The Many Faces of Givenchy Birds of Paradise

31st May 2012
Source: – Instagram: mauricelwx (Me trying out the Givenchy Birds of Paradise in Hankyu 阪急 Men’s Tokyo)
Source: Retail Design Blog – Givenchy Hankyu 阪急 Men’s Tokyo Store (Yes please! I’ll be more than happy to buy everything off that rack! =D)
I can’t seem to describe in words just how much I love this collection. When I first saw the Givenchy SS12 Birds of Paradise during Fashion Week a year ago, I was doubtful that I would find anything that I like since the whole collection looks exactly as what Riccardo Tisci did in the past few seasons but only did a few tweaks on the collection and added a new print design. It was disappointing for me at that time, since I had to stay up and watch it live at midnight in Australia and that I did not find anything that truly inspires me or has attracted any of my attention.
Source: (Trying on a Oversize M – XXL in Isetan 伊勢丹 Shinjuku, pull’s excess from behind to see how it looks if it’s fitted.)
Source: (Love at first sight in Isetan 伊勢丹 Shinjuku, Price – ¥69,300 tax. incl)
But as I journey through Spring Summer this year, the more I see the Givenchy Birds of Paradise, the more I want it. My love at first sight on the Birds of Paradise occurred during the Easter holidays when I was traveling in Tokyo with my girlfriend. The aqua (mint) green Givenchy Birds of Paradise Mirror T-Shirt was folded and displayed on a table, it was very distinctive since it was the only merchandise in store with the full-on Birds of Paradise print. Immediately in my mind I was desperate and ready to purchase, but the friendly store assistant in Isetan Shinjuku told me it was not for sale. The Birds of Paradise T-Shirt was just a display unit/ an early preview for customers like me to try and pre-order.

Official launch of the Birds of Paradise collection in Japan was 12 April 2012, 4 days ahead and my flight home was the next day. There was only one display piece in a Oversize M, which is equivalent to a regular XXL! Although I swum in it, seeing it in person made the print much more desirable. After that experience, I told myself if I ever get the chance to buy one, I will.

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  • Desmond Tong

    its on sale everywhere. mr porter, ssense, marais in melbourne. givenchy in pavillion. I've got two pieces of the shirts. in love with it.

    • I know they are on sale. I bought the last XS Givenchy Mirror T-shirt from Mr Porter quite a while ago. I also recently acquired the mirror shirt version, which is rarer than the main Birds of Paradise. Which version did you get? I don't think I will be getting the shoulder print version as I am very satisfied with my current collection. – Page 100 and Page 98 bottom part.

  • Desmond Tong

    how long did it took u to post this?

  • I want buy this

  • Julian

    Hello Maurice,

    I have a Birds of Paradis T Shirt in Size M Columbian Fit with original tags etc. I wore it only 3 times and since then it layed in my closet for almost 2 years. I think now is the perfect time to sell it, because I don't wear it anymore and it feels dated. What you think?? How much could I get via Ebay, I have quite alot of interests, but didn't saied a price right now!!

    • I would sell it for over $1,000. Maybe $1200 for size M. A size XS can catch $1500 if its pristine!