Givenchy Spring Summer 2014 Menswear

29th June 2013
An eye opener collection – Creative director Riccardo Tisci presents Givenchy Spring Summer 2014 men’s in Paris Fashion Week, blending tribal references with primitive technology which colour scheme seems to be inspired from the 70s-80s, embracing a retro-style with bold stripes and various photo prints bombardment through the entire Spring Summer collection. The Givenchy key pieces here seems to be not as resonant when compared to previous collections in the past, the latest release does not reference towards acclaimed Givenchy statements – there is a drastic changed in Givenchy Spring Summer 2014 Menswear collection, seems that the Tisci has dismissed the signature ‘Stars’ approach. Nevertheless this is a unique implication that has represented Givenchy very well. I think they are going to call it – Techno Tribal. Excellent work Riccardo!

The Givenchy Spring Summer 2014 Menswear Collection
High Resolution Photos (2136×3201 pixels)

Click here for much more photos!

Photographer: Monica Feudi

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  • Anonymous

    Simply this is what is called creativity.
    I wish that those pieces will be available for purchase.
    The previous runways pieces were very limited and hard to get.
    Even from the fall winter collection, you can barely find the pieces of the runway for pre-order at all online stores.
    A positive change, i am glad he did not build this collection on the pre-summer one.
    Creativity at its best, thanks Tisci and thank you for the high resolution pictures.
    All the best.

  • Anonymous

    This is abhorrent. KTZ x Bernhard Willhelm

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I don`t like, it is not Givenchy…

  • Anonymous

    Half the collection looks like R2-D2…

    • Anonymous

      Haha, this though.

      Most outfits hurt my eyes looking at it. Only thing I see I'm liking is the tanktop (5th photo).

    • It's not that bad really. I just attached a video of Givenchy Spring Summer 2014, it looks better in reality. And there are quite a lot of nice pieces in this collection, it may just be quite difficult to spot since there is over more than 50 looks.

  • Anonymous

    The make up, color palettes of the clothes and the inspiration of gorillas, it makes me wonder that it somehow bears a resemblance to a monkey named Mandrill. Google it and you will see the

    • It was inspired by African tribal cultures, including the colour palette and stripes. I think it is just part of the show, dont think anyone would go to that extend to face paint and wear this Givenchy collection in reality.

  • Anonymous

    lot of shirt for Maurice!! :)

    • Yes! I also spot a particular robot t-shirt that I want in this collection. Look number 22, im definitely getting that Givenchy Dark Blue Robot Print Columbian-Fit T-Shirt!

    • Anonymous

      true the number 22 is pretty cool, i also like the 5 entire look!

  • I have been hard criticizing Riccardo for the recycled "favelas" pre collection. I am a Givenchy early adopter, now after a few recent disappointments, I must admit he is back at work with this inspiring release. It's a visual masterpiece, you can finally see Tisci creative hand here. I believe this "robotribe" collection could be a massive hit! Thanks for posting Maurice.

    Mr G.

    • I am very thankful that he made such a move, it has definitely strengthen the brand. This collection is to be believed that it will be as successful as the Birds of Paradise SS12.

  • Anonymous

    I am not connecting with this collection, i.e. taking inspiration/actual pics of an IBM mainframe server. ???!!! The print and complexity reminds me like the engines collection from Christopher Kane. Also, I found that Riccardo also followed Christopher Kane's menacing large print gorilla/animals collection in his famed Rottweiler collection.

    The buyers will die figuring out what to buy. 70% of the things are unwearable in real life, the print skirts, print leggings, overprint parkas, and the stripe shorts look like the run-of-the-mill Billabong board shorts.A lot of the looks will be commercialised for sure.

    Not too pleased.

    • The IBM mainframe servers are not as bad as you think it is. Im sure this collection will grow in you, just like the birds of paradise that receive numerous negativity when it was shown live at At the end when the season is released everyone loved them despite the staggering $800 price of a t-shirt. Let's see how it goes when Spring Summer 2014 arrives next year.

    • Anonymous

      Positive change and lovely collection.
      He is leading all designers now with a great sense of creativity.
      This is fashion, his collection is way futuristic.
      Love Love Love…

  • Anonymous

    ugly. this is for fashion victims.

    givenchy is a joke. riccardo is a bigger joke.

    • Anonymous

      If this is ugly and only for fashion victims, then I am more than happy to be called a fashion victim. I ADORE this collection! I agree that it can be too much, but that's what styling is for: you pick certain items to go with other items in your closet. For example, if you mix those shirts with simple khaki pants, then it will make for a perfect statement shirt. Even those meggings can be paired with a simple top.

