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Givenchy Pre-Spring 2014 Collection Sneak Peek

14th June 2013
Riccardo Tisci’s most recent interpretation of Givenchy Pre-Sping 2014 Men’s was quite an unexpected exposition filled with visual appealing camouflage, florals, and mixed neon colours that were deem to be quite mischievous. The playful ‘Favelas’ proposition highlights an array of botanic prints, concluding the collection to be part feminine crossover with masculine theme, some say that much of the botanic prints were a mere reference towards the late ‘Birds of Paradise‘ from Givenchy Spring Summer 2012. There were also rumours that the following Givenchy Spring Summer 2014 men’s will share similar concept like the ‘Birds of Paradise‘, except a little more feminism will be added.
Despite the lack of interest on the upcoming Givenchy Fall Winter 2013 men’s collection, due to depletion of Tisci’s master print-making – as always when it comes to Fall Winter in men’s Givenchy, at the far end of this seasons offers much more wild prints that will resonate Givenchy fanatics. Here are a small sample of Givenchy Pre-Spring 2014 men’s collection, it is a little sneak peek collection that has yet to be released sometime next year, around January-April 2014. As you can tell, majority of the design elements were inspired from precedent seasons, such as the favourable Givenchy Shark & Mermaid (PFW12), Birds of Paradise (SS12), Madonna (SS13), Minotaur (FW12), Crown of Thrones (FW10) has all came back into action for Pre-Spring 2014.
Givenchy Shark & Mermaid Floral Print T-Shirt
Givenchy Pre-Spring 2014 Collection
Givenchy Multicolor Birds Of Paradise Print T-Shirt
Givenchy Pre-Spring 2014 Collection
Givenchy Pink Tron Madonna Floral & Plaid Print T-Shirt
Givenchy Pre-Spring 2014 Collection

Click here for more photos!

Givenchy Minotaur Sculpture Floral Print Zip Detail Sweater
Givenchy Pre-Spring 2014 Collection
Givenchy Minotaur Sculpture Print Bomber Jacket
Givenchy Pre-Spring 2014 Collection
Givenchy Roses & Crown of Thorns Print Bomber Jacket
Givenchy Pre-Spring 2014 Collection
Givenchy Rottweiler Embroidered Badge Bomber Jacket
Givenchy Pre-Spring 2014 Collection

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  • Anonymous

    Love them specially the first two.
    Definitely will considering buying both of them.

  • Anonymous

    Hi there Maurice!

    I love the Rottweiler College Sweater!!! What do you think about the price? Over 1500$?

    Btw: Do u have some Balmain Spring 2014 pictures?

    Thanks and best regards!

    • Should be, varsity jackets are never cheap. :(

      No I don't, they won't release it until presentation day, so nobody really knows except Balmain at the moment.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Maurice, do u have any pics from the Louboutin F/W13 to show for?
    Curious about what they have this season..I only saw the latest pik pik in tritone colour and its sold out yet again! =(

    • No I don't, Christian Louboutin has been releasing so many styles since Spring Summer 2013, im sure there will be more to come that you will probably like.

  • Anonymous

    Maurice lets get our wallets ready!Finally some decent designs.

    This is going to be an awesome collection !


    • Let's see, so far im not going to get anything above there. Since I already own most of the main designs.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for posting Maurice.

    To use an euphemism this collection is way too feminine.

    And there is a clear lack of creativity from Riccardo Tisci: these pieces are just patchwork and reissued items from past collections with subtle or flower variants.

    I believe these items are aimed to those customers who lost the chance to buy the true very limited edition pieces from the old collections, and they will be available in large quantities stock like FW13 collection. Which is really bad for brand exclusivity.

    Mr G.

    • I can't agree more, nothing excite me much from this since I already own the main designs. Hopefully the real Givenchy Spring Summer 2014 will be more promising.

    • Anonymous

      how can we get from the old pieces.
      do you know anyone who is selling them currently.
      please help.

    • No you can't, they are all sold out. Best you buy the latest ones, or risk the chance ending up with fakes.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the reply. Many fake pieces out there, one must watch out.

    • Yes, best to be the early bird and catch your right size. You wouldn't want to end up with fakes, it's just too much of a hassle to deal with Paypal disputes which I heard has restrict claims on Givenchy due to the amount of disputes from eBay. My advise is, if you see something if you see something you really like, go ahead and buy it straight away.

  • Anonymous

    I'm not really feeling these and don't think they will sell as well considering companies like Paul smith have used the rose design it feels too much of an alike piece just as a bomber and the floral and my bad for saying this but it in true fairness is just like the supreme power lies and corruption collection. I feel he hasn't put as much effort into these as he did in his previous collections and I think he set the bar too high for himself but it's givenchy and the name itself will sell products.

