Saint Laurent Fall Winter 2015 Menswear

29th January 2015

Hedi Slimane left for America and based himself in Los Angeles since 2007, the brand’s creative director unveiled the Saint Laurent studio there ever since he took reign. Slimane’s inspiration may have come in many parts of American culture, but he hasn’t forgotten the spiritual home of Saint Laurent.

On Sunday’s night, Saint Laurent previewed the final show of Paris Fashion Week Fall Winter 2015 menswear, but unlike the precedent collections – this season’s message was somewhat deliberately different. At the backstage, the designer proclaimed that he has just issued the Saint Laurent Fall Winter 2015 menswear project called “Paris Sessions”, taking creativity from a young generation of musicians in Paris, and that the collection was outlined as a homage about them. It was surely some of those young musicians who sat cross-legged on the floor of front row, while the original soundtrack reflected the lyrics of a song by Mystere written especially for this evening’s show. How could the Parisian cliché be even more evident?

A revelation of glittering lights form a motion maze at the centre stage of the venue upon arrival. While traditional flat seating were strategically converted to a stadium format, providing guest with an unrestricted view as panache models strode down the catwalk in casted groups. The runway show was accompany by a series of photographs released through an invitation book, which featured Los Angles based Oscar Tuazon who was inspired by what he calls “outlaw architecture” – an essence of DIY hippy culture and life living off the grid. The spirit, as well as the angular lines depicted from the architectural installations were naturally translated into catwalks of Saint Laurent Fall Winter 2015 menswear collection. It was a time to say goodbye sumptuous glam-rock, and hello chic understatement.

As accord to Slimane’s Saint Laurent codes, silhouettes remains perpetually skinny tight throughout the entire collection. The inarguably noticeable colour that has driven the collection is perhaps the most essential and practical of all. Black is the mandatory colourway for this season, simply because it compliments almost everything. A signature designer look discern from a fitted three-button caban, an inverse-color Breton stripe sweater recollects a naval-series, coordinating various tops with skinny-skinny pants and stove pipe denim jeans. A grudge-touched pitch black jacket with polo-neck worn with black skinny leather trousers slashes with silver zippers is the all new biker conquest. While a sudden hot pink fur jacket commits a visual surge in the show, as well as many shimmering beaded blazers, have all became the hallmark of a resuscitate the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle.

In addition, Slimane also brought back his very own signature narrow suits and skinny ties back on the runway, and showcased a beautiful reinterpretation of the regular pinstripe suit. Majority of the looks were worn with cocked berets adorned with studded band pins which complete the French style. The only element that is consistent throughout the collection were the highly distinct 8cm cuban heel boots that pay tribute to earlier Dior Homme. It seems like the only way the youth can be cool is to reiterate styles of the past.

Needless to say, Saint Laurent is known to offer ineffable quality to its wearer and Hedi Slimane has created clothes with a certain je-ne-sais-quoi about them, summarising an expertly executed collection that is bound to sell out like hot-cakes. From today’s case point, the question lies whether did Slimane left the Californian boys for good? Shop the new arrivals from Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2015 Psych Rock Menswear now available at Luisa Via Roma.

Complete 62 Looks in High Resolution

Click here to see the complete Saint Laurent Fall Winter 2015 Menswear collection…

Source: Photographs by Gianni Pucci /

Source: Photographs by Marcus Tondo /


In Motion: Saint Laurent Fall Winter 2015 Menswear Fashion Show

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  • Anonymous

    Timeless classic.. love it!

    • Me too, I can forsee these pieces that will continue to stay relevant for many years to come!

  • Anonymous

    One word: LOVE. It's stylish Parisian Rive Gauche chic. Made more for mixing high fashion and high street. Unlike Balmain which has lost its appeal to the current zeitgeist of the fashion pack and what real people aspire to wear.

    • Sad not everyone can wear Saint Laurent, you need to have a certain type of body to pull it off. I love the brand a lot, but not everyone sees the same beauty as we do.

      Rousteing is still young, give him some time in the industry and i'm sure he will do well. So far he has been exploring trends, but im sure after a few years to come he will be as big as Riccardo Tisci and Hedi Slimane.