      All in all, this collection can work if you mix and match to reflect your true style.

    • ^ got to agree with him. There are so many nice individual pieces here from the Givenchy Spring Summer 2014 mens, just have to look carefully.

    • Anonymous

      if i wanted a perfect statement shirt, i would've hoarded his earlier collections wherein he offered variety and givenchy produced quality products in quality materials.

      riccardo is in mechanical mode starting from the birds of paradise collection. take a print, make a shitload of items from that single print. come on, it's all so formulaic right down to the footwear. one design, multiple materials. yawn.

      he should've just presented 10 looks then.

      i still stand by statement that fashion victims will buy this. sorry.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you, are at most a 10-20 looks… others are victims of fashion buzz will certainly buy … I do not, I'm looking for other collections of other designers…

  • Anonymous

    hey the youtube video is set on private, is there any ways to watch it?

    • Givenchy Youtube Channel changed the settings to private, but thankful some other guys has ripped the video and uploaded it. Try playing again now, it should work.

  • Anonymous

    mixing technology with tribal, what choice pathetic!!! as pathetic as unimaginative … needed to repeat something very out … depressing …

    • If it isn't wild animals, it will be plants, if it isn't plants, its going to be something unimaginable. This is Riccardo Tisci.

  • Anonymous

    ok ok ok… reviewing calmly managed to find a piece: a tank top… kkkkkkkkkk

  • Anonymous

    only thing that saves this collection are the sandals … excuse me but it's true

    • They remind me of Louis Vuitton SS12 Masai Collection.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Maurice,

    I pre-ordered a Red Knit wool sweater with stars from the pre-fall collection. I just received this item but found out that it was MADE IN CHINA! I am very, very disappointed with Givenchy's move.

    I do know that a lot of luxury brands have relegated some manufacturing to China for a few years now but it automatically turns me off knowing that my "luxury item" was made with other non-luxury stuff.

    I didn't mind that t-shirts were made in Portugal before but now manufacturing in China just ruins it for me. They have a brand to uphold and this move will certainly not help.

    Oh and by the way, I have no qualms with items being Made in China (I know at least 50% of my closet is made there) but Givenchy, a French fashion powerhouse that is a member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture? Come on!

    • That is terrible news, return it if it doesn't fit well. But I think the manufactured product is in top quality although it came from a place where everything is mass produced. There is nothing too much to worry about, maybe the material was imported from Italy or France and it is manufactured in China to keep the cost low while profits gets higher :/

      I know that many Australian designers are doing this since a decade ago. Quality wise is good, nothing much to complain about since materials were originated from Europe. Just check whether there are defects.

      This must have bugged you. I think you should write an email or letter to them stating your dissatisfaction with the brand. Complaining to the retailer, im guessing you bought from LVR? Will not make much of a difference. :/

  • It's very Janet Jackson "Together Again" video.

  • Anonymous

    Even so i don't like it either!
    I can't understand why are people spending 700 or 800 use for an laserprint shirt. :-(
    The only thing Tisci is doing are t-shirts or sweaters.
    Why is the man not concentrating on making good jeans or some classic things?
    His sneaker collection is just a copy of the Nike Air force and repeating over and over..
    That you are liking Givenchy Maurice i don't understand, as you are a fashion lover and not a hype lover…
    The only thing that makes Givenchy great is that it been worn by big names that (i'll bet) get all those things for free.
    No again this collection and others from Tisci are for me a big joke….

    • Printed t-shirts and sweatshirts are Givenchy's menswear best sellers. They do some pretty good couture and tailoring wear, but theres not much of a market there. Because the mass market is not willing to pay.

      At the end of the day, you have to understand that Givenchy is owned by LVMH. A huge luxury global player in the market and they will do anything to exploit their strengths. So as recently many celebrities has been wearing Givenchy that is why it is so popular. I am also not surprise that their clothes are sponsored for free by the brand.

      I agree, that its nothing much of a surprise for this season and it is also not doing as good as the previous SS13 collection. But this SS14 has some great potential, trust me it will be a memorable collection like the Birds of Paradise, there are some key pieces here that are quite interesting.

      I'm sure if Givenchy just add a 'Star-Neckline' embroidery or metal applique on all the current menswear collection it will be sold out in an instant. Problem is, people like it when there is a signature distinctiveness in the brand. Once we see stars on clothes it instantly reminds us of Givenchy. When there is no star detail like `FW13 collection, then nobody is really going to know, that is why it is not sellable, don't you agree lol?

      They should really revise the sneaker design, I dont like them as well because they remind me too much of Nike.

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