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Nike R.T. Air Force 1 Riccardo Tisci Sneaker

25th January 2014
It wasn’t long ago Nike announced that it will be having a collaboration project with Givenchy creative director Riccardo Tisci. The collaboration not only includes a footwear collection, but also a small clothing line extension.
After the first teaser image of Riccardo Tisci‘s upcoming collaboration with Nike a matter of weeks ago, and a small sneak peek published by Vogue, Riccardo Tisci has just unveiled an image of the his Nike collaboration footwear via his Instagram a few hours ago. The Parisian creative director has designed four types of different basketball trainers, using one of the brand’s most iconic style — The Nike Air Force 1. It is not to our surprise that he has chose the original Nike Air Force 1 as his starting point as the basketball trainer always features distinctive similarities in comparison with his Givenchy High-Top Sneaker.

Tisci describes that the sportswear giant collaboration is somehow very personally related to his childhood’s aspiration. To him, the essence of the Nike Air Force 1 is a pair of universal shoe that could be worn in many different ways, therefore has chosen it has the platform to work with his own statement.

The Nike R.T. Air Force 1 Sneaker collection is expected to be released from 1st of March 2014 through 1st of April 2014, the collection include a white or black option featuring bold contrast lines and colour accents that attributes the hallmark of Riccardo Tisci’s recent inspiration from the Givenchy Spring Summer 2014 menswear techno-tribal collection towards the latest bauhaus basketball Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 menswear, blurring the lines between high-end street fashion.

The four style editions will be available globally at selected retailer and on Nike Lab — Nike R.T. Air Force 1 Low-Top, Nike R.T. Air Force 1 Mid-Top, Nike R.T. Air Force 1 High-Top, and the unconventional Nike R.T. Air Force 1 Boots that were earlier revealed in publish. Retail price starts at $225 but resell value is expected to hit high if the collection is released in limited quantities. Though there will be future questions regarding comparison with the Givenchy sneakers designed by the same creative director. 

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Givenchy Baby’s Breath Gypsophila Print Sweatshirt

31st March 2015

Givenchy Floral Gypsophila Sweatshirt

Givenchy spring summer menswear collections are periodically released in the early month of April to end of May. But for the very first time, the current Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 menswear made an earlier debut in-stores since February 2015, after months of editorial teasing since its first initiation – the Floral Gypsophila collection or rather it be called “Baby’s Breath”, was revealed at the Menswear Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015 on 31st June 2014.


Riccardo Tisci’s brainchild line-up began with a few SS15 essentials pieces in black and white band panelled sports influence, these were the more discern minimalist wear in high contrast monochromatic designs that were less exclusive in the collection, but equally desirable and repetitive to wear. The range ultimately proliferated towards the mass distinct gypsophila clustered series, whereby its main detailing not only lies within the pioneering dozen hundreds of flowery print work, but additional strategically placed band panelled detailing were frequently dressed in contrast prints throughout the silhouette.

The collection then advanced towards the predominant gypsophila, a new developed prominence motif that was described in the press release as “poisonous romantic flowers” which is to say, tiny petal pools of precisely spaced across various sections in symmetrical floral print. Later on, these were recurred in Swarovski embellishments in limited editions primarily offered in a polo and shirt series. For this season, I have decided to settle with the new Givenchy Black Baby’s Breath Floral Gypsophila Print Columbian-Fit Sweatshirt, it is one of the very first profound variants of its kind that was earlier released in the month. A breathtaking decorated pure lightweight cotton sweatshirt featuring class-leading design dynamics.

The Givenchy Baby’s Breath Floral Gypsophila Print Columbian-Fit Sweatshirt marks the third floral menswear reinstatement, modelled over the predecessor Givenchy Birds of Paradise Spring Summer 2012 menswear and Givenchy Favelas Pre-Spring 2014 menswear collection, both which embraced feminism over alluded masculinity. However, when compared to its inverse colour cousin – the Givenchy White Baby’s Breath Floral Gypsophila Print Columbian-Fit Sweatshirt, some of the more avid details are compromised such as the contrast band panelled details on the front shoulders, which applies across the categorical range.READ: Givenchy Baby’s Breath Gypsophila Pearl Embellished Polo Shirt Spring Summer 2015.

