Thom Browne Fall Winter 2014 Menswear

22nd January 2014
Paris Fashion Week is a semi-annual trade show event that showcases the latest trends by the major fashion houses for the following season. However when it comes to Thom Browne, creative fantasy is what he does best.

The center venue featured a forest glade with a bunch of woodland creatures all wrapped up in the grey menswear fabric, a creative nature morte to match the fairytale setting. The theme for this season is a tricky question to answer, the Thom Browne Fall Winter 2014 menswear was described as a sartorial taxidermy, a fashion formula curated from a mix of Donnie Darko and Oliver Twist while heavy inspirations were drawn from the wild forest.

At the start of the show, his envisioned winter wonderland came to play with models wearing an impressive variation of animal headgear complimenting the entire monochromatic tailored tweed raw edged suits. The core collection combines strength in tailoring swathed in shades of gray fabrics cut from traditional menswear patterns like prince of wales, houndstooth, herringbone and fraying. Then it was time for mother nature to take over in the form covered graphic motifs. Models faces were camouflaged by painted-on foliage to match the flora and fauna whimsical presentation, voluminous coats with backpacks built in at the back, bulbous riding pants and wide shorts worn with matching leaf leggings were the story. The toned-down commercial collection is expected to hit the stores in late August 2014.

The Thom Browne Fall Winter 2014 Menswear Collection
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