Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 Menswear

19th January 2014
Staged on a runway designed to look like a basketball court whose markings were picked out in neon pink. For the Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 menswear collection, designer Riccardo Tisci found inspiration in the lines of his childhood sport, basketball. It was an urban sport show that link with the architectural study of lines and curves of the German Bauhaus movement, a periodic twentieth-century design movement expressing the past, present, and future that fundamentally linked to Tisci’s grandiose presentations.

At the beginning of the show, the trouser silhouette seems to be a lot more baggier than in past collections, a black velvet dress suit paired with full cut pants and a crisp white shirt with black netting across the face was a rather surprising change from last season’s graphic techno-tribal thematic. The first few looks were more skewed towards an artistic approach, introducing the elegant painterly effects that were first spotted in Givenchy Pre-Fall 2013 doberman print has been repeatedly used for future dynamism. Vivid colours striking across dark fabrics contrasted tops, double pleated trousers with large leather pocket inserts to pinning a high luxe dose of muskrat and opossum fur torso mix was a rather intriguing showcase.

As the collection were slowly revealed, the initial inspiration from the basketball theme were demonstrated with the designs and materials closely referenced to the surface of the ball characteristics produced in this season’s abstract prints. The spherical shape of the ball and it’s ribs configured the details at the hips of pants and rounded puffer jackets with silver zipper embellishments resemble the black rib groves of a basketball. Graphic button up cotton poplin shirts with reference with other basketball elements and bauhaus inspired colour lines are a tactic sketches used by basketball coaches. A pull over top crafted out of what could have been hoop netting and a team jersey knitted out of fluffy angora wool were other inventive ways to expand the sporty inspiration.

Without a doubt, all of the looks were finished off with a pristine pair of Nike basketball trainers. After all Tisci is now collaborating with the sportswear giant. It is the finale score for Riccardo Tisci’s dreams made for high-street sartorial. See below: The current resemblance of the Givenchy’s high-top sneakers in comparison with the Nike Airforce 1.

The Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 Menswear Collection
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Click to see the entire Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 menswear collection…


Riccardo Tisci’s initial inspiration design for the Givenchy sneaker that shares strong characteristics with his all time favorite sportswear brand, Nike.


Earlier Showcase: Givenchy Pre-Fall 2014 Menswear – High Resolution Photos

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  • Anonymous

    This can't be Givenchy…

  • Anonymous

    what is your opinion?
    I do not know what to think about this …. not bad, is it good?

    Natural fur animals should be banned / illegal /
    Designers should not use natural fur!
    Maybe Gievnchy uses artificial fur is ok.
    If it is natural fur, I'm strongly disappointed.

    • I try to have a positive impression about the collection, overall Tisci is still a great designer and this is an amazing brand with so much history.

      At first sight, it is shocking to see the dramatic changes when compared with the past seasons. But I think there is much more than what is shown, let's hope it will be much better as always.

      The fur pieces are considered exclusive, therefore there will only be a few in the whole world. I'm sure it will be difficult to sell, but there is a market for it though I do not recommend natural animal fur. :(

  • Anonymous

    Ugliest Givenchy collection I've seen :(

  • Anonymous

    Such a let down! Horrible! :(

  • Overall I did not like…
    except for the white shirt silvery streaks, because it is beautiful…
    Overall the pieces are like me you will be extremely expensive…
    I would never buy an expensive coat that neither would use this here in Brazil…

    Givenchy/Tisci, just no!!!

    • They will be quite expensive as you can tell the amount of work has to be done here. I'm sure there will be toned down pieces.

      The whole point here is also to avoid replicas, thats why they like to use special materials and embellishments like zippers because it will not be economically feasible to replicate.

  • if natural skin, like who tore the skin Tisci for him to think again as in past collections …

  • Where are the t-shirts, sneakers and bermudas???

    • Bermudas are only available for Pre-Spring and Spring Summer, sometimes Pre-Fall in leather material. But barely Fall Winter.

      I'm sure there will be much more.

  • Terrible.
    I don't even know what to say, that is the word I found the most appropriate.

    • Let's see how it goes when the collection hit the store. I'm sure there will be much more like the current Pre-Spring 2014.

  • Anonymous

    The grey sweater is really a nice one and covers the whole theme of the runway.
    Other pieces if taken separately are fine.
    The sneakers is funny though, Givenchy are good in doing sandals and gladiators.
    I figured out that Givenchy is at its best in Spring Summer only.

    • You mean the furry grey sweater which does not have any print on it?

      I agree with you, the gladiator sandals are the best! I just bought the SS13 chain sandals that were only available now for PS14, do come back and checkout my blog this weekend as it will be posted in good pix.

    • Anonymous

      I mean the one towards the end with the 17 on the front and orange stripes.
      Definitely will come back and check out your post on the Chain Sandals.

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful… Looking forward to the printed t shirts, I see one design already in the second picture. Any idea what the new designs will be besides that or has the pre-fall already revealed them all?

    • Most of the pre-fall has already revealed the printed t-shirts, the SS14 robot collection will make another debut in monochrome colours for Givenchy FW14.

      Other than the above its just basketball, i'm eagerly waiting to see whats in PS15, public release of the collection has been delayed since end of May.

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