Givenchy Floral Gypsophila Sweatshirt

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Givenchy Baby’s Breath Gypsophila Pearl Embellished Polo Shirt

24th March 2015

Givenchy Floral Gypsophila Pearl Polo Shirt

Source: Neiman Marcus, Givenchy Baby’s Breath-Print Polo with Swarovski® Glass

This of course is the ultimate Givenchy Baby’s Breath Pearl Embellished Polo Shirt, a very special top garment emerged from the runway, is a central piece with a luxury touch of extravagance derived from the dark and sensual romanticism codes. Printed over is an abstract symmetrical gypsophila flower artwork also known as ‘Baby’s Breath’ in label’s term. Dexterity in painterly details and much loved across this season, the pearl embroidered series dominates the leading designers’ era and welcomes in the reclamation beginning of the house spirit.

Riccardo Tisci has definitely taken it to a new and more exciting direction, away from the customary vividness of spring summer printed overlords. A collection disseminated from the starting point of the Tisci’s career in Givenchy, reintroducing monochromatic elements rooted from his very first collections somehow reflects a strong fall winter notion. There are several pearl embroidered polo shirt variants, in which two were earlier featured in the show collection. Read more about the Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 Menswear Collection.

Givenchy Floral Gypsophila Pearl Polo Shirt

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Givenchy White Zip Embellished Basketball Shirt

23rd February 2015

It has been a year since Riccardo Tisci unveiled the Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 menswear, a constructive collection inspired from his childhood love for basketball. An amalgamation series of both art and sports were translated into clothes for men, as distinct elements captured from the basketball game merged with the epochal 20th century design lines of Bauhaus movement.

The zip embellished wear offered by Givenchy has been infinitely reinvented since it was introduced by Tisci, this particular key feature has been categorized by the house as their metal craftsmanship trademark and has been incorporated not only limited to the footwear and accessories, but has eventually evolve into new codes in ready-to-wear collection. See the latest Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 Footwear and Accessories Collection

In every Givenchy show season, Tisci is known to introduce specific key pieces and one of them from the Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 menswear ‘shirt’ category is the Givenchy White Zip Embellished Basketball Shirt. Possessed with the primary basketball motif of the season, the shirt takes on a unique disposition formed by the distinguished silver basketball groove lines looping around its shape in traditional cotton wear. Its desirable characteristics sets the benchmark of class leading shirt making for the season.

The detailed centric Givenchy White Zip Embellished Basketball Shirt amounts an astounding weight, mainly due to its largely rendered metal craftsmanship zip trims that is embedded into the heavy woven cotton material which houses the complete construction. As the designer continues to innovate and create in its ongoing experimentation use of hefty metal craftsmanship materials reanimated across a wide range of men’s ready-to-wear, including a similar shirt version in less exuberant details, lapel trimmed blazer, mixed material printed sweater, nylon-leather jacket and waist-trimmed trousers to match – a perpetual journey that seeks excitement to its cult of fashion enthusiast. I have even made an additional purchase on the second generation Givenchy White Zip Trimmed Cotton Shirt from the current Pre-Spring 2015 season that has just gone through an extensive mid-life update, this fast selling-light weight essential style piece represents the old mantra “less is more”. Opt for the lower spec zip trims as it offers interchangeable flexibility from weekdays work wear to evening dressing at a far more realistic price.

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Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 Footwear and Accessories

9th February 2015

Source: Givenchy, Mens Accessories Collection, Spring Summer 2015

In the prevalent Spring Summer 2015, Riccardo Tisci reveals a dark and romantic side of the Givenchy man. A strong, masculine and military-inspired look is counterbalanced by tender touches evoking a celebration of love and religion.

The Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 menswear collection had an early start this season and commenced since late January 2015. While it is not only limited to the sophisticated sartorial ready-to-wear, the collection extends profoundly with an abundance of elegant streetwear accessories and footwear assortments, mainly attributed from the prevailing floral icon of the season.

Tiny delicate white flowers of Gypsophila, or Baby’s Breath is what maison Givenchy would prefer to define as – is a small group of dainty floral doses composed into an artistic abstract forms which shapes the forefront collection. The Gypsophila derives from the meaning of pure of heart or innocence, perhaps that is why they are often found as vital parts at traditional weddings celebrations. When set against a pitch black background, it constructs a high visual contrast that creates a significant impact in appearance and ambiguity, hence the unique iteration codes of the dark romance.

It is not surprise for any fashion capitalist to find desirability just by observing the current Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 footwear and accessories, as the extensive collection enjoys a wealthy Gypsophila graphic diversification offered across various print sizes and contrast colours to choose from that will evidently appeal to numerous taste buds. Perhaps one of the most eminent accessories across the range is the highly recognizable Givenchy’s Coated Canvas Zipped Pouch which throughout recent years has seen favourable success across fashion societies due its aspirational affordability. Opt for the Givenchy Medium Black Floral Gypsophila Elastic-Band Pouch as the ‘medium’ floral print in black variant gratifies the perfect cluster balance between masculinity and feminism. Its unique selling point is the incorporation of the elastic band strap that not only contributes to its functional use, but enacts a significant role in design as well.

Another exceptional example from the floral series is the Givenchy Black Floral Gypsophila Tyson High-Top Sneakers. To be honest, I have never yearn for Givenchy’s Tyson sneakers as the silhouette was initially inspired by Nike’s Air Force 1 Sneakers, and personally I have never been a fan of sportswear since the beginning of time. However I find that the Gypsophila graphic print on the Tyson sneakers highly coveted and I am considering to purchase my first pair, so should you. For those who has a singular taste may enjoy the pearl adorned or knee-high Givenchy Commando Lace-Up Boots extended in grained leather or the notorious floral print option, you have to be a daredevil to pull this off. It is not common for label to produce knee-high boots as the last production came from the Givenchy ‘Rottweiler’ Fall Winter 2011 menswear collection.

Sandals are conceivably more relevant and practical towards this season, and rest assure you won’t be disappointed as there are a handful of re-established from previous seasons, including the Givenchy Rubber-Effect Zipped Calf-Leather Skate Sandals which closely reference from the Givenchy Spring Summer 2012 footwear collection. More recent, one of the most renowned series that has been converted as part of the classic collection is the Givenchy Palladio Chain Leather Sandals, an exciting new mid-top variant is offered for this season with an extra additional ankle top chain strap. Derived from the Givenchy Spring Summer 2013 menswear collection, it was initially proposed as a runway prototype but never went into commercial production due to earlier mass manufacturing complications. Read more about the commercially available Givenchy Palladio Chain Detail Black Leather Sandals from Pre-Spring 2014.

The Stars & Stripes is attributed as one of the most acclaimed house codes that has triumph the label since its inception. In this season, the American inspired insignia remains generous across a field of accessories, most notably the contrast patent white star and black stripe set against the smooth neoprene fabric. How I would love to own the Givenchy Black Star & Stripe Neoprene Backpack, a simplistic classic piece that reflects the label’s irreverent style. Other equally desirable pieces from the Stars & Stripes collection included the American Flag embossed leather series offered in a wallet selection and zipped pouch are detailed pieces with an alternative subtle appeal.

It’s seems like it has been quite a while since Tisci last introduced a concrete abstract floral collection, however the last rendition dated not long ago during the Givenchy ‘Favelas’ Pre-Spring 2014 menswear collection and the more distinguished Givenchy ‘Birds of Paradise’ Spring Summer 2012 menswear collection. There is no doubt in return to the floral roots, the comparable notion towards the similar seasons will generate a fruitful success. On the other hand, unpredictably the colour palettes are restricted to black and white which subvert from majority of the leading designers that would customarily lean towards bright colours for this season. But despite the monochromatic palette that reflects the Fall Winter mood, the Gypsophila collection will continue to last for ages across many season to come. See also, my Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 Collection Wishlist.

