Givenchy Fall Winter 2015 Menswear

25th January 2015

There is no two ways about it, the Givenchy Fall Winter 2015 menswear is no doubt the most captivating collection prevalent to recent times. For this season, Riccardo Tisci has resulted his fall winter menswear collection with a devilish and dramatic affair, where subjects are spread across numerous inspired concepts from couture, romanticism, urban, cultures and eras. It was an idiosyncratic notion that enables the designer to fully express himself for once. During a backstage interview, the designer mentioned that this is the moment in his life where he has found serenity and was very happy with what he is doing. “I’m very faithful to myself. When you do things that are true it just comes out quite instinctively.” Tisci said. Shop the new arrivals from Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 Floral Gypsophila Menswear now available at Luisa Via Roma.

Source: Dazed, Givenchy’s dark magic – revisit the best of Paris menswear, illustration by Paul Wagenblast

A venue curated from an antique store furnished the runway set with random assortments of collector’s antiques, treasure objects were assembled which portrays an unusual figurine between the shimmering ruby red glitter pathway that echoes a haunting ambience. As the show begun, models strut the fiery catwalk with pinstripe wool suits, each were uniquely dissected through strategic layers, leading towards red-trimmed details on pitch back looks that seems to depict a classic representation of a devil’s outwear. Elements characterise their faces were no less a spectacular – featuring masked jewel rhinestones, drapery sea shells, metal elements and beaded pearls, some even had a Joker smudge makeup while others had their lips sealed by metal sutures that illustrates what would an unhinged extremist would effectuate on others. Intricate accessories dressed vital details includes raccoon tails, oversize safety pin brooch jewellery, and religious cross prints.

But perhaps the most notable creations in the Givenchy Fall Winter 2015 menswear collection have taken inspiration from traditional carpets and textiles of Latin American culture. The latest season saw the return of the muted colours rug trend that seems to be the predominant theme; the extraordinary Aztec tribal motif tapestry work appears from time to time on numerous suiting options with distinct red-trimmed edges, jackets, coats, shirts, trousers, skirts, and was not even spared on the western boots. It gave the collection a rich sense of depth, depicting a fantastical folk tales in an authentic fashion. But what I liked most was the prominent black sequinned embellishment jacket, which fades into the graphic tribal tapestry print, and not to forget the sheer organza sweater with a rich touch of sequinned flakes, reflecting the beauty of decaying objects in exquisite detail.

The Givenchy Fall Winter 2015 menswear collection received some high praises, what seems to be the most ambitious challenge this season is creative mix of breathtaking styles, where urban and traditional masculinity aesthetics coincide with elegant tailoring, and somewhat a macabre twist from a voodoo-esque. Besides the objective has been served, they were glad Tisci deterred his focus on presenting highly sough-after graphic print t-shirts and sweatshirts, although these are known to be the sales engine of the French designer label. Despite this, there is a small selection of noteworthy t-shirts that was highlighted during the runway presentation. Unfortunately these were mysteriously concealed over layers of outwear, which eventually drew consumer speculation over the initial print design.

The first t-shirt design I presume is an illustration of a ‘bat’ housed over a star capsule, was evidently similar to the Givenchy Shark Teeth Print Cuban-Fit T-Shirt, however most readers are guessing it is a ‘wolf’ instead. While the second t-shirt looks what seems to be a elements of a sketch animal print identical to the Givenchy Doberman Print Cuban-Fit T-Shirt, both of these resembles a series from the former Givenchy Pre-Fall 2013 menswear collection. Read also, my recent purchased Givenchy Rottweiler Star Appliqué Print Columbian-Fit T-Shirt from Pre-Spring 2015.

Complete 61 Looks in High Resolution

Source: Photographs by Monica Feudi /


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Source: Detailed photographs by Gianni Pucci /


In Motion: Givenchy Fall Winter 2015 Menswear Runway Show

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  • Markus Rasmussen

    Look 35, is that a wolf on the T-shirt?
    Look 37, T-shirt looks interesting.

    • Good question, I was trying to figure out as well. But i'm guessing its a bat instead of a wolf, and design wise will be similar to the earlier pre-collection series Shark Teeth tee with star.

      As for look 37, I find it similarly referenced to the doberman sketch print, but truly have no idea what figure it is.

    • Anonymous

      I remember riccardo a while back posted a picture of a gorilla. to me the T shirt looks like a gorilla with it's mouth open. My favorite looking collection though, i'm glad the dark style is coming back :)

  • Anonymous

    The Comeback…
    What a collection…
    Hard to explain my feeling about it.
    One of the best FW collections or let me say it the best so far for Tisci.
    In Love

    • Yes, it reminds me so much of FW11. A truly inspiring collection, can't wait for it to hit in stores.

  • Anonymous

    Simply exotic and eccentric this collection.

  • Anonymous

    This collection reminds me of the movie From Dusk Till Dawn

  • Anonymous

    Finally a collection that gives life!!!

  • Kurtis

    This is extravagance. I loved the prints, the masks, the dark undertones, the diversity..

  • Anonymous

    this collection looks like a condensed version of his past menswear collections just different colors and fabric. it seems like riccardo is unable to move past beyond the same kitschy prints he made popular 4 years ago. spring 2013 was his last interesting collection imo love the silhouettes and proportions.