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MR PORTER US SS13 Sale – Final Reductions on Balmain

27th June 2013
MR PORTER is currently having their final sale for the United States market, reductions has extended up to 80% off! Not only did much of the Balmain Spring Summer 2013 collection has been successfully sold out during the first week, currently leaving out odd sizes and unpopular accessories, but they have just added quite a number of unsold old stock from previous Balmain Homme seasons, including some Christophe Decarnin era collections dated as far back as Spring Summer 2011.
‘Check it out now! There may be something you wanted from the past!’
MR PORTER – Balmain Double Breasted Embel Blazer. Black wool double-breasted Balmain blazer with a red pinstripe detail, metal buttons, a military-style chest motif, peak lapels, two flap pockets and a single rear vent. Wear over slim knitwear and dark trousers for day-to-evening style with attitude. BUY IT NOW
MR PORTER – Balmain Shirt with Metal Collar Badges. Balmain cotton shirt in mini black and white check with small black collar and cuffs and front buttons. The collar has metal military-style emblems and press-stud fastenings. Give your look a tough-talking edge with this slim fit shirt, heavy-duty boots and slim cut trousers to complete an alternative after-dark silhouette. BUY IT NOW

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MR PORTER – Balmain Wool Tank with Bettle Pendent. Black wool loose knit sleeveless Balmain sweater with a metal beetle and chain detail at the chest, and slits at the waist and left shoulder. Let this punchy knit speak for itself and keep the rest of your look simple. BUY IT NOW
MR PORTER – Balmain Short Sleeve Plaid Shirt. Regular fit red plaid cotton Balmain short-sleeved lightweight shirt with black insignia on the breast pocket. Perfect an air of cool nonchalance with this rock-ready plaid shirt with black tiger face detail. With narrow jeans and a blazer, it has a hint of Bob Dylan. BUY IT NOW
MR PORTER – Balmain Satin-Trimmed Velvet Blazer. Balmain fuses pumped-up masculine style with effortless elegance, aptly demonstrated by this velvet blazer. Featuring a silk-satin trim at the collar and crest-embossed buttons, this piece exudes a suave feel that’s complemented by the roped shoulders. Take a confident approach to evening dressing by pairing this piece with black denim. BUY IT NOW

The Balmain Silver Biker Stretch Denim Jeans

12th February 2013
Source: RESTIR – Balmain Silver Biker Stretch Jeans, Spring Summer 2011
After contemplating for almost more than a year, I finally got my hands on this extremely rare Balmain Silver Biker Stretch Jeans. It took me quite a while to consider whether I should get them. I had many thoughts that it might be too extravagant for my lifestyle, so far the only people that I could find who wear these are only celebrities.
This is a very unique pair of jeans unlike anything you can shop for, what made me decide to buy them is it’s rarity, my never ending love for Balmain Biker Jeans, Christophe Decarnin’s final collection, silver and because it’s Made in Italy unlike today’s Balmain denim that are mass manufactured in Japan. Secretly deep down inside me I always liked this pair of silver biker jeans, but somehow I had a bad feeling that society could not accept such a conspicuous colour. Anyway, now that I am much more receptive towards fashion as it is part of my lifestyle, there is no further need to consider.
I had three chances to buy this pair of Balmain Silver Biker Jeans. The first time I saw it was in store at Harrolds, Collins Street Melbourne during Fall Winter 2011. There was only one left in a size 31, and it was from the previous season Balmain Spring Summer 2011. It was very tempting to try them, although they were not my size. The second time was on eBay, a German power seller was selling it in a size 31 and 33. And the third time was from my favorite Japanese store – Rinkan, in a size 29. Looking at the size 29 measurements, I studied that it fits a size 30 which is my size.
Source: Katy Perry – “E.T.” (feat. Kanye West) 
After a few months, the forth opportunity came. It was a size 29, it took me a week to consider whether I should get them or not and the consequences of not taking this opportunity might haunt me later. Then again I seriously regretted not taking the first opportunity to try them in person, just to see how I look. Till the day before I receive them from mail I had thoughts playing in my mind picturing myself wearing them. Today my fantasies are over and i’m finally satisfied in reality.
The colour was my main concern, I was trying to imagine how shiny it is by referencing all the photos that I have downloaded. It took me a few days to play around with the keywords on Google Images. I tried to dig out as much photos I can find. Hard to believe that nobody has one of these, as all I can find is celebrities wearing them in concerts, music videos and red carpets. Anyway, I gave up hope in search for realistic photos and concluded my fruitful search.
Now that I have receive this pair of Balmain Silver Biker Jeans in person, I can explain to you how it really looks like in reality. Just in case you were as skeptical as I am. To be honest, all the photos that you have seen Kanye, Lil’ Wayne, Justin, Ricky, G Dragon or whoever that wore it doesn’t look as shiny as you think it is. The only reason why it shines so much is because the photographer that used flash to photograph them, which reflected the silver glitter properties on the jeans. This pair of jeans is actually in light-mid grey colour, it has a silver waxed finish. Much like all the other Balmain Waxed Biker Jeans that are hand painted by a mild shiny coat. Therefore there are unpainted areas that does not have the silver finishing, which reflect less light. I am quite glad that Christophe Decarnin designed it this way, as I could picture myself wearing it more often that I have anticipated.

