Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 Menswear

30th June 2014

Hosted on a Friday night, Riccardo Tisci showcased an entirely new collection with elements recalled from his very first show at Givenchy Spring Summer 2009 menswear. It was half a decade ago since he was named as menswear and accessories designer of the Givenchy men’s division during May 2008, and in his fortieth year Tisci brought the brand back to basics by reinforcing severity and romanticism reaffirmed by his own cult status. Much like his latest Givenchy Elmerinda Print Columbian-Fit T-Shirt for current Pre-Fall 2014 that was showcased in his very first Givenchy SS09 menswear collection.

At the beginning of the show, there was an intriguing dissected four passenger plane hanging suspended in mid air, pulled apart in precision was named the ‘Exploded Plane’ – a dismantled Reims Cessna F172E plane from 1964 by Dutch artist Paul Veroude was a spectacular collaboration that synergies it’s complicated detailing concept in engineered beauty and perfection translated into a piece of art. It was the conversation starter until Tisci sent out the latest Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 menswear.
The dark side has returned once again, but for this round it was surprisingly not to be mistaken for the year end Fall Winter? There was a dark duality thematic buckled in the upcoming summer trend, pulling from past seasons one design at a time assembled in an array of diversified fabric exploration from layered silk organzas towards sport out nylon bombers crossed with contrast patched embroidered bands that dress across a collection series that reminds us of the reflective tape used on hazard vest, also found in the late Givenchy Pre-Spring 2014 pink floral camouflage series. It was a reintroduction of femininity diluted with masculinity military aspect – the return of Favelas would be part of this collection’s description that has became the modern day acceptance.
Other steadfastly virile garment features an aggressive harden military inspired streetwear pockets in a dozen of detailing from oversized zippers found in the latest Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 menswear with large pull tab accents on closures, as well as an abundance of random repetitive utility pockets available in every menswear category. Footwear includes the berserk black Leather thigh-high contrast white lace-up boots reinvented from the infamous Givenchy Fall Winter 2011 menswear rottweiler collection paired along with floral camouflage silhouettes fluid a fabric lineup of hybrid pieces in an invert choice of micro graphic series were the latest distinct print of the season. Signature pieces for this season’s catch were emerged onto the runway at the near end of the show featuring a well rounded collection of contrast floral prints with detailed pearl beaded embellished were the main highlight of the day. Expect these pretty detailed pieces to catch an estimate retail price of $1,800 onwards, much like the Givenchy Stars Appliqué & Beads Embellished series from the Givenchy Fall Winter 2012 menswear.

At the end, the entire line up collection didn’t drove much of an ongoing conversation for the upcoming Spring Summer 2015. It is interesting to see how Riccardo Tisci has manage to convey his offering at a whole new variable of acceptance by leading the entire force towards a reminisce collection to commemorate his bi-decade celebration at Givenchy.


Click here to see the entire Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 menswear collection including detail shots!


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