    • I think they will sell no matter what, like you said it's Givenchy – the brand name itself and the heritage. These are clearly aimed for those customers who hasn't had the opportunity to purchase from previous season designs, which sucks for loyal Givenchy enthusiast since these designs are no longer exclusive. :(

  • Anonymous

    Givenchy will now be known as the rehashing/copy/cut/paste/photoshop king. Lousy that prints from past seasons keep coming up. Lazy and screwing with customers, really.

  • Anonymous

    …at least the rappers will like it?!

    • Anonymous

      Definitely they will like.
      For them its a pride to wear Givenchy pieces with leather tracks.

    • Anonymous

      lol! I blame their 'stylists'.

    • +1

  • Anonymous

    Looooove the new Shark Mermaid tee! This is the same design as Deborah Harry's tee worn during her performance at the Met Ball. I'm glad they're doing this for men. I owned the Shark + Mermaid tee but have sold it because it was too big for me (I got a Colombian L). I could not wait for this to come out!

    As for the rehashing of designs, I really don't mind it. Fashion is always about looking forward, and new designs should be at the forefront of every fashion house's agenda. However, Givenchy has already found its signature style which have obviously sold well so why not give the people what they want? It's like telling Kenzo to not re-use their Tiger, or Missoni to quit zigzag stripes.

    For the FW 13, I got the scarf print t-shirt, the stars red knit, the Doberman sweater, and the Madonna tee with star studs. It's very addictive.

    Oh, and thanks for posting these, great previews!

    • I think it's just too soon to revive these previous collections. Maybe after 4-5 years period, it would be acceptable. That is why I can foresee quite a lot of loyal Givenchy customers won't be happy with this collection in particular, as they were expecting fresh designs, something unpredictable, and also exclusivity when buying the brand.

      These days in Malaysia, Givenchy menswear is getting quite popular, even friends of mine are starting to wear them – those kind that generally likes to show off, who love Gucci and LV monograms, all because of the hype that american and korean celebrities are wearing. As you can imagine when going to a club, you can almost spot at least 20 people wearing Givenchy, real and fake… it's getting more common and reachable, which isn't a good thing.

    • Anonymous

      I agree, but it's inevitable I think. 5 years from now, consumers could not care less about these designs anymore, so I think this is a very smart move.

      Tisci is doing to Givenchy what Tom Ford did for Gucci, Marc Jacobs did for LV, Slimane did for Dior, etc. There is a formula in fashion, which is to hire new talent to rejuvenate old brands, hence the hiring of Rousteing, Theyskens, Formicetti, etc., then celebrity marketing, then the proliferation of different product lines to cater to a bigger audience.

      As long as they don't create a diffusion line, then I'm all for it. I don't like Pierre Balmain and Marc by Marc Jacobs (although I don't mind McQ). If they do and start using the main line's designs for the diffusion line, then my love affair with Tisci will be officially over.

      But for now, I walk confidently knowing that I'm wearing authentic Givenchy, and I'm happy with what this eponymous label is churning up!

    • You've made a good point, and it makes a lot of sense. At the end of the day, fashion is still a business.

  • Anonymous

    the 2014 birds of paradise is pretty bad comparing at the old models…
    iam missing some mad pieces givenchy, but what is the interest to buy a new models who sucks more than the old models??!!
    For me Givenchy marketing is just killing himself by sponsoring stupid rappers ( i love rap music), making all the collections for american guys ( always the main theme , like american flag , religious…) and now make a pretty bad reedition of old pieces…
    balmain>>>givenchy for sure
    one day you gonna see a givenchy tee with the face of obama eating an mc donald hamburger!!

    • Anonymous

      American rappers has totally destroyed Givenchy's brand. IMO They are the worst form of celebrity marketing!

    • Anonymous

      obv, givenchy in one or two year gonna be like louis vuitton or gucci… all the retards gonna wear it sorry :/

    • I hate to agree, but it's true where you are coming from. :(

    • Anonymous

      iam living in france;
      gucci louis vuitton lacoste , all this brand now have no value, and they also fcked car audi a3 and audi a5…lol
      sorry guys if you wanna save your money…

    • That is why these consumers has resulted to Saint Laurent?

    • Anonymous

      no i don't think it's the main reason; but it could be a solution in the future.
      i wish givenchy marketing change their way to sell products…

    • Unfortunately Givenchy sits under a big corporation LVMH. So everything they must be profitable at the moment, I think they are looking forward to grow this brand, and in hope it could be like Louis Vuitton since Givenchy is so popular now.