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Source: – Balmain Homme Spring Summer 2011 Biker Slim Argent
Product Information:
French Name: Biker Slim Effect nervure Sans Argent (Gris)
English Name: Men Biker Slim Silver Ribbed (Grey)
Product Code: S1HT551B363S 191
Colour: Argent/ Silver
Size Shown: T29
Size Guide: Low rise. Fits large to size. Take one size down your normal size
Size 29 – Approximate* Waist 42cm, Rise 23cm, Thigh 27cm, Hem Width 16cm, Total Length 103cm
Material: 98% Cotton, 2% Polyurethane
Design in France, Made in Italy
Me wearing my new Balmain Silver Biker Jeans, more daily looks updates on my Instagram @drblogspot. Follow me! =)

L41A – Balmain Silver Slim Biker Jeans – ¥ 126,000 (SOLD OUT)

The Lusso – Balmain 11SS Silver Biker Stretch Jean S1HT551B363S – ₩ 1,670,000 (SOLD OUT)

LUISAVIAROMA – Balmain Stretch Silver Slim Biker Jeans – $1,662 (SOLD OUT)


The Balmain Embroidered Wool Military Jacket

20th January 2013
I can’t express how happy I am with my recent purchased Balmain Embroidered Wool Military Jacket from Balmain Fall Winter 2011 menswear collection. It is one of my most all time favorite collection designed by the entire Balmain team (since the absence of ex-Balmain creative director, Christophe Decarnin). Not to mention I have been desiring for this jacket for more than a year, do you know the feeling of wanting something so badly that you can’t go to sleep (they call it CBD, hmm…). Yes, I was in that state for the first few weeks, not very pleasant feelings and it took me a year to finally hunt one in my size with the right price in mind.
My first encounter with this beloved jacket was the release of Balmain Fall Winter 2011 menswear collection in Harrolds Collins Street, Melbourne. I did not like this jacket at that time, it was not even in my wishlist. I thought the jacket was a little costume-y and with a retail price tag of A$3,880, it would not justify to spend on a jacket at such steep pricing. When Harrolds End of Season Sale commenced at the end of February 2012, my goal was to catch a few Balmain jeans (did not happened) and my long loved Balmain Black Ranger Crepe Sole Boots (happened and still in love with it).
At that time, I was just curious to reach for this Balmain Wool Military Jacket, it was the only one left hanging alone at the racks. Nobody touched it during the peak sale hour, I figure out I had the time to just try what seems to be a $4,000 piece of clothing. The only size left that went 50% off was a size 46 (small), so it came to about A$1,940 – still very expensive. It was not my size, even though it was one size smaller I didn’t feel comfortable wearing it as the fabric was literally as tight as a pair of skinny jeans. But that moment, that  very moment felt like forever, felt as if it was meant for me. Sometimes I still wonder whether it was right for me to have tried that jacket. Not knowing to face such consequences.
During the hunt, I had encountered with a few on eBay and Japan Yahoo Bid. The first was a size 48 that went 50% off, it was listed by Homme Trends, a luxury Taiwanese retailer that stocks Balmain and sells them on eBay – a good way to gain competitive advantage. But the prices from this retailer is always high, though the prices were high the 50% off give away seems to be quite worthy (since it was sold out every where in full price) even though it came to around the same price as Harrolds. I didn’t buy it because the seller didn’t respond to my messages, I was only asking whether they could secretly undeclared the value so I could escape tax and duties (heh). The next few were 46’s ($2,300+ and $3,900 – still available), and 52 ($1,600). One fine day in December 2012, I was happily browsing eBay in search for Balmain (had nothing in my mind) and I saw this jacket! It was on ‘Buy It Now’ with a very attractive price tag in brand new condition, unused state. Within a minute, I made up my mind and bought it right away.
So after a few weeks, it has finally arrived from America. The Balmain Wool Military Jacket that I yearn for almost a year. More pictures and specifications are as below.
Click for more photos!

