinny.

    • 183 cm at 73 kg. What t-shirt size do you buy?

    • im wearing t-shirt in size S and XS… (S is just a bit loose) in Cuban fit.
      I can only find XS from SSENSE. As you you that this website is quite more expensive than other retails. So, I try to make sure the size.

    • You will need size XS, the fit is loose, its not slim cut. You will feel its big at chest and stomach, but this is how it is designed. :)

    • thx a lot for your help Maurice !!!

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