    • Anonymous

      erk thanks for info , lvmh is a pretty bad corporation…
      that's why givenchy use a ton of marketing :(
      maybe one day we gonna see a givenchy tee at the supermarket lol

  • they were highly sought after designs, and a small effort – effort now will be very large and design t-shirts such as people who wish they had not bought.

    Marketing perfection, a good idea – the company a lot of money goes.

    • They do, because Givenchy is under LVMH. So its all about profits $$$

    • Anonymous

      And what is LVMH?

    • The company that owns Givenchy, Louis Vuitton and many other brands.

    • Anonymous

      That is why then.
      I didn't know this before.
      Thanks for the info Maurice.

    • Anonymous

      The first tee is amazing.
      Regardless if it is based on a previous release which i did not own.
      But for this one i am looking forward to get it straight away.
      What do you think of the Givenchy Stars Plaid and Diamond Darts T-Shirt?
      The star in the middle is very big which i do not like.

    • I dont really like it too, it somehow reminds me of The Queen of Hearts guards in Alice in the Wonderland.

    • Anonymous

      And what about the Givenchy Stars Plaid and Diamond Darts T-Shirt for the pre-fall collection.
      You did not comment.
      If i compare it t the red/ green fighter, it stands behind them.

    • I just comment on it, I said "I dont really like it…" – the above sentence. I felt that the design is a little tacky for my taste, but this is just my personal opinion. :/

      At the moment there isn't any t-shirt which I am eyeing at, so I will wait till Givenchy pre-spring and spring summer 2014

  • Anonymous

    Hi Maurice,
    How can i know the fit of Givenchy Sweaters if oversized or slim fit.
    I am looking in particular at the following two options at Matches.
    I wear Medium in oversized tees.

    • Anonymous

      Can you assist me please.

    • Oh sorry, I published your comment earlier but it seems I have forgotten to reply. :(

      They are both regular fit, the model is wearing his size. But as you can see it is quite loosely fitted. As for regular fit sweatshirts, we always take 2 sizes smaller than usual. So if you're size M oversize, you need size M for this since its very close to oversize.

      What is your true to size btw?

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for your reply.
      I wear medium for Oversized and XL for Cuban fit.
      Any tee with a 55 cm chest is the best fit for me.
      I like both of them, but more interested in the Baseball one.
      I like the GIVENCHY Star neckline sweater in red, but i believe its a slim fit one. Right?
      Should i consider going for size L or M for teh baseball sweater.

    • The 'chest' size for Givenchy Regular Fit is 57-58cm in a size M, while size L measures at 59-60cm and XL measures at 61-62cm. I think size M will fit you well, but if you are worried it might be a little tight then go for size L. The best way to know whether it fits you is to measure any of your existing sweatshirts or sweaters you have at home and compare it with the measurement.

      Not sure, they didn't state. But someone told me that he just received the red star neckline sweater and it was made in China.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for the help Maurice.
      It is weird that the star neckline sweater is made in china, usually Givenchy is made in Portugal.

    • I think they are expanding, keeping cost low while profits high. So basic designs are sent elsewhere to be manufactured, but I dont think that the quality will deteriorate. It will be the same, just the thought that it is made in China makes us think is an inferior quality. But im sure the materials are made in the EU and are shipped to China to be manufactured.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah you are right Maurice.
      Although i bought two tees from the new collections and they were made in Portugal.
      Recently, Balenciaga started manufacturing the arenas in Spain to match the demand (some are made in Italy, others in Spain).
      I think i will go for the baseball sweater and instead of buying the red star neckline, i will get the star neckline polo.

    • Good choice, I would do the same. 😉

  • Anonymous

    please someone know which multi brand store will have these t-shirts?

    • They are not released yet.

  • Anonymous

    I might be brave and pick up the 3rd T shirt, let's see what the prices will be like *gulp* 😉

    • The 3rd is not as bad as the 6th.

  • Anonymous

    i seriously like the 1st 2 pcs can i know where to get them in sg or which website? tq

  • Check my blog during 1st week of December and I will show you where you can buy straight away online. :)

    • Anonymous

      wow tks maurice.

    • Anonymous

      hey bro any update of the launch? so looking forward… if u come across any website that has launch pls inform mi.. thank you vy much… :)

  • Hey Maurice, do you have any idea where can i still get the Shark & Mermaid PFW12? Even though i know it's dead stock. Thanks.

    • No idea as it is from the previous season and all sold out. But why not try the latest version instead? As below..