Source: – Balmain Fall Winter 2011 Menswear
Product Information:
French Name: Veste Militaire Galon Rounge
English Name: Balmain Men Military Jacket
Other Known Names: Balmain Flight Military Jacket, Balmain Cotton Canvas Military Jacket, Balmain Embroidery Design Military Jacket 
Product Code: W1HT706B796
Colour Noir/ Black
Size Shown: T50
Size Guide: True to size
Size 44 – Shoulder 41cm, Chest 45cm, Waist 84cm, Sleeves 63cm, Length 70.3cm
Size 46 – Shoulder 43cm, Chest 46cm, Waist 86cm, Sleeves 63cm, Length 71.5cm
Size 48 – Shoulder 43.5cm, Chest 48.5cm, Waist 86cm, Sleeves 65cm, Length 73.5cm
Size 50 – Shoulder 45cm, Chest 50cm, Waist 88cm, Sleeves 66cm, Length 75cm
Size >52 – Unknown
Material: 50% Wool (external), 50% Polyester, Cotton (lining)
Design in France, Made in France
Me wearing my new Balmain Embroidered Wool Military Jacket, catch me on Instagram @drblogspot. Follow me! =)
Balmain Online Boutique – Balmain Military Jacket Fall Winter 2011 Menswear 
LUISA VIA ROMA – Balmain Cotton Canvas Military Jacket – SOLD OUT
DOUBLE – バルマンオム 11/12年秋冬新作 ウール 刺繍デザイン ミリタリージャケット (Translation – Balmain New Fall-Winter 11/12 Wool Military Jacket Embroidery Design)SOLD OUT
Vertice London – Balmain Wool Military Jacket – SOLD OUT
Riccardi Boston – Balmain Military Blazer – SOLD OUT
L’eclaireur – Balmain Black Wool-Mix Military Jacket – SOLD OUT

Homme Trends – Balmain AW11 Military Wool Jacket – SOLD OUT
eBay, unknown seller – Balmain Fall Winter 2011 Military Jacket – SOLD OUT
Balmain also designed a women’s version of the Embroidered Wool Military Jacket. This may be confusing as I have seen some men on Instagram wearing the women’s version, hmm… The true difference that anyone can spot is the wider embroidered collar, it is sharper and bigger than the mens. The collar has chain detailing unlike the mens in standard red and gold embroidery. The other significant difference is the top two military button pockets, the men’s in comparison has no buttons at top pockets. The gold ring applique cuff on the women’s is reversed, and the trims are completely linked, while the men’s gold ring applique cuff faces outside and trims are not linked. Below here is an example in the real world, Evan Ross wears the women’s Balmain Military Style Wool-Blend Jacket.
Source: Upscale Hype, – Evan Ross in Balmain Fall 2011 Military Jacket 
THE OUTNET – Balmain Military Style Wool-Blend Jacket. Black wool-blend
Satin and chain military-style embellishments at collar and cuffs, two button-fastening breast pockets, two front flap pockets, two internal pockets, button-fastening cuffs, back vent. Button fastening at front. Fabric: 50% polyester, 50% wool; fabric2: 100% cotton; fabric3: 52% viscose, 48% cotton. SOLD OUT
Balmain Military Style Wool-Blend Jacket – £2734.60


Reminiscing About Christophe Decarnin’s Last Collection

29th August 2012
There is just something about the Balmain Fall Winter 2011 collection that I really love about. I think about it almost every week, almost more than a year it continues to grow in me since the day I discover that I fell in love with the brand. Till today, I am still in search to purchase most of the Fall Winter 2011 collection that I have not yet acquired. Most of the items that I am looking for are the key popular pieces that were sold out within a month.
Model is wearing – Balmain Khaki Used Corduroy Jacket, Balmain Light Khaki Wolf-Print Cashmere Scarf, Balmain White Wolf-Print T-Shirt, Balmain Dirty Blue Biker Jeans, and Balmain Khaki Suede Ranger Crepe Sole Boots
Balmain Fall Winter 2011 Dirty Blue Biker Jeans – I never wear blue jeans, it’s not part of my current style. But I am still in search to purchase a pair of classic blue biker jeans from Balmain. I’m afraid that there is nothing perfect from the current Fall Winter 2012 collection. I don’t like the destroyed bikers from this season, the cutting doesn’t appeal to me as I am more suited for skinny fit than slim or straight fit biker jeans. However this particular Balmain biker jeans encapsulates everything I love about the brand. It is the perfect biker jeans by choice for me. The less saturated blue, seasoned washed tones with dirty distressed finish, a timeless classic everyday jeans with some amazing biker details that I could foresee myself wearing it with pride. I need this, does anyone know where I can find one in a size 30?
Balmain Fall Winter 2011 Khaki Corduroy Biker Trouser – Golden brown corduroy biker trousers, probably one of the best colours I can think about matching with my Balmain Khaki Suede Ranger Boots. Current season colour are, dark blue and waxed red or bright red in corduroy material.

