Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2015 Menswear

3rd July 2014
The world of rock ‘n’ roll is without a doubt Hedi Slimane’s game for every coming fashion week since the day he ruled over former Yves Saint Laurent. In the latest Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2015 menswear that took place at the very end of Paris Fashion Week showcased a large collection in both mens and womenswear cultivated from the deepest roots of California culture. Get inspired by Hedi Slimane’s beautiful web diary.
It was based from the 1970s, where the height of the anti war movement, world of hippies, folk music and surfers, and war veterans unite together to create the most diversified and sartorially disruptive moment in the history of America. The youth rebellious are back once again with their signature skinny silhouette infused with ultra luxe interpretations. Hallmark pieces crafted from the finest workmanship is what fans will be expecting to salivate over the benefit of the brand in the upcoming summer season. 
There is a well rounded categorical mix, designs are much bolder compared to the previous Saint Laurent Fall Winter 2014 teddy boys, featuring perfectos with intricate embroidery and shimmery applique embellishments, also available in beaded macramé blankets, velvet peasant blouses and flower dresses spotted on womenswear. Leather patchwork poncho, Baja hoodie or pony skin cape cover up cozy models. Hippy vests and studded suede jackets are the next big take innovation. Pointy toe boots with chunky cuban heels never seems to fade away, the trend continues yet again with an array of variations to chose from, we have snakeskin, suede, black crocodile, leopard print and any other form of pretentious makes available. And all of it finished off with the essential accessories of the era – fluid neck scarves, stacks of silver jewellery, and a whole lot of attitude. Read more about my recent preselected Saint Laurent Fall Winter 2014 wishlist collection.
Cash and credit rich buyers that thrives in rebellious rock and roll attire can continue to enjoy the splurge of runway diversification, classical designs that are meant to be sold out in a blink of commercial success. It would be difficult to argue at this point that Slimane has gotten very good at looking into the fashion’s rearview mirror to create a very literal interpretations that celebrate the past. So one has to wonder what amazing things he might be able to come up with if he ever turned his gaze towards the future. Shop the latest Saint Laurent Fall Winter 2014 menswear collection at Luisa Via Roma now!

Click here to see the entire Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2015 menswear…

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  • Anonymous

    love the idea and look of this collection but don't see myself purchasing anything. It's almost gone a little too western (instead of rocker-cool). That said, I can't wait to see how some of the garments look on people in the real world. I'll just enjoy from afar, through my instagram screen.

    • Take one piece from each look and pair it with someone you can wear that suits your style. Replicating the entire runway look won't work well in reality. There are many high potential pieces that sets this collection apart from the rest.

  • Anonymous

    I would wear clothing woodstock, rock and roll of 60/70 but this collection there is nothing usable

    I'm not criticizing the initiative because it was fantastic

    there is a true fashion crisis, especially in Paris

    • I guess it's a good way to set out a range of choices, after all everyone is buying an identity and whichever brands that offers the strongest identity often wins. There must be in some way that the designer coincide his vision with the future markets that everyone worships the brand.

      You are right, not everyone will wear but there are some, that particular niche that will. When I was in Japan a few months ago, I saw a couple of people wearing the Saint Laurent Blood Lustre Embellished Satin Bomber Jacket, it looked like they just stepped out of 70-80s like they were some character from Vice City, it was attractive but not everyone can carry them. I guess you need to posses some sort of an attitude to pull off these pieces.

  • Anonymous

    Stupid question, but why are there so many girls/outfits in a Menswear fashion show?

    • Its a way for brands to capitalise in both categories. The Saint Laurent SS15 womenswear will be showcased much later compared to the mens, and there may be a different theme setting there. Therefore to diversified the choices, some designer brands slot in womenswear. Just like Givenchy.

  • Anonymous

    I went crazy and ordered quite a bit from this collection. When the pieces arrive months from now I will send pics. I already own both the leather and suede fringe jackets so I'm a little bit of a cowboy at heart. Some of the boots in this spring collection come in exotic ostrich and lizard skins and python. They are amazing. It's not to be worn as a total look but few pieces with your existing wardrobe will really work

    • Good to hear, I just took an extra leap and bought the Saint Laurent Zipped Leather Biker Denim Jeans, it will arrive tomorrow! Cant wait!

  • Anonymous

    Oh! You have to share how that looks and fits. I thought of getting it but I'm on the fence. Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

    • I can tell you now how they fit as i've just received them.

      They are extremely uncomfortable, and I thought the Balmain quilted waxed corduroy biker trousers were worst. This is party because of the zip inserts that tightens the knee which makes it unpleasing to walk in. And troubles me to seat… LOL, it is also a low rise cut.

      But I heard it will stretch after a few wears. Lets see how it goes, plan to blog about it next week if I can find some time :)

    • arkicktect

      Can't wait to see your review. I've preordered the exact pair, size36 from SL Chicago. Should arrive soon, as SL Chicago said they will be in stock today.

    • You can buy them now at SSENSE :)

  • Anonymous

    I purchased the cropped jacket as worn by the first runway model. After sharing the photos with a few friends for comment, they all came back saying did I get a job as an usher or working as a bellboy. What are your thoughts.

    • I'm pretty sure the quality is impeccable, unfortunately its difficult to appreciate from a distance. It also depends how you match it, this jacket is not as versatile to be simply paired. It requires thought to wear it.

      The most important opinion is not what your friends think about it, but more of how you can manage to pull it off without being affected by ones opinion. 😉