  • Anonymous

    yo thanks for updates Maurice…
    awsome collection.
    hedi n1.there is no fashion without hedi that's for sure…
    thanks for the last pics for showing details…

    • Hey, no worries. Glad you enjoyed the collection as much as I did :)

    • Anonymous

      yo Maurice , just a question, what kind of price do you think for the pink coat??
      my favorite piece for fw 2015…
      obv i love lot of others jackets of sl fw2015…

    • Most probably around $10-15,000.

    • Anonymous

      sick so i need sale or jackpot :)
      thanks see you ++

    • LOL, do you like it that much?

    • Anonymous

      obv i love it, top of class and some pimp…:)
      when i look the run away their is 2 leather jackets and this coat who were iluminated the show…
      lot of designers use fur but this one is just magic for me… hedi n1

  • Anonymous

    I love it too. No big surprise. it's like every collection:
    Some new details and themes pressed in the good old Hedi-silhouette.

    • Some how I like this collection more than the others, I guess its because I wear black most of the time…

  • Anonymous

    Is it ok to wash the Givenchy printed tees in the washing machine (there is an express option for 14 mins).
    Will this affect the print or?
    Can i add like softener as Comfort or?
    Any other recommendations?
    How do you wash your Bambi tee or the Cuban fit Rottweiler tee that you own.
    Appreciate your help.

    • No, I never wash any of my expensive designer clothes in a washing machine. Washing machines will ruin the shape for sure, with all that high and low spinning with water will eventualy stretch the fabric. I'm not keen in the idea even when it says its fine on the label.

      Hand wash only with softener, no harsh brushing and scrubbing as it will damage the fabric. Don't soak them in the water too long either, colour runs out fast and may affect the prints.

    • Anonymous

      Yes hand wash. Don't even use the hand wash option on the washing machine. It ruins the fabric and shape. I learned from my mistakes!

    • Anonymous

      Heidi is going in a slightly luxe vibe in this collection. Still street but really more luxe. Love the coats and the jackets. The boots are hard to wear though… very seasonal.

    • Do not use the hand wash option in the washing machine, totally agree that it will ruin the fabric eventually. I use this feature to wash my daily "homewear" clothes. Other than that its all handwash…

      Luxe is good, it correlates well with the brand. These boots were a sellout during Hedi's era at Dior Homme. They may not cater to majority of the consumers, however I do believe a large number of a niche market finds them very desirable.

  • Anonymous

    Amazing collection for fall. Best one from Hedi so far. Saint Laurent is my go to now for classic daily wear and casual work meetings. SL and Rick Owens have replaced Balmain for me.

    • Wow i'm very surprise you are able to wear Saint Laurent for work meetings, you must be working in the creative field.

      The latest SL FW15 is indeed impressive, i'm pretty sure you can pick up most of the looks above.

  • Anonymous

    Yes. I work in TV and digital. So I can wear sports jackets, bikers, he'll even leather pants in meetings. Anything goes but I prefer SL for meetings, events and lunches and dinners. Last night I wore the smoking jacket, silk shirt, jeans and boots to a Grammy black tie. Relaxed but chic.

  • Hey Maurice,
    Those 50,000,000mm heels will be difficult to pull off.
    Regarding the current zip boots from SL… why have they replaced the SL zips with plain black YKK ones?

    • It depends, you will need a certain attitude and character to pull these off. After all cuban heels were invented for men, it is just that our culture may not be able to accept these feminine perception feature.

      I'm not sure about the zip features through, I presume they are heading for a new look, it could also be cost savings, or that the quality YKKs are not able to supply a certain quantity for the production.

  • aamir

    Hi Maurice,

    Do you know hows the sizing with the harness wyatt boots. I want to get pair in black leather but don't know if i should down size to 41.5 or get 42. I'm normally a 42, but with boots its always tricky. any idea?


    • Hi Aamir,

      Regret on the late reply, they fit true to size. You do not need half size smaller because it has a sharper cap-toe as compared to other conventional round toe boots.

      This will be the perfect pair to go for.

      However if you prefer something more interesting, the concho embellished details has an additional appeal.

      If you wear blue denims more often over blacks, the khaki brown suede would be more ideal.



    What size do you recommend me to buy for SLP jeans if i usually wear size 27/28 for normal jeans?