Balmain Fall Winter 2011 Oversize Breton Stripe Long Sleeve Cotton Top – Red and white or blue and white striped long sleeve cotton top made from heavyweight cotton. This is the perfect casual top for the weekends with a hint of naval héritage. I usually match my breton tops with a thick peacoat, casual blazer, or a brown leather jacket. Theres one very identical red breton top like Balmain from Topman at the moment, A$43 only, how tempting.

Balmain Fall Winter 2011 Navy Peacoat – Navy wool peacoat with six large golden buttons, two front pockets, quilted lining and a large collar and lapels. This is a very sharply tailored thick wool peacoat that has an impeccable military style. Probably one of my all-time favorite navy peacoat till today. Whenever I see someone wearing it downtown, it makes my heart goes sour that I didn’t get it.

Balmain Fall Winter 2011 Zipped Cotton Hoodie – Grey hooded jersey sweater with zips at either sides, cuffs zips and top zip with two front pockets. This heavy metal details on the hoodie give the sportswear staple a tough edge.

Balmain Fall Winter 2011 Military Jacket – Golden military embroidery sleeve lace, military applique collar style with classic military pockets, as worn by Kid Cuidi. This is an outstanding jacket, I didn’t like it at first, felt that it look like a rented costume, not until I tried it in person at Harrolds. Suddenly at that moment, I felt the urge that I must have it. I am still looking for this jacket till today, I know that there is one in a size 46 on eBay now, but it is too small. I need one at least in a size 48 or 50. Does anyone know where I can find one? I saw a Russian Instagramer who has it in my size, unfortunately he wouldn’t sell it to me no matter how hard I begged him. Lol.

Balmain Fall Winter 2011 3D Worky Denim – Dirty washed blue jeans, this pair of jeans runs two-three sizes bigger than true size. I live in regret now for not purchasing it during the sales period. Now it is impossible to find one in my size. =(

Balmain Fall Winter 2011 Long Green Tibetan Yak Wool Scarf – Oversized scarf made from Tibetan yak wool. It takes one worker a month to spin 2kg of yak wool from 300kg of raw material, just enough to make two oversized scarfs. Fetch one on eBay if you can still find it, the current season has no yak wool scarfs from Balmain.
Balmain Fall Winter 2011 White Wolf-Print T-Shirt – Light weight regular cut t-shirt, extremely soft and flexible cotton. I missed out on the wolf-print t-shirts, but they are still available on the Balmain e-store at the moment. I will probably go with grey version instead of white as it is a more versatile colour.

Balmain Fall Winter 2011 Black Leather High Ranger Boots – The moment I saw these high military boots, I knew it was meant for me. I felt that there is no other military boots out there that can match this design, they are either too short or too tacky.

Balmain Fall Winter 2011 Khaki Suede Ranger Boots – Rare and hard to find moc-toe Balmain boots. I love this since I saw them at Harrolds, Sydney. I didn’t try them at first as I was initially looking for the Balmain Black Leather Ranger Boots (above) at that time. I was very happy that I get a chance to buy them on eBay for a really good bargain. Read more about this story here.

Balmain Fall Winter 2011 Beige Cashmere High Socks – Glad I bought two pairs of these cashmere high socks late last year. They are completely sold out now everywhere. Not the most comfortable socks in the world though, it feels quite strange but keeps my feet warm during the winter months.

Me wearing Balmain Fall Winter 2011 Suede Ranger Boots, with Balmain Fall Winter 2011 Beige Cashmere High Socks, with Arthur Galan Fall Winter 2012 Slim Dart Detail Pants, with Hugo Boss Black White Cotton T-Shirt, and CK Calvin Klein Spring Summer 2012 Crop Blazer.

My Balmain purchase earlier this year at Harrolds, Melbourne – 2x Balmain Fall Winter 2011 Beige Cashmere High Socks, and Balmain Fall Winter 2011 Black Leather High Ranger Boots

More looks from the Balmain Fall Winter 2011 menswear collection

Source: Balmain, Salone Japan, Bergdorf Goodman, SENSE Magazine Japan

Complete Photos of Balmain Fall Winter 2011 LookBook Collection