Givenchy Spring Summer 2015
Givenchy Spring Summer 2015
Givenchy Spring Summer 2015

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Givenchy Fall Winter 2015 Menswear

25th January 2015

There is no two ways about it, the Givenchy Fall Winter 2015 menswear is no doubt the most captivating collection prevalent to recent times. For this season, Riccardo Tisci has resulted his fall winter menswear collection with a devilish and dramatic affair, where subjects are spread across numerous inspired concepts from couture, romanticism, urban, cultures and eras. It was an idiosyncratic notion that enables the designer to fully express himself for once. During a backstage interview, the designer mentioned that this is the moment in his life where he has found serenity and was very happy with what he is doing. “I’m very faithful to myself. When you do things that are true it just comes out quite instinctively.” Tisci said. Shop the new arrivals from Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 Floral Gypsophila Menswear now available at Luisa Via Roma.

Source: Dazed, Givenchy’s dark magic – revisit the best of Paris menswear, illustration by Paul Wagenblast

A venue curated from an antique store furnished the runway set with random assortments of collector’s antiques, treasure objects were assembled which portrays an unusual figurine between the shimmering ruby red glitter pathway that echoes a haunting ambience. As the show begun, models strut the fiery catwalk with pinstripe wool suits, each were uniquely dissected through strategic layers, leading towards red-trimmed details on pitch back looks that seems to depict a classic representation of a devil’s outwear. Elements characterise their faces were no less a spectacular – featuring masked jewel rhinestones, drapery sea shells, metal elements and beaded pearls, some even had a Joker smudge makeup while others had their lips sealed by metal sutures that illustrates what would an unhinged extremist would effectuate on others. Intricate accessories dressed vital details includes raccoon tails, oversize safety pin brooch jewellery, and religious cross prints.

But perhaps the most notable creations in the Givenchy Fall Winter 2015 menswear collection have taken inspiration from traditional carpets and textiles of Latin American culture. The latest season saw the return of the muted colours rug trend that seems to be the predominant theme; the extraordinary Aztec tribal motif tapestry work appears from time to time on numerous suiting options with distinct red-trimmed edges, jackets, coats, shirts, trousers, skirts, and was not even spared on the western boots. It gave the collection a rich sense of depth, depicting a fantastical folk tales in an authentic fashion. But what I liked most was the prominent black sequinned embellishment jacket, which fades into the graphic tribal tapestry print, and not to forget the sheer organza sweater with a rich touch of sequinned flakes, reflecting the beauty of decaying objects in exquisite detail.

The Givenchy Fall Winter 2015 menswear collection received some high praises, what seems to be the most ambitious challenge this season is creative mix of breathtaking styles, where urban and traditional masculinity aesthetics coincide with elegant tailoring, and somewhat a macabre twist from a voodoo-esque. Besides the objective has been served, they were glad Tisci deterred his focus on presenting highly sough-after graphic print t-shirts and sweatshirts, although these are known to be the sales engine of the French designer label. Despite this, there is a small selection of noteworthy t-shirts that was highlighted during the runway presentation. Unfortunately these were mysteriously concealed over layers of outwear, which eventually drew consumer speculation over the initial print design.

The first t-shirt design I presume is an illustration of a ‘bat’ housed over a star capsule, was evidently similar to the Givenchy Shark Teeth Print Cuban-Fit T-Shirt, however most readers are guessing it is a ‘wolf’ instead. While the second t-shirt looks what seems to be a elements of a sketch animal print identical to the Givenchy Doberman Print Cuban-Fit T-Shirt, both of these resembles a series from the former Givenchy Pre-Fall 2013 menswear collection. Read also, my recent purchased Givenchy Rottweiler Star Appliqué Print Columbian-Fit T-Shirt from Pre-Spring 2015.

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