Givenchy Stars & Beads Cotton Detailed Shirt

26th October 2012

Majority of the Givenchy stockiest retailers throughout the world has recently received the second season batch of Givenchy Fall Winter 2012 merchandise since the beginning mid of October 2012 towards the following month November 2012. This particular Givenchy Stars and Beads shirt from the Stars and Stripes Fall Winter collection has been highly sought after since its inception.

If you are looking for this shirt, there are a few Givenchy stockiest who currently stocks the collar-only Stars and Beads version, this shirt is also known as Shiny Beads and Stars Poplin Shirt. Sizes are random between size 38 to 41 from each stockist and most of the popular sizes have been sold out, i.e. 38 and 39. But do inquire about it if you are obsessed with it (stockiest: REVIVE Michigan, TheDenimBar Thailand). The current retail price consumers are expected to pay for this collar-only stars and diamonds shirt is an average between $1000-1200.

Givenchy Black Star_detailed Look 38 Shirt

Givenchy Black Stars & Beads Collar Detailed Shirt

Long sleeved shirt in black. Spread collar with tonal mock-gem and star-shaped stud details. Concealed button down closure at front. Shirttail hem. Single button cuffs. Tonal stitching.

‘Source: SSENSE – Givenchy Black Stars Detailed Shirt’ Now available for $1025 (November 2012)

‘Source: Bergdorf Goodman – Givenchy Star Collar Sports Shirt’ Now available for $1025 (November 2012)

Givenchy White Stars & Beads Collar Detailed Shirt

‘Source: TheDenimBar – Givenchy Stars and Beads Shirt (Collar-only).’ Now available for 38,000 Baht, same price a brand new scooter in Thailand.

‘Source: LUISAVIAROMA – Givenchy Shiny Stars and Beads Shirt (Collar-only).’ Sold out for $700-800.

Now for the best part of this article, the main version of the Givenchy Stars and Beads Shirt, which features the exuberant chunky stars and Swarovski diamonds beads. This has been completely sold out since arrival at most retailers. LUSIAVIAROMA released the Fall Winter Givenchy pre-order list since the beginning of June, at that time the Givenchy Beads and Stars Poplin shirt was A$1884 including tax, duties and shipping to Australia. Only a few sizes were released once at a time for both the black and white versions. Size range between size 38, and 39. But after a few weeks LUISAVIAROMA started to restock the pre-order for bigger sizes. They are completely sold out during the pre-order phase, a friend of mine in Singapore, Javier had to wait for 5 months and a few weeks for it to arrive. He has just receive this shirt a few days ago, I will cover more detail about this below. According to Joe from Wild Iconic Thailand – a Givenchy stockist, there is only four pieces in Givenchy Paris priced at €1,200 each. However regarding the statistics produce for this shirt is still unclear.

Despite the let down of such limited availability of the full Givenchy Stars and Beads shirt at the moment, I have recently been in contact with SSENSE and they will be stocking this shirt by the following month, November 2012. Do subscribe to their newsletters and keep an eye on every coming Tuesday. Be expected to pay between $1600-1800 for the main Givenchy Stars and Beads Shirt. Just a quick update, SSENSE has just stock the collar detailed shirt version in black this week, 6/11/2012, as you can see above ^. This might be the last chance to purchase such a highly unique shirt from the Givenchy Fall Winter 2012 collection.

Personally I was fortunate enough to try this amazing Black Givenchy Stars and Beads Shirt in store. So what do I think? Well, I got to say it really made my day and I am already in love with it. How can one resist such an amazing shirt, the detail is just out of this world. The stars and beads/ diamonds are done by hand as you can see from the detailed photos below. It requires many hours of labour to complete the handwork, therefore explaining the heavy price tag and the scarcity. The in-store price is $1995 AUD at Marais Melbourne. This shirt has been sold out since last week,  2/11/2012.

The Givenchy Black Stars and Beads Detailed Shirt









Me wearing the Black Givenchy Beads and Stars Diamonds Shirt! I personally felt that the black version is so much more better than the white, it is such a fierce shirt. Those black beads/ diamonds are not completely pitch black as one thought so. They are actually black tinted diamonds, and glow ruby red in colour under sunlight.

‘Source: Riccardi Boston – Givenchy Stars, Studs, and Chrystal Applique Button Down Shirt’ 

‘Source: Riccardi Boston – Givenchy Stars, Studs, and Chrystal Applique Button Down Shirt’ 

‘Source: Riccardi Boston – Givenchy Stars, Studs, and Chrystal Applique Button Down Shirt’

‘Source: Instagram @sagelz666,’

‘Source: LUISAVIAROMA – Givenchy Shiny Beads and Star Black Poplin Shirt’

‘Source: Instagram @joe_angsakul, Size 39,40.’ Sold out at Wild Iconic, Bangkok

Did you enjoy the above photos? Have I convinced you yet? If you are not a fan of the dark side, here is the White Givenchy Stars and Beads Shirt as I discussed earlier. The following photos are contributed by Javier from Singapore. We thought that it would be a great idea to share a more detailed photos of this beautiful Givenchy Beaded Star Shirt since they are so rare and hard to come by. I am very grateful that Javier was willing to send me some  photos of his new Givenchy Stars and Beads Shirt, I have not seen the white version in person yet. But these close up pictures will give us a good sense of comparison with the Black Givenchy Stars and Beads Shirt that I tried in store above. This shirt was pre-ordered from LUISAVIAROMA, 5 months wait and I say it was well worth it! You can follow Javier on Instagram @jvr_ang.

‘Source: Tumblr, Unknown – Givenchy Stars and Diamonds Shirt’

‘Source: LUISAVIAROMA – Givenchy Shiny Beads and Star White Poplin Shirt’

You may be wondering what is the difference between the black and the white Givenchy Stars and Beads Shirt. At first, I was not even aware that there is any physical differences besides the colour, not until recently I realised that the black version is much focused on the stars than the diamond beads; while the white version has much more diamond beads than the black.

In reality, the white version is highly demanded over the black, I have asked many of my friends and readers opinion and everyone said that their first choice would be the white Givenchy Stars and Beads Shirt over the black. To be honest, my first choice was white as well, but I felt there is just something about the black that has convinced me to switch. I guess its the colour and the wicked stars that looks so much more sharper by it’s gloss finish. It also symbolises many characteristics about my personality, I like items that are fierce and subtle at the same time, it gives a good balance, nothing too ostentatious. Which is your pick?

The last time Givenchy produced a studded stars shirt was five seasons ago during Spring Summer 2010. Here is a picture of me wearing the Givenchy Spring Summer 2010 Studded Pocket Shirt.

‘Source: Vogue United Kingdom – Givenchy Spring Summer 2010’

More photos of the Givenchy Stars and Beads collection

‘Source: Instagram @joe_angsakul, Wild Iconic’

‘Source: eBay, various sellers’ 

Runway Looks, Givenchy Fall Winter 2012 – A Tour of America

‘Source: Vogue United Kingdom – Givenchy Fall Winter 2012 Menswear’

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