Louis Leeman Fall Winter 2013 Collection

24th July 2013
Have you ever wondered why men’s shoes are always so conservative? Every time I stroll in a mall and look at women’s shoes, I always had the thought and wondered why does women’s shoes come in so much more variety and creative styles when compared to the men’s. Which we have to settle for the average traditional offerings – the boring brogues, some shiny patent black dress shoes, the affordable office oxfords, a pair of casual Converse sneakers because everybody has one. I often ask myself these questions and wondered when will the day come where we are able to access an open variety of zestful stylish men’s footwear.
Besides Christian Louboutin and Giuseppe Zanotti, think LOUIS LEEMAN – a Parisian brand that was recently formed by two very inspired human beings that has walked their life through fashion and design. Founded in 2011, the duo designers Louis and Erica have discovered the beauty of the “Bel Paese”, and are always in search of ideas and trends from around the world, from Asia to America, but always coming back to the “Old World”. Through their knowledge, life experiences and explorations they decided to combine their talents by setting up a style studio in the heart of Paris that would lead their ideas from the inspirations around world by creating fashion forward men’s footwear in high Tuscan quality with a touch of European creativity. Their ideal designs are classic shaped shoes that are incredibly well made with modern embellishments.
When I first saw the Louis Leeman Lion Embroidered Velvet Loafers at LuisaViaRoma, it gave me the goosebumps. I have never seen such a fearsome looking statement men’s shoes in my life, it was definitely an eye opener. This special pair of gold embroidered Venetian theme slippers reminds me very much of a historical artefact from the Rococo art movement. It has a lot of character, something out of the ordinary that anyone would least expect. The embroidery work here is beautifully detailed at the finest craftsmanship, a classy pair of shoes that I would hate to see myself not owning one. They sell out pretty quick too, only three unpopular sizes left and there is one in my size but do I stand the chance? €1300 without tax is a lot to ask for, I hope I can get a big pay check soon.
Louis Leeman’s creative advertisement campaigns for Fall Winter 2013 

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LUISAVIAROMA – Louis Leeman Lion Embroidered Velvet Slip on Loafers. All over Venetian themed embroidery. Grosgrain lining. Leather insole and lining. Leather sole. Made in Italy. 50% Cotton, 50% Calfskin. BUY IT NOW
LUISAVIAROMA – Louis Leeman 7TH F4E LTD Tartan Money Penny Loafer. Special edition, created exclusively for Luisa Via Roma in honour of FIRENZE4EVER 7th edition. Studded leather vamp. Wool tartan side panels. Leather insole and lining. Leather lining. Handmade in Italy. 100% Cotton. BUY IT NOW
LUISAVIAROMA – Louis Leeman Crystal & Velvet Money Penny Loafers. All over black rhinestones. Leather piping. Leather insole and lining. Leather sole. Made in Italy. 50% Cotton, 50% Calfskin. BUY IT NOW
LUISAVIAROMA – Louis Leeman Swarovski & Satin Lace-Up Shoes. Oxford style lace up closure. All over gold coloured rhinestones. Leather insole and lining. Leather sole. Made in Italy. 100% Silk. BUY IT NOW
LUISAVIAROMA – Louis Leeman Brushed Leather Money Penny Loafers. Metal insert at toe. Leather insole and lining. Leather sole. Made in Italy. 100% Calfskin. BUY IT NOW

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  • Anonymous

    I love the collection and the campaign is catchy too.
    The embroidered shoes you posted at first is something different, completely in love.
    A work of art and a very unique piece. It will stand out definitely with any outfit.
    Will consider getting it, but its expensive.

    • It is expensive, but it has so much character. Never seen such a beautiful shoe. I guess the price is the only thing that is holding us back.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah the price is the only thing and it is only available at LVR.
      Usually Farfetch used to sell from them. Will wait and see although few pieces are left at LVR.
      Did you make your decision if you will get it?

    • I really want it, but I have other commitments now. :( 1300 euro is a lot for a pair of shoes to me. which doesn't even include tax yet to my country. I usually would not pay more than 1000 usd for a pair of shoes unless I want it really badly. So far the Louis Leeman make me want it, but it doesn't really say that I cannot live without it. Therefore I will not consider buying it at full price, secretly waiting for Farfetch or it going on sale at LVR, but I doubt it will happen.