Givenchy Palladio Chain Sandals

23rd November 2013
When it comes to Givenchy footwear it is almost impossible to acquire the runway series as most of the footwear collection barely went into commercial production ever since Givenchy Fall Winter 2012. Read and see about my own Givenchy Chain Sandals that I acquired from Singapore!
First there were issues with the contracted manufacturer, defects among the first few consignments that has been returned, production problems with materials and the classical reasoning with cost pricing issues ― we’ve heard all too many rumors and has been constantly disappointed throughout the seasons. Most of the runway featured footwear has been purchased through exclusive invitation and private connections with the principal brand, otherwise kept away in the ever growing warehouse archives, or probably ended up at a factory outlet with a pretty discount.
But for now, Antonioli has just released a very special pair from the Givenchy Spring Summer 2013 Menswear Collection. After a year it has been finally made available by the online retailer, larger and popular sizes has been seized much earlier this week, sorry to inform you this late :(. But be quick as there is only a handful of Asian sizes left! You may be one of the lucky Cinderella to own this pair of masterpiece and I bet there will be lots of eyes glued towards them. Priced at a reasonable $983 which includes custom tax and duties with free express shipping to United States. This rare pair of statement chained-detail sandals with white rubber sport sole is definitely an exquisite entrée for the beginning Spring Summer 2014. BUY BUY BUY NOW…
Update: These Givenchy Metal Chain Leather Sandals are currently available for pre-order at for $860. In arrival no later by 15 February 2014, more details below. BUY IT NOW
Givenchy Spring Summer 2013 ― $983

Click for more runway and studio pix…

Luisa Via Roma – Givenchy Metal Chain Leather Sandals. Chunky metal chained sneaker on leather top. Rear back zip closure. White rubber terrain sport sole. Made in Italy. 80% calfskin 20% Metal.
Luisa Via Roma $860 ― BUY IT NOW

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  • Anonymous

    Hey Maurice,
    Couldn't find my size.
    They are not stocking bigger sizes like 43.

    • Someone has already bought them. Maybe LVR will stock them, better pray hard lol

  • I did not buy in any store, where it is still available. I loved this sandals. Thanks…

    • At, elsewhere is not certain they will stock. This is pretty rare piece.

  • Anonymous

    Size 44 is up for grabs at Antonioli, buy it right now if not its gone…..

    • Go go go buy them quick!

  • ANTONIOLI and LUISA the size 43 is sold out, please anybody can help me find at another store… thanks in advance…

    • Keep checking everyday, maybe someone will cancel it.

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